Materials Chemistry and Physics

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ISSN: 0254-0584 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Excellent cycle stability of P2-Na0.67Co0.25Mn0.705V0.045O2@ NaV6O15 composite cathode for sodium ion battery
Tang JT, Wang YZ, Wan LJ, Zhao JB, Li YH
10 - 21 Fabrication of TiO2/CoMoO4/PANI nanocomposites with enhanced photocatalytic performances for removal of organic and inorganic pollutants under visible light
Feizpoor S, Habibi-Yangjeh A, Yubuta K, Vadivel S
22 - 28 Transdermal delivery of poly(ethylene glycol)-co-oleylamine modified gold nanoparticles: Effect of size and shape
Hsiao PF, Tsai HC, Peng S, Prasannan A, Tang TC, Chang HM, Chen YS, Li SY, Hsiue GH
29 - 35 Green synthesis approach for nano sized CoFe2O4 through aloe vera mediated sol-gel auto combustion method for high frequency devices
Routray KL, Saha S, Behera D
36 - 39 The effect of electric conductivity on the structure of ceramic coatings prepared by cathode plasma electrolytic deposition
Zhang SG, Zhang J, Ji RN, Lian Y, He YD
40 - 46 Synthesis and characterization of a novel fluorosilicone resin based on trifluoropropylalkoxylsilane
Liu YT, Zhu D, Sun JW, Li J, Wu YM, Gao CH
47 - 64 Mechanochemistry approach to produce in-situ tungsten borides and carbides nanopowders: Experimental study and modeling
Bahrami-Karkevandi M, Nasiri-Tabrizi B, Wong KY, Ebrahimi-Kahrizsangi R, Fallahpour A, Saber-Samandari S, Baradaran S, Basirun WJ
65 - 72 Synthesis of mesoporous Fe-Mn bimetal oxide nanocomposite by aeration co-precipitation method: Physicochemical, structural, and optical properties
Eslami H, Ehrampoush MH, Esmaeili A, Ebrahimi AA, Ghaneian MT, Falahzadeh H, Salmani MH
73 - 78 Erbium 1.55 mu m luminescence enhancement due to copper nanoparticles plasmonic activity in tellurite glasses
Machado TM, Falci RF, Silva IL, Anjos V, Bell MJV, Silva MAP
79 - 84 Particle size effect on the dielectric properties of ZnO nanoparticles
Ahmad MDP, Rao AV, Babu KS, Rao GN
85 - 92 Processing temperature dependent chemiresistive performance of spin-coated cerium oxide films
Chougule MA, Navale ST, Navale YH, Ramgir NS, Stadler FJ, Khuspe GD, Patil VB
93 - 99 First-principles study on the structural, electronic, and magnetic properties in (001) and (110) surfaces of quaternary Heusler alloy TiZrCoAl
Yang Y, Feng ZY, Zhang JM
100 - 106 Controllable synthesis of transparent dispersions of monodisperse anatase-TiO2 nanoparticles and nanorods
Guang M, Xia Y, Wang D, Zeng XF, Wang JX, Chen JF
107 - 116 Tuning the electronic properties and interfacial interactions of WS2/ZrO2(001) heterostructures by an external electric field, interlayer coupling and monolayer to few-layer of WS2 sheets
Opoku F, Govender PP
117 - 123 Investigating the structure and tribo-mechanical performance of PVD TiN on bearing TiN substrate constructed by rf plasma
Raaif M
124 - 128 Solvothermal synthesis of mesoporous NiCoP for high performance electrochemical supercapacitors
Ranganatha S, Munichandraiah N
129 - 136 Synthesis and electrochemical performance of carbon-coated Fe2GeO4 as an anode material for sodium-ion batteries
Subramanian Y, Park MS, Veerasubramani GK, Lee YS, Kim DW
137 - 147 Microstructural evaluation and mechanical behaviour of dissimilar niti-stainless steel joints welded by micro gas tungsten arc welding
Oliveira MJC, Melo RHF, Maciel TM, de Araujo CJ
148 - 155 Fabrication of new metal-free materials for the hydrogen evolution reaction on base of the acridine derivatives immobilized on carbon materials
Dolganov AV, Muryumin EE, Chernyaeva OY, Chugunova EA, Mishkin VP, Nishcev KN
156 - 168 Ni-doped Fe3O4 nanoparticles coupled with SnS2 nanosheets as 0D/2D heterogeneous catalyst for photo-Fenton reaction
Zhang AL, Zhu LY, Nan ZD
169 - 174 Microstructural characterization and abrasive wear resistance of a high chromium white iron composite reinforced with in situ formed TiCx
Jiang JP, Li SB, Yu WB, Zhou Y
175 - 185 A novel microbial fuel cell incorporated with polyvinylchloride/4A zeolite composite membrane for kitchen wastewater reclamation and power generation
Nagar H, Badhrachalam N, Rao VVB, Sridhar S
186 - 195 Uniform WMoSx nanoparticles attached graphene nanosheets as highly effective electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline medium
Nguyen DM, Nguyen MH, Bui QB
196 - 205 Photoelectrocatalytic oxidation of methanol over RuO2-MnO2-Co3O4 supported porous anatase under visible light irradiation
Mat ANC, Sairi NA, Basirun WJ, Rezayi M, Teridi MAM, Mazhar M
206 - 216 Polyesteramidesulfone as novel reinforcement and antioxidant nanofiller for NBR blended with reclaimed natural rubber
Morsi SMM, Mohamed HA, El-Sabbagh SH
217 - 228 Photoelectrochemical, photocatalytic and photochromic performance of rGO-TiO2-WO3 composites
Prabhu S, Cindrella L, Kwon OJ, Mohanraju K
229 - 237 Charge transport in chemically grown manganite based heterostructure
Sagapariya K, Gadani K, Rathod KN, Joshi Z, Boricha H, Dhruv D, Keshvani MJ, Rajyaguru B, Kansara SB, Joshi AD, Asokan K, Solanki PS, Shah NA
238 - 245 Optimization of the radiation shielding capabilities of bismuth-borate glasses using the genetic algorithm
Wilson M
246 - 256 Optimization of deposition processing of VN thin films using design of experiment and single-variable (nitrogen flow rate) methods
Wu CK, Huang JH, Yu GP
257 - 263 IDE embedded tungsten trioxide gas sensor for sensitive NO2 detection
Kamble C, Panse M
264 - 270 Ultra thin bismuth selenide-bismuth telluride layers for thermoelectric applications
Adam AM, El-Khouly A, Lilov E, Ebrahim S, Keshkh Y, Soliman M, El Maghraby EM, Kovalyo V, Petkov P
271 - 278 Highly magnetic nanocomposites consist of magnetite nanoparticles, graphene oxide and hyper-branched poly citric acid
Dehghani-Dashtabi M, Hekmatara H, Seyed-Yazdi J
279 - 285 Improvement of photocatalyst properties of magnetic NPs by new anionic surfactant
Farahbakhsh F, Ahmadi M, Hekmatara SH, Sabet M, Heydari-Bafrooei E
286 - 292 Optimum reproduction and characterization of graphene on copper foils by low pressure chemical vapor deposition
Pham TT, Huynh TH, Do QH, Ngo TKV
293 - 300 Enhanced cathode performance of LiFePO4/C composite by novel reaction of ethylene glycol with different carboxylic acids
Li Y, Wang J, Yao J, Huang HX, Du ZQ, Gu H, Wang ZT
301 - 307 Synthesis and characterization of amorphous magnesium carbonate nanoparticles
Yang JJ, Han YY, Luo J, Leifer K, Stromme M, Welch K
308 - 313 Reactive sputtered TixNbyNz thin films. I. Basic processing relationships
Sheppard LR, Zhang H, Liu R, Macartney S, Murphy T, Wuhrer R
314 - 319 Comparative optical studies of naphthalene based Schiff base complexes for colour tunable application
Gondia NK, Sharma SK
320 - 327 Reactive sputtered TixNbyN coatings. II. Effect of common deposition parameters
Sheppard LR, Zhang H, Liu R, Macartney S, Murphy T, Wainer P, Wuhrer R
328 - 333 Enhancing anti-cancer activity of erlotinib by antibody conjugated for nanofibrin - In vitro studies on lung adenocarcinoma cell lines
Vedakumari SW, Senthil R, Sekar S, Babu CS, Sastry TP
334 - 348 Nanostructuring of silver nanoparticles anchored 1D zinc antimonate electrode material by ultrasonication assisted chemical reduction approach for supercapacitors
Balasubramaniam M, Balakumar S
349 - 356 Fabrication of a flexible single-yarn NH3 gas sensor by layer-by-layer self-assembly of graphene oxide
Su PG, Liao ZH
357 - 368 Microwave assisted fabrication of L-Arginine capped alpha-Ni(OH)(2) microstructures as an electrode material for high performance hybrid supercapacitors
William JJ, Babu IM, Muralidharan G
369 - 375 Multicomponent red mud-polyester composites for neutron shielding application
Guru S, Amritphale SS, Mishra J, Joshi S
376 - 383 Mechanical homogenization of antimony, iron oxide, and carbon black composites for use in lithium ion batteries
Demko MT, Kim SH, Xun SD, Liu HS, Mai TH, Featherer RA, Nguyen PT, Lin XP, Liu G, Marston ES, Allgeier AM, Jones DM, Subramoney S, Warrington K
384 - 388 Sulfur/CuxS hybrid material for Li/S primary battery with improved discharge capacity
Cheng JJ, Liu LF, Ou SW, Ou Y, Liu Q, Song HJ, Pan Y