Materials Chemistry and Physics

Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol.204 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0254-0584 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Synthesis route of reduced graphene oxide via thermal reduction of chemically exfoliated graphene oxide
Saleem H, Haneef M, Abbasi HY
8 - 17 High-temperature X-ray diffraction and spectroscopic studies of some Aurivillius phases
Knyazev AV, Maczka M, Krasheninnikova OV, Ptak M, Syrov EV, Trzebiatowska-Gussowska M
18 - 26 Synthesis of layered alpha-Ni(OH)(2)/RGO composites by exfoliation of alpha-Ni(OH)(2) for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitors
Bai JW, Yan HJ, Liu Q, Liu JY, Li ZS, Bai XF, Li RM, Wang J
27 - 36 Biomimetic synthesis of gum acacia mediated Pd-ZnO and Pd-TiO2 - Promising nanocatalysts for selective hydrogenation of nitroarenes
Supriya P, Srinivas BTV, Chowdeswari K, Naidu NVS, Sreedhar B
37 - 47 Multi-branch effect on aggregation-induced emission enhancement and tunable emission of triphenylamine fluorophores
Zhang MM, Yang W, Li K, Zhou WQ, Gong TF, Xue RY
48 - 57 Thickness dependence of the superconducting properties of gamma-Mo2N thin films on Si (001) grown by DC sputtering at room temperature
Haberkorn N, Bengio S, Troiani H, Suarez S, Perez PD, Granell P, Golmar F, Sirena M, Guimpel J
58 - 61 Bimetallic non-noble CoNi nanoparticles monodispersed on multiwall carbon nanotubes: Highly efficient hydrolysis of ammonia borane
Wang QT, Zhang Z, Liu J, Liu RC, Liu T
62 - 66 Improved grain connectivity and critical current density in ex-situ MgB2 superconductors prepared by two-step sintering
Ma QS, Peng JM, Ma ZQ, Cheng F, Lan F, Li C, Yang ZW, Liu CX, Liu YC
67 - 71 Preparation and thermophysical properties of plasma sprayed lanthanum zirconate
Sivakumar S, Praveen K, Shanmugavelayutham G
72 - 82 Superparamagnetic ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles: The effect of Ca and Gd doping
Bini M, Tondo C, Capsoni D, Mozzati MC, Albini B, Galinetto P
83 - 94 Growth behavior of co-electrodeposited CZTS precursor thin films from acidic baths containing tartaric acid
Beres M, Syzdek J, Yu KM, Mao SS
95 - 104 The electronic structures and optical properties of fullerene derivatives for organic solar cells: The number and size effects of fullerene-cage
Zhang Y, Zhang CR, Yuan LH, Zhang ML, Chen YH, Liu ZJ, Chen HS
105 - 131 Microstructure characterization of a directionally solidified Mg-12wt.%Zn alloy: Equiaxed dendrites, eutectic mixture and type/morphology of intermetallics
Verissimo NC, Brito C, Afonso CR, Spinelli JE, Cheung N, Garcia A
132 - 140 Electrochemical capacitor performance of cobalt compound nanowires electrosynthesized in magnetic fields
Hoshino K, Asano Y, Magori A
141 - 146 Green and facile synthesis of MOF and nano MOF containing zinc(II) and benzen 1,3,5-tri carboxylate and its study in ibuprofen slow-release
Lestari WW, Arvinawati M, Martien R, Kusumaningsih T
147 - 153 Microstructural and light emission properties of ZnSnP2 thin film absorber: Study of native defects
Mukherjee S, Maitra T, Nayak A, Mukherjee S, Pradhan A, Mukhopadhyay MK, Satpati B, Bhunia S
154 - 162 Comparison study of Fe-based matrix composites reinforced with Ti-coated and Mo-coated SiC particles
Chang R, Zang JB, Wang YH, Yu YQ, Lu J, Xu XP
163 - 170 Diversified electrical properties of (1-x)Ba0.90Ca0.10Ti0.95Zr0.05O3-(x) RuO2 ceramics with defect electron complexes
Tian YS, Li SY, Gong YS, Yu YS, Tang YT, Liu P, Jing QS
171 - 178 Electrodeposition of nanocrystalline CoFe soft magnetic thin films from citrate-stabilized baths
Zhang YH, Ivey DG
179 - 186 Polymer derived PyC interphase coating for C/SiBOC composites
Nair SG, Sreejith KJ, Packirisamy S, Babu TG, Devasia R
187 - 194 Investigation of the mechanical properties and degradability of a modified chitosan-based scaffold
Heidari F, Razavi M, Bahrololoom ME, Tahriri M, Tayebi L
195 - 206 Photocatalytic activity of ZnO nanoparticle encapsulated poly(acrylonitrile) nanofibers
Tissera ND, Wijesena RN, Sandaruwan CS, de Silva RM, de Alwis A, de Silva KMN
207 - 215 Investigation of excess and deficiency of iron in BiFeO3
Chandel S, Thakur P, Thakur SS, Sharma A, Hsu JH, Tomar M, Gupta V, Thakur A
216 - 221 Wavelength conversion of Yb3+-activated Y4CdMo3O16 from near UV-region to IR emission
Mi LQ, Xu J, Feng YY, Cao L, Xue MQ, Huang YL, Chen CL, Seo HJ
222 - 227 Anisotropic optoelectronic performances on (112) and (100) lattice plane of perovskite MAPbI(3) single crystal
Ding JX, Du SJ, Cheng XH, Jing L, Zhao Y, Zuo ZY, Cui HZ, Zhan XY
228 - 235 A bottom-up strategy to surface assembly: Second growth from metal-rich embryos
Yan YG, Wang WS, Dong ZH, Zhou LX, Zhang J
236 - 242 Thickness determination of ultrathin poly(acrylic acid) shell on gamma-Fe2O3 nanocore via small-angle scattering
Li HL, Wang KZ, Tuo XG, Almasy L, Tian Q, Sun GG, Henderson MJ, Li QT, Wacha A, Courtois J, Yan MH
243 - 250 Metal-free heterojunction of graphitic carbon nitride composite with superior and stable visible-light active photocatalysis
Sundaram IM, Kalimuthu S, Priya PG
251 - 256 Microstructures and mechanical properties of TiB2-based composites with self-grown carbon nanotubes synthesized using Co catalysts
Lin J, Yang YH, Zhang HA, Wu CY, Lin NQ
257 - 261 Electroless Ni-P metallization on palladium activated polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber by using a drying process
Lee JY, Lee HK
262 - 268 Investigating the different conditions on solution processed MoOx thin film in long lifetime fluorescent polymer light emitting diodes
Alehdaghi H, Marandi M, Irajizad A, Taghavinia N, Jang J, Zare H
269 - 276 Residual stress gradient of Cr and CrN thin films
Arias DF, Gomez A, Souza RM, Velez JM
277 - 281 Bulk Crystal Growth of Cr-doped MgAl2O4 spinel by Czochralski method and properties characterization
Sun GH, Zhang QL, Luo JQ, Liu WF, Wang XF, Han S, Zheng LL, Li WM, Sun DL
282 - 293 Synergistic effect of nanosize and irradiation on epoxy/conducting poly(o-phenyldiamine) nanospheres composite coatings: Synthesis, characterization and corrosion protective performance
Rawat NK, Ahmad S
294 - 304 20 renewable biowastes derived carbon materials as green counter electrodes for dye-sensitized solar cells
Xu SJ, Liu C, Wiezorek J
305 - 314 Vapor phase deposition of fluoroalkyl trichlorosilanes on silicon and glass: Influence of deposition conditions and chain length on wettability and adhesion forces
Psarski M, Celichowski G, Bystrzycka E, Pawlak D, Grobelny J, Cichomski M
315 - 322 Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical properties of different morphological ZnO anchored on graphene oxide sheets
Zhong L, Samal M, Yun K
323 - 327 One-step liquid-phase synthesis of platinum nanocatalysts supported on aligned carbon nanotube arrays
Yamagiwa K, Kuwano J
328 - 335 Magnetic nanoparticles prepared by chemically induced transition: Structure and magnetization behaviors
Qiu XY, Meng XS, Mao H, He ZH, Lin YQ, Liu XD, Li DC, Li J
336 - 344 Electronic structure and laser induced piezoelectricity of a new quaternary compound TIInGe3S8
Khyzhun OY, Fedorchuk AO, Kityk IV, Piasecki M, Mozolyuk MY, Piskach LV, Parasyuk OV, ElNaggar AM, Albassam AA, Karasinski P
345 - 349 Effect of sintering temperature on the microstructure and optical properties of Mn: CaF2 transparent ceramics
Liu L, Song JH, Li WW, Mei BC, Su LB, Wang Y
350 - 360 First-principles DFT study new series of ruthenates double perovskites Ba2MRuO6 with M = Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe and Co
361 - 372 Physicochemical and catalytic properties of Pd/MoO3 prepared by the sonophotodeposition method
Kolodziej M, Lalik E, Colmenares JC, Lisowski R, Gurgul J, Duraczynska D, Drelinkiewicz A
373 - 377 Electrically motivated atomic migration and defect formation in Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 compounds
Li CT, Chen YH, Liao CN
378 - 387 Preparation and characterization of a biocompatible magnetic scaffold for biomedical engineering
Hajinasab A, Saber-Samandari S, Ahmadi S, Alamara K
388 - 396 Fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles as minimally-invasive multi-functional theranostic platform for fluorescence imaging, MRI and magnetic hyperthermia
Sheng Y, Li S, Duan ZQ, Zhang R, Xue JM
397 - 402 Mechanism of the photocatalytic activity of p-Si(100)/n-ZnO nanorods heterojunction
Hoa NT, Cuong VV, Lam ND
403 - 409 Magnetic properties of crystalline nickel and low phosphorus amorphous Ni1-xPx nanoparticles
Beygi H, Sajjadi SA
410 - 419 Okra extract-assisted green synthesis of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles and their optical, magnetic, and antimicrobial properties
Kombaiah K, Vijaya JJ, Kennedy LJ, Bououdina M, Ramalingam RJ, Al-Lohedan HA