Materials Chemistry and Physics

Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol.232 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0254-0584 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Iron oxide/PVA flexible magnetic tape engineered by microwave combustion and tape casting
Costa ACS, Alves HPA, Correa MA, Bohn F, Acchar W
6 - 15 Electrodeposition of Ni-Cu alloy films from nickel matte in deep eutectic solvent
Rao SC, Zou XL, Wang SJ, Lu Y, Shi TY, Hsu HY, Xu Q, Lu XG
16 - 22 The effect effect of PKA directions on the primary radiation damage in the alpha iron nanowires
Zhang M, Peng WX, Zhang HL, Wu BJ, Sun K, Fang L
23 - 27 Strontium hexaaluminate/ZTA composites: Preparation and characterization
Naga SM, Elshaer M, Awaad M, Amer AA
28 - 33 Mechanical properties and transformation hardening mechanism in yttria, ceria, neodymia and ytterbia co-doped zirconia based solid solutions
Borik M, Gerasimov M, Lomonova E, Milovich F, Myzina V, Ryabochkina P, Sidorova N, Tabachkova N
34 - 38 Evidences of CO spillover at a Pt/Pd bimetallic interface during the formic acid oxidation reaction
Luque GC, de Chialvo MRG, Chialvo AC
39 - 48 Crystal structure, synthesis and photoluminescent properties of a reddish-orange light emitting SrGdAlO4:Sm3+ nanophosphor
Hooda A, Khatkar SP, Khatkar A, Malik RK, Dalal J, Devi S, Taxak VB
49 - 56 Fish bladder-based activated carbon/Co3O4/TiO2 composite electrodes for supercapacitors
Sirengo K, Jande YAC, Kibona TE, Hilonga A, Muiva C, King'ondu CK
57 - 64 Synthesis and effect of CaTiO3 formation in CaO center dot Al2O3 by solid-state reaction from CaCO3 center dot Al2O3 and Ti
Miranda-Hernandez JG, Vargas-Hernandez J, Casarrubias-Vargas H, Gonzalez-Moran CO, Refugio-Garcia E, Cuautle JDAF
65 - 74 Synthesis of layered lipophilic graphene quantum dot over Fe@MgO catalyst
Rezaii E, Mahkam M
75 - 81 Fabrication of graphene incorporated biphasic calcium phosphate composite and evaluation of impact of graphene in the in-vitro biomineralization process
Logesh M, Marimuthu A, Ballamurugan AM
82 - 87 Structural, morphological and conductivity properties of samaria doped ceria (SmxCe1-xO2-x/2) electrolytes synthesized by electrospinning method
Aygun B, Ozdemir H, Oksuzomer MAF
88 - 98 Simultaneous NO reduction and Hg-0 oxidation over Sb modified Mn/TiO2 catalyst
Liu J, Guo RT, Sun X, Pan WG, Wang ZY, Liu XY, Shi X, Qin H, Hu CX
99 - 108 Thermal and dielectric behavior of polyamide-6/clay nanocomposites
Hammami I, Hammami H, Soulestin J, Arous M, Kallel A
109 - 120 Adsorption, equilibrium isotherm, and thermodynamic studies to the removal of acid orange 7
Zaheer Z, Bawazir WA, Al-Bukhari SM, Basaleh AS
121 - 128 Electrocatalytic performance of reduced graphene oxide supported nano-NiZnO2 for oxygen reduction reaction
Yu JM, Jiang ZK, Wang JG, Fang HY, Huang TZ
129 - 136 Organic frameworks induce synthesis and growth mechanism of well-ordered dumbbell-shaped ZnO particles
Huang L, Yang ZH, Shen YJ, Wang P, Song BC, He YJ, Yang WC, Wang HY, Wang ZX, Chen YS
137 - 144 Surface modified graphene/SnO2 nanocomposite from carbon black as an efficient disinfectant against Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Mohan AN, Manoj B
145 - 151 A strong blue fluorescent nanoprobe for highly sensitive and selective detection of mercury(II) based on sulfur doped carbon quantum dots
Wang CJ, Wang YB, Shi HX, Yan YJ, Liu EZ, Hu XY, Fan J
152 - 159 Ln-incorporated coordination complexes as fluorescence sensor for selective detection nitroaromatic compounds
Jing YF, Long BF, Huang Q, Mi Y, Gao YK, Hu FL
160 - 168 The role of Rh dispersion in gas sensing effects observed in SnO2 thin films
Korotcenkov G, Nehasil V
169 - 179 Optimisation of octahedral iron(II) and cobalt(II) spin-crossover metal complex for thermoelectric application
Ibrahim NMJN, Said SM, Hasnan MMIM, Sabri MFM, Abdullah N, Mainal A, Salleh MFM, Izam TFTMN
180 - 192 Structural, DFT, optical dispersion characteristics of novel [DPPA-Zn-MR (Cl)(H2O)] nanostructured thin films
Al-Hossainy AF, Eid MR, Zoromba MS
193 - 199 Structural consequences of the fluorides using in the synthesis of SBA-15 mesostructured silica
Parfenov VA, Ponomarenko IV, Novikova SA
200 - 204 Facile synthesis of perovskite LaFeO3 ferroelectric nanostructures for heavy metal ion removal applications
Rao MP, Musthafa S, Wu JJ, Anandan S
205 - 208 Magnetically responsive textile for preconcentration of acid food dyes
Safarik I, Mullerova S, Pospiskova K
209 - 220 Synthesis and aging effect of plasma-polymerized 2-furancarboxaldehyde amorphous thin films
Kabir H, Nasrin R, Hasan K, Rahman MM, Bhuiyan AH
221 - 228 Thermally evaporated Cu-Al thin film coated flexible glass mirror for concentrated solar power applications
Alex S, Kumar R, Chattopadhyay K, Barshilia HC, Basu B
229 - 239 Preparation of reduced graphene oxide@nickel oxide nanosheets composites with enhanced lithium-ion storage performance
Ren HB, Wen ZY, Chen S, Liu JY, Joo SW, Huang JR
240 - 245 Effects of Ag nanoparticles on the visible-light-driven photocatalytic properties of Cu2O nanocubes
Qin HY, Wei Q, Wu JM, Yang F, Zhou B, Wang Y, Tian SW
246 - 253 Lightweight sandwich fiber-welded foam-like nonwoven fabrics/graphene composites for electromagnetic shielding
Liu LS, Wang HB, Shan MJ, Jiang YM, Zhang XX, Xu ZW
254 - 264 Selectivity and efficient Pb and Cd ions removal by magnetic MFe2O4 (M=Co, Ni, Cu and Zn) nanoparticles
Al Yaqoob K, Bououdina M, Akhter MS, Al Najar B, Vijaya JJ
265 - 271 Preparation andCharacterization of Cu-CeO(2)catalytic materials forthe oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde in water
Diez AS, Piqueras CM, Araiza DG, Diaz G, Volpe MA
272 - 277 Effects of the ion bombardment on the structure and composition of GO and rGO foils
Cutroneo M, Havranek V, Mackova A, Malinsky P, Torrisi L, Silipigni L, Fazio B, Torrisi A, Szokolova K, Sofer Z, Stammers J
278 - 283 Optical sensor developed from nano-silver/poly(vinyl alcohol) composite
Bogle KA, Dadge JW, Bhoraskar VN, Dhole SD, Khairnar RS
284 - 293 Synthesis of CO2-adsorbing ZSM-5 zeolite from rice husk ash via the colloidal pretreatment method
Wang YS, Du T, Fang X, Jia H, Qiu ZY, Song YL
294 - 300 Development of gallic acid/cyclodextrin inclusion complex in freeze-dried bacterial cellulose and poly (vinyl alcohol) hydrogel: Controlled-release characteristic and antioxidant properties
Chunshom N, Chuysinuan P, Thanyacharoen T, Techasakul S, Ummartyotin S
301 - 304 The crystal-field states and the magnetism in the Kondo-lattice antiferromagnet CeRh2Si2
Radwanski RJ, Ropka Z, Nalecz DM
305 - 310 Effect of Si and Ni on microstructure and mechanical properties of in-situ magnesium-based composites in the as-cast and extruded conditions
Salasel AR, Abbasi A, Barri N, Mirzadeh H, Emamy M, Malekan M
311 - 318 ZnSe-BODIPY hybrid system for nonlinear optical switching applications
Divyasree MC, Shiju E, Prasannan D, Chandrasekharan K
319 - 324 Pressure-induced electro-switching of polymer/nano-graphene composites
Kolonelou E, Papathanassiou AN, Sakellis E
325 - 330 Structural, thermal and magnetic investigation of Mn-Doped CdO nanocrystals
Wahab LA, Shalaby MS, Yousif NM, Hashim HM
331 - 338 Surface modification of titanium oxide as efficient support of metal nanoparticles for hydrogen production via water splitting
Mendez FJ, Gonzalez-Millan A, Garcia-Macedo JA
339 - 353 Ionic liquid assisted combustion synthesis of ZnO and its modification by Au-Sn bimetallic nanoparticles: An efficient photocatalyst for degradation of organic contaminants
Rout L, Kumar A, Achary LSK, Barik B, Dash P
354 - 361 Preparation of tin oxide particles using tin-contained organic substance of dioctyltin oxide as the starting material by a calcination method
Ding KQ, Han JW, Gao XJ, Zhou LJ, Qu RL
362 - 366 Thermal, mechanical and antibacterial properties of water-based acrylic Polymer/SiO2-Ag nanocomposite coating
Le TT, Nguyen TV, Nguye TA, Nguye TTH, Thai H, Tran DL, Dinh DA, Nguyen TM, Lu LT
367 - 373 High density conductive LiFePO4 cathode with enhanced high-rate and high temperature performance
Lee DSH, Im WB, Liang XH
374 - 381 Realization of of super high adsorption capability of 2D delta-MnO2/GO through intra-particle diffusion
Jiang SB, Yu TF, Xia R, Wang X, Gao MZ
382 - 386 Water-graphene environment modulated by coupled nanopore interplay
Gimenez R, Barrionuevo S, Berli CLA, Ibanez FJ, Bellino MG
387 - 392 Facile preparation of porous silicon from cost-wise silicon powder as effective catalyst for reduction of p-nitrophenol
Abu Bakar NHH, Ridzwan A, Tan WL, Abu Bakar M, Sabri NA
393 - 399 The influence of encapsulated cobalt content within N-doped bamboo-like carbon nanotubes catalysts for arylalkanes oxidation
Wang XC, Jie SS, Liu ZG
400 - 408 Enhancing intergranular conductivity in polycrystalline semiconductor assembly via polythiophene use
Gamon J, Robert C, Le Mercier T, Barboux P, Thomas CM, Giaume D
409 - 413 Particle size distribution for metatitanic acid by photon correlation spectroscopy
Tian CX
414 - 421 Variation of adhesive stress in anodized AZ31 magnesium alloy immersed within cement concrete blocks with different solidification times
Caicedo JC, Franco F, Aperador W
422 - 427 Ab-initio and and molecular dynamics supported thermodynamic modeling of binary Cu - Ta system
Lin IT, Chiou TC, Lee CD, Gierlotka W
428 - 437 A comparative study of the dielectric, ferroelectric and anomalous magnetic properties of Mn0.5Mg0.5Fe2O4/Ba0.8Sr0.2Ti0.9Zr0.1O3 composite ceramics
Gao RL, Qin XF, Zhang QM, Xu ZY, Wang ZH, Fu CL, Chen G, Deng XL, Cai W
438 - 445 Graphene oxide clay nanocomposite as an efficient photo-catalyst for degradation of cationic dye
Gogoi J, Choudhury AD, Chowdhury D
446 - 451 Synthesis of Al2O3-nanowhisker-based HKUST1 MOF composites
da Silva CTP, Veregue FR, Moises MP, Guilherme MR, Rinaldi AW
452 - 459 Composition design and properties of Cu-Zr-Ti bulk metallic glass composites
Feng YJ, Cai AH, Ding DW, Liu Y, Wu H, An Q, Ning H, Zhou GJ, Peng YY
460 - 470 A study of ferroelectric and magnetic properties of rare earth (RE=La, Nd, Sm, Gd) doped BiFeO3 using modified Becke Johnson potential with SOC techniques
Mahesh R, Reddy PV
471 - 474 Plasma resistance of transparent Y2O3 ceramics prepared by slip casting: A comparison with translucent Al2O3
Liu W, Jin LL, Wang SW
475 - 484 Electrospun Nanofibers of p-Type CuO/n-type TZB-Gr Heterojunctions with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity
Kanjwal MA, Leung WWF
485 - 492 Tailoring of highly porous SnO2 and SnO2-Pd thin films
Chundak M, Khalakhan I, Kus P, Duchon T, Potin V, Cacucci A, Tsud N, Matolin V, Veltruska K
493 - 505 Supported cobalt nanoparticles on graphene oxide/mesoporous silica for oxidation of phenol and electrochemical detection of H2O2 and Salmonella spp
Appaturi JN, Pulingam T, Muniandy S, Dinshaw IJ, Fen LB, Johan MR
506 - 512 Fluffy carbon-coated ReS2 nanoflowers as enhanced anode materials for lithium ion battery
Wang HJ, Jiang XY, Yang X, Yu ZG, Yuan R
513 - 519 Rapid synthesis of nitrogen-doped hollow carbon microspheres with hierarchical macro/mesoporous shell for supercapacitors
Zhang N, Liu F, Ma SX, Liu L, Xu SD, Zhang RL, Tian XJ, Wang FY