Materials Chemistry and Physics

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Physical and chemical characteristics of hematite nanoparticles prepared using microwave-assisted synthesis and its application as adsorbent for Cu, Ni, Co, Cd and Pb from aqueous solution
Abd El Aal SA, Abdelhady AM, Mansour NA, Hassan NM, Elbaz F, Elmaghraby EK
Shrinkage, hardness and fracture toughness of ternary ZrB2-SiC-HfB2 composite with different amount of HfB2
Balak Z
Size control synthesis of pure Ni nanoparticles and anodic-oxidation of Butan-1-ol in alkali
Banik S, Mahajan A, Bhattacharya SK
Bioevaluation of Tc-99m(I) carbonyl-radiolabeled amino acid coated magnetic nanoparticles in vivo
Buyukok O, Ucar E, Ichedef C, Cetin O, Teksoz S
The outstanding tensile strength of Ni-rich high entropy superalloy fabricated by powder metallurgical process
Byungchul K, Kong T, Ryu HJ, Hong SH
The effects of adding micro-scaled niobium carbide on the microstructure, mechanical strength and polarization resistance of the Ti-8Mo-4Co-xNbC composites
Chang SH, Hung LY, Yang TH
Observation of excitons at room temperature in ZnSxSe1-x nanostructures embedded in a porous Al2O3 template
Chukavin AI, Valeev RG, Beltiukov AN
Microstructure evolution and magnetic properties in Mn-rich Ni-(Co, Cu, Fe)-Mn-Sn Heusler base shape memory alloys
Czaja P, Chulist R, Wierzbicka-Miernik A, Brzoza A, Fitta M, Maziarz W
Preparation of coral-like Ag2MoO4-TiO2 heterostructure and its photocatalytic properties
Damdinova S, Liu WC, Wang S, Dugarov B, Su ZM, Cheng ZQ
Ultrasonic dispersion and activation of TiO2 nanoparticles and its effect on bacterial inhibition in EVA films
Estrada-Monje A, Zitzumbo-Guzman R, Banuelos-Diaz JA, Zaragoza-Contreras EA
Calcium phosphate coating deposition by radio frequency magnetron sputtering in the various inert gases: The pilot study
Fedotkin AY, Bolbasov EN, Kozelskaya AI, Dubinenko G, Shesterikov EV, Ashrafov A, Tverdokhlebov SI
Rewritable fluorescent platform and reusable hydrazine sensing thin film using aldehyde functionalized fluorophore integrated PMMA polymer matrix
Gayathri P, Moon D, Anthony SP
Formation of TaB2 powders from high energy ball milling and borothermal reduction process
Gurcan K, Ayas E, Gasan H
Simultaneous synthesis of various Sb2S3 nanostructures by vapor transport technique
Hadia NMA, Mohamed WS, Abd El-sadek S
Tailorable nano MgO center dot xAl(2)O(3) spinel compositions along line of homogeneity via gel combustion route: Influence on phase evolution
Halder R, Bandyopadhyay S
Excess conductivity and AC susceptibility studies of Y-123 superconductor added with TiO2 nano-wires
Hannachi E, Slimani Y, Ekicibil A, Manikandan A, Ben Azzouz F
Preparation and characterization of porous ceramics with low-grade diatomite and oyster shell
Hao LP, Gao WY, Yan S, Niu MH, Liu GS, Hao HS
Ti doping effects on the Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity of mesoporous ZnO thin film
Hong MH, Choi H, Kim Y, Kim T, Cho HH, Driss Z, Driss D, Bouabidi A, Euchy S, Park HH
Characterization and hardness enhancement of amorphous Fe-based metallic glass laser cladded on nickel-free stainless steel for biomedical implant application
Ibrahim MZ, Sarhan AAD, Kuo TY, Yusof F, Hamdi M
An investigation of structural and magnetic properties of Ce-Nd doped strontium hexaferrite nanoparticles as a microwave absorbent
Khandani M, Yousefi M, Afghahi SSS, Amini MM, Torbati MB
Formation of Bi-Containing sea urchin-like Pt nanoparticles induced by the addition of bismuth element and their enhanced electrocatalytic properties for methanol oxidation
Lee KY, Lee YW, Kim TH, Kim J
Preparation and characteristics of porous magnesium phosphate cement modified by diatomite
Luan XZ, Li JH, Liu LJ, Yang ZW
Effect of highly dispersed graphene and graphene oxide in 3D nanofibrous bacterial cellulose scaffold on cell responses: A comparative study
Luo HL, Ao HY, Peng MX, Yao FL, Yang ZW, Wan YZ
Components of the Co3Cr4(PO4) 6-Cr(PO3)(3) system and the compound CoCr2(P2O7)(2) as new ceramic pigments
Luxova J, Tesitelova K, Podzemna V, Sulcova P, Bosacka M, Blonska-Tabero A, Filipek E
High performance of Co-P/NF electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Lv ZH, Zhang Y, Wang KH, Yu TP, Liu X, Wang GX, Xie GW, Jiang LH
Conducting, crystalline and electroactive polyaniline-Au nanocomposites through combined acid and oxidative doping pathways for biosensing applications: Detection of dopamine
Mahalakshmi S, Sridevi V
EPD method of seeding nano ZnO followed by CVD of organo-linker; a step by step method for synthesis of ZIF-8 thin layer on tubular alpha-alumina
Paknameh N, Fatemi S, Razavian M
Polymer composites containing dispersed VO2 of various polymorphs: Effects of polymer matrix on functional properties
Petukhova YV, Kudinova AA, Bobrysheva NP, Levin OV, Osmolowsky MG, Osmolovskaya OM
Structure, magnetic and catalytic properties of SiO2-MFe2O4 (M = Mn, Co, Ni, Cu) nanocomposites and their syntheses by a modified sol-gel method
Piskula ZS, Skokowski P, Tolinski T, Zielinski M, Kirszensztejn P, Nowicki W
Bio-synthesis of silver nanoparticles with antibacterial activity
Ren YY, Yang H, Wang T, Wang C
Nanostructured Fe2O3@TiO2 pigments with improved NIR reflectance and photocatalytic ability
Sadeghi-Niaraki S, Ghasemi B, Habibolahzadeh A, Ghasemi E, Ghahari M
Attachment of redox active molecules on the carbon additive and its effect on the cycling performance of LiFePO4 electrodes
Saneifar H, Delaporte N, Shul G, Belanger D
Controlled-synthesis of beta-MnO2 nanorods through a gamma-manganite precursor route
Selim MS, Hao ZF, Jiang Y, Yi MM, Zhang YM
Natural oil derived carbon nano-onions as a sensitive electrocatalyst for nitrite determination
Shaikh A, Singh BK, Parida S
Coordination polymer-derived CuO catalysts for oxidative degradation of methylene blue
Silva OJ, Monteiro AFF, Oliveira JBL, Araujo AMU, Silva DG, Kulesza J, Barros BS
Sol-gel synthesis of SiC@Y3Al5O12 composite nanopowder and preparation of porous SiC-ceramics derived from it
Simonenko EP, Simonenko NP, Simonenko TL, Grishin AV, Tal'skikh KY, Gridasova EA, Papynov EK, Shichalin OO, Sevastyanov VG, Kuznetsov NT
Effect of Nb precipitate on defect formation and migration energies in bi-crystalline Zr
Singh D, Parashar A, Kapoor R
Amine activated diatom xerogel hybrid material for efficient removal of hazardous dye
Sriram G, Bhat MP, Kigga M, Uthappa UT, Jung HY, Kumeria T, Kurkuri MD
Use of the graphite intercalation compound to produce low-defect graphene sheets for the photocatalytic enhancement of graphene/TiO2 composites
Tibodee A, Pannak P, Akkarachaneeyakorn K, Thaweechai T, Sirisaksoontorn W
Effect of ion peening and pulsed plasma nitriding on the structural properties of TiN coatings sputtered onto 100Cr6 steel
Vales S, Avila PRT, Rosenkranz A, Droppa R, Soldera F, Garcia J, Alvarez F, Pinto H
Chromatic study on the coloration mechanism of iron zircon pigment
Wang Y, Wang QK, Chang QB, Wang YM, Zhao YH, Wang X, Wang YQ
Characterization of interfacial behaviour of ortho-positioned diaryl disulfide on silver substrates by surface-enhanced Raman scattering and electroreduction
Yuan RH, He HH, Huang JF, Su C
Shape-controlled hydrothermal synthesis of CuFe2O4 nanocrystals for enhancing photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical performance
Zhang EL, Wang LJ, Zhang BG, Xie YP, Wang GS
A facile strategy for the synthesis of silver nanostructures with different morphologies
Zhang WZ, Hu GS, Zhang W, Zhang Y, He JH, Yuan YC, Zhang LK, Fei JR
The preparation of in-situ MoSi2-SiC-MoB three-phase composite completely eliminating the PEST phenomena
Zhang XL, Zhang XY, Duan JW, Lu K
Evaluation of the electrochemical behavior of TiO2/Al2O3/PCL composite coatings in Hank's solution
Zurita-Mendez NN, la Torre GD, Estevez M, Ballesteros-Almanza L, Cadenas E, Espinosa-Medina MA