Materials Chemistry and Physics

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1 - 5 Electrochemical performance of a lead fluoride electrode mixed with carbon in an electrolyte containing triphenylboroxine as an anion acceptor for fluoride shuttle batteries
Konishi H, Minato T, Abe T, Ogumi Z
6 - 19 Graphene and carbon nanotubes by CH4 decomposition over Co-Al catalysts
Calgaro CO, Perez-Lopez OW
20 - 25 Rapid reaction of Mo2N nanowires with Pb2+ ions in water and its use for production of PbMoO4 nanoparticles
Vengust D, Podlogar M, Mrzel A, Vilfan M
26 - 33 Nanoparticulate CdS 2D array by chemical bath deposition: Characterization and optoelectronic study
Waldiya M, Narasimman R, Bhagat D, Vankhade D, Mukhopadhyay I
34 - 43 Photocatalytic oxidative desulfurization and denitrogenation of fuels over sodium doped graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets under visible light irradiation
Zhang XB, Song HY, Sun CY, Chen CX, Han FQ, Li XF
44 - 50 Reversible multistimuli-responsive manganese zinc ferrite/P(NIPAAM-AAc-AAm) core-shell nanoparticles: A programmed ferrogel system
Monfared AH, Zamanian A, Sharifi I, Mozafari M
51 - 58 Effect of Au addition on the corrosion activity of Ca-Mg-Zn bulk metallic glasses in Ringer's solution
Babilas R, Bajorek A, Wlodarczyk P, Lonski W, Szyba D, Babilas D
59 - 65 Solution combustion synthesis of CeO2/ZnO nano-composite as a potential scaffold for detection and degradation of p-nitrophenol
Negi K, Kumar M, Chauhan MS
66 - 72 Influence of dispersion media on Nafion ionomer distribution in proton exchange membrane fuel cell catalyst carbon support
Sharma R, Grahl-Madsen L, Andersen SM
73 - 81 New magnetic silica-based hybrid organic-inorganic nanocomposite for the removal of lead(II) and nickel(II) ions from aqueous solutions
Ahmad N, Sereshti H, Mousazadeh M, Nodeh HR, Kamboh MA, Mohamad S
82 - 87 Effect of hydrodynamic conditions on the Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 thin film growth by electrodeposition
Lara-Lara B, Fernandez AM, Oviedo-Tolentino F
88 - 94 Facile fabrication and hydrophobic properties of Cu2O nanowire films on Cu substrates
Qu YQ, Zhang P, Liu J, Zhao LP, Song XF, Gao L
95 - 99 Large enhancement of the CDW resistivity anomaly and traces of superconductivity in imperfect samples of NbTe4
de Lima BS, Chaia N, Grant TW, de Faria LR, Canova JC, de Oliveira FS, Abud F, Machado AJS
100 - 105 Dielectric relaxation and electrical properties of Bi2.5Nd0.5Nb1.5Fe0.5O9 ceramics
Rehman F, Li JB, Ahmad I, Jin HB, Ahmad P, Saeed Y, Shafiq M, Ali H, Khan MI, Ali T
106 - 112 Antibacterial and natural room-light driven photocatalytic activities of CuO nanorods
Kumar K, Priya A, Arun A, Hait S, Chowdhury A
113 - 117 Mesoscopic investigation of the effect of MWCNT/rGO network on the performance of P3HT:PC60BM solar cells
Mahakul PC, Sa K, Subramanyam BVRS, Mahanandia P
118 - 128 Study of the effect of polyacrylic acid dispersant on magnetite deposits in steam generators conditions
D'Angelo R, Roy M, Pauporte T, Delaunay S, You D, Mansour C, Miserque F, Foct F
129 - 140 Hierarchically assembled two-dimensional gold-boron nitride-tungsten disulphide nanohybrid interface system for electrobiocatalytic applications
Kumari R, Opoku F, Osikoya AO, Anku WW, Shukla SK, Govender PP
141 - 150 Photocatalytic performance of few-layer Graphene/WO3 thin films prepared by a nano-particle deposition system
Hossain S, Chu WS, Lee CS, Ahn SH, Chun DM
151 - 157 Enhanced cytotoxic activity of curcumin on cancer cell lines by incorporating into gold/chitosan nanogels
Amanlou N, Parsa M, Rostamizadeh K, Sadighian S, Moghaddam F
158 - 168 Facile synthesis of multi-shelled hollow Cu-CeO2 microspheres with promoted catalytic performance for preferential oxidation of CO
Li WG, Hu YJ, Jiang H, Yang S, Li CZ
169 - 176 Investigation of structural properties of hydroxyapatite/ zinc oxide nanocomposites; an alternative candidate for replacement in recovery of bones in load-tolerating areas
Gezaz MS, Aref SM, Khatamian M
177 - 183 Incorporation of hydroxyapatite into nanofibrous PLGA scaffold towards improved breast cancer cell behavior
Luo HL, Zhang Y, Gan DQ, Yang ZW, Ao HY, Zhang QC, Yao FL, Wan YZ
184 - 194 Effect of carbon content on the low temperature sensitization of 304L SS and its corrosion resistance in simulated ground water
Suresh G, Parida PK, Bandi S, Ningshen S
195 - 203 Static and dynamic conductivity of nanostructured carbonaceous shungite geomaterials
Golubev YA, Antonets IV, Shcheglov VI
204 - 213 Thermal-regulation of nonwoven fabrics by microcapsules of n-eicosane coated with a polysiloxane elastomer
Karaszewska A, Kaminska I, Nejman A, Gajdzicki B, Fortuniak W, Chojnowski J, Slomkowski S, Sowinski P
214 - 219 Stereo-regulated Schiff base siloxane polymer coated QCM sensor for amine vapor detection
Das R, Bandyopadhyay R, Pramanik P
220 - 225 Synthesis and characterization of Al@MOF materials
Langseth E, Swang O, Arstad B, Lind A, Cavka JH, Jensen TL, Kristensen TE, Moxnes J, Unneberg E, Heyn RH
226 - 229 Preparation of Pt/WO3-coated polydimethylsiloxane membrane for transparent/flexible hydrogen gas sensors
Ishihara R, Yamaguchi Y, Tanabe K, Makino Y, Nishio K
230 - 234 Domain imaging in Fe-doped KNbO3 single crystal via trinocular microscopy and scanning electron microscopy
Korde VB, Patil NM
235 - 243 Green preparation of nonflammable carbonized asphalt-melamine sponges Check as recyclable oil absorbents
Zhao PH, Yao Q, Zhou GZ, Yan XF, Li SY, Dou XW, Yang ML
244 - 249 Ionic liquid as a green solvent for ionothermal synthesis of 2D keto-enamine-linked covalent organic frameworks
Dong B, Wang WJ, Pan W, Kang GJ
250 - 256 Influence of gamma-ray irradiation doses on physicochemical properties of silver polystyrene polyvinyl pyrrolidone nanocomposites
Ali I, Meligi GA, Akl MR, Saleh TA
257 - 262 The penetration and accumulation of hydroxyapatite and the hydrothermal stability of collagen matrix material
Wang YZ, Shan ZH
263 - 271 (Ba-Ca)TiO3 nanopowder: Synthesis and their electrical and biological characteristics
Ahmadi N, Kharaziha M, Labbaf S
272 - 278 Laser additive manufactured Ti-6Al-4V alloy: Texture analysis
Chandramohan P
279 - 289 Influence of the atmosphere conditions in the structure, properties and solubility of fluorine-substituted hydroxyapatites
Rivas M, del Valle LJ, Turon P, Puiggali J, Aleman C
290 - 295 The effect of hyper-rotation on the Weibull distribution of tensile properties in a friction stirred AA7075 aluminum alloy
Ku MH, Hung FY, Lui TS
296 - 301 High temperature electrical and thermal properties of activated bamboo charcoal/C12A7 mayenite composite prepared by carbon diffusion process
Rudradawong C, Ruttanapun C
302 - 308 Reduced graphene oxide thin film prepared by electrostatic spray deposition technique
Songkeaw P, Onlaor K, Thiwawong T, Tunhoo B
309 - 317 Fabrication of MWNT@CMPs and carbonized MWNT@CMPs for supercapacitors
Wang H, Liang LF, Duan L, Sun S, Cheng XJ
318 - 322 Solventless preparation of Fe3O4 and Co3O4 nanoparticles: A mechanochemical approach
Medina B, Fressati MGV, Goncalves JM, Bezerra FM, Scacchetti FAP, Moises MP, Bail A, Samulewski RB
323 - 330 Spark Plasma Sintering of fine-grained YAG:Nd plus MgO composite ceramics based on garnet-type oxide Y2.5Nd0.5Al5O12 for inert fuel matrices
Alekseeva LS, Orlova AI, Nokhrin AV, Boldin MS, Lantsev EA, Chuvil'deev VN, Murashov AA, Sakharov NV
331 - 337 Metal to glass sealing using glass powder: Ion induced crystallization of glass
Khachatryan H, Baek SH, Lee SN, Kim HK, Kim M, Kim KB
338 - 343 CeO2-CuO bimetal oxides derived from Ce-based MOF and their difference in catalytic activities for CO oxidation
Guo ZY, Song LH, Xu TT, Gao DW, Li CC, Hu X, Chen GZ
344 - 349 Microstructure and mechanical properties of ABOw and nickel-coated MWCNTs reinforced 2024Al hybrid composite fabricated by squeeze casting
Qian MF, Zhang XX, Li JC, Gao X, Geng L
350 - 355 Inducing dye-selectivity in graphene oxide for cationic dye separation applications
Ranjan P, Verma P, Agrawal S, Rao TR, Samanta SK, Thakur AD
356 - 361 An effective performance of F-Doped hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets as cathode material in magnesium battery
Venkateswarlu G, Madhu D, Rani JV
362 - 370 The carrier transport properties and photodegradation ability of low temperature synthesized phase pure rutile titanium oxide nanostructured materials
Purkayastha MD, Middya S, Datta J, Ray PP, Biswas BD, Sarkar M, Darbha GK, Singh N, Majumder TP, Saha P, Das D
371 - 377 A study on the formation and migration of oxygen vacancies in Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.75Fe0.25O3-delta Perovskite surfaces by first-principles modelling
Roohandeh T, Saievar-Iranizad E
378 - 386 Enhanced ammonia sensitive properties and mechanism research of PANI modified with hydroxylated single-walled nanotubes
Chen XP, Chen XD, Ding X, Yu X, Yu XL
387 - 387 RETRACTION: Cathodic electrodeposition of RuO2 thin films from Ru(III)Cl3 solution (Retraction of Vol 87, Pg 59, 2004)
Park BO, Lokhande CD, Park HS, Jung KD, Joo OS