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1 - 10 Methanol as antifreeze agent for cold start of automotive polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Knorr F, Sanchez DG, Schirmer J, Gazdzicki P, Friedrich KA
11 - 21 Steam expander as a throttling valve replacement in industrial plants: A techno-economic feasibility analysis
Frate GF, Ferrari L, Lensi R, Desideri U
22 - 33 Effect of inclination on the thermal response of composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Yang XH, Guo ZX, Liu YH, Jin LW, He YL
34 - 44 Design under uncertainty of carbon capture, utilization and storage infrastructure considering profit, environmental impact, and risk preference
Lee SY, Lee IB, Han J
45 - 53 Information-based ecological network analysis for carbon emissions
Fang DL, Chen B
54 - 68 Mathematical model development and optimal design of the horizontal all-glass evacuated tube solar collectors integrated with bottom mirror reflectors for solar energy harvesting
Mao CL, Li MR, Li N, Shan M, Yang XD
69 - 77 Comparison of the solid oxide fuel cell system for micro CHP using natural gas with a system using a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen
Cinti G, Bidini G, Hemmes K
78 - 91 Intertwined impacts of water, energy development, and carbon emissions in China
Zhou N, Zhang JJ, Khanna N, Fridley D, Jiang S, Liu X
92 - 100 Optimal energy resource mix for the US and China to meet emissions pledges
Anasis JG, Khalil MAK, Butenhoff C, Bluffstone R, Lendaris GG
101 - 118 Review of environmental metrics used across multiple sectors and geographies to evaluate the effects of hydropower development
Parish ES, Pracheil BM, McManamay RA, Curd SL, DeRolph CR, Smith BT
119 - 134 Techno-economic optimization of shale gas to dimethyl ether production processes via direct and indirect synthesis routes
Mevawala C, Jiang Y, Bhattacharyya D
135 - 146 Study on standby process of an air-based solid packed bed for flexible high-temperature heat storage: Experimental results and modelling
Yang B, Bai FW, Wang Y, Wang ZF
147 - 163 Research on joint optimal dispatching method for hybrid power system considering system security
Fu YW, Lu ZX, Hu W, Wu S, Wang YT, Dong L, Zhang JT
164 - 179 High-resolution, parametric BIPV and electrical systems modeling and design
Walker L, Hofer J, Schlueter A
180 - 194 Real-time energy management for a smart-community microgrid with battery swapping and renewables
Yan J, Menghwar M, Asghar E, Panjwani MK, Liu YQ
195 - 201 The plateau effects and crystal transition study in Tetrahydrofuran (THF)/CO2/H-2 hydrate formation processes
Li ZY, Xia ZM, Chen ZY, Li XS, Xu CG, Yan R
202 - 224 Recent development of membrane for vanadium redox flow battery applications: A review
Shi Y, Eze C, Xiong BY, He WD, Zhang H, Lim TM, Ukil A, Zhao JY
225 - 238 Stochastic flexible transmission operation for coordinated integration of plug-in electric vehicles and renewable energy sources
Nikoobakht A, Aghaei J, Khatami R, Mahboubi-Moghaddam E, Parvania M
239 - 248 Carbon felt molecular modification and biofilm augmentation via quorum sensing approach in yeast-based microbial fuel cells
Christwardana M, Frattini D, Duarte KDZ, Accardo G, Kwon Y
249 - 257 Scene learning: Deep convolutional networks for wind power prediction by embedding turbines into grid space
Yu RG, Liu ZQ, Li XW, Lu WH, Ma DG, Yu M, Wang JR, Li B
258 - 273 Integrated European intra-day electricity market: Rules, modeling and analysis
Le HL, Ilea V, Bovo C
274 - 283 Effects of pressure and sea water flow on natural gas hydrate production characteristics in marine sediment
Chen BB, Sun HR, Zhou H, Yang MJ, Wang DY
284 - 302 An overview of the concept and technology of ubiquitous energy
Alanne K, Cao SL
303 - 310 Heating and energy storage characteristics of multi-split air source heat pump based on energy storage defrosting
Yang BW, Dong JK, Zhang L, Song MJ, Jiang YQ, Deng SM
311 - 319 An efficient approach to separate CO2 using supersonic flows for carbon capture and storage
Wen C, Karvounis N, Wahher JH, Yan YY, Feng YQ, Yang Y
320 - 343 Building information modelling based building energy modelling: A review
Gao H, Koch C, Wu YP
344 - 350 Electrochemical performance and effect of moisture on Ba0.5Sr0.5Sc0.175Nb0.025Co0.8O3-delta oxide as a promising electrode for proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cells
Zhang YD, Zhu AK, Guo YM, Wang CC, Ni M, Yu H, Zhang CH, Shao ZP
351 - 367 The role of advanced demand-sector technologies and energy demand reduction in achieving ambitious carbon budgets
Napp TA, Few S, Sood A, Bernie D, Hawkes A, Gambhir A
368 - 383 A novel two-stage forecasting model based on error factor and ensemble method for multi-step wind power forecasting
Hao Y, Tian CS
384 - 400 Downscaled energy demand projection at the local level using the Iterative Proportional Fitting procedure
Ahn YH, Woo JH, Wagner F, Yoo SJ
401 - 412 Techno-economic evaluation of a hybrid fuel cell vehicle with on-board MeOH-to-H-2 processor
Wu W, Chuang BN, Hwang JJ, Lin CK, Yang SB
413 - 422 Water scarcity risks mitigated or aggravated by the inter-regional electricity transmission across China
Wang CY, Wang RR, Hertwich E, Liu Y, Tong F
423 - 434 Load-responsive model switching estimation for state of charge of lithium-ion batteries
Tang XP, Gao FR, Zou CF, Yao K, Hu WG, Wik T
435 - 441 A hierarchical interdigitated flow field design for scale-up of high-performance redox flow batteries
Zeng YK, Li FH, Lu F, Zhou XL, Yuan YP, Cao XL, Xiang B
442 - 452 Unravelling the mystery of Chinese building lifetime: A calibration and verification based on dynamic material flow analysis
Cao Z, Liu G, Duan HB, Xi FM, Liu GW, Yang W
453 - 465 A novel corner-fired boiler system of improved efficiency and coal flexibility and reduced NOx emissions
Ma L, Fang QY, Yin CG, Wang HJ, Zhang C, Chen G
466 - 480 Real time optimal control of district cooling system with thermal energy storage using neural networks
Cox SJ, Kim D, Cho H, Mago P
481 - 494 A practical feature-engineering framework for electricity theft detection in smart grids
Razavi R, Gharipour A, Fleury M, Akpan IJ
495 - 515 Reinforced coordinated control of coal-fired power plant retrofitted with solvent based CO2 capture using model predictive controls
Wu X, Wang MH, Shen J, Li YG, Lawal A, Lee KY
516 - 533 Thermodynamic and economic analysis of the integration of high-temperature heat pumps in trigeneration systems
Urbanucci L, Bruno JC, Testi D
534 - 546 Experimental study on heating characteristics and parameter optimization of transpired solar collectors
Wang DJ, Gao Q, Liu YF, Wang YY, Chen YW, Liu Y, Liu JP
547 - 560 Sulfur dioxide pollution and energy justice in Northwestern China embodied in West-East Energy Transmission of China
Ling ZL, Huang T, Li JX, Zhou S, Lian LL, Wang JX, Zhao Y, Mao XX, Gao H, Ma JM
561 - 571 Design of zeolite boiler in thermochemical energy storage and transport system utilizing unused heat from sugar mill
Fujii S, Horie N, Nakaibayashi K, Kanematsu Y, Kikuchi Y, Nakagaki T
572 - 581 Influence of different battery charging strategies on residual grid power flows and self-consumption rates at regional scale
Reimuth A, Prasch M, Locherer V, Danner M, Mauser W
582 - 611 Advanced thermal systems driven by paraffin-based phase change materials - A review
Gulfam R, Zhang P, Meng ZN
612 - 626 Intermediate pressure optimization for two-stage air-source heat pump with flash tank cycle vapor injection via extremum seeking
Wang WY, Li YY
627 - 642 Smart energy management algorithm for load smoothing and peak shaving based on load forecasting of an island's power system
Chapaloglou S, Nesiadis A, Iliadis P, Atsonios K, Nikolopoulos N, Grammelis P, Yiakopoulos C, Antoniadis I, Kakaras E
643 - 667 Advance short-term wind energy quality assessment based on instantaneous standard deviation and variogram of wind speed by a hybrid method
Liu GB, Zhou JZ, Jia BJ, He FF, Yang YQ, Sun N
668 - 682 Prospect for small-hydropower installation settled upon optimal water allocation: An action to stimulate synergies of water-food-energy nexus
Zhou YL, Chang LC, Uen TS, Guo SL, Xu CY, Chang FJ
683 - 695 Increasing osmotic power and energy with maximum power point tracking
Maisonneuve J, Chintalacheruvu S
696 - 720 Impacts of future weather data typology on building energy performance - Investigating long-term patterns of climate change and extreme weather conditions
Moazami A, Nik VM, Carlucci S, Geving S
721 - 733 Optimal capacity allocation of multiple solar trackers and storage capacity for utility-scale photovoltaic plants considering output characteristics and complementary demand
Hua ZC, Ma C, Lian JJ, Pang XL, Yang WC
734 - 746 Numerical investigation and parametric analysis of a photovoltaic thermal system integrated with phase change material
Kazemian A, Salari A, Hakkaki-Fard A, Ma T
747 - 759 Ilmenite oxidation kinetics for pressurized chemical looping combustion of natural gas
Rana S, Sun ZK, Mehrani P, Hughes R, Macchi A
760 - 774 Parametric modeling of life cycle greenhouse gas emissions from photovoltaic power
Miller I, Gencer E, Vogelbaum HS, Brown PR, Torkamani S, O'Sullivan FM
775 - 785 Analysis of Balje diagrams for a Wankel expander prototype
Francesconi M, Dori E, Antonelli M
786 - 795 Developing a new thermoelectric approach for energy harvesting from asphalt pavements
Tahami SA, Gholikhani M, Nasouri R, Dessouky S, Papagiannakis AT
796 - 805 Can non-intrusive load monitoring be used for identifying an appliance's anomalous behaviour?
Rashid H, Singh P, Stankovic V, Stankovic L
806 - 815 Micro-scale wind resource assessment in complex terrain based on CFD coupled measurement from multiple masts
Tang XY, Zhao SMA, Fan B, Peinke J, Stoevesandt B
816 - 830 Impact of Nord Stream 2 and LNG on gas trade and security of supply in the European gas network of 2030
Eser P, Chokani N, Abhari R
831 - 850 Including seismic risk mitigation measures into the Levelized Cost Of Electricity in enhanced geothermal systems for optimal siting
Mignan A, Karvounis D, Broccardo M, Wiemer S, Giardini D
851 - 862 Coordination of optimal sizing of energy storage systems and production buffer stocks in a net zero energy factory
Caro-Ruiz C, Lombardi P, Richter M, Pelzer A, Komarnicki P, Pavas A, Mojica-Nava E
863 - 875 Long-term complementary operation of a large-scale hydro-photovoltaic hybrid power plant using explicit stochastic optimization
Li H, Liu P, Guo SL, Ming B, Cheng L, Yang ZK
876 - 886 Scenarios and policies for sustainable urban energy development based on LEAP model - A case study of a postindustrial city: Shenzhen China
Hu GX, Ma XM, Ji JP
887 - 910 Shell-and-tube or packed bed thermal energy storage systems integrated with a concentrated solar power: A techno-economic comparison of sensible and latent heat systems
Tehrani SSM, Shoraka Y, Nithyanandam K, Taylor RA
911 - 928 CO2 storage in fractured nanopores underground: Phase behaviour study
Zhang KQ, Jia N, Liu LR
929 - 941 Energy evaluations of an innovative multi-storey wooden near Zero Energy Building designed for Mediterranean areas
Bruno R, Bevilacqua P, Cuconati T, Arcuri N
942 - 951 Boron nitride foam as a polymer alternative in packaging phase change materials: Synthesis, thermal properties and shape stability
Han WF, Ge CH, Zhang R, Ma ZY, Wang LX, Zhang XD
952 - 962 Enhancing photovoltaic hosting capacity-A stochastic approach to optimal planning of static var compensator devices in distribution networks
Xu X, Li JY, Xu Z, Zhao J, Lai CS
963 - 971 Fast and accurate district heating and cooling energy demand and load calculations using reduced-order modelling
Kim EJ, He X, Roux JJ, Johannes K, Kuznik F
972 - 984 Impact of demand response on the optimal, techno-economic performance of a hybrid, renewable energy power plant
Ihsan A, Jeppesen M, Brear MJ
985 - 995 Fuel consumption and emission characteristics in asymmetric twin-scroll turbocharged diesel engine with two exhaust gas recirculation circuits
Zhu DT, Zheng XQ
996 - 1009 Analysis of spray combustion characteristics of diesel, biodiesel and their n-pentanol blends based on a one-dimensional semi-phenomenological model
Liu Y, Yuan ZP, Ma YJ, Fu JQ, Huang RH, Liu JP
1010 - 1021 Sequential grid approach based support vector regression for short-term electric load forecasting
Yang YL, Che JX, Deng CZ, Li L
1022 - 1035 Multi-agent reinforcement learning for modeling and control of thermostatically controlled loads
Kazmi H, Suykens J, Balint A, Driesen J
1036 - 1047 Robust Optimization of Demand Response Power Bids for Drinking Water Systems
Mkireb C, Dembele A, Jouglet A, Denoeux T
1048 - 1059 The impact of ionomer type on the morphological and microstructural degradations of proton exchange membrane fuel cell electrodes under freeze-thaw cycles
Ozden A, Shahgaldi S, Li XG, Hamdullahpur F
1060 - 1073 Development of novel sub-ambient membrane systems for energy-efficient post-combustion CO2 capture
Lee S, Yun S, Kim JK
1074 - 1083 Heat transfer of composite phase change material modules containing a eutectic carbonate salt for medium and high temperature thermal energy storage applications
Li C, Li Q, Li YL, She XH, Cao H, Zhang PK, Wang L, Ding YL
1084 - 1092 A low-carbon economic dispatch model incorporated with consumption-side emission penalty scheme
Shao CZ, Ding Y, Wang JH
1093 - 1107 Economic and carbon emission impacts of electricity market transition in China: A case study of Guangdong Province
Lin J, Kahrl F, Yuan JH, Chen QX, Liu X
1108 - 1125 Modeling India's energy future using a bottom-up approach
du Can SD, Khandekar A, Abhyankar N, Phadke A, Khanna NZ, Fridley D, Zhou N
1126 - 1137 Moore vs. Murphy: Tradeoffs between complexity and reliability in distributed energy system scheduling using software-as-a-service
Dutton S, Marnay C, Feng W, Robinson M, Mammoli A
1138 - 1149 Assessment of correlations between tar and product gas composition in dual fluidized bed steam gasification for online tar prediction
Benedikt F, Kuba M, Schmid JC, Muller S, Hofbauer H
1150 - 1162 Performance and economic limits of passively cooled hybrid thermoelectric generator-concentrator photovoltaic modules
Rodrigo PM, Valera A, Fernandez EF, Almonacid FM
1163 - 1178 Scenario simulation of urban energy-related CO2 emissions by coupling the socioeconomic factors and spatial structures
Liu XP, Ou JP, Chen YM, Wang SJ, Li X, Jiao LM, Liu YL
1179 - 1191 Levelized income loss as a metric of the adaptation of wind and energy storage to variable prices
Diaz G, Coto J, Gomez-Aleixandre J
1192 - 1210 Robust and optimal design of multi-energy systems with seasonal storage through uncertainty analysis
Gabrielli P, Furer F, Mavromatidis G, Mazzotti M
1211 - 1236 Off-design optimisation of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) engines with piston expanders for medium-scale combined heat and power applications
Chatzopoulou MA, Simpson M, Sapin P, Markides CN
1237 - 1249 Heat removal efficiency of stratum ventilation for air-side modulation
Zhang S, Cheng Y, Oladokun MO, Huan C, Lin Z
1250 - 1257 Parabolic trough efficiency gain through use of a cavity absorber with a hot mirror
Mohamad K, Ferrer P
1258 - 1268 Short-term scenario-based probabilistic load forecasting: A data-driven approach
Khoshrou A, Pauwels EJ
1269 - 1298 Review of the state-of-the-art of particulate matter emissions from modern gasoline fueled engines
Qian Y, Li ZL, Yu L, Wang XL, Lu XC
1299 - 1311 Performance evaluation of a novel thermoelectric module with BiSbTeSe-based material
Luo D, Wang RC, Yu W, Zhou WQ
1312 - 1326 Deep learning framework to forecast electricity demand
Bedi J, Toshniwal D
1327 - 1336 Multi-temporal assessment of power system flexibility requirement
Heggarty T, Bourmaud JY, Girard R, Kariniotakis G
1337 - 1345 A time series clustering approach for Building Automation and Control Systems
Bode G, Schreiber T, Baranski M, Muller D
1346 - 1360 Demand response with heuristic control strategies for modulating heat pumps
Dengiz T, Jochem P, Fichtner W
1361 - 1372 Optimal bidding strategy for an aggregator of prosumers in energy and secondary reserve markets
Iria J, Soares F, Matos M
1373 - 1388 Evaluation of solid oxide fuel cell based polygeneration system in residential areas integrating with electric charging and hydrogen fueling stations for vehicles
Ramadhani F, Hussain MA, Mokhlis H, Fazly M, Ali JM
1389 - 1406 Liquefied natural gas and gas storage valuation: Lessons from the integrated Irish and UK markets
Devine MT, Russo M
1407 - 1416 Development and characterization of novel and stable silicon nanoparticles-embedded PCM-in-water emulsions for thermal energy storage
Zhang XY, Niu JL, Wu JY
1417 - 1433 Techno-economic analysis of flexible heat pump controls
Nolting L, Praktiknjo A
1434 - 1443 Peer-to-peer energy trading among smart homes
Alam MR, St-Hilaire M, Kunz T
1444 - 1451 Online chiller loading strategy based on the near-optimal performance map for energy conservation
Wang YJ, Jin XQ, Shi WT, Wang JQ
1452 - 1470 Unmasking the causal relationships latent in the interplay between occupant's actions and indoor ambience: A building energy management outlook
Pal M, Alyafi AA, Ploix S, Reignier P, Bandyopadhyay S
1471 - 1483 Establishing a practical method to accurately determine and manage wellbore thermal behavior in high-temperature drilling
Yang M, Luo DY, Chen YH, Li G, Tang DQ, Meng YF
1484 - 1496 High-resolution multi-objective optimization of feedstock landscape design for hybrid first and second generation biorefineries
Nguyen TH, Granger J, Pandya D, Paustian K
1497 - 1505 A two-step short-term probabilistic wind forecasting methodology based on predictive distribution optimization
Sun MC, Feng C, Chartan EK, Hodge BM, Zhang J
1506 - 1518 Energy benefits of green-wall shading based on novel-accurate apportionment of short-wave radiation components
Lee LSH, Jim CY
1519 - 1529 Implementation of a robust real-time non-intrusive load monitoring solution
Welikala S, Thelasingha N, Akram M, Ekanayake PB, Godaliyadda RI, Ekanayake JB
1530 - 1542 Experimental investigation on alternative fuel combustion performance using a gas turbine combustor
Zheng LK, Cronly J, Ubogu E, Ahmed I, Zhang Y, Khandelwal B
1543 - 1550 SOFC/Gas Turbine Hybrid System: A simplified framework for dynamic simulation
Rossi I, Traverso A, Tucker D
1551 - 1562 Experimental characterization of anthracite combustion and NOx emission for a 300-MWe down-fired boiler with a novel combustion system: Influence of primary and vent air distributions
Wang QX, Chen ZC, Han H, Zeng LY, Li ZQ
1563 - 1572 Modelling deep decarbonization of industrial energy consumption under 2-degree target: Comparing China, India and Western Europe
Wang H, Chen WY
1573 - 1581 Planning strategies to address operational and price uncertainty in biodiesel production
Caldeira C, Swei O, Freire F, Dias LC, Olivetti EA, Kirchain R
1582 - 1595 Energy saving performance assessment and lessons learned from the operation of an active phase change materials system in a multi-storey building in Melbourne
Alam M, Zou PXW, Sanjayan J, Ramakrishnan S
1596 - 1596 RETRACTION: Efficient preparation of biodiesel from rapeseed oil over modified CaO (Retraction of Vol 88, Pg 2735, 2011)
Tang Y, Meng M, Zhang J, Lu Y