Materials Chemistry and Physics

Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol.207 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0254-0584 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Research into the mechanical properties, sintering mechanism and microstructure evolution of Al2O3-ZO(2) composites fabricated by a stereolithography-based 3D printing method
Wu ZW, Liu W, Wu HD, Huang RJ, He RX, Jiang QG, Chen Y, Ji XR, Tian Z, Wu SH
11 - 22 Divacancy-nitrogen/boron-codoped graphene as a metal-free catalyst for high-efficient CO oxidation
Tang YA, Shen ZG, Ma YQ, Chen WG, Ma DW, Zhao MY, Dai XQ
23 - 29 Comparative study of the modification of multi-wall carbon nanotubes by gamma irradiation and sonochemically assisted acid etching
Bibi S, Yasin T, Nawaz M, Price GJ
30 - 35 Comparative study of LIBS and mechanically evaluated hardness of graphite/rubber composites
ElFaham MM, Alnozahy AM, Ashmawy A
36 - 43 Microstructure and luminescence of erbiumdoped Na2O/K2O/CaO/CaF2/Al2O3/SiO2 nano glass-ceramics
Stoica M, Brehl M, Bocker C, Herrmann A, Russel C
44 - 49 Structural characteristics and microwave dielectric properties of a new Sm2O3-Nd2O3-MgO-CeO2 ceramic system
Li W, Qu JJ, Wei X, Liu F, Yuan CL, Chen GH
50 - 57 Highly sensitive CO sensor based on ZnO/MWCNT nano sheet network grown via hydrothermal method
Hojati T, Ebrahimi M, Afzalzadeh R
58 - 66 Leaf-like alpha-Fe2O3 micron-particle: Preparation and its usage as anode materials for lithium ion batteries
Wang L, Ding KQ, Wei BJ, Li CX, Shi XM, Zhang Y, He XM
67 - 75 Synthesis and thermal transport of eco-friendly Fe-Si-Ge alloys with eutectic/eutectoid microstructure
Jensen WA, Liu NM, Donovan BF, Tomko JA, Hopkins PE, Floro JA
76 - 83 The percolation threshold for tensile strength of polymer/CNT nanocomposites assuming filler network and interphase regions
Li HX, Zare Y, Rhee KY
84 - 90 Bulk growth, electrical, linear, third order nonlinear optical and optical limiting properties on bis(cyclohexylammonium) succinate succinic acid crystal
Gomathi R, Madeswaran S, Babu DR
91 - 97 Influence of Si on sigma phase precipitation and pitting corrosion in superaustenitic stainless steel weld metal
Lee C, Roh S, Lee C, Hong S
98 - 104 3D-2D lattice dimensionality, optical Eg and PL energy variations due to organic variant in two [ZnCl4](2-) based hybrid materials
Jasrotia D, Verma SK, Sridhar B, Alvi PA, Kumar A
105 - 113 CO2 adsorption on polyethylenimine-modified ZSM-5 zeolite synthesized from rice husk ash
Wang YS, Du T, Qiu ZY, Song YL, Che S, Fang X
114 - 122 Electrospun ZnFe2O4 nanotubes and nanobelts: Morphology evolution, formation mechanism and Fenton-like photocatalytic activities
Shi RX, Zhang Y, Wang XT, Ma Q, Zhang AY, Yang P
123 - 129 Effect of calcareous deposits on hydrogen permeation in X80 steel under cathodic protection
Zhang L, Shen HJ, Sun JY, Sun YN, Fang YC, Cao WH, Xing YY, Lu MX
130 - 134 Facile fabrication of tungsten disulfide quantum dots (WS2 QDs) as I effective probes for fluorescence detection of dopamine (DA)
Zhao X, He DW, Wang YS, Fu C
135 - 140 High-sensitive humidity sensor based on graphene oxide with evenly dispersed multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Li XY, Chen XD, Chen XP, Ding X, Zhao X
141 - 146 Hydrothermal preparation of hierarchical SnO2 microsphere for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Wang YF, Luo QP, Ding Y, Wang X, Li XF, Li DJ
147 - 153 Copper sulfate-embedded and copper oxide-embedded filter paper and their antimicrobial properties
Cano AP, Gillado AV, Montecillo AD, Herrera MU
154 - 160 Adding graphene nanosheets in liquid electrolytes to improve the efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells
Tsai CH, Chuang PY, Hsu HL
161 - 166 The investigation on the mechanism of the increased decay time in red SrS:Eu2+,Dy3+ phosphor
Kong MG, Fang M, Tan XL, Liu M, Shang GL, Fei GT, Zhang LD
167 - 174 Fabrication of BEA/MFI zeolite nanocomposites by confined space synthesis
Wang J, Yang MF, Zhang JB, Zhang SP, Wang XX, Fu K, Wang MY, Shang WJ, Chen HY, Ma XX
175 - 180 Mechanically redox-tunable hydrogels reinforced by hydrophobic association and metal ion coordination
Zhang Y, Li YF, Gao ZJ, Gao GH, Duan LJ
181 - 185 Extended Stober method to synthesize core-shell magnetic composite catalyst Fe3O4@C-Pd for Suzuki coupling reactions
Sun CG, Sun K, Tang SK
186 - 193 A series of organic-inorganic hybrid silicotungstate microtubes: Tunable syntheses and spectroscopic properties
Meng RR, Li Q, Wang G, Niu JY
194 - 202 Theoretical and experimental researches on NiS2 nanocubes with uniform reactive exposure facets
Miao NX, Lei YX, Zhou JP, Hassan QU
203 - 211 Effect of grain size on self -healing behaviour of sensitized S304HCu stainless steel
Kannan PR, Muthupandi V, Devakumaran K, Sridivya C, Arthi E
212 - 220 Microemulsion self-assembling of novel amphiphilic block co-polyarylene ether nitriles and photosensitizer ZnPc towards hybrid superparticles for photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B
Zhou XF, Jia K, He XH, Wei SL, Wang P, Liu XB
221 - 225 Catalytic effect of graphene on the hydrogen storage properties of Mg-Li alloy
Wu HJ, Sun ZZ, Du JQ, Ning H, Li GX, Wei WL, Lan ZQ, Guo J
226 - 232 Facile fabrication of biodegradable lanthanide ions containing fluorescent polymeric nanoparticles: Characterization, optical properties and biological imaging
Xu DZ, Zhou X, Huang Q, Tian JW, Huang HY, Wan Q, Dai YF, Wen YQ, Zhang XY, Wei Y
233 - 242 Application of Box-Behnken Design in response surface methodology for adsorptive removal of arsenic from aqueous solution using CeO2/Fe2O3/graphene nanocomposite
Sahu UK, Mahapatra SS, Patel RK
243 - 252 Magnetite-based nanobioplatform for site delivering Croton cajucara Benth essential oil
Atoche-Medrano JJ, Leon-Felix L, Faria FSEDV, Rodriguez AFR, Cunha RM, Aragon FH, Sousa MH, Coaquira JAH, Azevedo RB, Morais PC
253 - 258 Spin and electronic structure of the topological insulator Bi1.5Sb0.5Te1.8Se1.2
Filianina MV, Klimovskikh II, Shvets IA, Rybkin AG, Petukhov AE, Chulkov EV, Golyashov VA, Kokh KA, Tereshchenko OE, Polley C, Balasubramanian T, Leandersson M, Shikin AM
259 - 270 FTIR investigation and mixed cation effect of Li2O-BaO-B2O3 glasses
Doweidar H, El-Damrawi G, El Agammy EF
271 - 281 Approach to dissociation energy and elastic properties of vanadate and V2O5-contained glasses from single bond strength: Part I
Abd El-Moneim A, Alfifi HY
282 - 288 Enhanced effect of vanadium ions non-stoichiometry on microwave dielectric properties of Ca5Co4V6+xO24 ceramics
Li B, Zheng JG, Li W
289 - 293 In-situ loading nano silver on magnetic carbon using Tollen's reagent
Zhang W, Deng HN, Liu Y, Zhang SF, Hu BS, Jia SY, Wu SH
294 - 302 Insight into adsorption mechanism of lead(II) from aqueous solution by chitosan loaded MnO2 nanoparticles
Dinh VP, Le NC, Tuyen LA, Hung NQ, Nguyen VD, Nguyen NT
303 - 308 Preparation and characterization of aluminum coatings via electroless plating onto nickel nanowires using ionic liquid plating solution
Poges S, Jin J, Guild C, Li WN, Birnkrant M, Suib SL
309 - 314 Theoretical N K-edge NEXAFS spectroscopy study for configuration of a dipolar molecule on graphene
Ma Y, Wang SY, Hu J, Song XN, Zhou Y, Wang CK
315 - 324 Au-Ag bimetallic nanoparticles decorated multi-amino cyclophosphazene hybrid microspheres as enhanced activity catalysts for the reduction of 4-nitrophenol
Fu JW, Wang SM, Zhu JH, Wang K, Gao M, Wang XZ, Xu Q
325 - 329 Synthesis of single-crystalline lanthanum hexaboride nanocubes by a low temperature molten salt method
Yu YP, Wang S, Li W, Chen HM, Chen ZH
330 - 336 Tailoring bismuth oxide flower-, bowtie- and brushwood-like structures through microfluidic synthesis
Yolchinyan SA, Hobosyan MA, Martirosyan KS
337 - 349 Structural characterization and functional correlation of Fe3O4 nanocrystals obtained using 2-ethyl-1,3-hexanediol as innovative reactive solvent in non-hydrolytic sol-gel synthesis
Sciancalepore C, Gualtieri AF, Scardi P, Flor A, Allia P, Tiberto P, Barrera G, Messori M, Bondioli F
350 - 358 Synthesis of copper and zinc nanostructures by discharges in liquid nitrogen
Kabbara H, Ghanbaja J, Noel C, Belmonte T
359 - 366 Monodisperse-porous titania microspheres and their gold decorated forms as new photocatalysts for dye degradation in batch fashion
Hamaloglu KO, Sag E, Bilir A, Tuncel A
367 - 372 Wet chemical synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline ZnWO4 for application in Li-ion batteries
Ilango PR, Prasanna K, Jo YN, Santhoshkumar P, Lee CW
373 - 379 Yeast cells carrying metal nanoparticles
Li JJ, Ma GL, Liu HR, Liu HW
380 - 388 Identification of electrocatalytic oxygen reduction (ORR) activity of boron in graphene oxide; incorporated as a charge-adsorbate and/or substitutional p-type dopant
Pourazadi E, Haque E, Faisal SN, Harris AT
389 - 395 Ni-Se nanostructrures dependent on different solvent as efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline media
Li X, Shang X, Zhang XY, Dong B, Yan KL, Liu YR, Han GQ, Chi JQ, Chai YM, Liu CG
396 - 401 Color selection and red fluorescence enhancement through the controllable energy transfer in NaxCa1-2xWO4:Eu-x(3+) phosphor for UV converted LEDs
Li WY, Yang MH, Kang FW, Sun GH
402 - 411 Effects of austenite regeneration heat treatment on the TLP bonding of duplex stainless steel UNS S32750 using Fe-B-Si insert metal
Roh S, Lee C, Rhee B
412 - 422 Enhanced tribo-chemical properties of oxygen functionalized mechanically exfoliated hexagonal boron nitride nanolubricant additives
Sahu J, Panda K, Gupta B, Kumar N, Manojkumar PA, Kamruddin M
423 - 434 Evolution of bulk and surface structures in stoichiometric LaAlO3 mixed oxide prepared by using starch as template
Stathopoulos VN, Kuznetsova T, Lapina O, Khabibulin D, Pandis PK, Krieger T, Chesalov Y, Gulyalev R, Krivensov V, Larina T, Sadykov V
435 - 441 Hydrothermal synthesis of TiO2 nanorods arrays on ITO
Qi WQ, Du J, Peng YC, Wu WH, Zhang ZJ, Li XY, Li K, Zhang K, Gong C, Luo M, Peng HL
442 - 450 Crystallographic characterization of laser-generated, polymer-stabilized 4 nm silver-gold alloyed nanoparticles
Prymak O, Jakobi J, Rehbock C, Epple M, Barcikowski S
451 - 464 Effect of laser surface melting and subsequent re-aging on microstructure and corrosion behavior of aged S32950 duplex stainless steel
Chan WK, Kwok CT, Lo KH
465 - 469 Facile synthesis of plate-like CuS nanoparticles and their optical and photo-thermal properties
Rokade AA, Jin YE, Park SS
470 - 478 In situ synthesis of silica/polyacrylate nanocomposite particles simultaneously bearing carboxylate and sulfonate functionalities via soap-free seeded emulsion polymerization
Riazi H, Jalali-Arani A, Taromi FA
479 - 488 Emission tuning studies in BaMgSiO4:RE (RE = Eu2+, Sr2+) for white LEDs
Wang D, Liu WJ, Zhang ZY
489 - 498 Construction of 0, 1, 2 and 3 dimensional SnO2 nanostructures decorated by NiO nanopetals: Structures, growth and gas-sensing properties
Jahromi HS, Behzad M
499 - 506 Electrochemical and structural characterization of Nafion/Bismuth-Tin nanocomposites stabilized with polyoxyethylene 23 lauryl ether (Brij)
Suarez O, Olaya JJ, Mendoza M
507 - 512 Spin state transition in Bi1-xLaxCoO3 perovskite alloys: DFT plus U study
Benayad N, Djermouni M, Zaoui A, Kacimi S, Boukortt A
513 - 521 Hierarchically porous carbon nanosheets derived from alkali metal carbonates and their capacitance in alkaline electrolytes
Nersisyan HH, Lee SH, Choi JH, Yoo BU, Suh H, Kim JG, Lee JH
522 - 529 Green and low-cost synthesis of CIGSe nanoparticles using ethanol as a solvent by a sonochemical method - A new approach
Le TTT, Vu TV, Kim H, Jeong DS, Pejjai B, Truong NTN, Park C
530 - 533 Intense ultraviolet upconversion luminescence from YF3: Yb/Tm submicrorice
Tang J, Yu M, Wang EY, Ge CL, Chen ZR
534 - 541 Elastic properties and antistructural modeling for Nickel-Zinc ferrite-aluminates
Babu BR, Tatarchuk T
542 - 546 CeO2/CeF3 composite nanoparticles: Fabrication by fluorination of CeO2 with tetrafluoromethane gas
Pavlov VV, Rakhmatullin RM, Morozov OA, Korableva SL, Kiiamov AG, Naumov AK, Semashko VV, Evtugyn VG, Osin YN