Materials Chemistry and Physics

Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol.231 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0254-0584 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Ionic liquid-supported synthesis of CeO2 nanoparticles and its enhanced ethanol gas sensing properties
Dao DV, Nguyen TTD, Majhi SM, Adilbish G, Lee HJ, Yu YT, Lee IH
9 - 20 Effects of pore parameters on performance of anodic film on 2024 aluminum alloy
Zhang P, Zuo Y
21 - 26 Ex-situ fabrication of ZnO nanoparticles coated silk fiber for surgical applications
Shubha P, Gowda ML, Namratha K, Shyamsunder S, Manjunatha HB, Byrappa K
27 - 32 TiO2 nanotube arrays decorated with plasmonic Cu, CuO nanoparticles, and eosin Y dye as efficient photoanode for water splitting
Sang LX, Zhang S, Zhang J, Yu ZX, Bai GM, Du CX
33 - 40 Energy harvesting performance of silver electroplated fabrics
Ali A, Baheti V, Militky J
41 - 47 pH dependent catalytic redox properties of Mn3O4 nanoparticles
Gagrani A, Ding B, Wang Y, Tsuzuki T
48 - 59 Phase transformation and microstructural changes during the hydriding and aging processes in dual phase Zr alloy
Shiman OV, Daymond MR
60 - 67 Scale sorting high-purity semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes in oil/water bi-continuous system using alkanolamide surfactants
Zhang Y, Li DC, Zhao H, Yin C, Wang M, Li Y
68 - 74 One-pot solvothermal synthesis of magnetically separable rGO/MnFe2O4 hybrids as efficient photocatalysts for degradation of MB under visible light
Huang XB, Liu LP, Xi ZS, Zheng HY, Dong WJ, Wang G
75 - 86 Imidazole-supported silica one-pot processed nanoparticles to enhance toughness of epoxy based nanocomposites
Prasad T, Halder S, Dhar SS
87 - 94 Modelling the alloy element composition change in NiTi achieved through laser induced vaporization
Michael A, Zhou YN, Yavuz M, Khan MI
95 - 104 The construction and verification of toughening model and formula of binary poly(lactic acid)-based TPV with co-continuous structure
Fan JF, Cao LM, Huang JR, Yuan DS, Chen YK
105 - 108 3D MnO2 nanotubes@reduced graphene oxide hydrogel as reusable adsorbent for the removal of heavy metal ions
Zeng TQ, Yu Y, Li ZF, Zuo JT, Kuai ZY, Jin Y, Wang YH, Wu AJ, Peng C
109 - 113 Sodium nickel titanate (Na2/3Ni1/3Ti2/3O2), a potential electrode system with low ohmic loss: Insights using opto-impedance probe
Singh AK, Monika R, Manoharan SP, Kennedy J, Jagannathan R
114 - 120 Self-assembled free-standing graphene oxide hybrid films modified by silane functionalized TiO2 nanotubes to increase their final Young's modulus
Garcia-Zuniga MA, Tristan F, Labrada-Delgado GJ, Fest-Carreno A, Alcaraz-Caracheo A, Meneses-Rodriguez D, Vega-Diaz SM
121 - 130 Colloidal silver-based lateral flow immunoassay for rapid detection of melamine in milk and animal feed
Wu KH, Huang WC, Chang SC, Kao CH, Shyu RH
131 - 137 Nickel sulfide cathode for stable charge-discharge rates in lithium rechargeable battery
Cheng JJ, Ou Y, Zhu JT, Song HJ, Pan Y
138 - 149 In-vitro assessment of HA-Nb coating on Mg alloy ZK60 for biomedical applications
Singh B, Singh G, Sidhu BS, Bhatia N
150 - 158 Thermal and optical properties of lithium-zinc-tellurite glasses
Novatski A, Somer A, Goncalves A, Piazzetta RLS, Gunha JV, Andrade AVC, Lenzi EK, Medina AN, Astrath NGC, El-Mallawany R
159 - 167 Permeation and antifouling performance of poly (ether imide) composite ultrafiltration membranes customized with manganese dioxide nanospheres
Saraswathi MSA, Divya K, Selvapandian P, Mohan D, Rana D, Nagendran A
168 - 172 Thermally grown copper nanowire electrodes modified by electropolymerization
Rashti A, Moncada J, Zhang XX, Carrero CA, Oh TS
173 - 180 Understanding of role of Li in high-performance Pb-free Li-doped (Ba0.85Ca0.15)(Ti-0.9 Zr-0.1)O-3 piezoceramics from theory and experiments
Chen XM, Zeng JT, Kim D, Zheng LY, Lou QW, Park CH, Li GR
181 - 187 Effect of salt type on the particle size of LaMn1-xFexO3 (0.1 <= x <= 0.5) synthesized in molten chlorides
Meir R, Vradman L, Zana J, Herskowitz M
188 - 195 Graphene/Cu composites: Electronic and mechanical properties by first-principles calculation
Zhang Q, Liu Y, Liao T, Zhang CL, Wu XL, Liu YS, Qurashi MS, Zheng F, Song QS, Han PD
196 - 202 Influence of ion implantation on growth mechanism of alpha-Fe2O3 nanowires/nanoblades
Chen L, Liao B, Wu J, Yu JJ, Xue WB, Zhang X, He GY
203 - 215 The relationship between the thermoelectric power and resultant solidification microstructures of Al-Si melt under electromagnetic field
Lan Q, Cheng CL, Zhang JF, Guo RZ, Le QC
216 - 224 Nature-inspired synthesis of magnetic non-stoichiometric Fe3O4 nanoparticles by oxidative in situ method in a humic medium
Pankratov DA, Anuchina MM
225 - 232 A metal-free protonated g-C3N4 as an effective sodium percarbonate activator at ambient pH conditions: Efficiency, stability and mechanism
Li DY, Xiao Y, Pu MJ, Zan J, Zuo SY, Xu HM, Xia DS
233 - 243 Highly efficient heterogeneous Fenton activities of magnetic beta-cyclodextrin (Fe) framework for Eriochrome black T degradation
Gogoi A, Navgire M, Sarma KC, Gogoi P
244 - 251 Nano-encapsulated phase change materials prepared by one-step interfacial polymerization for thermal energy storage
Shi J, Wu XL, Sun R, Ban BY, Li JW, Chen J
252 - 259 Fabric-based composite materials containing ZnO-NRs and ZnO-NRs-AuNPs and their application in photocatalysis
Baruah B, Downer L, Agyeman D
260 - 263 The periodic layer formation in early stage reaction of silicon dioxide with magnesium
Wojewoda-Budka J, Wierzbicka-Miernik A, Litynska-Dobrzynska L, Korneva A, Onderka B, Kodentsov A
264 - 271 Fe, Ru, and Os-embedded graphitic carbon nitride as a promising candidate for NO gas sensor: A first-principles investigation
Basharnavaz H, Habibi-Yangjeh A, Kamali SH
272 - 280 Terpyridine-Pr-Fe3O4@boehmite nanoparticles; a novel and highly effective magnetic nanocatalyst for preparation of cyclic carbonates from carbon dioxide and epoxides under solventless conditions
Faisal M, Rehman ZU, ul Aein Q, Saeed A
281 - 285 Thermal hysteresis evaluation of the MnAs compound near room temperature
Paganotti A, Bessa CVX, Ferreira LDR, Gama S, Silva RAG
286 - 291 One-step production of pyrene-1-boronic acid functionalized graphene for dopamine detection
Teo EYL, Ali GAM, Algarni H, Cheewasedtham W, Rujiralai T, Chong KF
292 - 300 Eco-friendly C-60-SESMP-Fe3O4 inorganic magnetizable nanocomposite as high-performance adsorbent for magnetic removal of arsenic from crude oil and water samples
Alheety MA, Raoof A, Al-Jibori SA, Karadag A, Khaleel AI, Akbas H, Uzun O
301 - 310 Spectroscopic characterization of non-covalent CuPc-GO system. Experiment and theory
Gajda L, Kupka T, Malolepszy A, Stobinski L, Buczek A, Broda MA, Wrzalik R
311 - 321 Nitrogen and oxygen dual-doped activated carbon as electrode material for high performance supercapacitors prepared by direct carbonization of amaranthus
Wang A, Sun K, Li JH, Xu W, Jiang JC
322 - 334 Solar to chemical energy conversion using titania nanorod photoanodes augmented by size distribution of plasmonic Au-nanoparticle
Raval D, Jani M, Chaliyawala H, Joshi A, Mukhopadhyay I, Ray A
335 - 343 Rosa damascena waste mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles: Characteristics and application for an electrochemical sensing of hydrogen peroxide and vanillin
Dodevska T, Vasileva I, Denev P, Karashanova D, Georgieva B, Kovacheva D, Yantcheva N, Slavov A
344 - 350 Resolution of ambiguity between the depolarization and ferroelectric-relaxor transition temperature through dielectric studies in lead-free perovskite K0.5Bi0.5TiO3
Banerjee K, Asthana S
351 - 356 Methylene blue-carbon nitride system as a reusable air-sensor
Dante RC, Trakulmututa J, Meejoo-Smith S, Martin-Ramos P, Chamorro-Posada P, Rutto D, Sanchez-Arevalo FM
357 - 365 Enhancing interfacial and mechanical properties of NR/montmorillonite composites using butadiene-styrene-vinylpyridine rubber as compatilizer
Xu TW, Li K, Wang YQ, Ban JF, Wu D, Shi B, Chen YJ
366 - 371 On the origin of the giant magnetocaloric effect in HoMn2O5 single crystals: First principles study and Monte Carlo simulations
Bouhani H, Endichi A, Zaari H, Benyoussef A, Hamedoun M, Balli M, El Kenz A, Mounkachi O
372 - 381 Dielectric and ferroelectric investigations of barium doped double perovskite Pb2BiVO6 for electronic and optical devices
Parida RK, Pattanayak DK, Mohanty B, Parida BN, Nayak NC
382 - 387 Process development of fabricating ceramic core using 3D printing technique
Park HY, Kim EH, Cho GH, Jung YG, Zhang J
388 - 396 Multifunctional magneto-fluorescent NiZnFe@CdS core-shell nanostructures for multimodal applications
Rawat D, Barman PB, Singh RR