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1 - 9 Forecasting peak electricity demand for Los Angeles considering higher air temperatures due to climate change
Burillo D, Chester MV, Pincetl S, Fournier ED, Reyna J
10 - 21 Form-stable and thermally induced flexible composite phase change material for thermal energy storage and thermal management applications
Wu WX, Wu W, Wang SF
22 - 31 Placing hubs in CO2 pipelines: An application to industrial CO2 emissions in the Iberian Peninsula
Costa I, Rochedo P, Costa D, Ferreira P, Araujo M, Schaeffer R, Szklo A
32 - 41 Carbon dioxide-based occupancy estimation using stochastic differential equations
Wolf S, Cali D, Krogstie J, Madsen H
42 - 54 Energy management and optimal storage sizing for a shared community: A multi-stage stochastic programming approach
Hafiz F, de Queiroz AR, Fajri P, Husain I
55 - 69 Linking energy-cyber-physical systems with occupancy prediction and interpretation through WiFi probe-based ensemble classification
Wang W, Hong TZ, Li N, Wang RQ, Chen JY
70 - 80 Photo- and electro-responsive phase change materials based on highly anisotropic microcrystalline cellulose/graphene nanoplatelet structure
Wei X, Xue F, Qi XD, Yang JH, Zhou ZW, Yuan YP, Wang Y
81 - 100 A novel approach to thermal storage of direct steam generation solar power systems through two-step heat discharge
Li J, Gao GT, Kutlu C, Liu KL, Pei G, Su YH, Ji J, Riffat S
101 - 116 A hybrid building thermal modeling approach for predicting temperatures in typical, detached, two-story houses
Cui BR, Fan C, Munk J, Mao N, Xiao F, Dong J, Kuruganti T
117 - 126 Tunable thermal and electricity generation enabled by spectrally selective absorption nanoparticles for photovoltaic/thermal applications
Li HR, He YR, Wang CH, Wang XZ, Hu YW
127 - 136 Multi-physics coupling effects of nanostructure characteristics on the all-back-contact silicon solar cell performances
Zhou YP, He YL, Tong ZX, Liu ZB
137 - 146 Effects of enhanced tumble ratios on the in-cylinder performance of a gasoline direct injection optical engine
Yang J, Dong X, Wu Q, Xu M
147 - 154 Nox emission of ternary nitrate molten salts in high-temperature heat storage and transfer process
Wei XL, Qin B, Yang CT, Wang WL, Ding J, Wang Y, Peng Q
155 - 162 The efficient, the intensive, and the productive: Insights from urban Kaya scaling
Gudipudi R, Rybski D, Ludeke MKB, Zhou B, Liu Z, Kropp JP
163 - 171 Examining the effects of income inequality on CO2 emissions: Evidence from non-spatial and spatial perspectives
Liu QQ, Wang SJ, Zhang WZ, Li JM, Kong YL
172 - 182 Modeling the cost transmission mechanism of the emission trading scheme in China
Ju YY, Kiyoshi F
183 - 195 Simulation based evolutionary algorithms for fuzzy chance-constrained biogas supply chain design
Khishtandar S
196 - 210 On the impact of outlier filtering on the electricity price forecasting accuracy
Afanasyev DO, Fedorova EA
211 - 219 Introduction to evaluating energy justice across the life cycle: A social life cycle assessment approach
Fortier MOP, Teron L, Reames TG, Munardy DT, Sullivan BM
220 - 230 A dynamic and continuous allowances allocation methodology for the prevention of carbon leakage: Emission control coefficients
Sun YP, Xue JJ, Shi XP, Wang KY, Qi SZ, Wang L, Wang C
231 - 243 Optimal daily scheduling of mobile machines to transport cellulosic biomass from satellite storage locations to a bioenergy plant
An H
244 - 252 Separating photo-thermal conversion and steam generation process for evaporation enhancement using a solar absorber
Huang J, He YR, Chen MJ, Wang XZ
253 - 261 A novel index of total oxygen demand for the comprehensive evaluation of energy consumption for urban wastewater treatment
Luo L, Dzakpasu M, Yang BC, Zhang WS, Yang YH, Wang XCC
262 - 272 Hybrid forecasting model based on long short term memory network and deep learning neural network for wind signal
Qin Y, Li K, Liang ZH, Lee B, Zhang FY, Gu YC, Zhang L, Wu FZ, Rodriguez D
273 - 292 Developing incentive demand response with commercial energy management system (CEMS) based on diffusion model, smart meters and new communication protocol
Eissa MM
293 - 306 Effects of population, urbanization, household size, and income on electric appliance adoption in the Chinese residential sector towards 2050
Li MQ, Shan R, Hernandez M, Mallampalli V, Patino-Echeverri D
307 - 317 Coordinated mechanical loads and power optimization of wind energy conversion systems with variable-weight model predictive control strategy
Lin ZW, Chen ZY, Liu JZ, Wu QW
318 - 339 Economic and environmental potential for solar assisted central heating plants in the EU residential sector: Contribution to the 2030 climate and energy EU agenda
Tulus V, Abokersh MH, Cabeza LF, Valles M, Jimenez L, Boer D
340 - 353 Computational fluid dynamics and experimental validation of a compact steam methane reformer for hydrogen production from natural gas
Ngo SI, Lim YI, Kim W, Seo DJ, Yoon WL
354 - 378 Assessing deployment pathways for greenhouse gas emissions reductions in an industrial plant - A case study for a complex oil refinery
Berghout N, Meerman H, van den Broek M, Faaij A
379 - 387 City-level household carbon footprint from purchaser point of view by a modified input-output model
Long Y, Yoshida Y, Fang K, Zhang HR, Dhondt M
388 - 400 Techno-economic analysis of a solar district heating system with seasonal thermal storage in the UK
Renaldi R, Friedrich D
401 - 409 Open Power System Data - Frictionless data for electricity system modelling
Wiese F, Schlecht I, Bunke WD, Gerbaulet C, Hirth L, Jahn M, Kunz F, Lorenz C, Muhlenpfordt J, Reimann J, Schill WP
410 - 425 Practical factors of envelope model setup and their effects on the performance of model predictive control for building heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems
Blum DH, Arendt K, Rivalin L, Piette MA, Wetter M, Veje CT
426 - 436 Performance investigation of a high-field active magnetic regenerator
Teyber R, Holladay J, Meinhardt K, Polikarpov E, Thomsen E, Cui J, Rowe A, Barclay J
437 - 443 Vanadium redox flow battery with slotted porous electrodes and automatic rebalancing demonstrated on a 1 kW system level
Bhattarai A, Wai N, Schweiss R, Whitehead A, Scherer GG, Ghimire PC, Lim TM, Hng HH
444 - 464 Portfolio selection of distributed energy generation projects considering uncertainty and project interaction under different enterprise strategic scenarios
Wu YN, Xu CB, Ke YM, Li XY, Li LWY
465 - 477 A fidelity fluid-structure interaction model for vertical axis tidal turbines in turbulence flows
Yang P, Xiang J, Fang F, Pain CC
478 - 488 Aging-aware predictive control of PV-battery assets in buildings
Cai J, Zhang H, Jin X
489 - 513 Radiative cooling: A review of fundamentals, materials, applications, and prospects
Zhao B, Hu MK, Ao XZ, Chen N, Pei G
514 - 525 Exploring the impacts of biofuel expansion on land use change and food security based on a land explicit CGE model: A case study of China
Weng YW, Chang SY, Cai WJ, Wang C
526 - 539 Feasibility study of CO2 huff 'n' puff process to enhance heavy oil recovery via long core experiments
Zhou X, Yuan QW, Rui ZH, Wang HY, Feng JW, Zhang LH, Zeng FH
540 - 550 Intensive carbon dioxide emission of coal chemical industry in China
Zhang Y, Yuan ZW, Margni M, Bulle C, Hua H, Jiang SY, Liu XW
551 - 559 Towards comprehensive lignocellulosic biomass utilization for bioenergy production: Efficient biobutanol production from acetic acid pretreated switchgrass with Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum N1-4
Wang PX, Chen YM, Wang YF, Lee YY, Zong WM, Taylor S, McDonald T, Wang Y
560 - 573 Feasibility analysis of a concentrating photovoltaic-thermoelectric-thermal cogeneration
Yin ES, Li Q, Xuan YM
574 - 589 Modeling, air balancing and optimal pressure set-point selection for the ventilation system with minimized energy consumption
Jing G, Cai WJ, Zhang X, Cui C, Yin XH, Xian HC
590 - 606 Potential and challenges of low-carbon energy options: Comparative assessment of alternative fuels for the transport sector
Fernandez-Dacosta C, Shen L, Schakel W, Ramirez A, Kramer GJ
607 - 621 Improving the load flexibility of coal-fired power plants by the integration of a thermal energy storage
Richter M, Oeljeklaus G, Gorner K
622 - 634 Impact of CO2 prices on the design of a highly decarbonised coupled electricity and heating system in Europe
Zhu K, Victoria M, Brown T, Andresen GB, Greiner M
635 - 647 Phase interactions in Ni-Cu-Al2O3 mixed oxide oxygen carriers for chemical looping applications
Huang JJ, Liu W, Hu WT, Metcalfe I, Yang YH, Liu B
648 - 661 Retrofitting low-cost heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems for energy management in buildings
Rashid SA, Haider Z, Hossain SMC, Memon K, Panhwar F, Mbogba MK, Hu P, Zhao G
662 - 680 Selecting emerging CO2 utilization products for short- to mid-term deployment
Chauvy R, Meunier N, Thomas D, De Weireld G
681 - 689 Power-to-gas management using robust optimisation in integrated energy systems
Gu CH, Tang C, Xiang Y, Xie D
690 - 699 Experimental performance evaluation of a novel anti-fouling wastewater source heat pump system with a wastewater tower
Shen C, Lei ZY, Lv GQ, Ni L, Deng SM
700 - 710 Assessment of deep recurrent neural network-based strategies for short-term building energy predictions
Fan C, Wang JY, Gang WJ, Li SH
711 - 727 Design methods for microgrids to address seasonal energy availability - A case study of proposed Showa Antarctic Station retrofits
Obara S, Hamanaka R, El-Sayed AG
728 - 742 An adaptive modelling technique for parameters extraction of photovoltaic devices under varying sunlight and temperature conditions
Aly SP, Ahzi S, Barth N
743 - 759 A sustainable water-food-energy plan to confront climatic and socioeconomic changes using simulation-optimization approach
Zeng XT, Zhang JL, Yu L, Zhu JX, Li Z, Tang L
760 - 777 Effects of moderate thermal environments on cognitive performance: A multidisciplinary review
Zhang F, de Dear R, Hancock P
778 - 792 Designing a multi-stage multivariate empirical mode decomposition coupled with ant colony optimization and random forest model to forecast monthly solar radiation
Prasad R, Ali M, Kwan P, Khan H
793 - 803 Design of header and coil steam generators for concentrating solar power applications accounting for low-cycle fatigue requirements
Ferruzza D, Kaern MR, Haglind F
804 - 814 The potential of electric trucks - An international commodity-level analysis
Liimatainen H, van Vliet O, Aplyn D
815 - 824 Equilibrium fuel supply and carbon credit pricing under market competition and environmental regulations: A California case study
Hu KJ, Chen YC
825 - 836 Efficiency enhancements in methane recovery from natural gas hydrates using injection of CO2/N-2 gas mixture simulating in-situ combustion
Tupsakhare SS, Castaldi MJ
837 - 849 Slag mobility in entrained flow gasifiers optimized using a new reliable viscosity model of iron oxide-containing multicomponent melts
Wu GX, Seebold S, Yazhenskikh E, Tanner J, Hack K, Muller M
850 - 866 Techno-economic and environmental analyses of a novel, sustainable process for production of liquid fuels using helium heat transfer
Hoseinzade L, Adams TA
867 - 876 On wind speed pattern and energy potential in China
Liu F, Sun FB, Liu WW, Wang TT, Wang H, Wang XM, Lim WH
877 - 892 A modeling study on the heat storage and release characteristics of a phase change material based double-spiral coiled heat exchanger in an air source heat pump for defrosting
Hu WJ, Song MJ, Jiang YQ, Yao Y, Gao Y
893 - 905 Pontryagin's Minimum Principle based model predictive control of energy management for a plug-in hybrid electric bus
Xie SB, Hu XS, Xin ZK, Brighton J
906 - 915 Transmissive microfluidic active cooling for concentrator photovoltaics
Islam K, Riggs B, Ji YP, Robertson J, Spitler C, Romanin V, Codd D, Escarra MD
916 - 926 Optimal energy management for commercial buildings considering comprehensive comfort levels in a retail electricity market
Liang ZM, Bian DS, Zhang XH, Shi D, Diao RS, Wang ZW
927 - 936 Evaluation of carbon and water policies in the optimization of water distribution networks involving power-desalination plants
Munguia-Lopez AD, Gonzalez-Bravo R, Ponce-Ortega JM
937 - 949 Incentive-based demand response for smart grid with reinforcement learning and deep neural network
Lu RZ, Hong SH
950 - 960 Design of segmented off-diagonal thermoelectric generators using topology optimization
Lundgaard C, Sigmund O
961 - 972 A closed-loop analysis of grid scale battery systems providing frequency response and reserve services in a variable inertia grid
Lee R, Homan S, Mac Dowell N, Brown S
973 - 984 Quantitative evaluation method for the complementarity of wind-solar-hydro power and optimization of wind-solar ratio
Han S, Zhang LN, Liu YQ, Zhang H, Yan J, Li L, Lei XH, Wang X
985 - 996 Credit rating based real-time energy trading in microgrids
Zhang XY, Zhu SY, He JP, Yang B, Guan XP
997 - 1010 A high-resolution spatio-temporal energy demand simulation to explore the potential of heating demand side management with large-scale heat pump diffusion
Eggimann S, Hall JW, Eyre N
1011 - 1018 A solar-driven continuous hydrothermal pretreatment system for biomethane production from microalgae biomass
Xiao C, Liao Q, Fu Q, Huang Y, Chen H, Zhang H, Xia A, Zhu X, Reungsang A, Liu ZD
1019 - 1033 Low-carbon developments in Northeast China: Evidence from cities
Liu XY, Duan ZY, Shan YL, Duan HY, Wang S, Song JN, Wang XE
1034 - 1048 Adiabatic magnesium hydride system for hydrogen storage based on thermochemical heat storage: Numerical analysis of the dehydrogenation
Lutz M, Bhouri M, Linder M, Burger I
1049 - 1061 Potential impact of shifting coal to gas and electricity for building sectors in 28 major northern cities of China
Chen H, Chen WY
1062 - 1077 New frontiers in magnetic refrigeration with high oscillation energy-efficient electromagnets
Klinar K, Tomc U, Jelenc B, Nosan S, Kitanovski A
1078 - 1088 Day-ahead building-level load forecasts using deep learning vs. traditional time-series techniques
Cai MM, Pipattanasomporn M, Rahman S
1089 - 1114 Reliability, economic and environmental analysis of a microgrid system in the presence of renewable energy resources
Adefarati T, Bansal RC
1115 - 1124 Experimental investigation of thermochemical regeneration using oxy-fuel exhaust gases
Gaber C, Demuth M, Prieler R, Schluckner C, Schroettner H, Fitzek H, Hochenauer C
1125 - 1137 Fast pyrolysis of lignins with different molecular weight: Experiments and modelling
Marathe PS, Westerhof RJM, Kersten SRA
1138 - 1157 District energy system optimisation under uncertain demand: Handling data-driven stochastic profiles
Pickering B, Choudhary R
1158 - 1167 Real-time subsidy based robust scheduling of the integrated power and gas system
Shu KA, Ai XM, Fang JK, Yao W, Chen Z, He HB, Wen JY
1168 - 1182 Dynamic thermal management for industrial waste heat recovery based on phase change material thermal storage
Li DC, Wang JH, Ding YL, Yao H, Huang Y
1183 - 1217 Are emission reduction policies effective under climate change conditions? A backcasting and exploratory scenario approach using the LEAP-OSeMOSYS Model
Emodi NV, Chaiechi T, Beg ABMRA
1218 - 1230 Performance research on a power generation system using twin-screw expanders for energy recovery at natural gas pressure reduction stations under off-design conditions
Yao S, Zhang YF, Deng N, Yu XH, Dong SM
1231 - 1248 EDeSSOpt - Energy Demand and Supply Simultaneous Optimization for cost-optimized design: Application to a multi-family building
Ferrara M, Rolfo A, Prunotto F, Fabrizio E
1249 - 1268 How do policies mobilize private finance for renewable energy?-A systematic review with an investor perspective
Polzin F, Egli F, Steffen B, Schmidt TS
1269 - 1279 Enhanced ethanol production from syngas by Clostridium ragsdalei in continuous stirred tank reactor using medium with poultry litter biochar
Sun X, Atiyeh HK, Zhang HL, Tanner RS, Huhnke RL
1280 - 1295 Apples or oranges? Identification of fundamental load shape profiles for benchmarking buildings using a large and diverse dataset
Park JY, Yang XY, Miller C, Arjunan P, Nagy Z