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ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Hierarchical control of DC microgrid with dynamical load power sharing
Yuan MH, Fu Y, Mi Y, Li ZK, Wang CS
12 - 22 Impact of energy saving and emission reduction policy on urban sustainable development: Empirical evidence from China
Lin BQ, Zhu JP
23 - 40 A hierarchical framework for holistic optimization of the operations of district cooling systems
Chiam ZL, Easwaran A, Mouquet D, Fazlollahi S, Millas JV
41 - 56 A novel heat exchanger design procedure for photovoltaic panel cooling application: An analytical and experimental evaluation
Siddiqui MU, Siddiqui OK, Al-Sarkhi A, Arif AFM, Zubair SM
57 - 69 Insight into micro-mechanism of hydrate-based methane recovery and carbon dioxide capture from methane-carbon dioxide gas mixtures with thermal characterization
Xu CG, Yan R, Fu J, Zhang SH, Yan KF, Chen ZY, Xia ZM, Li XS
70 - 82 Convex optimization based adjustable robust dispatch for integrated electric-gas systems considering gas delivery priority
Wang C, Wei W, Wang JH, Bi TS
83 - 95 Distributed energy management for community microgrids considering network operational constraints and building thermal dynamics
Liu GD, Jiang T, Ollis TB, Zhang XH, Tomsovic K
96 - 106 A new analytical model for wind turbine wakes based on Monin-Obukhov similarity theory
Cheng Y, Zhang MM, Zhang ZL, Xu JZ
107 - 116 Using behavioural economic theory in modelling of demand response
Good N
117 - 132 Analysis of the impact of energy efficiency labelling and potential changes on electricity demand reduction of white goods using a stock model: The case of Switzerland
Yilmaz S, Majcen D, Heidari M, Mahmoodi J, Brosch T, Patel MK
133 - 141 Coalitional game theory based local power exchange algorithm for networked microgrids
Mei J, Chen C, Wang JH, Kirtley JL
142 - 156 Role of porous metal foam on the heat transfer enhancement for a thermal energy storage tube
Yang XH, Yu JB, Guo ZX, Jin LW, He YL
157 - 170 Impacts of carbon price level in carbon emission trading market
Lin BQ, Jia ZJ
171 - 180 Comparative study on hydrothermal treatment as pre- and post-treatment of anaerobic digestion of primary sludge: Focus on energy balance, resources transformation and sludge dewaterability
Yuan T, Cheng YF, Zhang ZY, Lei ZF, Shimizu K
181 - 191 Mid-to-long term wind and photovoltaic power generation prediction based on copula function and long short term memory network
Han S, Qiao YH, Yan J, Liu YQ, Li L, Wang Z
192 - 200 A new approach for assessing the macroeconomic growth energy rebound effect
Jin T, Kim J
201 - 206 Gravity energy storage with suspended weights for abandoned mine shafts
Morstyn T, Chilcott M, McCulloch MD
207 - 217 Effects of crystalline nanocellulose on wastewater-cultivated microalgal heck for separation and biomass composition
Qiu S, Wang LF, Champagne P, Cao GH, Chen ZP, Wang SY, Ge SJ
218 - 224 Learning only buys you so much: Practical limits on battery price reduction
Hsieh IYL, Pan MS, Chiang YM, Green WH
225 - 238 Investigation of energy output in mountain wind farm using multiple-units SCADA data
Dai JC, Tan YY, Shen XB
239 - 251 Probabilistic assessment of realizing the 1.5 degrees C climate target
Marcucci A, Panos E, Kypreos S, Fragkos P
252 - 267 Measured and modeled performance of internal mass as a thermal energy battery for energy flexible residential buildings
Panao MJNO, Mateus NM, da Graca GC
268 - 279 Determinants of carbon emissions in 'Belt and Road initiative' countries: A production technology perspective
Fan JL, Da YB, Wan SL, Zhang M, Cao Z, Wang Y, Zhang X
280 - 295 Optimal design and operation of multi-energy system with load aggregator considering nodal energy prices
Pan GS, Gu W, Wu Z, Lu YP, Lu S
296 - 315 Advances in seasonal thermal energy storage for solar district heating applications: A critical review on large-scale hot-water tank and pit thermal energy storage systems
Dahash A, Ochs F, Janetti MB, Streicher W
316 - 330 Coupling partial-equilibrium and dynamic biogenic carbon models to assess future transport scenarios in France
Albers A, Collet P, Lorne D, Benoist A, Helias A
331 - 342 Experimental demonstration of mitigating self-excited combustion oscillations using an electrical heater
Wu G, Lu ZL, Pan WC, Guan YH, Li SH, Ji CZ
343 - 355 Modeling and optimization of a supply chain of renewable biomass and biogas: Processing plant location
Sarker BR, Wu BQ, Paudel KP
356 - 372 Multi-objective optimization of energy arbitrage in community energy storage systems using different battery technologies
Terlouw T, AlSkaif T, Bauer C, van Sark W
373 - 382 Energy storage subsidy estimation for microgrid: A real option game-theoretic approach
Chen WD, Zeng Y, Xu CQ
383 - 394 Security constrained co-planning of transmission expansion and energy storage
Gan W, Ai XM, Fang JK, Yan MY, Yao W, Zuo WP, Wen JY
395 - 407 Assessment of the potential and distribution of an energy crop at 1-km resolution from 2010 to 2100 in China - The case of sweet sorghum
Nie YY, Cai WJ, Wang C, Huang GR, Ding Q, Yu L, Li HR, Ji DY
408 - 424 An internet of things upgrade for smart and scalable heating, ventilation and air-conditioning control in commercial buildings
Png E, Srinivasan S, Bekiroglu K, Jiang CY, Rong S, Poolla K
425 - 433 Performance investigation of an intermediate fluid thermoelectric generator for automobile exhaust waste heat recovery
Zhao YL, Wang SX, Ge MH, Liang ZJ, Liang YF, Li YZ
434 - 453 Reducing the water usage of post-combustion capture systems: The role of water condensation/evaporation in rotary regenerative gas/gas heat exchangers
Herraiz L, Hogg D, Cooper J, Lucquiaud M
454 - 470 Uncertainties of virtual power plant: Problems and countermeasures
Yu SY, Fang F, Liu YJ, Liu JZ
471 - 481 Feasibility study of an off-grid biomethane mobile solution for agri-waste
Gil-Carrera L, Browne JD, Kilgallon I, Murphy JD
482 - 493 A new quantitative life cycle sustainability assessment framework: Application to integrated energy systems
Moslehi S, Reddy TA
494 - 503 Integrated modelling of the impacts of hydropower projects on the water-food-energy nexus in a transboundary Himalayan river basin
Amjath-Babu TS, Sharma B, Brouwer R, Rasul G, Wahid SM, Neupane N, Bhattarai U, Sieber S
504 - 513 Performance optimization of bi-layer solar steam generation system through tuning porosity of bottom layer
Liu S, Huang CL, Luo X, Guo CW
514 - 525 Theoretical and experimental performance of a two-stage (50X) hybrid spectrum splitting solar collector tested to 600 degrees C
Widyolar B, Jiang L, Ferry J, Winston R, Kirk A, Osowski M, Cygan D, Abbasi H
526 - 535 Numerical investigation of phase change material thermal storage for space cooling
Farah S, Liu M, Saman W
536 - 548 An internal trading strategy for optimal energy management of combined cooling, heat and power in building microgrids
Bui VH, Hussain A, Im YH, Kim HM
549 - 559 A data mining-driven incentive-based demand response scheme for a virtual power plant
Luo Z, Hong S, Ding YM
560 - 580 Impacts of heat sector transformation on Germany's power system through increased use of power-to-heat
Bloess A
581 - 597 The impact of thermal transmittance variation on building design in the Mediterranean region
Fernandes MS, Rodrigues E, Gaspar AR, Costa JJ, Gomes A
598 - 609 Optimal energy management strategies for energy Internet via deep reinforcement learning approach
Hua HC, Qin YC, Hao CT, Cao JW
610 - 625 Prediction and explanation of the formation of the Spanish day-ahead electricity price through machine learning regression
Diaz G, Coto J, Gomez-Aleixandre J
626 - 634 Energy balance of the carbon dioxide injection facility in Ketzin, Germany
Wiese BU, Nimtz M
635 - 643 Hydrogen generation in a pressurized photobioreactor: Unexpected enhancement of biohydrogen production by the phototrophic bacterium Rhodobacter capsulatus
Magnin JP, Deseure J
644 - 657 Degradation analysis of mixed ionic-electronic conductor-supported iron-oxide oxygen carriers for chemical-looping conversion of methane
Cho WC, Lee JK, Nam GD, Kim CH, Cho HS, Joo JH
658 - 679 Building facade integrated solar thermal collectors for air heating: experimentation, modelling and applications
Agathokleous R, Barone G, Buonomano A, Forzano C, Kalogirou SA, Palombo A
680 - 691 Networked Stackelberg Competition in a Demand Response Market
Motalleb M, Siano P, Ghorbani R
692 - 705 A Techno-economic comparison of micro-cogeneration systems based on polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell for residential applications
Di Marcoberardino G, Chiarabaglio L, Manzolini G, Campanari S
706 - 714 Quantified analysis method for operational flexibility of active distribution networks with high penetration of distributed generators
Ji HR, Wang CS, Li P, Song GY, Yu H, Wu JZ
715 - 724 Techno-economic evaluation of biomass-to-end-use chains based on densified bioenergy carriers (dBECs)
Schipfer F, Kranzl L
725 - 734 Nonaqueous amine-based absorbents for energy efficient CO2 capture
Guo H, Li CX, Shi XQ, Li H, Shen SF
735 - 746 A water-proof magnetically coupled piezoelectric-electromagnetic hybrid wind energy harvester
Zhao LC, Zou HX, Yan G, Liu FR, Tan T, Zhang WM, Peng ZK, Meng G
747 - 756 Integrated suitability, vulnerability and sustainability indicators for assessing the global potential of aquifer thermal energy storage
Lu HW, Tian PP, Guan YL, Yu S
757 - 784 A review of correlations and enhancement approaches for heat and mass transfer in liquid desiccant dehumidification system
Wen T, Lu L
785 - 792 Diagnosis of water failures in proton exchange membrane fuel cell with zero-phase ohmic resistance and fixed-low-frequency impedance
Ren P, Pei PC, Li YH, Wu ZY, Chen DF, Huang SW, Jia XN
793 - 819 A roadmap for China to peak carbon dioxide emissions and achieve a 20% share of non-fossil fuels in primary energy by 2030
Zhou N, Price L, Dai YD, Creyts J, Khanna N, Fridley D, Lu HY, Feng W, Liu X, Hasanbeigi A, Tian ZY, Yang HW, Bai Q, Zhu YZ, Xiong HW, Zhang JG, Chrisman K, Agenbroad J, Ke Y, McIntosh R, Mullaney D, Stranger C, Wanless E, Wetzel D, Yee C, Franconi E
820 - 835 A system-level numerical study of a homogeneous charge compression ignition spring-assisted free piston linear alternator with various piston motion profiles
Zhou YC, Sofianopoulos A, Gainey B, Lawler B, Mamalis S
836 - 845 Large-scale demonstration of precise demand response provided by residential heat pumps
Muller FL, Jansen B
846 - 858 Simultaneous wind and solar energy harvesting with inverted flags
Silva-Leon J, Cioncolini A, Nabawy MRA, Revell A, Kennaugh A
859 - 875 Power-saving exploration for high-end ultra-slim laptop computers with miniature loop heat pipe cooling module
Zhou GH, Li J, Jia ZZ
876 - 897 Phase change solvents for post-combustion CO2 capture: Principle, advances, and challenges
Zhang SH, Shen Y, Wang LD, Chen JM, Lu YQ
898 - 907 Effect of DC-DC voltage step-up converter impedance on thermoelectric energy harvester system design strategy
Watson TC, Vincent JN, Lee H
908 - 918 Parametric optimization of H-type finned tube with longitudinal vortex generators by response surface model and genetic algorithm
Tang SZ, Wang FL, He YL, Yu Y, Tong ZX
919 - 927 Experimental evaluation of a semi-open membrane-based absorption heat pump system utilizing ionic liquids
Chugh D, Gluesenkamp KR, Abu-Heiba A, Alipanah M, Fazeli A, Rode R, Schmid M, Patel VK, Moghaddam S
928 - 937 Hybrid physical-chemical absorption process for carbon capture with strategy of high-pressure absorption/medium-pressure desorption
Huang WJ, Zheng DX, Xie H, Li Y, Wu WZ
938 - 947 Decentralized wind uncertainty management: Alternating direction method of multipliers based distributionally-robust chance constrained optimal power flow
Fang X, Hodge BM, Jiang HG, Zhang YC
948 - 956 Experimental investigation into effects of high reactive fuel on combustion and emission characteristics of the Diesel - Natural gas Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition engine
Ansari E, Menucci T, Shahbakhti M, Naber J
957 - 968 Compressed air energy storage system with variable configuration for accommodating large-amplitude wind power fluctuation
Zhang Y, Xu YJ, Zhou XZ, Guo H, Zhang XJ, Chen HS
969 - 980 Multi-criteria performance optimization for operation of stratum ventilation under heating mode
Zhang S, Lin Z, Ai ZT, Huan C, Cheng Y, Wang F
981 - 990 Pyrolysis of the aromatic-poor and aromatic-rich fractions of bio-oil: Characterization of coke structure and elucidation of coke formation mechanism
Xiong Z, Syed-Hassan SSA, Hu X, Guo JH, Qiu JH, Zhao XY, Su S, Hu S, Wang Y, Xiang J
991 - 1002 Prospects for energy economy modelling with big data: Hype, eliminating blind spots, or revolutionising the state of the art?
Li FGN, Bataille C, Pye S, O'Sullivan A
1003 - 1013 Design of segmented thermoelectric Peltier coolers by topology optimization
Lundgaard C, Sigmund O
1014 - 1036 Modelling and the feasibility study of a hybrid electrodialysis and thermal regeneration method for LiCl liquid desiccant dehumidification
Guo Y, Al Jubainawi A, Peng XY
1037 - 1048 Peer-to-peer-based integrated grid voltage support function for smart photovoltaic inverters
Almasalma H, Claeys S, Deconinck G
1049 - 1065 State-of-the-art review on power grid resilience to extreme weather events: Definitions, frameworks, quantitative assessment methodologies, and enhancement strategies
Jufri FH, Widiputra V, Jung J
1066 - 1076 Interchange objective value method for distributed multi-objective optimization: Theory, application, implementation
Yin LF, Wang T, Wang SL, Zheng BM
1077 - 1090 Using facility-level emissions data to estimate the technical potential of alternative thermal sources to meet industrial heat demand
McMillan CA, Ruth M
1091 - 1113 Water nebulization to counteract urban overheating: Development and experimental test of a smart logic to maximize energy efficiency and outdoor environmental quality
Ulpiani G, di Perna C, Zinzi M
1114 - 1129 Investigation on transient performance of a large-scale packed-bed thermal energy storage
Singh S, Sorensen K, Condra T, Batz SS, Kristensen K
1130 - 1141 Compensation for the complexity and over-scaling in industrial pneumatic systems by the accumulation and reuse of exhaust air
Leszczynski JS, Grybos D
1142 - 1153 Experimental energetic analysis of CO2/R41 blends in automobile air-conditioning and heat pump systems
Yu BB, Yang JY, Wang DD, Shi JY, Guo ZK, Chen JP
1154 - 1162 Compound combustion and pollutant emissions characteristics of a common-rail engine with ethanol homogeneous charge and polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers injection
Liu JH, Yang J, Sun P, Gao WY, Yang C, Fang J
1163 - 1174 Thermal integration of membrane distillation in an anaerobic digestion biogas plant - A techno-economic assessment
Khan EU, Nordberg A
1175 - 1189 Using electrical energy storage in residential buildings - Sizing of battery and photovoltaic panels based on electricity cost optimization
Koskela J, Rautiainen A, Jarventausta P
1190 - 1211 Enhanced oil recovery techniques for heavy oil and oilsands reservoirs after steam injection
Dong XH, Liu HQ, Chen ZX, Wu KL, Lu N, Zhang QC
1212 - 1225 City-integrated renewable energy design for low-carbon and climate resilient communities
Bagheri M, Delbari SH, Pakzadmanesh M, Kennedy CA
1226 - 1241 Scenario generation and probabilistic forecasting analysis of spatio-temporal wind speed series with multivariate autoregressive volatility models
Lucheroni C, Boland J, Ragno C
1242 - 1249 Potential of long-chain oxymethylene ether and oxymethylene ether-diesel blends for ultra-low emission engines
Omari A, Heuser B, Pischinger S, Rudinger C
1250 - 1264 Power system expansion planning under global and local emission mitigation policies
Quiroga D, Sauma E, Pozo D
1265 - 1282 Demand response algorithms for smart-grid ready residential buildings using machine learning models
Pallonetto F, De Rosa M, Milano F, Finn DP
1283 - 1293 Clustering methods to find representative periods for the optimization of energy systems: An initial framework and comparison
Teichgraeber H, Brandt AR
1294 - 1307 Coordinated operation of electric vehicle charging and wind power generation as a virtual power plant: A multi-stage risk constrained approach
Abbasi MH, Taki M, Rajabi A, Li L, Zhang JF
1308 - 1321 The role of hydro power, storage and transmission in the decarbonization of the Chinese power system
Liu HL, Brown T, Andresen GB, Schlachtberger DP, Greiner M
1322 - 1342 Heat integration and heat recovery steam cycle optimization for a low carbon lignite/biomass-to-jet fuel demonstration project
Elsido C, Martelli E, Kreutz T
1343 - 1355 The nature of combining energy storage applications for residential battery technology
Parra D, Patel MK
1356 - 1370 Uncertainty estimation for wind energy conversion by probabilistic wind turbine power curve modelling
Yan J, Zhang H, Liu YQ, Han S, Li L
1371 - 1384 Modelling and experimental validation of a small-scale trigenerative compressed air energy storage system
Cheayb M, Gallego MM, Tazerout M, Poncet S
1385 - 1401 Thermo-environmental and economic analysis of an integrated municipal waste-to-energy solid oxide fuel cell, gas-, steam-, organic fluid- and absorption refrigeration cycle thermal power plants
Owebor K, Oko COC, Diemuodeke EO, Ogorure OJ
1402 - 1423 Generating linked technology-socioeconomic scenarios for emerging energy transitions
Small MJ, Wong-Parodi G, Kefford BM, Stringer M, Schmeda-Lopez DR, Greig C, Ballinger B, Wilson S, Smart S
1424 - 1440 Battery storage systems: An economic model-based analysis of parallel revenue streams and general implications for industry
Braeuer F, Rominger J, McKenna R, Fichtner W
1441 - 1458 Determination of Transfer Capacity Region of Tie Lines in Electricity Markets: Theory and Analysis
Lin W, Yang ZF, Yu J, Yang GF, Wen LL
1459 - 1470 Process design and economics for production of advanced biofuels from genetically modified lipid-producing sorghum
Fasahati P, Liu JJ, Ohlrogge JB, Saffron CM
1471 - 1508 Human-in-the-loop HVAC operations: A quantitative review on occupancy, comfort, and energy-efficiency dimensions
Jung W, Jazizadeh F
1509 - 1523 State-of-the-art techniques for modelling of uncertainties in active distribution network planning: A review
Ehsan A, Yang Q
1524 - 1535 Improved thermal performance of annular fin-shell tube storage system using magnetic fluid
Pathak S, Jain K, Kumar P, Wang X, Pant RP
1536 - 1536 The impact of building operations on urban heat/cool islands under urban densification: A comparison between naturally ventilated and air-conditioned buildings (vol 235, pg 129, 2019)
Duan SP, Luo ZW, Yang XY, Li YG
1537 - 1537 Numerical Stiffness Study of Multi-physical Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Model for Real-time Simulation Applications (vol 226, pg 570, 2018)
Ma R, Liu C, Breaz E, Briois P, Gao F