Materials Chemistry and Physics

Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol.199 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0254-0584 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Wettability of molten Sn on AlCoCrCuxFeNi high-entropy alloy
Ma GF, Ye H, Zhang HL, He CL, Zhang HF
7 - 17 Quantum chemical study of regular and irregular geometries of MgO nanoclusters: Effects on magnetizability, electronic properties and physical characteristics
Manzetti S, Yakovlev A
18 - 22 Carbonation and phase transformations of LiMO2 (M = Fe, Co, Ni) under CO2 atmosphere
Yanase I, Miura J, Kobayashi H
23 - 33 Extraction of bamboo micron fibers by optimized mechano-chemical process using a central composite design and their surface modification
Singh AS, Halder S, Wang JL, Jagadish
34 - 42 Structural changes in HDPE produced by in-line plasma-pretreated reactive extrusion
Meemusaw M, Maia J, Jamieson A, Magaraphan R
43 - 53 Structure, microwave properties and low temperature sintering of Ta2O5 and Co2O3 codoped Zn0.5Ti0.5NbO4 ceramics
Yang HY, Li EZ, Duan SX, He HC, Zhang SR
54 - 66 Effect of thermo-mechanical treatments on corrosion behavior of Cu-15Ni-8Sn alloy in 3.5 wt% NaCl solution
Zhang Y, Xiao Z, Zhao YY, Li Z, Xing Y, Zhou KC
67 - 72 Er3+-doped tellurite glasses for enhancing a solar cell photocurrent through photon upconversion upon 1500 nm excitation
Krishnaiah KV, Venkatalakshmamma P, Basavapoornima C, Martin IR, Soler-Carracedo K, Hernandez-Rodriguez MA, Venkatramu V, Jayasankar CK
73 - 78 Effects of dodecyltrimethylammonium bromide surfactant on both corrosion and passivation behaviors of zinc electrodes in alkaline solution
Liu KL, He P, Bai HM, Chen JC, Dong FQ, Wang SB, He MQ, Yuan SP
79 - 87 Novel Keggin-type polyoxometalate nanocatalysts for Michael addition polymerizations
Ahmadabad FK, Pourayoubi M, Bakhshi H
88 - 97 Influence of the surface properties of nano-silica on the dispersion and isothermal crystallization kinetics of PHB/silica nanocomposites
Lan CH, Sun YM
98 - 106 Improved dispersion in a dynamically vulcanized ternary polymer blend by employing the core-shell concept
Xu CH, Gong Z, Chen YK, Liang XQ
107 - 112 Preparation and improved photocatalytic activities of Ho3+/Yb3+ co-doped Bi2MoO6
Jin SS, Hao HS, Gan YJ, Guo WH, Li H, Hu XF, Hou HM, Zhang GL, Yan S, Gao WY, Liu GS
113 - 121 Automated nebulizer sprayed tin doped titanium dioxide (SnxTi1-xO2) anatase nanofilms properties, gas sensing performance
Krishnan VG, Elango P, Purushothaman A, Bose AC
122 - 130 One-pot synthesis and characterization of Zn-doped hydroxyapatite nanocomposites
Yuan QH, Wu JB, Qin CP, Xu AP, Zhang ZQ, Lin YN, Chen ZH, Lin SX, Yuan ZY, Ren XZ, Zhang PX
131 - 137 Concave ultrathin BiOBr nanosheets with the exposed {001} facets: Room temperature synthesis and the photocatalytic activity
Cao G, Liu ZS, Feng PZ, Zhao YL, Niu JN
138 - 143 Conductivity and electrical impedance of (BaTiO3)(0.95) -(LaFeO3)(0.05) solid solutions
Omari LH, Moubah R, Haddad M
144 - 158 Porous HA and nanocomposite nc-TiO2/HA coatings to improve the electrochemical corrosion resistance of the Co-28Cr-5Mo alloy
Moskalewicz T, Lukaszczyk A, Kruk A, Kot M, Jugowiec D, Dubiel B, Radziszewska A
159 - 165 Preparation and characterization of magnetite-dihydrogen phosphate as a novel catalyst in the synthesis of tetrahydrobenzo[b]pyrans
Saadati-Moshtaghin HR, Zonoz FM
166 - 172 Novel inorganic xerogels doped with CaWO4:xDy: Synthesis, characterization and luminescence properties
Grobelna B, Synak A, Glowaty D, Bojarski P, Szczepaniska E, Szczodrowski K, Gryczynski I, Karczewski J
173 - 178 First-principles study of band structures of anthracene and tetracene under pressure
Fedorov IA
179 - 184 Investigation on biophysical properties of Hydroxyapatite/Graphene oxide (HAp/GO) based binary nanocomposite for biomedical applications
Ramadas M, Bharath G, Ponpandian N, Ballamurugan AM
185 - 192 Measurement of residual stress on TiN/Ti bilayer thin films using average X-ray strain combined with laser curvature and nanoindentation methods
Lei SC, Huang JH, Chen HD
193 - 202 One-pot in-situ preparation of a lignin-based carbon/ZnO nanocomposite with excellent photocatalytic performance
Wang H, Qiu XQ, Zhong RS, Fu FB, Qian Y, Yang DJ
203 - 208 Enhanced electrochemical performance of MoO3-coated LiMn2O4 cathode for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
Tao S, Zhao H, Wu CQ, Xie H, Cui PX, Xiang T, Chen SM, Zhang L, Fang Y, Wang ZC, Chu WS, Qian B, Song L
209 - 215 Photoelectrocatalytic removal of organic dyes and Cr(VI) ions using Ag3PO4 nanoparticles sensitized TiO2 nanotube arrays
Wang QY, Zheng QD, Jin RC, Gao SM, Yuan QQ, Rong WQ, Wang RL
216 - 224 Correlated room temperature ferromagnetism and photoluminescence in Ni-doped SnO flower-like architecture synthesized via hydrothermal method
Li Y, Zhou W, Wang JC, Yang YZ, Wu P
225 - 229 Two-dimensional metallicity and ferromagnetic ordering in monoatomic-thick Ce layer on Si(111)
Zhou YH, Zhang PC, Fang YM, Wu SQ, Zhu ZZ
230 - 238 Near-room-temperature synthesis of niobate hydrate particles with hexagonal-platelike morphologies
Bai S, Zhang J, Chen ZW, Wang YD, Hong M, Karaki T
239 - 248 Effect of graphene oxide nanosheets and ultrasonic electrodeposition technique on Ni-Mo/graphene oxide composite coatings
Jiang JB, Feng CQ, Qian W, Zhu LY, Han S, Lin HL
249 - 256 alpha-Fe2O3/TiO2 heterostructured photoanode on titanium substrate for photoelectrochemical water electrolysis
Venkatkarthick R, Davidson DJ, Ravichandran S, Vasudevan S, Sozhan G
257 - 264 Structural and optical investigations of ZnGa2X4 (X = S, Se) compounds for solar photovoltaic applications
Sahariya J, Kumar P, Soni A
265 - 271 Fabricating Al2O3-nanopores array by an ultrahigh voltage two-step anodization technique: Investigating the effect of voltage rate and Al foil thickness on geometry and ordering of the array
Absalan G, Barzegar S, Moradi M, Behaein S
272 - 279 A paper-based ferrous ion sensor fabricated from an ion exchange polymeric membrane coated on a silver nanocluster-impregnated filter paper
Chaiendoo K, Tuntulani T, Ngeontae W
280 - 288 The influence of gibbsite in kaolin and the formation of berlinite on the properties of metakaolin-phosphate-based geopolymer cements
Tchakoute HK, Ruscher CH, Kamseu E, Djobo JNY, Leonelli C
289 - 294 Cathodic plasma electrolysis for preparation of diamond-like carbon particles in glycerol solution
Wu J, Fan LL, Dong L, Deng JH, Li D, Zhang YF, Xue WB
295 - 312 Effects of barium (Ba) doping on structural, electronic and optical properties of binary strontium chalcogenide semiconductor compounds - A theoretical investigation using DFT based FP-LAPW approach
Bhattacharjee R, Chattopadhyaya S
313 - 321 Composition dependent structural and morphological modifications in nanocrystalline Mn-Zn ferrites induced by high energy gamma-irradiation
Angadi VJ, Anupama AV, Kumar R, Choudhary HK, Matteppanavar S, Somashekarappa HM, Rudraswamy B, Sahoo B
322 - 328 Anomalous electrical conductivity in selenite glassy nanocomposites
Bar AK, Bhattacharya K, Kundu R, Roy D, Bhattacharya S
329 - 339 Solvothermal synthesis of a bismuth/zinc mixed oxide material for H2S removal at room temperature: Synthesis, performance, characterization and regeneration ability
Sandra F, Schade E, Leistner M, Grothe J, Kaskel S
340 - 347 Electromagnetic dissipation on the surface of metal organic framework (MOF)/reduced graphene oxide (RGO) hybrids
Zhang K, Xie AM, Sun MX, Jiang WC, Wu F, Dong W
348 - 355 Phase transferring of silver nanoparticles to organic solvents using modified graphene oxide as carrier
Wong-u-ra O, Ekgasit S, Wongravee K
356 - 369 Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of the aluminum-alloyed Fe-1.50 wt%B-0.40 wt%C high-speed steel
Ma SQ, Xing JD, Guo SQ, Bai Y, Fu HG, Lyu P, Huang ZF, Chen W
370 - 378 Synergistic effect of chitosan-zinc-tin oxide colloidal nanoparticle and their binding performance on bovine albumin serum
Karpuraranjith M, Thambidurai S
379 - 386 Surface modification after ethanol wet milling: A comparison between pristine glasses produced from natural minerals and analytical grade raw materials
Stabile FM, Rodriguez-Aguado E, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Volzone C
387 - 392 Solvent influence on crosslinking and surface characteristics of Urushi films
Narita C, Yamada K, Tsujii T
393 - 407 Low temperature, high pressure thermo-physical and crystallographic properties of KZnF3 perovskite
Knight KS, Bull CL, McIntyre P
408 - 415 Low-RF-power growth of InN thin films by plasma-assisted reactive evaporation with a localized ion source
Alizadeh M, Goh BT, Pandey AK, Dee CF, Rahman SA
416 - 423 Synthesis of Se-doped ZnO nanoplates with enhanced photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic properties
Chen YL, Wang LJ, Wang WZ, Cao MS
424 - 434 Preparation of supported catalyst by adsorption of polyoxometalate on graphene oxide/reduced graphene oxide
Dizaji AK, Mortaheb HR, Mokhtarani B
435 - 453 Some perspectives on nitrogen-doped carbon nanotube synthesis from acetonitrile and N,N '-dimethylformamide mixtures
Mombeshora ET, Jarvis ALL, Ndungu PG, Doyle BP, Carleschi E, Nyamori VO
454 - 463 Discontinuous transition from insulator to semiconductor induced by phase change of the new organic-inorganic hybrid [(CH2)(7)(NH3)(2)]CoBr4
Mostafa MF, Elkhiyami SS, Alal SA
464 - 470 Textured SnSe micro-sheets: One-pot facile synthesis and comprehensive understanding on the growth mechanism
Chu ZY, Liu HQ, Yuan CH, Wang YQ, Wang WJ, Cui HZ, Gu YJ
471 - 476 Electronic structures and magnetic properties of 3d magnetic atoms adsorbed on olympicene molecule: A density functional theory study
Afshar M, Emami FS, Darabi A, Hemati M
477 - 484 Structural investigation of the enhanced electrical, optical and electrochemical properties of MWCNT incorporated Poly [3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl] composites
Mahakul PC, Sa K, Das B, Mahanandia P
485 - 496 Optimizing and investigating influence of manufacturing techniques on the microstructure and mechanical properties of AZ80-0.5Ca-1.5Al(2)O(3) nanocomposite
Parizi MT, Habibolahzadeh A, Ebrahimi GR
497 - 507 Design and development of graphene intercalated V2O5 nanosheets based electrochemical sensors for effective determination of potentially hazardous 3,5-Dichlorophenol
Rajesh K, Santhanalakshmi J
508 - 521 Octahedral distortion induced phonon vibration and electrical conduction in A(2)NdSbO(6) (A = Ba, Sr, Ca)
Halder S, Sheikh MS, Ghosh B, Sinha TP
522 - 527 Clicked graphene oxide supported venturello catalyst: A new hybrid nanomaterial as catalyst for the selective epoxidation of olefins
Masteri-Farahani M, Modarres M
528 - 536 Application of polysulphone based anion exchange membrane electrolyte for improved electricity generation in microbial fuel cell
Elangovan M, Dharmalingam S
537 - 542 The influence of direct current density on microstructure and corrosion resistance of magnesium phosphate coating via cathodic electrochemical treatment
Dayyari MR, Amadeh A, Sadreddini S
543 - 551 Cerium oxide mixed LaMnO3 nanoparticles as the negative electrode for aqueous asymmetric supercapacitor devices
Nagamuthu S, Vijayakumar S, Ryu KS
552 - 556 Anomalous behavior of rutile GeO2 facets: A computational study
Tamijani AA, Ebrahimiaqda E
557 - 566 Bio-prototyping of europium-yttria based rods for radiation dosimetry
Santos SC, Rodrigues O, Campos LL
567 - 570 Simultaneous emission of red, green, and blue in Pr, Er, and Tm co-implanted GaN thin films
Wang XD, Mo YJ, Zeng XH, Wang JF, Xu K
571 - 576 NaBH4 modified TiO2: Defect site enhancement related to its photocatalytic activity
Ariyanti D, Mills L, Dong JZ, Yao Y, Gao W
577 - 584 Study of the photoluminescence kinetics of heterogeneous nanostructured Pb0.30Cd0.70I2 solid solutions
Bukivskii AP, Gnatenko YP
585 - 590 First-principles calculations on small MgnZn and Mgn-1Zn2 clusters: Structures, stability, electronic properties
Li Z, Zhao Z, Zhou ZH, Wang HB, Li SL
591 - 596 Properties of transparent conducting quaternary silver indium tin oxide thin films crystallized with delafossite structure
Keerthi K, Nair BG, Benoy MD, Raphael R, Philip RR
597 - 608 A theoretical investigation of the structural, electronic and UV-vis absorption spectra of fullerene derivatives based on PC61B-NHCS compound
Kariminasab M, Tajbakhsh M, Ganji MD, Alinezhad H
609 - 615 Saccharide capped CdSe quantum dots grown via electron beam irradiation
Singh A, Guleria A, Kunwar A, Neogy S, Rath MC
616 - 622 Hypercrosslinked polystyrene microspheres with ultrahigh surface area and their application in gas storage
Liu QQ, Xia BJ, Huang J, Liao B, Liu H, Ou BL, Chen L, Zhou ZH