Materials Chemistry and Physics

Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol.216 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0254-0584 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Effect of sintering additives on the densification, crystallization and flexural strength of sintered glass-ceramics from waste granite powder
Lu JS, Li YD, Zou CM, Liu ZY, Wang CL
8 - 13 Silicene adsorption on the bismuth-passivated Si(111) root 3 x root 3 surface: A first-principles study
Xu YX, Cao XR, Xu LH, Zheng F, Wu SQ, Zhu ZZ
14 - 21 Kinetics and thermodynamics of swelling and dissolution of PVA gels obtained by freeze-thaw technique
Agudelo JID, Badano JM, Rintoul I
22 - 27 Synthesis and physicochemical characterization of a new mixed-valence Iron(III)-Zinc(II) diphosphate: Zn2+Fe23+(P2O7)(2)
Lamsaf H, Fausto R, Costa BFO, Toyir J, Elghadraoui E, Ijjaali M, Oulmekki A
28 - 36 Chitosan and graphene oxide/reduced graphene oxide hybrid nanocomposites - Evaluation of physicochemical properties
Kosowska K, Domalik-Pyzik P, Nocun M, Chlopek J
37 - 41 Peculiarities in the formation of spinels with the composition Mn-Al=1:1 in oxidizing, inert or reducing media
Bulavchenko OA, Afonasenko TN, Tsyrul'nikov PG, Cherepanova SV, Tsybulya SV
42 - 46 Activated nanocarbons produced by microwave-assisted hydrothermal carbonization of Amazonian fruit waste for methane storage
Cruz OF, Silvestre-Albero J, Casco ME, Hotza D, Rambo CR
47 - 50 Influence of nickel doping on structural, morphological and mechanical properties of BiFeO(3)thin films
Sharma GN, Dutta S, Pandey A, Singh SK, Chatterjee R
51 - 57 Fabrication of highly-ordered TiO2 nanocolumns by two-step anodizing of an Al/Ti layer in etidronic acid
Sepulveda M, Castano JG, Echeverria F
58 - 63 Fe2O3 embedded in the nitrogen-doped carbon matrix with strong C-O-Fe oxygen-bridge bonds for enhanced sodium storages
Guo TX, Liao HX, Ge P, Zhang Y, Tian YQ, Hong WW, Shi ZD, Shao CS, Hou HS, Ji XB
64 - 71 SiC/MoS2 layered heterostructures: Promising photocatalysts revealed by a first-principles study
Li Q, Xu L, Luo KW, Wang LL, Li XF
72 - 81 Microwave-assisted synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotube-supported ruthenium nanoparticles for the catalytic degradation of Congo red dye
Hemraj-Benny T, Tobar N, Carrero N, Sumner R, Pimentel L, Emeran G
82 - 92 Synthesis and structural investigation of polyhedron Co3O4 nanoparticles: Catalytic application and as fuel additive
Jamil S, Janjua MRSA, Khan SR
93 - 101 Optical limiting and magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroic BiFeO3 nanoparticles
Francis PN, Dhanuskodi S, Jayalakshmy MS, Muneeswaran M, Philip J, Giridharan NV
102 - 111 The early stages of FeCO3 scale formation kinetics in CO2 corrosion
De Motte RA, Barker R, Burkle D, Vargas SM, Neville A
112 - 119 Influence of horizontal distribution of polymer phases on the dispersion and crystallization of organic semiconductor triisopropylsilyl pentacene
Pan JH, Wu CF, Wang CA, Lin KT, Ruan JJ
120 - 129 Novel synthesis and properties of hydrogen-free detonation nanodiamond
Batsanov SS, Osavchuk AN, Naumov SP, Gavrilkin SM, Leskov AS, Mendis BG, Beeby A, Batsanov AS
130 - 135 In situ study on the effect of Cu5Zn8 intermetallic layer on the Cu-Ni cross interaction in Cu/Sn-9Zn/Ni interconnect under temperature gradient
Zhong Y, Zhao N, Dong W, Wang YP, Ma HT
136 - 142 Praseodymium doped ceria as electrolyte material for IT-SOFC applications
Shajahan I, Ahn J, Nair P, Medisetti S, Patil S, Niveditha V, Babu GUB, Dasari HP, Lee JH
143 - 152 Improved CeCuOx catalysts for toluene oxidation prepared by aqueous cationic surfactant precipitation method
Sumrunronnasak S, Chanlek N, Pimpha N
153 - 157 High efficiency preparation of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+delta superconducting thin films by an acetate based Sol-Gel process
Liu XQ, Zhao GY, Lei L, Fang XX, Jia JQ
158 - 169 Fabrication and characterization of LaFeO3-BaTiO3 electroceramics
Sahoo S, Das S, Mahapatra PK, Choudhary RNP
170 - 176 Effective removal of bovine serum albumin and humic acid contaminants using poly (amide imide) nanocomposite ultrafiltration membranes tailored with GO and MoS2 nanosheets
Saraswathi MSA, Rana D, Melbiah JSB, Mohan D, Nagendran A
177 - 185 Erbium doped sodium magnesium boro-tellurite glass: Stability and Judd-Ofelt analysis
Rodin NLA, Sahar MR
186 - 190 A simple UV-assisted, room temperature approach for synthesis of water soluble PbS and PbS/CdS core-shell QDs
Molaei M, Abbasi S, Karimipour M, Dehghan F
191 - 196 A multi-channel optical filter by means of one dimensional n doped semiconductor dielectric photonic crystals
Elsayed HA
197 - 205 Two-step preparation of amidoxime-functionalized natural zeolites hybrids for the removal of Pb2+ ions in aqueous environment
Puspitasari T, Kadja GTM, Radiman CL, Darwis D, Mukti RR
206 - 212 Pulsed laser deposited Zn1-xTixO (0.000 <= x <= 0.050) thin films for tunable refractive index and nonlinear optical applications
Bharti GP, Dey PP, Khare A
213 - 222 Potentially enlarged supercapacitive values for CdS-PPY decorated rGO nanocomposites as electrode materials
Purty B, Choudhary RB, Biswas A, Udayabhanu G
223 - 229 Microhardness of poly(methyl methacrylate)-multiwalled carbon nanotubes composites: Effect of ultraviolet irradiation
Chang MF, Yang FQ, Lee S
230 - 236 Superhydrophobic paper from conjugated poly(p-phenylene)s: Self-assembly and separation of oil/water mixture
Bai WB, Guan MQ, Lai NS, Yao RJ, Xu YL, Lin JH
237 - 242 Structural and band gaps studies of novel Al2-xHfxO3 materials toward MOS applications
Kamarulzaman N, Mahat AM, Badar N, Zhao CZ
243 - 249 Synthesis and characterization of molybdenum carbide doped with nickel
Dantas SLA, Lopes-Moriyama AL, Souza CP
250 - 259 A novel route to enhance the sinterability and its effect on microstructure, conductivity and chemical stability of BaCe0.4Zr0.4Y0.2O3-delta proton conductors
Reddy GS, Bauri R
260 - 264 Critical behaviors of ferromagnetic-paraferromagnetic transition in La0.5Sr0.5MnO3 nanowires bundles under low applied field
Fang F, Hong B, Fan JY, Ling LS, Xu JC, Jin HX, Jin DF, Peng XL, Wang XQ
265 - 271 Design and characterization of colloidal solution of manganese ferrite nanostructure coated with carboxymethyl chitosan
Haghiri ME, Izanloo A
272 - 277 Evaluation and characterization of anti-corrosion properties of sol-gel coating in CO2 environments
Lutzler T, Charpentier TVJ, Barker R, Soltanahmadi S, Taleb W, Wang C, Alejo-Rodriguez A, Perre E, Schneider H, Neville A
278 - 284 Study of Cu2O particle morphology on microwave field enhancement
Musho TD, Wildfire C, Houlihan NM, Sabolsky EM, Shekhawat D
285 - 293 Bound magnetic polaron driven room-temperature ferromagnetism in Ni doped ZnS nanoparticles
Patel PC, Ghosh S, Srivastava PC
294 - 304 NO2 gas sensing properties of sprayed composite porous MoO3-V2O5 thin films
Mane AA, Nikam SA, Moholkar AV
305 - 315 Synthesis, structural characterization and antimicrobial activities of polyindole stabilized Ag-Co3O4 nanocomposite by reflux condensation method
Elango M, Deepa M, Subramanian R, Saraswathy G
316 - 324 Impact of fluorine orientation on the optical properties of difluorophenylazophenyl benzoates liquid crystal
Zaki AA, Ahmed HA, Hagar M
325 - 331 A novel colorimetric sensor based on rhodamine-B derivative and bacterial cellulose for the detection of Cu(II) ions in water
Milindanuth P, Pisitsak P
332 - 338 Amine-functionalised mesoporous magnesium carbonate: Dielectric spectroscopy studies of interactions with water and stability
Pochard I, Vall M, Eriksson J, Farineau C, Cheung O, Frykstrand S, Welch K, Stromme M
339 - 344 The effects of inequivalent La3+ introduction on the structure and dielectric properties of SrTiO3 ceramic at microwave range
Chen SL, Li LX, Yu SH, Zheng HR, Sun Z, Luo WJ
345 - 348 Intrinsic transportation properties along and across the CNTs in self-supported 3D-CNT frameworks
Chen JK, Wang LM, Gui XC, Ren DD, Chu YH, Wu Y, Meng KK, Miao J, Xu XG, Jiang Y
349 - 353 Mossbauer spectroscopy and magnetometry of FeCo-Ag and FeCo-Au nanocomposites synthesized by a redox-transmetalation method
Bayev VG, Fedotova JA, Vorobyova SA, Svito IA, Ivashkevich OA, Tyutyunnikov SI, Kolobylina NN, Guryeva PV
354 - 364 Low temperature phase transition studies of ammonia borane-polyacrylamide composites
Kharel K, Gangineni R, Gunaydin-Sen O
365 - 371 Toward transparent composite films with selective solar spectral, flame retardant and thermal insulation functions
Yin XP, Zhang Z, Wu M, Zhang J, Xu GZ
372 - 379 Preparation of YZT a mixed conductor by microwave processing: A different mechanism in the solid state thermochemical reaction
Mago S, Sharma C, Mehra R, Pandey OP, Singh KL, Singh AP
380 - 386 Fabrication of Fe3O4/ZnO magnetite core shell and its application in photocatalysis using sunlight
Atla SB, Lin WR, Chien TC, Tseng MJ, Shu JC, Chen CC, Chen CY
387 - 392 Magnetic susceptibilities, Raman spectroscopy and crystal field analysis of Pr3+ in monoclinic single crystals of PrPO4
Mandal J, Chattopadhyay KN, Ghosh M, Chakrabarti PK
393 - 401 Synthesis and size control of zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 (ZIF-8): From the perspective of reaction kinetics and thermodynamics of nucleation
Beh JJ, Lim JK, Ng EP, Ooi BS
402 - 412 Synthesis and characterization of nanocomposites consisting of polyaniline, chitosan and tin dioxide
Silva ALC, Ugucioni JC, Correa S, Ardisson JD, Macedo WAA, Silva JP, Cotta AAC, Brito ADB
413 - 420 Pseudocapacitive response of hydrothermally grown MoS2 crumpled nanosheet on carbon fiber
Upadhyay KK, Nguyen T, Silva TM, Carmezim MJ, Montemor MF
421 - 428 Development of amphiphilic block copolymers as silica optical fiber overlayers for BSA protein detection
Petropoulou A, Gibson TJ, Themistou E, Pispas S, Riziotis C
429 - 434 Influence of warm-rolling and annealing temperature on the microstructure and mechanical properties of ductile non-equal molar Co40Cr25Fe10Ni25 high entropy alloys
Fang W, Chang RB, Liu BX, Zhang X, Ji PG, Qu XH, Yin FX
435 - 445 Adsorption of cadmium (II), zinc (II) and iron (III) from water by new cross-linked reusable polystyrene adsorbents
Dardouri M, Ammari F, Amor AB, Meganem F
446 - 453 Improvement of dispersion stability and 3D-printing characteristics of ceramics in photopolymers by controlling the coating thickness of silane coupling agents
Song SY, Park MS, Lee JW, Yun JS
454 - 459 Production of high throughput nano-porous silicon (NPS) powder with different architectures
Kashyout A, Nabil M
460 - 467 Microstructure and mechanical properties of hot rolled stainless steel clad plate by heat treatment
Liu BX, Wang S, Fang W, Ma JL, Yin FX, He JN, Feng JH, Chen CX
468 - 475 Grafting of silica nanoparticles at the surface of graphene for application in novolac-type phenolic resin hybrid composites
Mousavi A, Roghani-Mamaqani H, Salami-Kalajahi M, Shahi S, Abdollahi A
476 - 484 Physicochemical characteristics and antibacterial effects of silver nanoparticles produced using the aqueous extract of Ilex paraguariensis
Silveira AP, Bonatto AC, Lopes CAP, Rivera LMR, Silva LP
485 - 490 PEM fuel cells of poly(2,5-benzimidazole) ABPBI membrane electrolytes doped with phosphoric acid and metal phosphates
Chiang YC, Tsai DS, Liu YH, Chiang CW
491 - 495 High surface area nanoporous carbon derived from high quality jute from Bangladesh
Khan JH, Lin JJ, Young C, Matsagar BM, Wu KCW, Dhepe PL, Islam MT, Rahman MM, Shrestha LK, Alshehri SM, Ahamad T, Salunkhe RR, Kumar NA, Martin DJ, Yamauchi Y, Hossain MSA
496 - 501 Preparation and characterization of the magnetic Fe3O4@TiO2 nanocomposite with the in-situ synthesis coating method
Chen XQ, Zhang HX, Shen WH
502 - 507 Non-enzymatic biosensing of glucose based on silver nanoparticles synthesized from Ocimum tenuiflorum leaf extract and silver nitrate
Dayakar T, Rao KV, Park J, Sadasivuni KK, Rao KR, Rambabu NJ
508 - 516 Supercapacitance and oxygen reduction characteristics of sulfur self-doped micro/mesoporous bio-carbon derived from lignin
Demir M, Farghaly AA, Decuir MJ, Collinson MM, Gupta RB
517 - 525 Synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of the hydrophobic, dielectric properties of phenols functionalized nylon 6 polymers by zinc acetate catalyst using Mannich reaction
Vedamurthy T, Murugesan M
526 - 533 Thermal cyclic response of [8YSZ/Al2O3](n) multilayered coatings deposited onto AISI 304 stainless steel
Escarraga A, Toro A, Aguilar Y, Caicedo JC, Zambrano G