Applied Energy

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ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 12 Examining and optimizing the BCycle bike-sharing system - A pilot study in Colorado, US
Hu YJ, Zhang YP, Lamb D, Zhang MM, Jia P
13 - 23 Numerical modelling and in-depth analysis of multi-stack vanadium flow battery module incorporating transport delay
Chen H, Li XR, Gao H, Liu JG, Yan CW, Tang A
24 - 31 Hydrogen production in liquid water by femtosecond laser-induced plasma
Kierzkowska-Pawlak H, Tyczkowski J, Jarota A, Abramczyk H
32 - 39 Exploration and casting of large scale microscopic pathways for shale using electrodeposition
Jin X, Wang XQ, Yan WP, Meng SW, Liu XD, Jiao H, Su L, Zhu RK, Liu H, Li J
40 - 59 Coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical analysis of stimulation and production for fractured geothermal reservoirs
Li SB, Feng XT, Zhang D, Tang H
60 - 77 Techno-economic analysis of the thermal energy saving options for high-voltage direct current interconnectors
Giampieri A, Ma ZW, Chin JL, Smallbone A, Lyons P, Khan I, Hemphill S, Roskilly AP
78 - 88 Thermal performance analysis of a new refrigerant-heated radiator coupled with air-source heat pump heating system
Shao SL, Zhang H, You SJ, Zheng WD, Jiang LF
89 - 101 Wind-solar complementarity and effective use of distribution network capacity
Sun W, Harrison GP
102 - 115 Thermodynamic analysis of a combined cooling, heating and power system based on solar thermal biomass gasification
Wang JJ, Ma CF, Wu J
116 - 126 Spanning solar spectrum: A combined photochemical and thermochemical process for solar energy storage
Fang J, Liu Q, Guo SP, Lei J, Jin HG
127 - 139 Municipal solid waste incineration in a packed bed: A comprehensive modeling study with experimental validation
Gu TB, Yin CG, Ma WC, Chen GY
140 - 154 Spatio-temporal effect of the breakdown zone in the laser-initiated ignition of atomized ethyl alcohol-air mixture
Singh AP, Padhi UP, Joarder R, Roy A
155 - 170 Adaptive measures for mitigating urban heat islands: The potential of thermochromic materials to control roofing energy balance
Fabiani C, Pisello AL, Bou-Zeid E, Yang J, Cotana F
171 - 181 Bioenergy production to improve value-creation potential of strategic forest management plans in mixed-wood forests of Eastern Canada
Cantegril P, Paradis G, Lebel L, Raulier F
182 - 189 Improving the energy efficiency of an electrodialytic process to extract phosphorus from municipal solid waste digestate through different strategies
Oliveira V, Kirkelund GM, Horta C, Labrincha J, Dias-Ferreira C
190 - 211 An integrated technical-economic model for evaluating CO2 enhanced oil recovery development
Jiang JY, Rui ZH, Hazlett R, Lu J
212 - 220 A stochastic optimization approach to the design and operation planning of a hybrid renewable energy system
Yu J, Ryu JH, Lee IB
221 - 227 Performance of a speed bump piezoelectric energy harvester for an automatic cellphone charging system
Song GJ, Kim KB, Cho JY, Woo MS, Ahn JH, Eom JH, Ko SM, Yang CH, Do Hong S, Jeong SY, Hwang WS, Woo SB, Jhun JP, Jeon DH, Sung TH
228 - 236 An improved mathematical model for a pumped hydro storage system considering electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic losses
Mousavi N, Kothapalli G, Habibi D, Khiadani M, Das CK
237 - 253 Bioethanol from corn stover - Global warming footprint of alternative biotechnologies
Zhao Y, Damgaard A, Xu YJ, Liu S, Christensen TH
254 - 269 A GIS-based high spatial resolution assessment of large-scale PV generation potential in China
Yang Q, Huang TY, Wang SG, Li JD, Dai SQ, Wright S, Wang YX, Peng HW
270 - 284 Wind speed prediction method using Shared Weight Long Short-Term Memory Network and Gaussian Process Regression
Zhang ZD, Ye L, Qin H, Liu YQ, Wang C, Yu X, Yin XL, Li J
285 - 296 The effects of operating conditions and structural parameters on the dynamic, electric consumption and power generation characteristics of an electric assisted bicycle
Hung NB, Lim O
297 - 308 Forecasting the Impact of Connected and Automated Vehicles on Energy Use: A Microeconomic Study of Induced Travel and Energy Rebound
Taiebat M, Stolper S, Xu M
309 - 321 Modeling and field-test of a compact electromagnetic energy harvester for railroad transportation
Pan Y, Lin T, Qian F, Liu C, Yu J, Zuo JY, Zuo L
322 - 334 Toward a new method for the design of combined sensible/latent thermal-energy storage using non-dimensional analysis
Becattini V, Haselbacher A
335 - 349 A bifacial photovoltaic thermal system design with parameter optimization and performance beneficial validation
Kuo CFJ, Yang PC, Umar ML, Lan WL
350 - 362 Unequal age-based household emission and its monthly variation embodied in energy consumption - A cases study of Tokyo, Japan
Long Y, Yoshida Y, Meng J, Guan DB, Yao LM, Zhang HR
363 - 373 Integration of compressed air energy storage and gas turbine to improve the ramp rate
Kim MJ, Kim TS
374 - 388 Investigation on the thermal performance of a high temperature packed bed thermal energy storage system containing carbonate salt based composite phase change materials
Li C, Li Q, Ding YL
389 - 402 Day-ahead spatiotemporal solar irradiation forecasting using frequency based hybrid principal component analysis and neural network
Lan H, Zhang C, Hong YY, He Y, Wen SL
403 - 416 Experimental and numerical analysis of a reciprocating piston expander with variable valve timing for small-scale organic Rankine cycle power systems
Wronski J, Imran M, Skovrup MJ, Haglind F
417 - 425 CO2 regenerative battery for energy harvesting from ammonia-based post-combustion CO2 capture
Li KK, Jiang KQ, Jones TW, Feron PHM, Bennett RD, Hollenkamp AF
426 - 437 Aggregator-mediated demand response: Minimizing imbalances caused by uncertainty of solar generation
Okur O, Voulis N, Heijnen P, Lukszo Z
438 - 453 A hydrogen supply chain with spatial resolution: Comparative analysis of infrastructure technologies in Germany
Reuss M, Grube T, Robinius M, Stolten D
454 - 466 Deep reinforcement learning of energy management with continuous control strategy and traffic information for a series-parallel plug-in hybrid electric bus
Wu YK, Tan HC, Peng JK, Zhang HL, He HW
467 - 479 A worldwide cost-based design and optimization of tilted bifacial solar farms
Patel MT, Khan MR, Sun XS, Alam MA
480 - 491 Intelligent load pattern modeling and denoising using improved variational mode decomposition for various calendar periods
Cui J, Yu RZ, Zhao DB, Yang JY, Ge WC, Zhou XM
492 - 502 Active harvesting enhances energy recovery and function of electroactive microbiomes in microbial fuel cells
Lu L, Lobo FL, Xing DF, Ren ZJ
503 - 516 Shape-remodeled macrocapsule of phase change materials for thermal energy storage and thermal management
Yu DH, He ZZ
517 - 524 Continuous flow-based laser-assisted plasmonic heating: A new approach for photothermal energy conversion and utilization
Belekoukia M, Kalamaras E, Tan JZY, Vilela F, Garcia S, Maroto-Valer MM, Xuan J
525 - 536 Benefits of smart control of hybrid heat pumps: An analysis of field trial data
Sun MY, Djapic P, Aunedi M, Pudjianto D, Strbac G
537 - 548 Modeling advanced combustion modes in compression ignition engines with tabulated kinetics
Lucchini T, Della Torre A, D'Errico G, Onorati A
549 - 558 Optimal use of electric energy oriented water-electricity combined supply system for the building-integrated-photovoltaics community
Sui Q, Wei FR, Zhang R, Lin XN, Tong N, Wang ZX, Li ZT
559 - 571 Investigating the need for real time measurements in industrial wind power systems combined with battery storage
Papadopoulos V, Knockaert J, Develder C, Desmet J
572 - 581 Trade-off designs of power-to-methane systems via solid-oxide electrolyzer and the application to biogas upgrading
Jeanmonod G, Wang LG, Diethelm S, Marechal F, Van Herle J
582 - 593 Towards optimisation of geothermal heat recovery: An example from the West Netherlands Basin
Willems CJL, Nick HM
594 - 604 Thermal-hydraulic performance of printed circuit heat exchanger with supercritical carbon dioxide airfoil fin passage and molten salt straight passage
Fu QM, Ding J, Lao JW, Wang WL, Lu JF
605 - 614 Powdered biochar doubled microbial growth in anaerobic digestion of oil
Lu F, Liu Y, Shao LM, He PJ
615 - 629 Facile flexible reversible thermochromic membranes based on micro/nanoencapsulated phase change materials for wearable temperature sensor
He YY, Li W, Han N, Wang JP, Zhang XX
630 - 642 Theoretical and experimental study of gas-phase corrosion attack of Fe under simulated municipal solid waste combustion: Influence of KCl, SO2, HCl, and H2O vapour
Chen GY, Wenga T, Ma WC, Lin FW
643 - 656 Data compression approach for the home energy management system
Jia KQ, Guo G, Xiao JC, Zhou H, Wang ZH, He GY
657 - 669 A comprehensive dynamic efficiency-enhanced energy management strategy for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
Wang F, Zhang J, Xu X, Cai YF, Zhou ZG, Sun XQ
670 - 681 Simultaneous biomethanisation of endogenous and imported CO2 in organically loaded anaerobic digesters
Tao B, Alessi AM, Zhang Y, Chong JPJ, Heaven S, Banks CJ
682 - 691 Impacts of policies on innovation in wind power technologies in China
Lin BQ, Chen YF
692 - 702 Holistic modeling framework of demand response considering multi-timescale uncertainties for capacity value estimation
Zeng B, Zhao DB, Singh CA, Wang JH, Chen C
703 - 715 Non-isothermal Ragone plots of Li-ion cells from datasheet and galvanostatic discharge tests
Zhang YC, Briat O, Boulon L, Deletage JY, Martin C, Coccetti F, Vinassa JM
716 - 730 Are electrofuels a sustainable transport fuel? Analysis of the effect of controls on carbon, curtailment, and cost of hydrogen
McDonagh S, Deane P, Rajendran K, Murphy JD
731 - 744 y A methodology to improve the performance of PV integrated shading devices using multi-objective optimization
Taveres-Cachat E, Lobaccaro G, Goia F, Chaudhary G
745 - 754 Sensitivity of Western US power system dynamics to droughts compounded with fuel price variability
O'Connell, Voisin N, Macknick, Fu
755 - 765 Design of low-carbon utility systems: Exploiting time-dependent grid emissions for climate-friendly demand-side management
Baumgartner N, Delorme R, Hennen M, Bardow A