Applied Energy

Applied Energy, Vol.240 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 5 Performance evaluation of thermochemical energy storage system based on lithium orthosilicate and zeolite
Takasu H, Hoshino H, Tamura Y, Kato Y
6 - 25 Critical raw materials and transportation sector electrification: A detailed bottom-up analysis in world transport
Hache E, Seck GS, Simoen M, Bonnet C, Carcanague S
26 - 34 A tunable frequency up-conversion wideband piezoelectric vibration energy harvester for low-frequency variable environment using a novel impact- and rope-driven hybrid mechanism
Zhang JH, Qin LF
35 - 45 Deep learning-based feature engineering methods for improved building energy prediction
Fan C, Sun YJ, Zhao Y, Song MJ, Wang JY
46 - 55 Optimal dispatch for participation of electric vehicles in frequency regulation based on area control error and area regulation requirement
Liu H, Huang K, Wang N, Qi JJ, Wu QW, Ma SC, Li CB
56 - 72 Microgrids as a resilience resource and strategies used by microgrids for enhancing resilience
Hussain A, Bui VH, Kim HM
73 - 83 Off-grid solar thermal water heating system using phase-change materials: design, integration and real environment investigation
Prakash J, Roan D, Tauqir W, Nazir H, Ali M, Kannan A
84 - 119 A review on airflow management in data centers
Chu WX, Wang CC
A1 - A6 Thermal energy storage
Yan J, Yang X
120 - 137 Enhancement of methane production in anaerobic digestion process: A review
Li Y, Chen YG, Wu J
138 - 172 A comprehensive review of ejector design, performance, and applications
Tashtoush BM, Al-Nimr MA, Khasawneh MA
173 - 190 A solar-based sustainable urban design: The effects of city-scale street-canyon geometry on solar access in Geneva, Switzerland
Mohajeri N, Gudmundsson A, Kunckler T, Upadhyay G, Assouline D, Kampf JH, Scartezzini JL
191 - 204 Improvement of energy recovery from the digestion of waste activated sludge (WAS) through intermediate treatments: The effect of the hydraulic retention time (HRT) of the first-stage digestion
Ruffino B, Cerutti A, Campo G, Scibilia G, Lorenzi E, Zanetti M
205 - 214 Forecasting household consumption of fuels: A multiple discrete-continuous approach
Frontuto V
215 - 225 Gas hydrate exploitation using CO2/H-2 mixture gas by semi-continuous injection-production mode
Sun YF, Wang YF, Zhong JR, Li WZ, Li R, Cao BJ, Kan JY, Sun CY, Chen GJ
226 - 235 A uniformly distributed bismuth nanoparticle-modified carbon cloth electrode for vanadium redox flow batteries
Jiang HR, Zeng YK, Wu MC, Shyy W, Zhao TS
236 - 250 Life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions of upgrading and refining bitumen from the solvent extraction process
Soiket MIH, Oni AO, Gemechu ED, Kumar A
251 - 264 Extended opportunity cost model to find near equilibrium electricity prices under non-convexities
Shavandi H, Pirnia M, Fuller JD
265 - 275 A new approach to the upgrading of the traditional propylene carbonate washing process with significantly higher CO2 absorption capacity and selectivity
Chen W, Chen MZJ, Yang MK, Zou EB, Li H, Jia CZ, Sun CY, Ma QL, Chen GJ, Qin HB
276 - 294 Prediction of occupancy level and energy consumption in office building using blind system identification and neural networks
Wei YX, Xia L, Pan S, Wu JS, Zhang XX, Han MJ, Zhang WY, Xie JC, Li QP
295 - 311 A trip-specific model for fuel saving estimation and subsidy policy making of carpooling based on empirical data
Liu XB, Yan XD, Liu F, Wang R, Leng Y
312 - 326 Remote sensing for vegetation monitoring in carbon capture storage regions: A review
Chen Y, Guerschman JP, Cheng ZB, Guo LZ
327 - 340 An integrated model predictive control approach for optimal HVAC and energy storage operation in large-scale buildings
Bianchini G, Casini M, Pepe D, Vicino A, Zanvettor GG
341 - 358 Optimal scheduling strategy of district integrated heat and power system with wind power and multiple energy stations considering thermal inertia of buildings under different heating regulation modes
Wang D, Zhi YQ, Jia HJ, Hou K, Zhang SX, Du W, Wang XD, Fan MH
359 - 371 Demonstrating direct methanation of real biogas in a fluidised bed reactor
Witte J, Calbry-Muzyka A, Wieseler T, Hottinger P, Biollaz SMA, Schildhauer TJ
372 - 385 Economic model predictive control of combined thermal and electric residential building energy systems
Kuboth S, Heberle F, Konig-Haagen A, Bruggemann D
386 - 398 Data fusion in predicting internal heat gains for office buildings through a deep learning approach
Wang Z, Hong TZ, Piette MA
399 - 408 Leidenfrost heat engine: Sustained rotation of levitating rotors on turbine-inspired substrates
Agrawal P, Wells GG, Ledesma-Aguilar R, McHale G, Buchoux A, Stokes A, Sefiane K
409 - 423 Turbine and exhaust ports thermal insulation impact on the engine efficiency and aftertreatment inlet temperature
Lujan JM, Serrano JR, Piqueras P, Diesel B
424 - 435 A multi-stakeholder analysis of the economic efficiency of industrial energy efficiency policies: Empirical evidence from ten years of the Italian White Certificate Scheme
Franzo S, Frattini F, Cagno E, Trianni A
436 - 445 Experimental performance of a two-stage (50 x) parabolic trough collector tested to 650 degrees C using a suspended particulate heat transfer fluid
Widyolar B, Jiang L, Ferry J, Winston R, Cygan D, Abbasi H
446 - 452 Effects of building size growth on residential energy efficiency and conservation in California
Fournier ED, Federico F, Porse E, Pincetl S
453 - 472 Demand-side energy management by cooperative combination of plans: A multi-objective method applicable to isolated communities
de Christo TM, Perron S, Fardin JF, Simonetti DSL, de Alvarez CE
473 - 485 Recent advances in fuel cells based propulsion systems for unmanned aerial vehicles
Pan ZF, An L, Wen CY
486 - 498 A novel 3D simulation model for investigating liquid desiccant dehumidification performance based on CFD technology
Wen T, Luo YM, Lu L
499 - 512 Effects of monetary investment, payback time and firm characteristics on electricity saving in energy-intensive industry
Lawrence A, Karlsson M, Nehler T, Thollander P
513 - 533 Impact of urban block typology on building solar potential and energy use efficiency in tropical high-density city
Zhang J, Xu L, Shabunko V, Tay SER, Sun HX, Lau SSY, Reindl T
534 - 548 Cross-domain Pareto optimization of heterogeneous domains for the operation of smart cities
Stoyanova I, Monti A
549 - 560 Polytetrafluoroethylene content in standalone microporous layers: Tradeoff between membrane hydration and mass transport losses in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Wong AKC, Ge N, Shrestha P, Liu H, Fahy K, Bazylak A
561 - 582 An anomaly detection framework for dynamic systems using a Bayesian hierarchical framework
Moghaddass R, Sheng SW
583 - 607 Microgrid control methods toward achieving sustainable energy management
Roslan MF, Hannan MA, Ker PJ, Uddin MN
608 - 616 Microbial electrolysis cells using complex substrates achieve high performance via continuous feeding-based control of reactor concentrations and community structure
Lewis AJ, Borole AP
617 - 629 The energy implication of China's food system transformation
Song F, Reardon T, Tian X, Lin C
630 - 645 A convex decentralized optimization for environmental-economic power and gas system considering diversified emission control
Qu KP, Shi SY, Yu T, Wang WR
646 - 665 Modeling and validation of a DC/DC power converter for building energy simulations: Application to BIPV systems
Spiliotis K, Goncalves JE, Van De Sande W, Ravyts S, Daenen M, Saelens D, Baert K, Driesen J
666 - 679 An integrated transmission and distribution test system for evaluation of transactive energy designs
Nguyen HT, Battula S, Takkala RR, Wang ZY, Tesfatsion L
680 - 697 Decision analysis to support the choice of a future power generation pathway for Sri Lanka
De Silva MT, Hornberger GM, Baroud H
698 - 708 Combined ammonia recovery and solid oxide fuel cell use at wastewater treatment plants for energy and greenhouse gas emission improvements
Grasham O, Dupont V, Camargo-Valero MA, Garcia-Gutierrez P, Cockerill T
709 - 718 Modelling of a hybrid system for on-site power generation from solar fuels
Xu HR, Chen B, Tan P, Sun Q, Maroto-Valer MM, Ni M
719 - 729 Temporally-coordinated optimal operation of a multi-energy microgrid under diverse uncertainties
Li ZM, Xu Y
730 - 743 Modelling, experimental test, and design of an active air permeable wall by utilizing the low-grade exhaust air
Zhang C, Gang WJ, Xu XH, Li L, Wang JB
744 - 753 Dynamic modeling of liquid-desiccant regenerator based on a state-space method
Liu W, Gong YF, Niu XF, Shen JJ, Kosonen R
754 - 765 Experimental study of photovoltaic panel mounting configurations for tube-shaped structures
Bempah KO, Kwon K, Kim KA
766 - 777 Assessing net energy consumption of Australian economy from 2004-05 to 2014-15: Environmentally-extended input-output analysis, structural decomposition analysis, and linkage analysis
He H, Reynolds CJ, Li LY, Boland J
778 - 792 A novel locally adaptive method for modeling the spatiotemporal dynamics of global electric power consumption based on DMSP-OLS nighttime stable light data
Hu T, Huang X
793 - 817 Supercooling of phase-change materials and the techniques used to mitigate the phenomenon
Zahir MH, Mohamed SA, Saidur R, Al-Sulaiman FA
818 - 826 Long term and demand-oriented biocatalytic synthesis of highly concentrated methane in a trickle bed reactor
Burkhardt M, Jordan I, Heinrich S, Behrens J, Ziesche A, Busch G
827 - 841 Zeolite catalyst-aided tri-solvent blend amine regeneration: An alternative pathway to reduce the energy consumption in amine-based CO2 capture process
Zhang XW, Huang YF, Gao HX, Luo X, Liang ZW, Tontiwachwuthikul P
842 - 850 A novel method to enhance methane hydrate exploitation efficiency via forming impermeable overlying CO2 hydrate cap
Sun ZF, Li N, Jia S, Cui JL, Yuan Q, Sun CY, Chen GJ
851 - 859 Coal to substitute natural gas based on combined coal-steam gasification and one-step methanation
Wang DD, Li S, He S, Gao L
860 - 869 Optimization of ground heat exchanger using microencapsulated phase change material slurry based on tree-shaped structure
Pu L, Xu LL, Zhang SQ, Li YZ
870 - 881 Sulfur heat transfer behavior in vertically-oriented isochoric thermal energy storage systems
Jin K, Barde A, Nithyanandam K, Wirz RE
882 - 892 Co-hydrothermal carbonization of polyvinyl chloride and moist biomass to remove chlorine and inorganics for clean fuel production
Huang N, Zhao PT, Ghosh S, Fedyukhin A
893 - 906 Standby thermal model of a vanadium redox flow battery stack with crossover and shunt-current effects
Trovo A, Marini G, Sutto A, Motto P, Giomo M, Moro F, Guarnieri M
907 - 917 Exploring the boundaries of Solar Home Systems (SHS) for off-grid electrification: Optimal SHS sizing for the multi-tier framework for household electricity access
Narayan N, Chamseddine A, Vega-Garita V, Qin Z, Popovic-Gerber J, Bauer P, Zeman M
918 - 945 A review on various temperature-indication methods for Li-ion batteries
Raijmakers LHJ, Danilov DL, Eichel RA, Notten PHL
946 - 963 Experimental investigation of modern ORC working fluids R1224yd(Z) and R1233zd(E) as replacements for R245fa
Eyerer S, Dawo F, Kaindl J, Wieland C, Spliethoff HM
964 - 985 The scope for better industry representation in long-term energy models: Modeling the cement industry
Kermeli K, Edelenbosch OY, Crijns-Graus W, van Ruijven BJ, Mima S, van Vuuren DP, Worrell E
986 - 1002 Value and economic estimation model for grid-scale energy storage in monopoly power markets
Ding J, Xu YJ, Chen HS, Sun WW, Hu S, Sun S
1003 - 1013 CFD and kinetic modelling study of methane MILD combustion in O-2/N-2, O-2/CO2 and O-2/H2O atmospheres
Tu YJ, Xu MC, Zhou DZ, Wang QX, Yang WM, Liu H
1014 - 1030 Systematic testing of hybrid PV-thermal (PVT) solar collectors in steady-state and dynamic outdoor conditions
Guarracino I, Freeman J, Ramos A, Kalogirou SA, Ekins-Daukes NJ, Markides CN
1031 - 1048 Techno-economic optimal power rating of induction motors
Payan MB, Fernandez JMR, Ortega JMM, Santos JMR
1049 - 1060 Evaluating uncertain investment decisions in low-carbon transition toward renewable energy
Zhang MM, Wang QW, Zhou DQ, Ding H
1061 - 1074 In-cycle control for stabilization of homogeneous charge compression ignition combustion using direct water injection
Wick M, Bedei J, Gordon D, Wouters C, Lehrheuer B, Nuss E, Andert J, Koch CR