Materials Chemistry and Physics

Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol.222 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 10 High-rate cycling performance and surface analysis of LiNi1-xCox/2Mnx/2O2 (x=2/3, 0.4, 0.2) cathode materials
Oh J, Kim J, Lee YM, Shin DO, Kim JY, Lee YG, Kim KM
11 - 19 Green sonochemical synthesis of few-layer graphene in instant coffee
Abdullah AH, Ismail Z, Abidin ASZ, Yusoh K
20 - 30 Enhanced Arsenic (III) adsorption from aqueous solution by magnetic pine cone biomass
Pholosi A, Naidoo EB, Ofomaja AE
31 - 36 Superior Li-ion storage performance of graphene decorated NiO nanowalls on Ni as anode for lithium ion batteries
Chen XL, Xiao T, Wang SL, Li J, Xiang P, Jiang LH, Tan XY
37 - 44 A study on synthesis, optical properties and surface morphological of novel conjugated oligo-pyrazole films
Cetin A, Korkmaz A, Erdogan E, Kosemen A
45 - 54 A facile synthesis of bis-(pththalimidoethyl)-amine functionalized graphene oxide and its dual performance as a supercapacitor electrode and fluorescence sensor
Ramesh P, Jebasingh B
55 - 62 Stimuli responsive donor-acceptor poly (dithienyl-benzothiadiazole) for efficient charge transport applications
Sasi R, Jinesh KB, Cheriyathuchenaaramvalli M, Devaki SJ
63 - 74 Novel rice husk ash - reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite catalysts for solvent free Biginelli reaction with a statistical approach for the optimization of reaction parameters
Narayanan DP, Sankaran S, Narayanan BN
75 - 80 Improvements in mechanical properties of SPS processed 15R-SiAlON polytype through structurally survived MWCNT reinforcement
Biswas M, Sarkar S, Bandyopadhyay S
81 - 86 Effects of various alkali metal cations on the synthesis, crystallization and catalytic properties of NKX-2 aluminophosphites
Abdullahi H, Wong KL, Lim GK, Awala H, Vicente A, Ling TC, Mintova S, Ng EP
87 - 95 Low-cost, shape-stabilized fly ash composite phase change material synthesized by using a facile process for building energy efficiency
Liu L, Peng B, Yue CS, Guo M, Zhang M
96 - 109 Correlations between connector geometry and strength of zirconia-based fixed partial dentures
Pantea M, Antoniac I, Trante O, Ciocoiu R, Fischer CA, Traistaru T
110 - 117 Characteristics of ionically conducting jatropha oil-based polyurethane acrylate gel electrolyte doped with potassium iodide
Rayung M, Aung MM, Ahmad A, Su'ait MS, Abdullah LC, Jamil SNAM
118 - 131 A new multifunctional monticellite-ciprofloxacin scaffold: Preparation, bioactivity, biocompatibility, and antibacterial properties
Bakhsheshi-Rad HR, Chen XB, Ismail AF, Aziz M, Hamzah E, Najafinezhad A
132 - 138 Experimental and theoretical study of Tetrakis(dimethylamino)ethylene induced magnetism in otherwise nonmagnetic graphene derivatives
Alegaonkar AP, Kibey AS, Alegaonkar PS, Kshirsagar A, Pardeshi SK
139 - 146 Synthesis of molybdenum diselenide nanosheets and its ethanol-sensing mechanism
Zhang SL, Zhang WB, Nguyen TH, Jian JW, Yang W
147 - 151 Polyglycerol sebacate/chitosan/gelatin nano-composite scaffolds for engineering neural construct
Saravani S, Ebrahimian-Hosseinabadi M, Mohebbi-Kalhori D
152 - 158 Sulfurization of hematite Fe2O3 and anatase TiO2 by annealing in H2S
Shin WJ, Granados AH, Huang WH, Hu HL, Tao M
159 - 164 Functionalized carbon materials for efficient solar steam and electricity generation
Hou BF, Cui ZQ, Zhu X, Liu XH, Wang G, Wang JY, Mei T, Li JH, Wang XB
165 - 172 Theoretical investigation of lattice dynamics, dielectric properties, infrared reflectivity and Raman intensity spectra of Nowotny chimney-ladder semiconducting silicide Ru2Si3
Ramesh M, Niranjan MK
173 - 180 Role of inert gas in the Cvd-graphene synthesis over polycrystalline nickel foils
Lavin-Lopez MP, Valverde JL, Ordonez-Lozoya S, Paton-Carrero A, Romero A
181 - 192 Interface relation between CeO2/TiC in hypereutectic Fe-Cr-C-Ti-CeO2 hardfacing alloy
Liu H, Xing XL, Rao LX, Shi ZJ, Liu S, Zhou YF, Yang QX
193 - 199 Lithiation-induced interfacial failure of electrode-collector: A first-principles study
Zhang PP, Ma ZS, Wang Y, Zou YL, Sun LZ, Lu CS
200 - 206 Model construction of particle size in dynamic vulcanization of PVDF/SR blends-matching degree between crosslinking and shearing rates
Xu CH, Fan JF, Yuan DS, Wang YP, Chen YK
207 - 216 Development of magnetically retrievable spinel nanoferrites as efficient catalysts for aminolysis of epoxides with amines
Sheoran A, Dhiman M, Bhukal S, Malik R, Agarwal J, Chudasama B, Singhal S
217 - 226 Morphological metamorphosis of magnetic nanoparticles due to the presence of rare earth atoms in the spinel structure: From spheres to cubes
Parek K, Espinosa DHG, Reis D, de Oliveira CLP, Wlysses W, Neto AMF
227 - 229 Hydrothermal synthesis of plugged micro/mesoporous Al-SBA-15 from spent fluid catalytic cracking catalyst
Yang ZC, Cai WQ, Chou JK, Cai ZJ, Jin W, Chen JW, Xiong ZH, Ru XY, Xia Q
230 - 245 ZnO-TiO2 nanocomposites synthesized by wet-chemical route: Study of their structural and optical properties
Mazabuel-Collazos A, Gomez CD, Rodriguez-Paez JE
246 - 250 Effects of LiF on sintering characteristics and dielectric properties of low-loss SrCuSi4O10 ceramics for LTCC applications
Zhang P, Wu SX, Zhao YG, Xiao M
251 - 255 In situ synthesis of three dimensional graphene-hydroxyapatite nano powders via hydrothermal process
Nosrati H, Mamoory RS, Dabir F, Perez MC, Rodriguez MA, Le DQS, Bunger CE
256 - 262 Mn2O3@C yolk-shell nanocubes as lithium-storage anode with suppressed surface electrolyte decomposition
Li SM, Li B, Zhong YT, Pan ZH, Xu MQ, Qiu YC, Huang QM, Li WS
263 - 266 1, 10-Phenanthroline: A new highly effective promoter for formic acid electro-oxidation
Liu ZM, Tian L, Xi SB
267 - 274 Characteristics and formation mechanism of oxide film on 304 stainless steel in high temperature water
Li ZY, Cai ZB, Zhou T, Shen XY, Xue GH
275 - 285 Investigation on synthesis of cordierite bonded porous SiC ceramics with emphasis on bond phase formation
Dey A, Chakrabarti O
286 - 293 Mechanical properties and microstructure of Ti5Si3 based composites prepared by combination of MASHS and SPS in Ti-Si-Ni and Ti-Si-Ni-C systems
Kasraee K, Yousefpour M, Tayebifard SA
294 - 299 Simultaneous use of CO and naphthalene for the reduction of NO on potassium promoted copper catalyst supported on Ce/TiO2-SiO2 and in the presence of oxygen
Morales C, Lopez N, Aguila G, Araya P, Scott F, Vergara-Fernandez A, Guerrero S
300 - 308 Preparation of noble metal/polymer nanocomposites via in situ polymerization and metal complex reduction
Wu XL, Takeshita S, Tadumi K, Dong WY, Horiuchi S, Niino H, Furuya T, Yoda S
309 - 320 Iron/zinc doped 8 mol% yttria stabilized zirconia electrolytes for the green fuel cell technology: A comparative study of thermal analysis, crystalline Cheekier structure, microstructure, mechanical and electrochemical properties
Selvaraj T, Johar B, Khor SF
321 - 332 Structural stability, mechanical, electronic and magnetic behaviour of quaternary ScNiCrX (X = Al, Ga) Heusler alloys under pressure
Rasul MN, Javed A, Khan MA, Hussain A
333 - 337 Tailoring the composition of nanostructured tin sulfide synthesized by a gas-liquid reaction method: Correlation with the relative permittivity of the solvent
Castelo-Gonzalez OA, Garcia-Valenzuela JA, Cabrera-German D, Cota-Leal M, Sotelo-Lerma M, Hu H
338 - 350 Development of hydrophilic microporous PES ultrafiltration membrane containing CuO nanoparticles with improved antifouling and separation performance
Nasrollahi N, Aber S, Vatanpour V, Mahmoodi NM
351 - 360 An investigation of the reduction mechanisms and magnesiothermic reactions in ZrC-Ni nanocomposite synthesis
Davoodi D, Tayebi M, Emami AH, Miri R, Salahshour S
361 - 368 Origin of the synthetic circuits and comparison effects of different dose malachite green oxalate doped hydrogel
Coskun R, Okutan M, Ozturk M, Yalcin O
369 - 376 Activated carbon supported nanoscale zero-valent iron composite: Aspects of surface structure and composition
Liu XJ, Wang Y
377 - 383 Mathematical modeling of oxygen transfer in porous scaffolds for stem cell growth: The effects of porosity, cell type, scaffold architecture and cell distribution
Atashrouz S, Hatampoor A, Yadegari A, Ghasemi H, Tayebi L, Rasoulianboroujeni M
384 - 390 Hollow silica nanosphere/polyimide composite films for enhanced transparency and atomic oxygen resistance
Zhang J, Ai L, Li X, Zhang XP, Lu YH, Chen GF, Fang XZ, Dai N, Tan RQ, Song WJ
391 - 397 Facile synthesis of PdNiP/Reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Gao X, Zhao H, Liu YG, Ren ZP, Lin CP, Tao JL, Zhai YP