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ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Performance of microbial fuel cells operated under anoxic conditions
Marks S, Makinia J, Fernandez-Morales FJ
7 - 18 Numerical simulation of gas recovery from a low-permeability hydrate reservoir by depressurization
Sun X, Luo TT, Wang L, Wang HJ, Song YC, Li YH
19 - 31 Process development for integrated coal gasification solid oxide fuel cells hybrid power plants - Investigations on solid oxide fuel cells/gas turbine hybrid power plants run on clean coal gas
Kruger M
32 - 47 Investigation of the consequence of high-pressure CO2 pipeline failure through experimental and numerical studies
Liu X, Godbole A, Lu C, Michal G, Linton V
48 - 62 Clustered spatially and temporally resolved global heat and cooling energy demand in the residential sector
Sachs J, Moya D, Giarola S, Hawkes A
63 - 80 Molecular dynamics study on transport properties of supercritical working fluids: Literature review and case study
Nie XH, Du ZY, Zhao L, Deng S, Zhang Y
81 - 91 MgO based composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage: The effects of MgO particle density and size on microstructural characteristics as well as thermophysical and mechanical properties
Li C, Li Q, Cong L, Jiang F, Zhao YQ, Liu CP, Xiong YX, Chang C, Ding YL
92 - 97 Co-gasification reactivity and synergy of banana residue hydrochar and anthracite coal blends
Mosqueda A, Wei JT, Medrano K, Gonzales H, Ding L, Yu GS, Yoshikaw K
98 - 108 Graphene/SiO2/n-octadecane nanoencapsulated phase change material with flower like morphology, high thermal conductivity, and suppressed supercooling
Zhu YL, Qin YS, Liang SE, Chen KP, Tian CR, Wang JH, Luo X, Zhang L
109 - 117 Identification of electrical parameters for three-diode photovoltaic model using analytical and sunflower optimization algorithm
Qais MH, Hasanien HM, Alghuwainem S
118 - 130 Game theory based interactive demand side management responding to dynamic pricing in price-based demand response of smart grids
Tang R, Wang SW, Li HX
131 - 146 Three-dimensional numerical study on a novel parabolic trough solar receiver-reactor of a locally-installed Kenics static mixer for efficient hydrogen production
Cheng ZD, Men JJ, Liu SC, He YL
147 - 160 Acceptability, energy consumption, and costs of electric vehicle for ride-hailing drivers in Beijing
Tu W, Santi P, Zhao TH, He XY, Li QQ, Dong L, Wallington TJ, Ratti C
161 - 174 Modeling and control of flexible loads for frequency regulation services considering compensation of communication latency and detection error
Hui HX, Ding Y, Song YH, Rahman S
175 - 184 Peak shaving performance of coal-fired power generating unit integrated with multi-effect distillation seawater desalination
Xue Y, Ge ZH, Yang LJ, Du XZ
185 - 197 Effects of pine oil additive and pilot injection strategies on energy distribution, combustion and emissions in a diesel engine at low-load condition
Huang HZ, Huang R, Guo XY, Pan MZ, Teng WW, Chen YJ, Li ZJ
198 - 214 A strategic impact assessment of hydropower plants in alpine and non-alpine areas of Europe
Mahmud MAP, Huda N, Farjana SH, Lang C
215 - 228 A hybrid DMST model for pitch optimization and performance assessment of high-solidity straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbines
Peng YX, Xu YL, Zhan S
229 - 244 Multi-products co-production improves the economic feasibility of cellulosic ethanol: A case of Formiline pretreatment-based biorefining
Zhao XB, Liu DH
245 - 256 Investigation into effects of non-uniform irradiance and photovoltaic temperature on performances of photovoltaic/thermal systems coupled with truncated compound parabolic concentrators
Zhang GM, Wei JJ, Wang ZX, Xie HL, Xi YH, Khalid M
257 - 272 An integrated framework for sizing and energy management of hybrid energy systems using finite automata
Khawaja Y, Allahham A, Giaouris D, Patsios C, Walker S, Qiqieh I
273 - 282 Emission factors of fugitive methane from underground coal mines in China: Estimation and uncertainty
Wang K, Zhang JJ, Cai BF, Yu SM
283 - 291 Urban solar utilization potential mapping via deep learning technology: A case study of Wuhan, China
Huang ZJ, Mendis T, Xu S
292 - 301 Biomethane addition to California transmission pipelines: Regional simulation of the impact of regulations
Von Wald GA, Stanion AJ, Rajagopal D, Brandt AR
302 - 312 Novel voltage-to-power sensitivity estimation for phasor measurement unit-unobservable distribution networks based on network equivalent
Su HZ, Wang CS, Li P, Li P, Liu ZL, Wu JZ
313 - 322 Optimal placement of phasor measurement unit in distribution networks considering the changes in topology
Su HZ, Wang CS, Li P, Liu ZL, Yu L, Wu JZ
323 - 332 Overcharge behaviors and failure mechanism of lithium-ion batteries under different test conditions
Ren DS, Feng XN, Lu LG, He XM, Ouyang MG
333 - 343 Hydrogen storage in a two-liter adsorbent prototype tank for fuel cell driven vehicles
Corgnale C, Hardy B, Chahine R, Zacharia R, Cossement D
344 - 357 Spillover as a cause of bias in baseline evaluation methods for demand response programs
Todd A, Cappers P, Spurlock CA, Jin L
358 - 368 Daily natural gas consumption forecasting via the application of a novel hybrid model
Wei N, Li CJ, Peng XL, Li Y, Zeng FH
369 - 388 How to maximise the value of residual biomass resources: The case of straw in Denmark
Venturini G, Pizarro-Alonso A, Munster M
389 - 403 Short-term optimal operation of hydro-wind-solar hybrid system with improved generative adversarial networks
Wei H, Zhang HX, Yu D, Wang YT, Ling D, Ming X
404 - 412 Numerical study on a water cooling system for prismatic LiFePO4 batteries at abused operating conditions
Xu XH, Li WZ, Xu B, Qin J
413 - 432 Carbon-neutral hybrid energy systems with deep water source cooling, biomass heating, and geothermal heat and power
Tian XY, You FQ
433 - 443 Experimental and computational study on stability characteristics of hydrogen-enriched oxy-methane premixed flames
Nemitallah MA, Imteyaz B, Abdelhafez A, Habib MA
444 - 451 The impacts of demand response participation in capacity markets
Lynch MA, Nolan S, Devine MT, O'Malley M
452 - 460 Effective use of venetian blind in Trombe wall for solar space conditioning control
Hong XQ, Leung MKH, He W
461 - 477 How sustainable is electric mobility? A comprehensive sustainability assessment approach for the case of Qatar
Onat NC, Kucukvar M, Aboushaqrah NNM, Jabbar R
478 - 492 Performance analysis on novel thermodynamic cycle under the guidance of 3D construction method
Xu WC, Deng S, Zhao L, Zhang Y, Li SJ
493 - 502 Computational fluid dynamics of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide capture using mixed feeding of calcium carbonate/calcium oxide in an industrial scale circulating fluidized bed boiler
Tritippayanon R, Piemjaiswang R, Piumsomboon P, Chalermsinsuwan B
503 - 511 Harvesting kinetic energy from roadway pavement through an electromagnetic speed bump
Gholikhani M, Nasouri R, Tahami SA, Legette S, Dessouky S, Montoya A
512 - 529 Integrated demand response for a load serving entity in multi-energy market considering network constraints
Liu PY, Ding T, Zou ZX, Yang YH
530 - 539 A hybrid deep learning-based neural network for 24-h ahead wind power forecasting
Hong YY, Rioflorido CLPP
540 - 548 Ensemble of relevance vector machines and boosted trees for electricity price forecasting
Agrawal RK, Muchahary F, Tripathi MM
549 - 557 Modeling of energy transformation pathways under current policies, NDCs and enhanced NDCs to achieve 2-degree target
Wang H, Chen WY
558 - 567 Integration of reversible solid oxide cells with methane synthesis (ReSOC-MS) in grid stabilization: A dynamic investigation
Chen B, Hajimolana YS, Venkataraman V, Ni M, Aravind PV
568 - 581 Modeling and onboard test of an electromagnetic energy harvester for railway cars
Pan Y, Liu FW, Jiang RJ, Tu ZW, Zuo L
582 - 592 Setting cost targets for zero-emission electricity generation technologies
Mai T, Cole W, Reimers A
593 - 604 On the performance of ground coupled seasonal thermal energy storage for heating and cooling: A Canadian context
Fong M, Alzoubi MA, Kurnia JC, Sasmito AP
605 - 616 Dynamic, multi-objective optimal design and operation of water-energy systems for small, off-grid islands
Giudici F, Castelletti A, Garofalo E, Giuliani M, Maier HR
617 - 632 Influence of spark discharge characteristics on ignition and combustion process and the lean operation limit in a spark ignition engine
Tsuboi S, Miyokawa S, Matsuda M, Yokomori T, Iida N
633 - 652 Techno-economic assessment of cascade air-to-water heat pump retrofitted into residential buildings using experimentally validated simulations
Le KX, Huang MJ, Shah NN, Wilson C, Mac Artain P, Byrne R, Hewitt NJ
653 - 664 Hydrothermal treatment of municipal solid waste into coal in a commercial Plant: Numerical assessment of process parameters
Ismail TM, Yoshikawa K, Sherif H, Abd El-Salam M
665 - 676 Installation of an axial Pump-as-Turbine (PaT) in a wastewater sewer of an oil refinery: A case study
Renzi M, Rudolf P, Stefan D, Nigro A, Rossi M
677 - 684 State of charge and online model parameters co-estimation for liquid metal batteries
Liu GA, Xu C, Li HM, Jiang K, Wang KL
685 - 696 In situ monitoring of lithium-ion battery degradation using an electrochemical model
Lyu C, Song YK, Zheng J, Luo WL, Hinds G, Li JF, Wang LX
697 - 712 Development of grid-responsive buildings: Opportunities, challenges, capabilities and applications of HVAC systems in non-residential buildings in providing ancillary services by fast demand responses to smart grids
Wang HL, Wang SW, Tang R
713 - 728 Variances in residential heating consumption - Importance of building characteristics and occupants analysed by movers and stayers
van den Brom P, Hansen AR, Gram-Hanssen K, Meijer A, Visscher H
729 - 747 Effectiveness of multi-stage cooling processes in improving the CH4-hydrate saturation uniformity in sandy laboratory samples
Yin ZY, Moridis G, Chong ZR, Linga P
748 - 759 Graphical analysis of photovoltaic generation and load matching in buildings: A novel way of studying self-consumption and self-sufficiency
Luthander R, Nilsson AM, Widen J, Aberg M
760 - 775 Life cycle assessment and energy payback time of a standalone hybrid renewable energy commercial microgrid: A case study of Town Island in Hong Kong
Wang R, Lam CM, Hsu SC, Chen JH
776 - 785 Electromagnetic energy harvester based on a finger trigger rotational gear module and an array of disc Halbach magnets
Kim JW, Salauddin M, Cho H, Rasel MS, Park JY
786 - 800 On the in-depth scaling and dimensional analysis of a cross-flow membrane liquid desiccant dehumidifier
Lin J, Huang SM, Wang RZ, Chua KJ
801 - 820 Modeling cycle-to-cycle variations in spark ignited combustion engines by scale-resolving simulations for different engine speeds
Masouleh MG, Keskinen K, Kaario O, Kahila H, Karimkashi S, Vuorinen V
821 - 833 Impact of coal power production on sustainable water resources management in the coal-fired power energy bases of Northern China
Gao XR, Zhao Y, Lu SB, Chen QY, An TL, Han XXQ, Zhuo L
834 - 845 Heat transfer pattern judgment and thermal performance enhancement of insulation air layers in building envelopes
Zhang TT, Yang HX
846 - 854 Performance characteristics of a passive direct ethylene glycol fuel cell with hydrogen peroxide as oxidant
Pan ZF, Bi YD, An L
855 - 863 Influence of rectifiers on the energy demand and gas quality of alkaline electrolysis systems in dynamic operation
Speckmann FW, Bintz S, Birke KP
864 - 872 Experimental and analytical analysis of vaned savonius turbine performance under different operating conditions
Gronman A, Tiainen J, Jaatinen-Varri A
873 - 881 Structural transition range of methane-ethane gas hydrates during decomposition below ice point
Zhong JR, Sun YF, Li WZ, Xie Y, Chen GJ, Sun CY, Yang LY, Qin HB, Pang WX, Li QP
882 - 894 A Kalman filter-based bottom-up approach for household short-term load forecast
Zheng Z, Chen HN, Luo XW
895 - 903 Thermal performance assessment of cryogenic transfer line with support and multilayer insulation for cryogenic fluid
Deng BC, Yang SQ, Xie XJ, Wang YL, Pan W, Li Q, Gong LH
904 - 915 Thermal and electrical performance of the dense-array concentrating photovoltaic (DA-CPV) system under non-uniform illumination
Ju X, Pan XY, Zhang ZY, Xu C, Wei GS
916 - 925 Evaluation of a novel multibed heat-integrated vacuum and temperature swing adsorption post-combustion CO2 capture process
Plaza MG, Rubiera F
926 - 945 A review on hydrothermal co-liquefaction of biomass
Yang J, He Q, Yang LX
946 - 958 Defining virtual control group to improve customer baseline load calculation of residential demand response
Lee E, Lee K, Lee H, Kim E, Rhee W
959 - 975 A sorbent-focused techno-economic analysis of direct air capture
Azarabadi H, Lackner KS
976 - 990 Dynamic modelling of a direct internal reforming solid oxide fuel cell stack based on single cell experiments
van Biert L, Godjevac M, Visser K, Aravind PV
991 - 1010 Predicting air temperatures in a naturally ventilated nearly zero energy building: Calibration, validation, analysis and approaches
O'Donovan A, O'Sullivan PD, Murphy MD
1011 - 1022 Demonstration of a feasible energy-water-environment nexus: Waste sulfur dioxide for water treatment
Chen L, Xu GY, Rui ZH, Alshawabkeh AN
1023 - 1035 Experimental investigation of a cementitious heat storage medium incorporating a solar salt/diatomite composite phase change material
Miliozzi A, Chieruzzi M, Torre L
1036 - 1052 GIS-based techno-economic optimisation of a regional supply chain for large-scale deployment of bio-SNG in a natural gas network
Singlitico A, Kilgallon I, Goggins J, Monaghan RFD
1053 - 1064 Achieving grid parity of wind power in China - Present levelized cost of electricity and future evolution
Tu Q, Betz R, Mo JL, Fan Y, Liu Y
1065 - 1072 Numerical analysis of the effects of particle radius and porosity on hydrogen absorption performances in metal hydride tank
Lin X, Zhu Q, Leng HY, Yang HG, Lyu T, Li Q
1073 - 1084 Outdoor performance evaluation of a holographic solar concentrator optimized for building integration
Marin-Saez J, Chemisana D, Atencia J, Collados MV
1085 - 1098 Assessing new transmission and energy storage in achieving increasing renewable generation targets in a regional grid
Conlon T, Waite M, Modi V
1099 - 1109 Off-grid power-to-fuel systems for a market launch scenario - A techno-economic assessment
Decker M, Schorn F, Samsun RC, Peters R, Stolten D
1110 - 1119 Annual electricity consumption prediction and future expansion analysis on dairy farms using a support vector machine
Shine P, Scully T, Upton J, Murphy MD
1120 - 1131 Estimation of renewable-based steam costs
Perez-Uresti SI, Martin M, Jimenez-Gutierrez A
1132 - 1146 Modeling framework for planning and operation of multi-modal energy systems in the case of Germany
Muller C, Hoffrichter A, Wyrwoll L, Schmitt C, Trageser M, Kulms T, Beulertz D, Metzger M, Duckheim M, Huber M, Kuppers M, Most D, Paulus S, Heger HJ, Schnettler A
1147 - 1157 Optimal sizing and placement of energy storage systems and on-load tap changer transformers in distribution networks
Iria J, Heleno M, Cardoso G
1158 - 1175 Bayesian deep learning based method for probabilistic forecast of day-ahead electricity prices
Brusaferri A, Matteucci M, Portolani P, Vitali A
1176 - 1189 Single cell induced starvation in a high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack
Alegre C, Lozano A, Manso AP, Alvarez-Manuel L, Marzo FF, Barreras F
1190 - 1201 Liquid air energy storage flexibly coupled with LNG regasification for improving air liquefaction
Peng XD, She XH, Li C, Luo YM, Zhang TT, Li YL, Ding YL
1202 - 1216 Carbon dioxide capture from pulp mill using 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol and monoethanolamine blend: Techno-economic assessment of advanced process configuration
Nwaoha C, Tontiwachwuthikul P
1217 - 1224 A decision support system for waste heat recovery and energy efficiency improvement in data centres
Luo Y, Andresen J, Clarke H, Rajendra M, Maroto-Valer M
1225 - 1234 Performance of seawater-filling type planting system based on solar distillation process: Numerical and experimental investigation
Wang QS, Liang S, Zhu ZY, Wu G, Su YH, Zheng HF
1235 - 1245 Worldwide energy use across global supply chains: Decoupled from economic growth?
Kan SY, Chen B, Chen GQ
1246 - 1259 Production data analysis of shale gas using fractal model and fuzzy theory: Evaluating fracturing heterogeneity
You XT, Liu JY, Jia CS, Li J, Liao XY, Zheng AW
1260 - 1269 Design and demonstration of Knudsen heat pump without moving parts free from electricity
Kugimoto K, Hirota Y, Yamauchi T, Yamaguchi H, Niimi T
1270 - 1279 Thermochemical storage performance of methane reforming with carbon dioxide using high temperature slag
Ding J, Wang YR, Gu R, Wang WL, Lu JF
1280 - 1291 Thermal performance of a thermal-storage unit by using a multichannel flat tube and rectangular fins
Chen CQ, Diao YH, Zhao YH, Ji WH, Wang ZY, Liang L
1292 - 1301 Strategic planning for utility-scale solar photovoltaic development - Historical peak events revisited
Sward JA, Siff J, Gu JJ, Zhang KM
1302 - 1311 Endorsing domestic energy saving behavior using micro-moment classification
Alsalemi A, Ramadan M, Bensaali F, Amira A, Sardianos C, Varlamis I, Dimitrakopoulos G
1312 - 1320 Dynamic control strategy of residential air conditionings considering environmental and behavioral uncertainties
Wang JX, Chen XY, Xie J, Xu SY, Yu K, Gan L
1321 - 1335 Urban-rural disparities of household energy requirements and influence factors in China: Classification tree models
Chen GW, Zhu YH, Wiedmann T, Yao LN, Xu LX, Wang YF
1336 - 1355 A multi-objective robust scheduling model and solution algorithm for a novel virtual power plant connected with power-to-gas and gas storage tank considering uncertainty and demand response
Ju LW, Zhao R, Tan QL, Lu Y, Tan QK, Wang W
1356 - 1365 Mathematical modeling of oxygen crossover in a lithium-oxygen battery
Esfahanian V, Dalakeh MT, Aghamirzaie N
1366 - 1382 Integrated optimization with building information modeling and life cycle assessment for generating energy efficient buildings
Najjar M, Figueiredo K, Hammad AWA, Haddad A
1383 - 1401 A comparative assessment of electrification strategies for industrial sites: Case of milk powder production
Buhler F, Zuhlsdorf B, Nguyen TV, Elmegaard B
1402 - 1417 Modeling building resilience against extreme weather by integrated CityFFD and CityBEM simulations
Katal A, Mortezazadeh M, Wang LZ
1418 - 1431 Combustion improvement and emission reduction through control of ethanol ratio and intake air temperature in reactivity controlled compression ignition combustion engine
Jo S, Park S, Kim HJ, Lee JT
1432 - 1445 Power-to-methane via co-electrolysis of H2O and CO2: The effects of pressurized operation and internal methanation
Wang LG, Rao M, Diethelm S, Lin TE, Zhang HF, Hagen A, Marechal F, Van Herle J
1446 - 1456 Dual mixed refrigerant LNG process: Uncertainty quantification and dimensional reduction sensitivity analysis
Qyyum MA, Duong PLT, Minh LQ, Lee S, Lee M
1457 - 1467 Thermal response of annuli filled with metal foam for thermal energy storage: An experimental study
Yang XH, Wei P, Cui X, Jin LW, He YL
1468 - 1480 A scalable environmental thermal energy harvester based on solid/liquid phase-change materials
Wang GY, Ha DS, Wang KG
1481 - 1490 Specific heat capacity improvement of molten salt for solar energy applications using charged single-walled carbon nanotubes
Yuan F, Li MJ, Qiu Y, Ma Z, Li MJ
1491 - 1547 Energy saving in thermal energy systems using dimpled surface technology - A review on mechanisms and applications
Rashidi S, Hormozi F, Sunden B, Mahian O
1548 - 1558 Assessment of on-site steady electricity generation from hybrid renewable energy systems in Chile
Camargo LR, Valdes J, Macia YM, Dorner W
1559 - 1580 Hybrid forecasting system based on an optimal model selection strategy for different wind speed forecasting problems
Zhou QG, Wang C, Zhang GF
1581 - 1599 Potential of carbon dioxide transcritical power cycle waste-heat recovery systems for heavy-duty truck engines
Li XY, Tian H, Shu GQ, Zhao MR, Markides CN, Hu C
1600 - 1617 Multi-objective optimisation approach for campus energy plant operation based on building heating load scenarios
Ding Y, Wang QC, Kong XF, Yang K
1618 - 1631 Impact of ethanol blending into gasoline on aromatic compound evaporation and particle emissions from a gasoline direct injection engine
Ratcliff MA, Windom B, Fioroni GM, St John P, Burke S, Burton J, Christensen ED, Sindler P, McCormick RL
1632 - 1640 Structural modification of vanadium redox flow battery with high electrochemical corrosion resistance
Duan ZN, Qu ZG, Wang Q, Wang JJ
1641 - 1656 New parametric performance maps for a novel sizing and selection methodology of a Liquid Air Energy Storage system
Tafone A, Romagnoli A, Borri E, Comodi G
1657 - 1672 A novel framework for development and optimisation of future electricity scenarios with high penetration of renewables and storage
Gaete-Morales C, Gallego-Schmid A, Stamford L, Azapagic A
1673 - 1685 Enhanced performance of air-cooled thermal power plants using low temperature thermal storage
O'Donovan A, Grimes R, Sikora P
1686 - 1695 Evaluation of pulverized coal utilization in a blast furnace by numerical simulation and grey relational analysis
Wu DL, Zhou P, Zhou CQ
1696 - 1705 Prediction of potassium compounds released from biomass during combustion
Cao WH, Marti-Rossello T, Li J, Lue L
1706 - 1718 Catalytic co-pyrolysis of yellow poplar wood and polyethylene terephthalate over two stage calcium oxide-ZSM-5
Park YK, Jung J, Ryu S, Lee HW, Siddiqui MZ, Jae J, Watanabe A, Kim YM
1719 - 1728 A static moving boundary modelling approach for simulation of indirect evaporative free cooling systems
Rampazzo M, Lionello M, Beghi A, Sisti E, Cecchinato L