Materials Chemistry and Physics

Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol.180 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0254-0584 (Print) 

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1 - 4 Synthesis of Ru/PDMS nano-composites via supercritial deposition
Ge ML, Bozbag SE, Ayala CJ, Aindow M, Erkey C
5 - 8 Sign reversal of angular dependence of Planar Hall Effect in La0.7Ca0.3MnO3/SrTiO3 ultrathin film
Sharma H, Bana H, Tulapurkar A, Tomy CV
9 - 13 ZnO/Pt core-shell nanorods on the cotton threads with high enhanced photocatalytic properties
Chang YC, Guo JY
14 - 28 Investigation of electronic quality of electrodeposited cadmium sulphide layers from thiourea precursor for use in large area electronics
Ojo AA, Dharmadasa IM
29 - 37 On the microstructure and corrosion behavior of AZ91/SiC composites produced by rheocasting
Esmaily M, Mortazavi N, Svensson JE, Halvarsson M, Jarfors AEW, Wessen M, Arrabal R, Johansson LG
38 - 45 Design and synthesis of hyperstructured molecules based on cyclophosphazene core for multiphoton absorption
Naik KPK, Sreeramulu V, Ramya E, Muralidharan K, Rao DN
46 - 52 Effect of temperature on the electronic/ionic transport properties of porous LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 with high voltage for lithium ion batteries
Cui YL, Wang MZ, Wang JL, Zhuang QC
53 - 65 Removal of congo red from water using quercetin modified alpha-Fe2O3 nanoparticles as effective nanoadsorbent
Satheesh R, Vignesh K, Rajarajan M, Suganthi A, Sreekantan S, Kang M, Kwak BS
66 - 74 Annealed FINEMET ribbons: Structure and magnetic anisotropy as revealed by the high velocity resolution Mossbauer spectroscopy
Oshtrakh MI, Klencsar Z, Semionkin VA, Kuzmann E, Homonnay Z, Varga LK
75 - 81 First-principles calculations of structural, elastic, and electronic properties of trigonal ZnSnO3 under pressure
Liu QJ, Qin H, Jiao Z, Liu FS, Liu ZT
82 - 88 Lithium battery using sulfur infiltrated in three-dimensional flower-like hierarchical porous carbon electrode
Moreno N, Caballero A, Morales J, Agostini M, Hassoun J
89 - 96 Highly selective hydrogenation of phthalic anhydride to phthalide over CoSix/CNTs catalyst prepared by multi-step microwave-assisted chemical vapor deposition
Zhang LL, Chen X, Jin SH, Di X, Williams CT, Peng ZJ, Liang CH
97 - 103 The effect of antimony-tin and indium-tin oxide supports on the catalytic activity of Pt nanoparticles for ammonia electro-oxidation
Silva JCM, Piasentin RM, Spinace EV, Neto AO, Baranova EA
104 - 113 Selective transformation of Cu nanowires to Cu2S or CuS nanostructures and the roles of the Kirkendall effect and anion exchange reaction
Lee YI
114 - 121 Preparation and structural characterization of sodium polyphosphate coacervate as a precursor for optical materials
Franco DF, Barud HS, Santagneli S, Lamarca RS, Santos BF, Silva MAP, de Oliveira LFC, Ribeiro SJL, Nalin M
122 - 127 Synthesis and characterization of low molecular weight chitosan decorated Fe3O4 nanoparticles as T-2 contrast agent
Huang Y, Gong JB, Zhang Q, Hua MQ, Wu JB
128 - 134 Surfactant-assisted carbon doping in ZnO nanowires using Poly Ethylene Glycol (PEG)
Amanullah M, Javed QU, Rizwan S
135 - 143 Experimental and theoretical investigation of gigahertz nano-metamaterial
Gholipur R, Bahari A
144 - 148 Magnetism and the low-energy electronic structure of Mott insulators K2CoF4 and SrMnO3 perovskites
Nalecz DM, Radwanski RJ, Ropka Z
149 - 155 Effect of vacuum annealing on the photoconductivity of CuO thin films grown using sequential ionic layer adsorption reaction
Jayakrishnan R, Kurian AS, Nair VG, Joseph MR
156 - 160 Magnetocaloric and negative thermal expansion effects for Ni55.5Mn19.5Ga25 Heusler alloy with magneto-structural transition
Li Z, Yang HM, Xu K, Zhang YL, Zheng D, Jing C
161 - 165 Stability of rectification of iron porphyrin molecular junctions
Qian GG, Zhou Q, Lewis KM
166 - 172 Accelerated synthesis of biomimetic nano hydroxyapatite using simulated body fluid
Leena M, Rana D, Webster TJ, Ramalingam M
173 - 183 Tuning the bimetallic amide-imide precursor system to make paramagnetic GaMnN nanopowders
Drygas M, Janik JF, Musial M, Gosk J, Twardowski A
184 - 194 Synthesis of star-branched PLA-b-PMPC copolymer micelles as long blood circulation vectors to enhance tumor-targeted delivery of hydrophobic drugs in vivo
Long LX, Zhao J, Li K, He LG, Qian XM, Liu CY, Wang LM, Yang XQ, Sun JJ, Ren Y, Kang CS, Yuan XB
195 - 202 ZnO/Al2O3 core/shell nanorods array as excellent anti-reflection layers on silicon solar cells
Lung CM, Wang WC, Chen CH, Chen LY, Chen MJ
203 - 212 Poly(amic acid)s and their poly(amide imide) counterparts containing azobenzene moieties: Characterization, imidization kinetics and photochromic properties
Konieczkowska J, Janeczek H, Kozanecka-Szmigiel A, Schab-Balcerzak E
213 - 218 Lattice dynamics and anharmonicity of CaZrF6 from Raman spectroscopy and ab initio calculations
Sanson A, Giarola M, Mariotto G, Hu L, Chen J, Xing XR
219 - 225 Micro-mechanisms and compressive strength of Geopolymer-Portland cementitious system under various curing temperatures
Suwan T, Fan MZ, Braimah N
226 - 236 Polyaniline-cobalt hydroxide hybrid nanostructures and their supercapacitor studies
Shendkar JH, Zate M, Tehare K, Jadhav VV, Mane RS, Naushad M, Yun JM, Kim KH
237 - 243 Luminescence investigations of rare earth doped lead-free borate glasses modified by MO (M = Ca, Sr, Ba)
Janek J, Soltys M, Zur L, Pietrasik E, Pisarska J, Pisarski WA
244 - 249 Superior performance of LiFePO4/C with porous structure synthesized by an in situ polymerization restriction method for lithium ion batteries
Chen J, Zhao N, Li GD, Guo FF, Wang XF, Jia TK, Zhao JW, Zhao YG, Wang XL, Wan L
250 - 255 Huge thermal conductivity enhancement in boron nitride - ethylene glycol nanofluids
Zyla G, Fal J, Traciak J, Gizowska M, Perkowski K
256 - 262 Cobalt-free perovskite Pr0.5Sr0.5Fe1-xCuxO3-delta (PSFC) as a cathode material for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Moura CG, Grilo JPD, Macedo DA, Cesario MR, Fagg DP, Nascimento RM
263 - 271 Synthesis, surface and optical properties of Ag2CaV4O12 nanoparticles for dye removal under visible irradiation
Lu YT, Wan Y, Bi SL, Weng HG, Huang YL, Qin L, Seo HJ
272 - 278 Ultrafine ferromagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: Facile synthesis by low temperature decomposition of iron glycerolate
Bartunek V, Prucha D, Svecova M, Ulbrich P, Huber S, Sedmidubsky D, Jankovsky O
279 - 283 Magnetocaloric properties of GdFe0.83Al3.02 multiphase alloy having multiple magnetic transitions
Rashid TP, Nallamuthu S, Arun K, Curlik I, Ilkovic S, Reiffers M, Nagalakshmi R
284 - 290 Relationship between morphology and electrical properties in PP/MWCNT composites: Processing-induced anisotropic percolation threshold
Cesano F, Zaccone M, Armentano I, Cravanzola S, Muscuso L, Torre L, Kenny JM, Monti M, Scarano D
291 - 300 Investigation on thermal, rheological, dielectric and spectroscopic properties of a polymer containing pendant spiroacetal moieties
Chiriac AP, Balan V, Asandulesa M, Butnaru E, Tudorachi N, Stoleru E, Nita LE, Neamtu I, Diaconu A
301 - 313 Anodic galvanostatic polarization of AA2024-T3 aircraft alloy in conventional mineral acids
Kozhukharov S, Girginov C, Avramova I, Machkova M
314 - 325 Albumin adsorption study onto hydroxyapatite-multiwall carbon nanotube based composites
Cziko M, Bogya ES, Paizs C, Katona G, Konya Z, Kukovecz A, Barabas R
326 - 331 Adsorption of alkali and alkaline-earth metal atoms on stanene: A first-principles study
Kadioglu Y, Ersan F, Gokoglu G, Akturk OU, Akturk E
332 - 340 Effect of hydrogen on the microstructure and electrochemical properties of Si nanoparticles synthesized by microwave plasma
Koo J, Lee J, Kim J, Jang B
341 - 348 Effect of manganese on the microstructure, mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of titanium alloys
Kim JW, Hwang MJ, Han MK, Kim YG, Song HJ, Park YJ
349 - 356 Enantioselective silver nanoclusters: Preparation, characterization and photoluminescence spectroscopy
Farrag M
357 - 363 Adsorption of hydrogen in Scandium/Titanium decorated nitrogen doped carbon nanotube
Mananghaya M, Belo LP, Beltran A
364 - 372 Facile synthesis of novel nanocomposite as antibacterial and flame retardant material for textile fabrics
Attia NF, Morsy MS
373 - 382 Characterization, phase change and conductivity crossover of new luminescent ferroelectric Mn (II) organic-inorganic hybrid
Mostafa MF, El Dean TS, Tammam AK
383 - 389 Influence of Nb content on the structural and optical properties of anatase TiO2 polycrystalline thin film by e-beam technique
Shah A, Mahmood A, Aziz U, Rashid R, Raza Q, Ali Z
390 - 395 Planar Nernst and Hall effect in patterned ultrathin film of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3
Sharma H, Bana H, Tulapurkar A, Tomy CV
396 - 403 Ni/Te and Ni/Ag2Te interfacial reactions
Chen SW, Yang TR, Hsiao HW, Lin PH, Huang JH, Huang JD
404 - 412 Phase controlled synthesis of copper sulfide nanoparticles by colloidal and non-colloidal methods
Akhtar M, Alghamdi Y, Akhtar J, Aslam Z, Revaprasadu N, Malik MA
413 - 421 Charge transport mechanism of thermally reduced graphene oxide and their fabrication for high performance shield against electromagnetic pollution
Kumar R, Dhawan SK, Singh HK, Kaur A
422 - 431 Dielectric, ferroelectric and impedance spectroscopic studies of Mn and W modified AgNbO3 ceramics
Muduli R, Kumar P, Panda RK, Panigrahi S
432 - 439 Effect of immersion temperature on structure of the self-assembled monolayer of 1,2-diphenyldiselenide on gold surface
Azzam W
440 - 444 High-capacity hydrogen storage in Li-adsorbed g-C3N4
Wei JF, Huang CX, Wu HP, Kan EJ