Materials Chemistry and Physics

Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol.163 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0254-0584 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Enhanced microwave electromagnetic characteristics of porous ZnO/Ni/ZnxNiyFe3-x-yO4 hybrid micro-hexahedra
Tong CL, Liu Y, Du FF, Tong GX, Li LC
11 - 23 Investigation of corrosion protection performance of poly(N-methylpyrrole)-dodecylsulfate/multi-walled carbon nanotubes composite coatings on the stainless steel
Zeybek B, Aksun E, Uge A
24 - 29 Low-cost Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films prepared from single step electrodeposited Cu/Zn/Sn alloy precursor films
Cheng K, Meng J, Wang XY, Huang YQ, Liu JJ, Xue M, Du ZL
30 - 37 Studies on role of grain-size on transport properties of Sm0.5Sr0.5CoO3-delta cathodic films
Pawar SS, Shinde KP, Bhosale AG, Pawar RS, Pawar SH
38 - 44 Supercapacitive evaluation of carbon black/exfoliated graphite/MnO2 ternary nanocomposite electrode by continuous cyclic voltammetry
Naderi HR, Norouzi P, Ganjali MR
45 - 53 Thermal behavior, structure formation and optical characteristics of nanostructured basic fuchsine thin films
Zeyada HM, Makhlouf MM, Ismail MIM, Salama AA
54 - 62 PVDF-HFP/silica-SH nanocomposite synthesis for PEMFC membranes through simultaneous one-step sol-gel reaction and reactive extrusion
Seck S, Magana S, Prebe A, Niepceron F, Bounor-Legare V, Bigarre J, Buvat P, Gerard JF
63 - 72 Electrospun polymer nanofibers of P(NIPAAm-co-SA-co-FBPY): Preparation, structural control, metal ion sensing and thermoresponsive characteristics
Chen LN, Weng NK, Wu WC, Chen WC
73 - 87 Thermodynamic description of the AgCl-CoCl2-InCl3-KCl system
Wang K, Fei ZJ, Wang J, Wu Z, Li CH, Xie LD
88 - 98 Controlled phase formation of nanocrystalline iron oxides/hydroxides in solution - An insight on the phase transformation mechanisms
Pedrosa J, Costa BFO, Portugal A, Duraes L
99 - 106 Metallic behavior of NiS thin film under the structural, optical, electrical and ab initio investigation frameworks
Boughalmi R, Rahmani R, Boukhachem A, Amrani B, Driss-Khodja K, Amlouk M
107 - 115 Construction of organic-inorganic hybrid nano-coatings containing alpha-zirconium phosphate with high efficiency for reducing fire hazards of flexible polyurethane foam
Pan Y, Pan HF, Yuan BH, Hong NN, Zhan J, Wang BB, Song L, Hu Y
116 - 122 Surface optical phonon-assisted cyclotron resonance in graphene on polar substrates
Phuc HV, Dinh L
123 - 129 Carbon nanofibers synthesized by pyrolysis of chloroform and ethanol mixture
Lin WH, Li YY
130 - 137 Effect of graphene oxide nanoplatelets on electrochemical properties of steel substrate in saline media
Chaudhry AU, Mittal V, Mishra B
138 - 151 Peripheral group effects on the photophysical and photovoltaic properties of bulk-heterojunction type solar cells based on star-shaped conjugate molecules with triphenylamine core
Kao YW, Lee WH, Jeng RJ, Huang CF, Wu JY, Lee RH
152 - 160 Design of perylene diimides for organic solar cell: Effect of molecular steric hindrance and extended conjugation
Kozma E, Kotowski D, Catellani M, Luzzati S, Cavazzini M, Bossi A, Orlandi S, Bertini F
161 - 171 Solid-state electric double layer capacitors fabricated with plastic crystal based flexible gel polymer electrolytes: Effective role of electrolyte anions
Suleman M, Kumar Y, Hashmi SA
172 - 181 Two dimensional polymerization of graphene oxide: Bottom-up approach
Atanasov V, Russev S, Lyutov L, Zagraniarsky Y, Dimitrova I, Avdeev G, Avramova I, Vulcheva E, Kirilov K, Tzonev A, Abrashev M, Tsutsumanova G
182 - 189 The role of SEBS in tailoring the interface between the polymer matrix and exfoliated graphene nanoplatelets in hybrid composites
Parameswaranpillai J, Joseph G, Shinu KP, Sreejesh PR, Jose S, Salim NV, Hameed N
190 - 200 Protective properties of functionalised tetrazine on an aerospace aluminium alloy (AA 2024-T3)
Jaiswal S, Varma PCR, Mutuma F, McHale P, Duffy B
201 - 212 Improved corrosion inhibition of mild steel by chemically modified lignin polymers from Elaeis guineensis agricultural waste
Hussin MH, Rahim AA, Ibrahim MNM, Brosse N
213 - 218 Preparation of fluorescein-functionalized electrospun fibers coated with TiO2 and gold nanoparticles for visible-light-induced photocatalysis
Choi WS, Choi IS, Lee JK, Yoon KR
219 - 228 Laves-phase evolution during aging in 9Cr-1.8W-0.5Mo-VNb steel for USC power plants
Wang X, Xu Q, Yu SM, Hu L, Liu H, Ren YY
229 - 235 Surface characterization and corrosion behavior of silanized magnesium coated with graphene for biomedical application
Neupane MP, Lee SJ, Kang JY, Park IS, Bae TS, Lee MH
236 - 244 Insight into electrical conductivity of graphene and functionalized graphene: Role of lateral dimension of graphene sheet
Deka MJ, Baruah U, Chowdhury D
245 - 252 Energy conversion from aluminium and phosphate rich solution via ZnO activation of aluminium
Slaughter G, Sunday J, Stevens B
253 - 261 Removal of thorium from water using modified magnetite nanoparticles capped with rosin amidoxime
Atta AM, Akl ZF
262 - 271 High temperature tribological behaviors of (WAI)C-Co ceramic composites with the additions of fluoride solid lubricants
Cheng J, Qiao ZH, Yin B, Hao JY, Yang J, Liu WM
272 - 278 Corrosion, wettability and thrombogenicity investigation of ion beam modified HAP/Al2O3
Shikha D, Shahid M, Jha U, Sinha SK, Reddy VR, Ojha S, Kumar P, Kanjilal D
279 - 285 Enhanced ceria based electrolytes by codoping samaria and scandia for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Gan Y, Cheng JG, Li MM, Zhan HL, Sun WZ
286 - 292 New bismuth borophosphate Bi4BPO10: Synthesis, crystal structure, optical and band structure analysis
Babitsky NA, Leshok DY, Mikhaleva NS, Kuzubov AA, Zhereb VP, Kirik SD
293 - 300 Effect of the crystal size of Cu-ZSM-5 on the catalytic performance in N2O decomposition
Meng T, Lin Y, Ma Z
301 - 310 Synthesis of Novel crosslinked Poly(azomethine-urethane)s: Photophysical and thermal properties
Avci A, Kamaci M, Kaya I, Yildirim M
311 - 316 Effect of light-soaking on the hydrogen effusion mechanisms in polymorphous silicon thin film structures
Hamui L, Monroy BM, Cabarrocas RRI, Santana G
317 - 330 The influence of copper in dealloyed binary platinum-copper electrocatalysts on methanol electroxidation catalytic activities
Poochai C, Veerasai W, Somsook E, Dangtip S
331 - 336 The effect of the boron source composition ratio on the adsorption performance of hexagonal boron nitride without a template
Zhang N, Zhang T, Kan HM, Wang XY, Long HB, Cui XY
337 - 347 Influence of Ce-precursor and fuel on structure and catalytic activity of combustion synthesized Ni/CeO2 catalysts for biogas oxidative steam reforming
Vita A, Italiano C, Fabiano C, Lagana M, Pino L
348 - 354 Effect of carboxyl anchoring groups in asymmetric zinc phthalocyanine with large steric hindrance on the dye-sensitized solar cell performance
Shi WY, Peng BS, Lin L, Li RJ, Zhang J, Peng TY
355 - 361 Fabrication of porous nickel-copper alloy with controlled micro-sized pore structure through the Kirkendall effect
Yu LP, Jiang Y, He YH, Liu XL, Zhang HB
362 - 368 Nanostructured CuInSe2 by electrodeposition with the assistance of porous silicon templates
De La Luz-Merino S, Calixto ME, Mendez-Blas A
369 - 375 Utilization of thymol as an antimicrobial agent for biodegradable poly(butylene succinate)
Petchwattana N, Naknaen P
376 - 386 Optical properties of orthovanadates, and periodates studied from first principles theory
Shwetha G, Kanchana V, Vaitheeswaran G
387 - 393 Novel organic dyes based on phenyl-substituted benzimidazole for dye sensitized solar cells
Saltan GM, Dincalp H, Kiran M, Zafer C, Erbas SC
394 - 401 Degradable porous Fe-35wt.%Mn produced via powder sintering from NH4HCO3 porogen
Zhang Q, Cao P
402 - 406 X-ray diffraction and Mossbauer studies on superparamagnetic nickel ferrite (NiFe2O4) obtained by the proteic sol-gel method
Nogueira NAS, Utuni VHS, Silva YC, Kiyohara PK, Vasconcelos IF, Miranda MAR, Sasaki JM
407 - 415 Synthesis and characterization of superparamagnetic activated carbon adsorbents based on cyanobacteria
Bai X, Yu L, Hua ZL, Tang ZQ, Zhang JN
416 - 420 Growth, structural and magnetic characterization of Zn-substituted barium hexaferrite single crystals
Vinnik DA, Semisalova AS, Mashkovtseva LS, Yakushechkina AK, Nemrava S, Gudkova SA, Zherebtsov DA, Perov NS, Isaenko LI, Niewa R
421 - 430 Ternary g-C3N4/Fe3O4/Ag3VO4 nanocomposites: Novel magnetically separable visible-light-driven photocatalysts for efficiently degradation of dye pollutants
Mousavi M, Habibi-Yangjeh A
431 - 438 Co3Fe7/C core shell microspheres as a lightweight microwave absorbent
Li WX, Wang LC, Li GM, Xu Y
439 - 445 Synthesis and micro-structural characterization of graphene/strontium hexaferrite (Sr Fe12O19) nanocomposites
Durmus Z, Kavas H, Durmus A, Akta B
446 - 452 Copper nanoparticles supported on permeable monolith with carboxylic acid surface functionality: Stability and catalytic properties under reductive conditions
Poupart R, Le Droumaguet B, Guerrouache M, Carbonnier B
453 - 459 Effect of lattice disorder on the thermal conductivity of ZnBeSe, ZnMgSe and ZnBeMgSe crystals
Strzalkowski K
460 - 469 First-principle study on bulk and (111) surface of MP (M = K and Rb) in rocksalt structure
Gao Q, Li L, Xie HH, Lei G, Deng JB, Hu XR
470 - 477 Microwave absorbing properties of barium hexa-ferrite/polyaniline core-shell nano-composites with controlled shell thickness
Liu JL, Zhang J, Li YQ, Zhang M
478 - 484 Fabrication and characterization of silver/nickel sulphide solar absorber coatings on stainless steel by chemical bath deposition
Sudagar AJ, Subasri R
485 - 495 Cation exchange assisted low temperature chemical synthesis of ZnO@Ag2S core-shell nanoparticles and their photo-catalytic properties
Sadollahkhani A, Kazeminezhad I, Nur O, Willander M
496 - 500 The grain size and special boundary dependence of corrosion resistance in 304 austenitic stainless steels
Lv JL, Luo HY, Liang TX
501 - 506 Crystal structure and Raman spectrum of Ba2Pb(B3O6)(2)
Tang XL, Feng DX, Wan SM, Kang L, Zhang B, Lin ZS
507 - 511 Thermodynamic calculations of self- and hetero-diffusion parameters in germanium
Saltas V, Vallianatos F
512 - 517 Microstructure and mechanical properties of an ultrafine Ti-Si-Nb alloy
Cao GH, Jian GY, Liu N, Zhang WH, Russell AM, Gerthsen D
518 - 528 Photocatalytic degradation of alprazolam in water suspension of brookite type TiO2 nanopowders prepared using hydrothermal route
Tomic N, Grujic-Brojcin M, Fincur N, Abramovic B, Simovic B, Krstic J, Matovic B, Scepanovic M
529 - 536 Electrochemical fabrication of decomposable three-dimensional Au nano-coral structure and its surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)
Hu J, Gan QM, Zhang YL, Ren B, Li YJ
537 - 544 Synthesis of high-magnetization and monodisperse Fe3O4 nanoparticles via thermal decomposition
Vuong TKO, Tran DL, Le TL, Pham DV, Pham HN, Le Ngo TH, Do HM, Nguyen XP
545 - 553 Shedding light on the photophysical properties of newly designed platinum(II) complexes by adding substituents on functionalized ligands as highly efficient OLED emitters from a theoretical viewpoint
Li JQ, Wang L, Wang X, He CZ, Zhang JL
554 - 561 Structural and optical properties of ZnSe quantum dots in glass nanocomposites
Dey C, Goswami M, Karmakar B
562 - 568 T14CdI6 - Wide band gap semiconductor: First principles modelling of the structural, electronic, optical and elastic properties
Piasecki M, Brik MG, Kityk IV
569 - 580 The influence of nitrogen and oxygen additions on the thermal characteristics of aluminium-based thin films
Borges J, Macedo F, Couto FM, Rodrigues MS, Lopes C, Pedrosa P, Polcar T, Marques L, Vaz F
581 - 586 Facile template-directed synthesis of carbon-coated SnO2 nanotubes with enhanced Li-storage capabilities
Zhu XS, Zhu JY, Yao YA, Zhou YM, Tang YW, Wu P
587 - 593 Fabrication mechanism of FeSe superconductors milling aided sintering process with high-energy ball
Zhang SN, Liu JX, Feng JQ, Wang Y, Ma XB, Li CS, Zhang PX