Applied Energy

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ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Sequence transfer correction algorithm for numerical weather prediction wind speed and its application in a wind power forecasting system
Wang H, Han S, Liu YQ, Yan J, Li L
11 - 24 Clustering of residential electricity customers using load time series
Motlagh O, Berry A, O'Neil L
25 - 35 Coordination of policy goals between renewable portfolio standards and carbon caps: A quantitative assessment in China
Yi BW, Xu JH, Fan Y
36 - 48 A deep spatial-temporal data-driven approach considering microclimates for power system security assessment
Huang TE, Guo QL, Sun HB, Tan CW, Hu TY
49 - 59 The characteristics of a Linear Joule Engine Generator operating on a dry friction principle
Ngwaka U, Jia BR, Lawrence C, Wu DW, Smallbone A, Roskilly AP
60 - 69 Future energy scenarios with distributed technology options for residential city blocks in three climate regions of the United States
Yuan SX, Stainsby W, Li M, Xu KW, Waite M, Zimmerle D, Feiock R, Ramaswami A, Modi V
70 - 82 Effects of receiver parameters on the optical performance of a fixed-focus Fresnel lens solar concentrator/cavity receiver system in solar cooker
Wang H, Huang J, Song MJ, Yan J
83 - 90 Ag-graphene/PEG composite phase change materials for enhancing solar-thermal energy conversion and storage capacity
Zhang Y, Wang JS, Qiu JJ, Jin X, Umair MM, Lu RW, Zhang SF, Tang BT
91 - 102 Studies on dynamic responses and impedance of the vanadium redox flow battery
Li YF, Bao J, Skyllas-Kazacos M, Akter MP, Zhang XA, Fletcher J
103 - 116 A hybrid short-term load forecasting model based on variational mode decomposition and long short-term memory networks considering relevant factors with Bayesian optimization algorithm
He FF, Zhou JZ, Feng ZK, Liu GB, Yang YQ
117 - 130 Load profile analysis for reducing energy demands of production systems in non-production times
Dehning P, Blume S, Der A, Flick D, Herrmann C, Thiede S
131 - 144 Correlating variability of modeling parameters with photovoltaic performance: Monte Carlo simulation of a meso-structured perovskite solar cell
Xue HS, Birgersson E, Stangl R
145 - 154 Modeling formulation and validation for accelerated simulation and flexibility assessment on large scale power systems under higher renewable penetrations
Han XN, Chen XY, McElroy MB, Liao SW, Nielsen CP, Wen JY
155 - 162 Platinum nanoparticle catalysis of methanol for thermoelectric power generation
Guggilla BR, Rusted A, Bakrania S
163 - 170 Effects of arrangement geometry and number of boreholes on thermal interaction coefficient of multi-borehole heat exchangers
Gultekin A, Aydin M, Sisman A
171 - 179 Performance enhancement of bromide salt by nano-particle dispersion for high-temperature heat pipes in concentrated solar power plants
Xiong YX, Wang ZY, Wu YT, Xu P, Ding YL, Chang C, Ma CF
180 - 195 Probabilistic load forecasting for buildings considering weather forecasting uncertainty and uncertain peak load
Xu L, Wang SW, Tang R
196 - 209 Investigation of real-time flexibility of combined heat and power plants in district heating applications
Wang JW, You S, Zong Y, Cai HM, Traeholt C, Dong ZY
210 - 226 A neural network approach to the combined multi-objective optimization of the thermodynamic cycle and the radial inflow turbine for Organic Rankine cycle applications
Palagi L, Sciubba E, Tocci L
227 - 240 A hot syngas purification system integrated with downdraft gasification of municipal solid waste
Chan WP, Veksha A, Lei JX, Oh WD, Dou XM, Giannis A, Lisak G, Lim TT
241 - 257 A performance-guided JAYA algorithm for parameters identification of photovoltaic cell and module
Yu KJ, Qu BY, Yue CT, Ge SL, Chen X, Liang J
258 - 269 A study of hydrous ethanol combustion in an optical central direct injection spark ignition engine
Koupaie MM, Cairns A, Vafamehr H, Lanzanov TDM
270 - 282 UK building thermal performance from industrial and governmental perspectives
Ling-Chin J, Taylor W, Davidson P, Reay D, Nazi WI, Tassou S, Roskilly AP
283 - 291 A comprehensive analysis of food waste derived liquefaction bio-oil properties for industrial application
Chen WH, Lin YY, Liu HC, Chen TC, Hung CH, Chen CH, Ong HC
292 - 303 Electricity, the silver bullet for the deep decarbonisation of the energy system? Cost-effectiveness analysis for Portugal
Fortes P, Simoes SG, Gouveia JP, Seixas J
304 - 313 A regional power grid operation and planning method considering renewable energy generation and load control
Zeng Y, Zhang RW, Wang D, Mu YF, Jia HJ
314 - 325 Simulation of elevated temperature solid sorbent CO2 capture for pre-combustion applications using computational fluid dynamics
Chen Q, Rosner F, Rao A, Samuelsen S, Jayaraman A, Alptekin G
326 - 337 Will agglomeration improve the energy efficiency in China's textile industry: Evidence and policy implications
Zhao HL, Lin BQ
338 - 352 Performance analysis of a modified subcritical zeotropic mixture recuperative high-temperature heat pump
Guo H, Gong MQ, Qin XY
353 - 366 Implications of hydropower variability from climate change for a future, highly-renewable electric grid in California
Tarroja B, Forrest K, Chiang F, AghaKouchak A, Samuelsen S
367 - 377 A novel low-temperature fabrication approach of composite phase change materials for high temperature thermal energy storage
Yu QH, Jiang Z, Cong L, Lu TJ, Suleiman B, Leng GH, Wu ZT, Ding YL, Li YL
378 - 389 Determining the optimal long-term service agreement period and cost considering the uncertain factors in the fuel cell: From the perspectives of the sellers and generators
Kang H, Hong J, Hong T, Han D, Chin S, Lee M
390 - 403 Impact of oil price fluctuations on tanker maritime network structure and traffic flow changes
Yu HC, Fang ZX, Lu F, Murray AT, Zhang HC, Peng P, Mei Q, Chen JH
404 - 416 Economic evaluation of Nearly Zero Energy Cities
Villa-Arrieta M, Sumper A
417 - 430 Residential activity pattern modelling through stochastic chains of variable memory length
Ramirez-Mendiola JL, Grunewald P, Eyre N
431 - 439 Thermal performance analysis of a novel linear cavity receiver for parabolic trough solar collectors
Li XL, Chang HW, Duan C, Zheng Y, Shu SM
440 - 456 Annual performance analysis and optimization of a solar tower aided coal-fired power plant
Li C, Zhai RR, Yang YP, Patchigolla K, Oakey JE, Turner P
457 - 475 A coupled electromagnetic-thermal-fluid-kinetic model for microwave-assisted production of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate biodiesel
Yeong SP, Law MC, You KY, Chan YS, Lee VCC
476 - 486 Thermal modelling of ethanol-fuelled Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Chen B, Xu HR, Tan P, Zhang Y, Xu XM, Cai WZ, Chen MN, Ni M
487 - 499 Reactivity and deactivation mechanisms of pyrolysis chars from bio-waste during catalytic cracking of tar
Hervy M, Weiss-Hortala E, Minh DP, Dib H, Villot A, Gerente C, Berhanu S, Chesnaud A, Thorel A, Le Coq L, Nzihou A
500 - 518 Predictive rule-based control to activate the energy flexibility of Norwegian residential buildings: Case of an air-source heat pump and direct electric heating
Clauss J, Stinner S, Sartori I, Georges L
519 - 533 A New Three-point-based Approach for the Parameter Extraction of Photovoltaic Cells
Chin VJ, Salam Z
534 - 548 An integrated, solar-driven membrane distillation system for water purification and energy generation
Li QY, Beier LJ, Tan J, Brown C, Lian BY, Zhong WW, Wang Y, Ji C, Dai P, Li TY, Le Clech P, Tyagi H, Liu XF, Leslie G, Taylor RA
549 - 565 Innovative design of superhydrophobic thermal energy-storage materials by microencapsulation of n-docosane with nanostructured ZnO/SiO2 shell
Sun K, Liu H, Wang XD, Wu DZ
566 - 580 Thermohaline stratification modeling in mine water via double-diffusive convection for geothermal energy recovery from flooded mines
Bao T, Liu Z
581 - 597 Smart energy systems for sustainable smart cities: Current developments, trends and future directions
O'Dwyer E, Pan I, Acha S, Shah N
598 - 617 Northern European nearly zero energy building concepts for apartment buildings using integrated solar technologies and dynamic occupancy profile: Focus on Finland and other Northern European countries
Reda F, Fatima Z
618 - 634 Contribution of country-specific electricity mix and charging time to environmental impact of battery electric vehicles: A case study of electric buses in Germany
Rupp M, Handschuh N, Rieke C, Kuperjans I
635 - 645 Dynamic operating conditions strategy for water hybrid cooling under variable heating demand
de Oliveira CCM, Brittes JLP, Silveira V
646 - 670 Solving the combined heat and power economic dispatch problems by an improved genetic algorithm and a new constraint handling strategy
Zou DX, Li S, Kong XY, Ouyang HB, Li ZY
671 - 681 Thermal cycling of thermoelectric generators: The effect of heating rate
Merienne R, Lynn J, McSweeney E, O'Shaughnessy SM
682 - 694 The improved open-circuit voltage characterization test using active polarization voltage reduction method
Yang JF, Huang WX, Xia B, Mi C
695 - 707 Optimal operational planning of scalable DC microgrid with demand response, islanding, and battery degradation cost considerations
Zia MF, Elbouchikhi E, Benbouzid M
708 - 719 Thermal energy storage for waste heat recovery in the steelworks: The case study of the REslag project
Ortega-Fernandez I, Rodriguez-Aseguinolaza J
720 - 732 Advantage of variable-speed pumped storage plants for mitigating wind power variations: Integrated modelling and performance assessment
Yang WJ, Yang JD
733 - 750 Performance evaluation of PVA-LiCl coated heat exchangers for next generation of energy-efficient dehumidification
Vivekh P, Bui DT, Wong Y, Kumja M, Chua KJ
751 - 778 Methodology developed for the construction of an urban-energy diagnosis aimed to assess alternative scenarios: An intra-urban approach to foster cities' sustainability
Chevez PJ, Martini I, Discoli C
779 - 794 Application of energy and CO2 reduction assessments for end-of-life vehicles recycling in Japan
Sato FEK, Furubayashi T, Nakata T
795 - 809 Hydrogen from renewables: Supply from North Africa to Central Europe as blend in existing pipelines - Potentials and costs
Timmerberg S, Kaltschmitt M
810 - 821 A deep learning and gamification approach to improving human-building interaction and energy efficiency in smart infrastructure
Konstantakopoulos IC, Barkan AR, He SY, Veeravalli T, Liu HH, Spanos C
822 - 835 Evaluation of Mn-Fe mixed oxide doped with TiO2 for the combustion with CO2 capture by Chemical Looping assisted by Oxygen Uncoupling
Perez-Vega R, Abad A, Izquierdo MT, Gayan P, de Diego LF, Adanez J
836 - 847 A novel data-model fusion state-of-health estimation approach for lithium-ion batteries
Ma ZY, Yang RX, Wang ZP
848 - 861 Multi-time scale dynamic analysis of integrated energy systems: An individual-based model
Wang LX, Zheng JH, Li MS, Lin X, Jing ZX, Wu PZ, Wu QH, Zhou XX
862 - 872 Life cycle assessment of hydrogen from proton exchange membrane water electrolysis in future energy systems
Bareiss K, de la Rua C, Mockl M, Hamacher T
873 - 884 Utilising the flexible generation potential of tidal range power plants to optimise economic value
Harcourt F, Angeloudis A, Piggott MD
885 - 895 Identifying and estimating the effects of a mandatory billing demand charge
Ohrlund I, Schultzberg M, Bartusch C
896 - 909 A hybrid model based on modified multi-objective cuckoo search algorithm for short-term load forecasting
Wu ZC, Zhao XC, Ma YQ, Zhao X
910 - 919 Remaining useful life estimation for proton exchange membrane fuel cells using a hybrid method
Liu H, Chen J, Hissel D, Su HY
920 - 923 Renewable and distributed energy integration with mini/microgrids
Wang CS, Yan JY, Jia HJ, Wu JZ, Yu JC, Xu T, Zhang Y
924 - 934 Multifactor performance analysis of reversible solid oxide cells based on proton-conducting electrolytes
Danilova N, Lyagaevaa J, Vdovin G, Medvedev D