Materials Chemistry and Physics

Materials Chemistry and Physics, Vol.128, No.1-2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0254-0584 (Print) 

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1 - 5 The effect of sandwiched Ag in the wall of TiO2 nanotube on the photo-catalytic performance
Liu ZH, Chen JZ, Zhang YY, Wu LP, Li XJ
6 - 9 Fabrication of colloidal crystal heterostructures by a room temperature floating self-assembly method
Wang AJ, Chen SL, Dong P
10 - 11 Degradation rates of glycerol polyesters at acidic and basic conditions
Holser RA
12 - 15 The role of networking in the optical anisotropy of hot-extruded calcium phosphate glass
Paleari A, Sigaev VN, Golubev NV, Lorenzi R, Sarkisov PD
16 - 18 Reinvestigation of the synthesis of LiFeVO4
Ben Yahia H, Shikano M, Tatsumi K
19 - 23 Synthesis and foaming of styrene-ionic liquid copolymer
Yang JT, Sang Y, Chen F, Zhong MQ
24 - 27 Porous nano-Al2O3/Fe-Cr-Ni composites fabricated by pressureless reactive sintering
Chen C, Yang JF, Chu CY, Qiao GJ, Bao CG
28 - 31 Titanium oxide layers on aluminium substrates produced by the anodic spark deposition process
Angerer P, Kiss N, Locker C, Gavrilovic A, Artner W, Godja N, Nauer GE
32 - 34 Analysis of creep rupture life of Mg-Al-Mn alloy produced by die-casting
Terada Y, Murata Y, Sato T, Morinaga M
35 - 38 A novel preparation method for gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles and their characterization
Wen BC, Li J, Lin YQ, Liu XD, Fu J, Miao H, Zhang QM
39 - 43 Employment of fluorine doped zinc tin oxide (ZnSnOx:F) coating layer on stainless steel 316 for a bipolar plate for PEMFC
Park JH, Byun D, Lee JK
44 - 49 Synthesis of Nd:Y2O3 nanopowders leading to transparent ceramics
Huang Z, Guo W, Liu Y, Huang QF, Tang F, Cao YG
50 - 56 Effect of annealing treatment on microstructure and properties of high-entropy FeCoNiCrCu0.5 alloy
Lin CM, Tsai HL
57 - 61 Coating powdered copper catalyst with yttria sol
Chen KY, Shen CC, Lee CY, Lee SJ, Leu CH, Wang JH, Yeh CT
62 - 69 Effect of graphite and transition elements (Cu, Ni) on high temperature tensile behaviour of Al-Si Alloys
Rajaram G, Kumaran S, Rao TS
70 - 76 Cobalt/silica nanocomposite via thermal calcination-reduction of gel precursors
Fouad OA, Makhlouf SA, Ali GAM, El-Sayed AY
77 - 82 Polyol synthesis of silver nanoplates: The crystal growth mechanism based on a rivalrous adsorption
Luo XL, Li ZX, Yuan CL, Chen YS
83 - 89 Biocompatible synthesis of peptide capped copper nanoparticles and their biological effect on tumor cells
Valodkar M, Jadeja RN, Thounaojam MC, Devkar RV, Thakore S
90 - 95 Physicochemical properties of highly efficient organic NLO crystal: 4-Aminobenzamide
Guru Prasad L, Krishnakumar V, Nagalakshmi R, Manohar S
96 - 108 Influence of the composition of Fe2O3/Al2O3 catalysts on the rate of production and quality of carbon nanotubes
Alexiadis VI, Boukos N, Verykios XE
109 - 113 Gamma-irradiation assisted seeded growth of Ag nanoparticles within PVA matrix
Eisa WH, Abdel-Moneam YK, Shaaban Y, Abdel-Fattah AA, Abou Zeid AM
114 - 120 Fabrication, thermal and electrical properties of polyphenylene sulphide/copper composites
Goyal RK, Kambale KR, Nene SS, Selukar BS, Arbuj S, Mulik UP
121 - 126 Stability of nanostructured W-C phases during carburization of WO3
Reddy KM, Rao TN, Joardar J
127 - 132 Gadolinium substitution and sintering temperature dependent electronic properties of Li-Ni ferrite
Al Hilli MF, Li S, Kassim KS
133 - 140 Impact of surface functionalization of MWCNTs on electrogenerated Ni/MWCNT composites from aqueous solutions
Martis P, Dilimon VS, Delhalle J, Mekhalif Z
141 - 150 Electrodeposition of ruthenium, rhodium and palladium from nitric acid and ionic liquid media: Recovery and surface morphology of the deposits
Jayakumar M, Venkatesan KA, Sudha R, Srinivasan TG, Rao PRV
151 - 156 Spectroscopy studies of functionalized oxidized porous silicon surface for biosensing applications
Hiraoui M, Guendouz M, Lorrain N, Moadhen A, Haji L, Oueslati M
157 - 165 Using a breath-figure method to self-organize honeycomb-like polymeric films from dendritic side-chain polymers
Chang CC, Juang TY, Ting WH, Lin MS, Yeh CM, Dai SA, Suen SY, Liu YL, Jeng RJ
166 - 171 Porous and worm-like titanium dioxide nanostructures from PS-b-PEO block copolymer micellar solutions
Scalarone D, Tata J, Caldera F, Lazzari M, Chiantore O
172 - 176 Dependence of electric energy output from a lead zirconate titanate ceramic piezoelectric element on impact conditions
Hu JH, Tjiu N
177 - 180 Shear strength measurements of ductile polymer films with controlled normal to shear plane angles
Lin KJ, Hsueh CH, Lin KF
181 - 186 Synthesis of porous chromium carbides by carburization
Xing TY, Cui XW, Chen WX, Yang RS
187 - 190 Preparation of anodic aluminum oxide tubular membranes with various geometries
Yue S, Zhang Y, Du J
191 - 194 High efficient near-infrared quantum cutting in Ce3+,Yb3+ co-doped LuBO3 phosphors
Chen J, Zhang H, Li F, Guo H
195 - 201 Theoretical investigations of physical properties
Ghebouli B, Ghebouli MA, Fatmi M, Lebgaa N
202 - 207 Diffusion bonding of TiAl using reactive Ni/Al nanolayers and Ti and Ni foils
Simoes S, Viana F, Kocak M, Ramos AS, Vieira MT, Vieira MF
208 - 213 The effects of alloying elements on microstructure and properties of gravity casting Mg-Sn-Al-Si alloy
Lee SG, Jeon JJ, Park KC, Park YH, Park IM
214 - 219 Investigation on synergism of composite additives for zinc corrosion inhibition in alkaline solution
Zhou HB, Huang QM, Liang M, Lv DS, Xu MQ, Li H, Li WS
220 - 227 Characterization of the regenerated cellulose films in ionic liquids and rheological properties of the solutions
Liu Z, Wang H, Li ZX, Lu XM, Zhang XP, Zhang SJ, Zhou KB
228 - 232 The wettability and interface thermal resistance of copper/graphite system with an addition of chromium
Tao ZC, Guo QG, Gao XQ, Liu L
233 - 237 Interfacial reactions in the Sn-xBi/Au couples
Yen YW, Liou WK, Chen CM, Lin CK, Huang MK
238 - 242 Mesoporous carbon-polyaniline electrode: Characterization and application to determination of copper and lead by anodic stripping voltammetry
Guo Z, Li S, Liu XM, Gao YP, Zhang WW, Ding XP
243 - 249 Controlled size formation of electrodeposited Pt-Ru nanostructured catalysts using chelating compounds
Sieben JM
250 - 255 The effects of functional ionic liquid on properties of solid polymer electrolyte
An YX, Cheng XQ, Zuo PJ, Liao LX, Yin GP
256 - 264 Preparation and evaluation of a poly(N-vinylcarbazole)-Fe3O4 (PNVC-Fe3O4) nanocomposite
Haldar I, Kundu A, Biswas M, Nayak A
265 - 273 Novel melt-processable nylon-6/inorganic fullerene-like WS2 nanocomposites: Complex isothermal crystallization kinetics and melting behaviour
Naffakh M, Marco C, Gomez MA, Jimenez I
274 - 282 Effect of epoxy resin on the thermal behaviors and viscoelastic properties of poly(phenylene sulfide)
Wu DF, Wu LF, Wang JH, Sun YR, Zhang M
283 - 290 Preparation and optical/electrical/electrochemical properties of expanded graphite-filled polypyrrole nanocomposite
Konwer S, Maiti J, Dolui SK
291 - 297 Poly(glycidyl methacrylate-co-ethylene glycol dimethacrylate)/clay composites
Marinovic S, Vukovic Z, Nastasovic A, Milutinovic-Nikolic A, Jovanovic D
298 - 302 Cationic doping effect on the structural, magnetic and spectroscopic properties of delafossite oxides CuCr1-x(Sc,Mg)(x)O-2
Amami M, Smari S, Tayeb K, Strobel P, Ben Salah A
303 - 310 Study of Ni-catalyst for electroless Ni-P deposition on glass fiber
Li LB, Liu B
311 - 316 Preparation and electrochemical properties of ultra-fine Mn-Ni-Cu oxides for supercapacitors
Fang DL, Chen ZD, Wu BC, Yan Y, Zheng CH