Materials Chemistry and Physics

Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol.223 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0254-0584 (Print) 

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1 - 8 The liquid-phase preparation of graphene by shear exfoliation with graphite oxide as a dispersant
Tian J, Guo L, Yin XL, Wu W
9 - 15 The origin of the maximum hardness of the friction stir welded single-phase Cu-Zn plates: RSM, EBSD, and TEM investigation
Heidarzadeh A, Motalleb-nejad P, Barenji RV, Khalili V, Guleryuz G
16 - 23 Highly mesoporous carbon flakes derived from a tubular biomass for high power electrochemical energy storage in organic electrolyte
Zou ZM, Liu T, Jiang CH
24 - 31 Microstructures and electrical properties of (1-x) Li0.5Sm0.5TiO3-xNa(0.5)Bi(0.5)TiO(3) ceramics
Liu X, Yuan CL, Luo FH, Liu XY, Chen GH, Zhou CR
32 - 38 3-Mercaptopropionic acid functionalization of titanium dioxide thin films
Gomes OP, Neto NFA, Bronze-Uhle ES, Trino LD, dos Santos CM, da Silva JHD, Lisboa PN
39 - 45 Antimicrobial properties of polysulfone membranes modified with carbon nanofibers and silver nanoparticles
Mocanu A, Rusen E, Diacon A, Isopencu G, Mustatea G, Somoghi R, Dinescu A
46 - 52 Octahedral Sb2O3 as high-performance anode for lithium and sodium storage
Deng MX, Li SJ, Hong WW, Jiang YL, Xu W, Shuai HL, Zou GQ, Hu YC, Hou HS, Wang WL, Ji XB
53 - 59 Improved both mechanical and anti-oxidation performances of ZrB2-SiC ceramics with molybdenum disilicide addition
Xu L, Yang Y, Wang SH, Li MS, Xu JJ, Qian YH, Zuo J, Zhang DH
60 - 67 Synthesis, structural, optical and electrical properties of La-modified Lead Iron Titanate ceramics for NTCR thermo-resistance based sensors
Omari LH, Hajji L, Haddad M, Lamhasni T, Jama C
68 - 74 Novel magnetic core-shell nanoparticles for the removal of polychlorinated biphenyls from contaminated water sources
Gutierrez AM, Bhandari R, Weng JY, Stromberg A, Dziubla TD, Hilt JZ
75 - 77 Oxygen induced phase transformation in an alpha plus beta titanium alloy
Liu CZ, Li GP, Yuan FS, Ali M, Han FZ, Zhang YD, Gu HF
78 - 87 Investigation of concentration dependent electrical and photocatalytic properties of Mn doped SmFeO3
Maity R, Sakhya AP, Dutta A, Sinha TP
88 - 97 Degradation mechanism and way of surface protection of nickel nanostructures
Kaniukov EY, Shumskaya AE, Kutuzau MD, Bundyukova VD, Yakimchuk DV, Borgekov DB, Ibragimova MA, Korolkov IV, Giniyatova S, Kozlovskiy AL, Zdorovets MV
98 - 108 Design of low cost semi-crystalline calcium silicate from biomass for the improvement of the mechanical and microstructural properties of metakaolin-based geopolymer cements
Mabah DET, Tchakoute HK, Ruscher CH, Kamseu E, Elimbi A, Leonelli C
109 - 113 Raman spectroscopy of the doped topological insulator (Cu,Ni)(x)Bi2Se3
Barcote MVW, de Andrade E, Jurelo AR, Monteiro JFHL, Siqueira EC
114 - 121 Interface strengthening and fracture behavior of multilayer TWIP/TRIP steel
Du JJ, Zhang X, Liu BX, Dong YC, Feng JH, Chen CX, Yin FX
122 - 132 The effect of preparation conditions on magnetite nanoparticles obtained via chemical co-precipitation
Klencsar Z, Abraham A, Szabo L, Szabo EG, Stichleutner S, Kuzmann E, Homonnay Z, Tolnai G
133 - 139 Influences of isotropic strain on the electronic and magnetic properties of Fe-, Co-, and Ni-doped PbS revealed by density functional calculations
Lu YL, Dong SJ, Zhou W, Liu YY, Zhao H, Wu P
140 - 144 Evidence of local softening in glassy poly(vinyl alcohol)/poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) (1/1, w/w) nano-graphene platelets composites
Kolonelou E, Papathanassiou AN, Sakellis E
145 - 151 Synthesis of nitrogen doped graphene aerogels using solid supported strategy for supercapacitor
Du J, Liu L, Yu YF, Zhang LL, Zhang Y, Chen AB
152 - 156 Stress-relieved Si anode on a porous Cu current collector for high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Moon SH, Kim SJ, Kim MC, So JY, Lee JE, Shin YK, Bae WG, Park KW
157 - 163 Optically tuned and large-grained bromine doped CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite thin films via aerosol-assisted chemical vapour deposition
Basak S, Afzaal M, Yates HM
164 - 170 Formation of boron nitride islands in the graphene nanoflakes: A DFT study
Anafcheh M, Khodaei N, Zahedi M
171 - 182 Fcc -> bcc -> hcp successive phase transformations in the strained ultrathin copper film: A molecular dynamic simulation study
Sun B, Ouyang WZ, Ren JJ, Mi LW, Guo W
183 - 189 Crystal growth and characterization of 1,3,5-triphenylbenzene organic scintillator crystal
Govindan V, Daniel DJ, Kim HJ, Sankaranarayanan K
190 - 195 Sensitivity enhancement of mechanical sensing element via self-assembled ferroelectric ZnO nanoflowers
Praveen E, Jayakumar K
196 - 201 Synergistic influence of keratin and TPU: An approach towards bioinspired artificial skin
Li H, Oh JS, Sinha TK, Kim JK
202 - 208 Thermal stability and strain sensitivity of nanostructured aluminum titanate (Al2TiO5)
Keyvani N, Azarniya A, Hosseini HRM, Abedi M, Moskovskikh D
209 - 219 Radiation shielding and mechanical properties of Al2O3-Na2O-B2O3-Bi2O3 glasses using MCNPX Monte Carlo code
Issa SAM, Tekin HO, Elsaman R, Kilicoglu O, Saddeek YB, Sayyed MI
220 - 229 Mixed matrix polymeric and carbon hollow fiber membranes with magnetic iron-based nanoparticles and their application in gas mixture separation
Favvas EP, Heliopoulos NS, Karousos DS, Devlin E, Papageorgiou SK, Petridis D, Karanikolos GN
230 - 240 Investigation on the growth, optical, mechanical and dielectric properties of an inorganic potassium pentaborate dihydrate (KB5H4O10 center dot 2H(2)O) single crystal
Ramki C, Vizhi RE
241 - 248 Grain and grain boundary conduction mechanism in sol-gel synthesized and microwave heated Pb0.8-yLayCo0.2TiO3 (y=0.2-0.8) nanofibers
Kumar NS, Suvarna RP, Naidu KCB
249 - 259 Role of synthesis media on properties of tin and copper incorporated SBA-15 catalysts and their activity in selective oxidation of ethanol
Akti F, Balci S, Dogu T
260 - 267 Epoxy nanocomposites: Improved thermal and dielectric properties by benzoxazinyl modified polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane
Zhang S, Li XD, Fan HJ, Fu Q, Gu Y
268 - 276 Synthesis and characterization of mesoporous Nb-Zr/KIT-6 as a productive catalyst for the synthesis of benzylpyrazolyl coumarins
Ghohe NM, Tayebee R, Amini MM
277 - 286 Water desalination through fluorine-functionalized nanoporous graphene oxide membranes
Hosseini M, Azamat J, Erfan-Niya H
287 - 298 Polynuclear Co-oxo cations in the catalytic oxidation of CO on Co-modified ZSM-5 zeolites
Shilina MI, Rostovshchikova TN, Nikolaev SA, Udalova OV
299 - 305 An environmentally friendly route to prepare hierarchical ZSM-12 using waste liquor as partial nutrients
Ning WW, Yang XN, Zheng JJ, Sun XB, Pan M, Li RF
306 - 310 Influence of CaF2@Al2O3 on the friction and wear properties of Al2O3/Ti (C,N)/CaF2@Al2O3 self-lubricating ceramic tool
Chen ZQ, Guo NS, Ji LG, Guo RX, Xu CH
311 - 318 Synthesis and solution properties of thermosensitive hydrophilic imidazole-based copolymers with improved catalytic activity
Stroea L, Buruiana T, Buruiana EC
319 - 324 Influence of microwave processing and sintering temperature on the structure and properties of Sr/Zr doped hydroxyapatite
Chadha RK, Singh AP, Singh KL, Sharma C, Naithani V
325 - 335 Interrelations of structure, electric surface charge, and hydrophobicity of organo-mica and -montmorillonite, tailored with quaternary or primary amine cations. Preliminary study of pyrimethanil adsorption
Orta MDM, Flores FM, Morantes CF, Curutchet G, Sanchez RMT
336 - 342 Heterogeneous nucleation of Mg2Si and Mg-2(Si,Sn) on Mg3Sb2 nucleus in Mg containing Si alloys
Wang Y, Guo X
343 - 352 Electronic properties of Poly(1,6-heptadiynes) electrospun fibrous non-woven mat
Magisetty R, Kumar P, Gore PM, Ganivada M, Shukla A, Kandasubramanian B, Shunmugam R
353 - 359 Preparation of films based on beta-diketophosphazene and different amines and study their properties
Chistyakov EM, Tupikov AS, Buzin MI, Borisov RS, Kireev VV
360 - 365 Synthesis of iron oxide films by reactive magnetron sputtering assisted by plasma emission monitoring
Aubry E, Liu T, Dekens A, Perry F, Mangin S, Hauet T, Billard A
366 - 373 Effect of TiO2 addition/coating on the performance of polydimethylsiloxane-based silicone elastomers for outdoor applications
Vaimakis-Tsogkas DT, Bekas DG, Giannakopoulou T, Todorova N, Paipetis AS, Barkoula NM
374 - 379 Improvement of interface and electrical properties in carbon nanotube/nanocrystalline copper composite films
Wang GJ, Sun C, Cai YP, Ma YJ, Syed JA, Wang HC, Cao ZH, Meng XK
380 - 390 Copper incorporated into 1H-1,2,3-triazole-5-methanol functionalized halloysite nano clay as an efficient and heterogeneous catalyst for promoting , green A(3) and KA(2) coupling reaction: Optimization of reaction variables using response surface methodology
Sadjadi S, Heravi MM, Malmir M, Noritajer F
391 - 397 CaTiO3:Er3+:Yb3+ upconversion from 980 nm to 1550 nm excitation and its potential as cells luminescent probes
Perrella RV, Ribeiro IC, Campos PHA, Schiavon MA, Pecoraro E, Ribeiro SJL, Ferrari JL
398 - 403 Effect of S-doping toward the optical properties of WO3 nanoparticles
Brahimi R, Dib K, Trari M, Bessekhouad Y
404 - 409 Discrete silver nanoparticle infusion across silica aerogels towards versatile catalytic coatings for 4-nitrophenol reduction
Yi ZF, Zhao SF, Zhang JE, She MF, Kong LX, Dumee LF
410 - 425 Microstructural array and solute content affecting electrochemical behavior of Sn-Ag and Sn-Bi alloys compared with a traditional Sn-Pb alloy
Satizabal LM, Costa D, Moraes PB, Bortolozo AD, Osorio WR
426 - 433 Exfoliated graphene reinforced polybenzimidazole nanocomposite with improved electrical, mechanical and thermal properties
Ahmad MW, Dey B, Sarkhel G, Bag DS, Choudhury A
434 - 440 Directly grown carbon nano-fibers on nickel foam as binder-free long-lasting supercapacitor electrodes
Sridhar D, Meunier JL, Omanovic S
441 - 446 High chemical resistance and Raman enhancement in Ag/Al2O3 core-shell plasmonic nanostructures tailored by atomic layer deposition
Yang PS, Yin YT, Lin PC, Chen LY, Chen MJ
447 - 455 Epichlorohydrin functionalized graphene oxide for superior Li+ ion conduction and supercapacitor application
Hota P, Miah M, Gupta A, Chakravorty D, Saha SK
456 - 465 Engineering of ZnO/rGO nanocomposite photocatalyst towards rapid degradation of toxic dyes
Mandal SK, Dutta K, Pal S, Mandal S, Naskar A, Pal PK, Bhattacharya TS, Singha A, Saikh R, De S, Jana D
466 - 472 Dielectric relaxation studies of Ce0.9-xYxCa0.1O2-delta solid electrolytes
Padmasree KP, Fuentes AF
473 - 478 Antibacterial activity of Ag nanoparticle-containing hydroxyapatite powders in simulated body fluids with Cl ions
Gokcekaya O, Ueda K, Ogasawara K, Narushima T
479 - 485 Combined roles of precipitated silica and porosity on electrical properties of battery separators
Toquet F, Guy L, Schlegel B, Cassagnau P, Fulchiron R
486 - 493 Precipitation evolution in Cu-x[Ni3Cr1] spinodal alloys under mismatch control
Li XN, Li ZM, Cheng XT, Sun W, Zheng YH, Yu QX, Wang CY, Wang Q, Dong C
494 - 502 Tunable luminescence modulation and warm light emission of Zn-MOF (4,4 '-bipyridyl and zinc acetate) doped with Eu3+ and Tb3+
Pena-Rodriguez R, Molina-Gonzalez JA, Desirena-Enrriquez H, Rivera-Villanueva JM, Castillo-Blum SE
503 - 511 Hydrogenation and structural properties of Mg100-2xLixAlx (x=12) limited solid solution
Pavlyuk V, Ciesielski W, Pavlyuk N, Kulawik D, Kowalczyk G, Balinska A, Szyrej M, Rozdzynska-Kielbik B, Folentarska A, Kordan V
512 - 522 Synthesis of bio-surfactant based Ag/ZnO nanoparticles for better thermal, photocatalytic and antibacterial activity
Rajaboopathi S, Thambidurai S
523 - 534 Fluorosilicone polymers with tailored mechanical, acid resistant and adhesive properties: Role of ultrasonication and functionally active single walled carbon nanotubes
Roy RE, Indulekha K, Vijayalakshmi KP, Bhuvaneswari S, Soumyamol PB, Rajeev RS
535 - 541 Study on mechanical and electrical properties of cellulose nanofibrils/graphene-modified natural rubber
Xiong XQ, Bao YL, Liu H, Zhu QQ, Lu R, Miyakoshi T
542 - 547 On the sulphonated PEEK for implant dentistry: Biological and physicochemical assessment
Brum RS, Monich PR, Berti F, Fredel MC, Porto LM, Benfatti CAM, Souza JCM
548 - 556 Synthesis of a poly(N-methylthionine)/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite for the detection of hydroquinone
Liu YQ, Song NN, Ma Z, Zhou K, Gan ZY, Gao YH, Tang S, Chen CX
557 - 563 Conductive electrodes based on Ni-graphite core-shell nanoparticles for heterojunction solar cells
Kim CD, Truong NTN, Pham VTH, Jo Y, Lee HR, Park C
564 - 568 Yttria shell thickness estimation of alumina/yttria core/shell nanoparticles via X-ray diffraction analysis
Kafili G, Movahedi B, Dini G, Milani M
569 - 575 Preparation and properties of pyrimidine polymer - Based graphene compounds and their platinum catalysts
Maimaiti Y, Dongmulati N, Baikeri S, Yang CC, Wei X, Maimaitiyiming X
576 - 582 Tuning charge transfer at the electron donor/acceptor assembly through vibration-induced aggregation of P3HT chains in solution
Kim Y, Ko H, Park B
583 - 590 Synthesis of high crystalline hierarchical self-assembled MMoO4 (M = Ca, Sr and Ba) super structures: Having hydrophilic surfaces and obvious redshifted photoluminescence behavior
Bayat A, Mahjoub AR, Amini MM
591 - 596 Structure and properties of Mn3O4 thin films grown on single crystal substrates by chemical vapor deposition
Bigiani L, Maccato C, Gasparotto A, Sada C, Barreca D
597 - 606 Enhanced hydrophobicity and reduced water transport properties in alkylalkoxysilane modified Poly(butylene terephthalate) using reactive extrusion
Kchaou M, Torres E, Ylla N, Colella M, Da Cruz-Boisson F, Cassagnau P, Espuche E, Bounor-Legare V
607 - 612 A study on the mechanical properties and thermal conductivity enhancement through TPU/BN composites by hybrid surface treatment (mechanically and chemically) of boron nitride
Ryu S, Oh H, Kim J
613 - 622 Microwave synthesis of zeolites from waste glass cullet using landfill leachate as a novel alternative solvent
Majdinasab A, Yuan QY
623 - 633 Synergistic effect of cationic gemini surfactants and butanol on the corrosion inhibition performance of mild steel in acid solution
Mobin M, Aslam R, Aslam J
634 - 640 Decoupling the contributions to the enhancement of electrical conductivity in transparent silver nanowire/zinc oxide composite electrodes
Ko D, Gu B, Cheon J, Roh JS, Kim CS, Jo S, Hyun DC, Kim J
641 - 647 General model on position of the solid/liquid interface during preparation of a directionally solidified peritectic alloy containing intermetallic compound phases
Peng P
648 - 658 Hydrothermal synthesis of flower-like Cu2MoS4/g-C3N4 composite and its adsorption performances for Rhodamine B
Yao HD, Wang XX, Gao JP, Gao CJ, Zhao RR, Zhai XG, Wu YL, Hao CY, Yang JB, Mei SK, Qiu HX
659 - 665 Carboxymethyl kappa/iota-hybrid carrageenan doped with NH4I as a template for solid bio-electrolytes development
Torres FG, Arroyo J, Alvarez R, Rodriguez S, Troncoso O, Lopez D
666 - 675 Study of the influence of the Cu/Ce loading ratio in the formation of highly active species on ZrO2 supported copper-ceria catalysts
Aguila G, Guerrero S, Baeza P, Araya P
676 - 682 Preparation of silica ceramic cores by the preceramic pyrolysis technology using silicone resin as precursor and binder
Yang ZG, Zhao ZJ, Yu JB, Ren ZM
683 - 693 Enhanced photocatalytic characteristics by Ag-sensitized TiO2 photocatalysts with mixed phases
Chang LH, Cho CP
694 - 699 Study of capacity of Sn-C-60 and Ge-B36N36 nanocages as catalysts of oxidation of SiO and N-2 molecules
Li X, Ahmed M, Surendar A, Razavi R, Najafi M
700 - 707 Thermophysical properties of methacrylic polymer films with guest-host and side-chain azobenzene
Trefon-Radziejewska D, Hamaoui G, Chirtoc M, Horny N, Smokal V, Biitseva A, Krupka O, Derkowska-Zielinska B
708 - 714 Synthesis of Cr-doped Al2O3 by Pechini sol-gel method and its application for reversible thermochromic sensors
Nguyen DK, Bach QV, Kim B, Lee H, Kang C, Kim IT
715 - 722 A DFT investigation of the dependence of C-13 and F-19 CSA parameters on diameter and surface decorated functional groups in F-SWCNTs
Divya S, Kumari A, Elavarasi SB
723 - 726 A simple route to PVC encapsulated Na2SO4 center dot 10H(2)O nano/micro-composite with excellent energy storage performance
Wang Y, Ge SX, Huang BJ, Zheng Z
727 - 736 Induction periods during anodic polarization of zinc in aqueous oxalic acid solutions
Libov E, Lilova V, Girginov C, Kozhukharov S, Tsanev A, Yancheva D
737 - 744 Microstructure and compressive deformation behavior of SS foam made through evaporation of urea as space holder
Jain H, Gupta G, Kumar R, Mondal DP
745 - 750 Effect of capping agents on Co polyol particles morphology, magnetic and catalytic properties
Kotelnikova SV, Suslonov VV, Voznesenskiy MA, Bobrysheva NP, Osmolowsky MG, Rajabi F, Osmolovskaya OM
751 - 757 Fe3O4/TiO2/reduced graphene oxide composites as highly efficient Fenton-like catalyst for the decoloration of methylene blue
Sun C, Yang ST, Gao ZJ, Yang SN, Yilihamu A, Ma Q, Zhao RS, Xue FM
758 - 761 Effect of the solvents on the photocatalytic properties of ZnFe2O4 fabricated by solvothermal method
Feng J, Zhang ZQ, Gao MM, Gu MZ, Wang JX, Zeng WJ, Lv YZ, Ren YM, Fan ZJ
762 - 770 Carbon-coated SnO2@carbon nanofibers produced by electrospinning-electrospraying method for anode materials of lithium-ion batteries
Wang W, Liang YH, Kang YF, Liu LS, Xu ZW, Tian X, Mai W, Fu HJ, Lv HM, Teng KY, Jiao XN, Li FY
771 - 778 Understanding the effect of the reinforcement addition on corrosion behavior of Fe/Mg2Si composites for biodegradable implant applications
Sikora-Jasinska M, Chevallier P, Turgeon S, Paternoster C, Mostaed E, Vedani M, Mantovani D
779 - 783 Optimization of dispersant-free colloidal ink droplets for inkjet patterning without the coffee-ring effect using 1-octanethiol-coated copper nano-ink with a Standard Clean-1-treated substrate
Son YH, Kang MK, Lee CS
784 - 788 Effect of artificial pinning centers on YBCO high temperature superconductor through substitution of graphene nano-platelets
Sahoo B, Routray KL, Samal D, Behera D
789 - 796 Microstructure-mechanical properties correlation in spark plasma sintered Ti-4.8 wt.% TiB2 composites
Namini AS, Motallebzadeh A, Nayebi B, Asl MS, Azadbeh M
797 - 804 Preparation and characterization of poly (3-hexylthiophene) / carbon nanotubes hybrid material via in-situ click chemistry
Yang ZL, Yu J, Fu KY, Tang FF
805 - 814 Microstructure and mechanical properties of brass/Mo composites processed via pressureless and spark plasma sintering
Rahimi E, Ardestani M, Moazami-Goudarzi M, Abbasi A