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1 - 9 Improving the energy efficiency of a refrigerator-freezer through the use of a novel cabinet/door liner based on polylactide biopolymer
Hossieny N, Shrestha SS, Owusu OA, Natal M, Benson R, Desjarlais A
10 - 20 Probabilistic individual load forecasting using pinball loss guided LSTM
Wang Y, Gan DH, Sun MY, Zhang N, Lu ZX, Kang CQ
21 - 30 Direct use of seawater for rapid methane storage via clathrate (sII) hydrates
Kumar A, Veluswamy HP, Kumar R, Linga P
31 - 42 China's roadmap to low-carbon electricity and water: Disentangling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from electricity-water nexus via renewable wind and solar power generation, and carbon capture and storage
Sharifzadeh M, Hien RKT, Shah N
43 - 55 A clustering based grouping method of nearly zero energy buildings for performance improvements
Huang P, Sun YJ
56 - 67 Combustion stability study of partially premixed combustion with low-octane fuel at low engine load conditions
An YZ, Raman V, Tang QL, Shi H, Sim J, Chang J, Magnotti G, Johansson B
68 - 82 Preventive crude oil scheduling under demand uncertainty using structure adapted genetic algorithm
Panda D, Ramteke M
83 - 94 What is the role of distributed energy resources under scenarios of greenhouse gas reductions? A specific focus on combined heat and power systems in the industrial and commercial sectors
Kaplan PO, Witt JW
95 - 105 Examining the spatial variations of determinants of energy-related CO2 emissions in China at the city level using Geographically Weighted Regression Model
Wang SJ, Shi CY, Fang CL, Feng KS
106 - 116 Impact of introducing penalty-cost on optimal design of renewable energy systems for net zero energy buildings
Lu YH, Zhang XP, Huang ZJ, Lu JL, Wang D
117 - 128 Design of machine learning models with domain experts for automated sensor selection for energy fault detection
Hu RL, Granderson J, Auslander DM, Agogino A
129 - 138 The impact of building operations on urban heat/cool islands under urban densification: A comparison between naturally-ventilated and air-conditioned buildings
Duan SP, Luo ZW, Yang XY, Li YG
139 - 146 Reduction of real gas losses with a DC flow in the regenerator of the refrigeration cycle
Cao Q, Sun Z, Li ZM, Luan MK, Tang X, Li P, Jiang ZH, Wei L
147 - 163 Numerical investigation of radiative heat transfer in internal combustion engines
Yue ZY, Reitz RD
164 - 176 Thermo-economic optimization of hydrogen production in a membrane-SMR integrated to ITM-oxy-combustion plant using genetic algorithm
Sanusi YS, Mokheimer EMA
177 - 185 Experimental analysis of dehumidification performance of an evaporative cooling-assisted internally cooled liquid desiccant dehumidifier
Park JY, Kim BJ, Yoon SY, Byon YS, Jeong JW
186 - 203 Research on the peak of CO2 emissions in the developing world: Current progress and future prospect
Jiang JJ, Ye B, Liu J
204 - 218 A tri-level optimization model to mitigate coordinated attacks on electric power systems in a cyber-physical environment
Lai KX, Illindala M, Subramaniam K
219 - 232 A holistic resilience framework development for rural power systems in emerging economies
Mazur C, Hoegerle Y, Brucoli M, van Dam K, Guo M, Markides CN, Shah N
233 - 246 Experimental studies on the key parameters controlling the combustion and emission in premixed charge compression ignition concept based on diesel surrogates
Qian Y, Wu ZY, Guo JJ, Li ZL, Jiang CX, Lu XC
247 - 257 Nitrogen self-recuperation expansion-based process for offshore coproduction of liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and pentane plus
Qyyum MA, Qadeer K, Minh LQ, Haider J, Lee M
258 - 283 The impact of concentrated solar power in electric power systems: A Chilean case study
Mena R, Escobar R, Lorca A, Negrete-Pincetic M, Olivares D
284 - 298 Prioritizing among the end uses of excess renewable energy for cost-effective greenhouse gas emission reductions
Wang S, Tarroja B, Schell LS, Shaffer B, Samuelsen S
299 - 310 Evolutionary computation for maximizing CO2 and H-2 separation in multiple-tube palladium-membrane systems
Chen WH, Kuo PC, Lin YL
311 - 319 CO2 capture with hybrid absorbents of low viscosity imidazolium-based ionic liquids and amine
Xiao M, Liu HL, Gao HX, Olson W, Liang ZW
320 - 331 Generalised control-oriented modelling framework for multi-energy systems
Long S, Marjanovic O, Parisio A
332 - 345 An interactive planning model for sustainable urban water and energy supply
Vakilifard N, Bahri PA, Anda M, Ho G
346 - 355 Catalytic effects of potassium on biomass pyrolysis, combustion and torrefaction
Safar M, Lin BJ, Chen WH, Langauer D, Chang JS, Raclavska H, Petrissans A, Rousset P, Petrissans M
356 - 368 Transition pathways optimization methodology through EnergyPLAN software for long-term energy planning
Prina MG, Lionetti M, Manzolini G, Sparber W, Moser D
369 - 378 Gaseous and particulate emissions from a chimneyless biomass cookstove equipped with a potassium catalyst
Paulsen AD, Kunsa TA, Carpenter AL, Amundsen TJ, Schwartz NR, Harrington J, Reed J, Alcorn B, Gattoni J, Yelvington PE
379 - 390 Low-viscosity and efficient regeneration of carbon dioxide capture using a biphasic solvent regulated by 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol
Zhou XB, Jing GH, Lv BH, Liu F, Zhou ZM
391 - 408 Solid oxide fuel cell and advanced combustion engine combined cycle: A pathway to 70% electrical efficiency
Chuahy FDF, Kokjohn SL
409 - 427 A generalized computational model for the simulation of adsorption packed bed reactors - Parametric study of five reactor geometries for cooling applications
Papakokkinos G, Castro J, Lopez J, Oliva A
428 - 441 Oxidative torrefaction of biomass nutshells: Evaluations of energy efficiency as well as biochar transportation and storage
Zhang CY, Ho SH, Chen WH, Fu YJ, Chang JS, Bi XT
442 - 450 Experimental study on the performance of a novel in-house heat pump water heater with freezing latent heat evaporator and assisted by domestic drain water
Guo XC, Ma Z, Ma LD, Zhang JL
451 - 462 Electroelastic investigation of drying rate in the direct contact ultrasonic fabric dewatering process
Dupuis ED, Momen AM, Patel VK, Shahab S
463 - 472 Experimental characterizing combustion emissions and thermodynamic properties of a thermoacoustic swirl combustor
Zhang ZG, Zhao D, Ni SL, Sun YZ, Wang B, Chen Y, Li GN, Li S
473 - 479 PdCu/C anode catalysts for the alkaline ascorbate fuel cell
Muneeb O, Do E, Boyd D, Perez J, Haan JL
480 - 486 A calcium looping process for simultaneous CO2 capture and peak shaving in a coal-fired power plant
Zhou LF, Duan L, Anthony EJ
487 - 494 The significance of calendar effects in the electricity market
Li K, Cursio JD, Jiang MF, Liang X
495 - 508 Battery assembly optimization: Tailoring the electrode compression ratio based on the polarization analysis in vanadium flow batteries
Yue M, Lv ZQ, Zheng Q, Li XF, Zhang HM
509 - 518 Carbon emissions of cities from a consumption-based perspective
Mi ZF, Zheng JL, Meng J, Zheng HR, Li X, Coffman D, Woltjer J, Wang SY, Guan DB
519 - 528 Photovoltaic/battery system sizing for rural electrification in Bolivia: Considering the suppressed demand effect
Benavente F, Lundblad A, Campana PE, Zhang Y, Cabrera S, Lindbergh G
529 - 542 Novel key parameter for eutectic nitrates based nanofluids selection for concentrating solar power (CSP) systems
Jiang Z, Palacios A, Lei XZ, Navarro ME, Qiao G, Mura E, Xu GZ, Ding YL
543 - 552 High-performance and low-cost macroporous calcium oxide based materials for thermochemical energy storage in concentrated solar power plants
Jimenez PES, Perejon A, Guerrero MB, Valverde JM, Ortiz C, Maqueda LAP
553 - 563 Active method for mitigation of induced voltage in integrated energy systems
Tang DF, Yang XG, Yong J, Xu W
564 - 577 Nodal market power assessment of flexible demand resources
Shang N, Lin Y, Ding Y, Ye CJ, Yan JY
578 - 590 Techno-economic analysis of producing solid biofuels and biochar from forest residues using portable systems
Sahoo K, Bilek E, Bergman R, Mani S
591 - 601 Comparison of US Midwest corn stover ethanol greenhouse gas emissions from GREET and GHGenius
Obnamia JA, Dias GM, MacLean HL, Saville BA
602 - 611 Modeling of all-porous solid oxide fuel cells with a focus on the electrolyte porosity design
Xu HR, Chen B, Tan P, Xuan J, Maroto-Valer MM, Farrusseng D, Sun Q, Ni M
612 - 624 Spatio-temporal dynamics of urban residential CO2 emissions and their driving forces in China using the integrated two nighttime light datasets
Zhao JC, Ji GX, Yue YL, Lai ZZ, Chen YL, Yang DY, Yang X, Wang Z
625 - 640 Intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell under internal reforming: Critical operating conditions, associated problems and their impact on the performance
Silva-Mosqueda DM, Elizalde-Blancas F, Pumiglia D, Santoni F, Boigues-Munoz C, McPhail SJ
641 - 652 Experimental study of ignition, lift-off length and emission characteristics of diesel/hydrogenated catalytic biodiesel blends
Zhong WJ, Pachiannan T, He ZX, Xuan TM, Wang Q
653 - 660 Heliostat field cleaning scheduling for Solar Power Tower plants: A heuristic approach
Ashley T, Carrizosa E, Fernandez-Cara E
661 - 672 State-of-life prognosis and diagnosis of lithium-ion batteries by data-driven particle filters
Cadini F, Sbarufatti C, Cancelliere F, Giglio M
673 - 684 Impact of outdoor air quality on the natural ventilation usage of commercial buildings in the US
Chen JL, Brager GS, Augenbroe G, Song XY
685 - 698 The multiple effectiveness of state natural gas consumption constraint policies for achieving sustainable development targets in China
Li W, Lu C
699 - 713 Operational supply and demand optimisation of a multi-vector district energy system using artificial neural networks and a genetic algorithm
Reynolds J, Ahmad MW, Rezgui Y, Hippolyte JL
714 - 728 The independent and coupled effects of feedstock characteristics and reaction conditions on biocrude production by hydrothermal liquefaction
Hietala DC, Godwin CM, Cardinale BJ, Savage PE
729 - 738 Numerical studies on wide-operating-range ejector based on anodic pressure drop characteristics in proton exchange membrane fuel cell system
Pei PC, Ren P, Li YH, Wu ZY, Chen DF, Huang SW, Jia XN
739 - 746 Similarity and heterogeneity of price dynamics across China's regional carbon markets: A visibility graph network approach
Fan XH, Li XX, Yin JL, Tian LX, Liang JC
747 - 760 Combined heat, cooling, and power systems based on half effect absorption chillers and polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Loreti G, Facci AL, Baffo I, Ubertini S
761 - 775 Threshold-changing control strategy for series hybrid electric vehicles
Shabbir W, Evangelou SA
776 - 785 Appliance level data analysis of summer demand reduction potential from residential air conditioner control
Malik A, Haghdadi N, MacGill L, Ravishankar J
786 - 801 A hybrid forecasting system based on fuzzy time series and multi-objective optimization for wind speed forecasting
Jiang P, Yang HF, Heng JN
802 - 812 Parametric optimization of long-term multi-area heat and power production with power storage
Abdollahi E, Wang HC, Landelma R
813 - 826 Thermally stratified compression ignition enabled by wet ethanol with a split injection strategy: A CFD simulation study
Boldaji MR, Gainey B, Lawler B
827 - 834 City-level water-energy nexus in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region
Li X, Yang LL, Zheng HR, Shan YL, Zhang ZY, Song M, Cai BF, Guan DB
835 - 845 Unveiling key drivers of urban embodied and controlled carbon footprints
Chen SQ, Zhu FY
846 - 873 Novel strategies and supporting materials applied to shape-stabilize organic phase change materials for thermal energy storage-A review
Umair MM, Zhang Y, Iqbal K, Zhang SF, Tang BT
874 - 887 Thermal energy storage system for efficient diesel exhaust aftertreatment at low temperatures
Hamedi MR, Doustdar O, Tsolakis A, Hartland J
888 - 899 Invest in fast-charging infrastructure or in longer battery ranges? A cost efficiency comparison for Germany
Funke SA, Plotz P, Wietschel M
900 - 913 Drivers of domestic electricity users' price responsiveness: A novel machine learning approach
Guo PY, Lam JCK, Li VOK
914 - 929 Application oriented multiple-objective optimization, analysis and comparison of solid oxide fuel cell systems with different configurations
Cheng TL, Jiang JH, Wu XD, Li X, Xu MX, Deng ZH, Li J
930 - 938 Economic output in the era of changing energy-mix for G20 countries: New evidence with trade openness and research and development investment
Sikder A, Inekwe J, Bhattacharya M
939 - 953 A review and discussion of decomposition-based hybrid models for wind energy forecasting applications
Qian Z, Pei Y, Zareipour H, Chen NY
954 - 962 Evaluation of energy density as performance indicator for thermal energy storage at material and system levels
Romani J, Gasia J, Sole A, Takasu H, Kato Y, Cabeza LF
963 - 977 Numerical analysis of a new piezoelectric-based energy harvesting pavement system: Lessons from laboratory-based and field-based simulations
Guo LK, Lu Q
978 - 986 Would China's power industry benefit from nationwide carbon emission permit trading? An optimization model-based ex post analysis on abatement cost savings
Xian YJ, Wang K, Wei YM, Huang ZM
987 - 1000 Development of an advanced free-piston Stirling engine for micro combined heating and power application
Qiu SG, Gao Y, Rinker G, Yanaga K
1001 - 1016 Impacts of renewable hydrogen production from wind energy in electricity markets on potential hydrogen demand for light-duty vehicles
Nagasawa K, Davidson FT, Lloyd AC, Webber ME
1017 - 1026 Experimental investigation of gliding arc plasma fuel injector for ignition and extinction performance improvement
Lin BX, Wu Y, Zhu YF, Song FL, Bian DL
1027 - 1040 Numerical investigation of melting in a cavity with vertically oriented fins
Abdi A, Martin V, Chiu JNW
1041 - 1047 Oxygen consumption as the definitive factor in predicting heat of combustion
Merckel RD, Labuschagne FJWJ, Heydenrych MD
1048 - 1060 Impact of deep wind power penetration on variability at load centers
Waite M, Modi V
1061 - 1071 Biological methanation: Strategies for in-situ and ex-situ upgrading in anaerobic digestion
Voelklein MA, Rusmanis D, Murphy JD
1072 - 1089 Reinforcement learning for demand response: A review of algorithms and modeling techniques
Vazquez-Canteli JR, Nagy Z
1090 - 1105 Improved banded method for spectral thermal radiation in participating media with spectrally dependent wall emittance
Bordbar H, Maximov A, Hyppanen T
1106 - 1117 A new business model for encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles in the absence of policy support
Nian V, Hari MP, Yuan J
1118 - 1125 Low carbon growth in China: The role of emissions trading in a transitioning economy
Springer C, Evans S, Lin J, Roland-Holst D
1126 - 1140 A novel deep learning method for the classification of power quality disturbances using deep convolutional neural network
Wang SX, Chen HW
1141 - 1152 Achieving natural ventilation potential in practice: Control schemes and levels of automation
Chen YJ, Tong ZM, Wu WT, Samuelson H, Malkawi A, Norford L
1153 - 1168 Optimal operation value of combined wind power and energy storage in multi-stage electricity markets
Diaz G, Coto J, Gomez-Aleixandre J
1169 - 1182 Underreported coal in statistics: A survey-based solid fuel consumption and emission inventory for the rural residential sector in China
Peng LQ, Zhang Q, Yao ZL, Mauzerall DL, Kang SC, Du ZY, Zheng YX, Xue T, He KB
1183 - 1191 Production of CO from CO2 over mixed-metal oxides derived from layered-double-hydroxides
Hussein AMA, Burra KG, Bassioni G, Hammouda RM, Gupta AK
1192 - 1204 Packed and fluidized bed absorber modeling for carbon capture with micro-encapsulated sodium carbonate solution
Hornbostel K, Nguyen D, Bourcier W, Knipe J, Worthington M, Mccoy S, Stolaroff J
1205 - 1225 A hybrid forecasting system based on a dual decomposition strategy and multi-objective optimization for electricity price forecasting
Yang WD, Wang JZ, Niu T, Du P
1226 - 1234 Empirical estimates of the radiative impact of an unusually extreme dust and wildfire episode on the performance of a photovoltaic plant in Western Mediterranean
Gomez-Amo JL, Freile-Aranda MD, Camarasa J, Estelles V, Utrillas MP, Martinez-Lozano JA
1235 - 1244 Emissions, energy and economic impacts of linking China's national ETS with the EU ETS
Li MY, Weng YY, Duan MS
1245 - 1253 Dynamic building envelope with PCM for cooling purposes - Proof of concept
de Gracia A
1254 - 1265 Emissions trading systems and social equity: A CGE assessment for China
Huang H, Roland-Holst D, Springer C, Lin J, Cai WJ, Wang C
1266 - 1276 A universal solar simulator for focused and quasi-collimated beams
Jin J, Hao Y, Jin HG
1277 - 1288 Scenario-based investment planning of isolated multi-energy microgrids considering electricity, heating and cooling demand
Ehsan A, Yang Q
1289 - 1299 Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)
Yan JY, Zhang ZE
1300 - 1313 Comparative environmental profile assessments of commercial and novel material structures for solid oxide fuel cells
Smith L, Ibn-Mohammed T, Yang F, Reaney IM, Sinclair DC, Koh SCL
1314 - 1334 Quantification of global waste heat and its environmental effects
Firth A, Zhang B, Yang AD
1335 - 1350 Seismic response of offshore wind turbine with hybrid monopile foundation based on centrifuge modelling
Wang XF, Zeng XW, Yang X, Li JL
1351 - 1368 Curtailment-storage-penetration nexus in the energy transition
Solomon AA, Bogdanov D, Breyer C
1369 - 1380 Analysis of energy efficiency of forest chip supply systems using discrete-event simulation
Prinz R, Vaatainen K, Laitila J, Sikanen L, Asikainen A
1381 - 1388 Effect of combustion technology and biogenic CO2 impact factor on global warming potential of wood-to-heat chains
Pelletier C, Rogaume Y, Dieckhoff L, Bardeau G, Pons MN, Dufour A
1389 - 1399 Influence of the storage period between charge and discharge in a latent heat thermal energy storage system working under partial load operating conditions
Gasia J, de Gracia A, Zsembinszki G, Cabeza LF
1400 - 1414 Design and performance analyses for a novel organic Rankine cycle with supercritical-subcritical heat absorption process coupling
Li J, Ge Z, Duan YY, Yang Z
1415 - 1426 High purity syngas and hydrogen coproduction using copper-iron oxygen carriers in chemical looping reforming process
Nadgouda SG, Guo MQ, Tong A, Fan LS
1427 - 1446 A life cycle assessment-based multi-objective optimization of the purchased, solar, and wind energy for the grocery, perishables, and general merchandise multi-facility distribution center network
Burek J, Nutter DW
1447 - 1456 An inverse modeling approach for the thermal response modeling of green facades
Suklje T, Hamdy M, Arkar C, Hensen JLM, Medved S
1457 - 1467 Geospatial multi-criteria analysis for identifying high priority clean energy investment opportunities: A case study on land-use conflict in Bangladesh
Shiraishi K, Shirley RG, Kammen DM
1468 - 1475 4D in situ synchrotron X-ray tomographic microscopy and laser-based heating study of oil shale pyrolysis
Saif T, Lin QY, Gao Y, Al-Khulaifi Y, Marone F, Hollis D, Blunt MJ, Bijeljic B
1476 - 1491 Modelling the impact of geographical diversification of wind turbines on the required firm capacity in Germany
Bucksteeg M
1492 - 1504 Changes in carbon intensity globally and in countries: Attribution and decomposition analysis
Xiao H, Sun KJ, Bi HM, Xue JJ
1505 - 1513 A crucial factor affecting the power conversion efficiency of oxide/metal/oxide-based organic photovoltaics: Optical cavity versus transmittance
Lee BR, Park GE, Kim YW, Choi DH, Kim TG
1514 - 1523 Persistent energy harvesting in the harsh desert environment using a thermal resonance device: Design, testing, and analysis
Cottrill AL, Zhang G, Liu AT, Bakytbekov A, Silmore KS, Koman VB, Shamim A, Strano MS
1524 - 1540 Enhancing the optical and thermal efficiency of a parabolic trough collector - A review
Manikandan GK, Iniyan S, Goic R
1541 - 1550 Optimal operation of independent regional power grid with multiple wind-solar-hydro-battery power
Liu ZF, Zhang Z, Zhuo RQ, Wang XY
1551 - 1560 A novel methodology to explain and evaluate data-driven building energy performance models based on interpretable machine learning
Fan C, Xiao F, Yan CC, Liu CL, Li ZD, Wang JY
1561 - 1582 Evaluating regional climate-electricity demand nexus: A composite Bayesian predictive framework
Mukherjee S, Vineeth CR, Nateghi R
1583 - 1602 A comprehensive assessment of alternative absorber-exchanger designs for hybrid PVT-water collectors
Herrando M, Ramos A, Zabalza I, Markides CN
1603 - 1613 Techno-economic analysis of micro fuel cell cogeneration and storage in Germany
Lobberding L, Madlener R
1614 - 1636 Energy management: A practice-based assessment model
Trianni A, Cagno E, Bertolotti M, Thollander P, Andersson E
1637 - 1650 Impacts of electric vehicles on the electricity generation portfolio - A Scandinavian-German case study
Taljegard M, Goransson L, Odenberger M, Johnsson F
1651 - 1663 Submicron aerosols of liquid fuels: Method of production, experimental characterization and a semi-empirical model
Mezhericher M, Razorenov N, Mazor G, Ju YG, Stone HA
1664 - 1667 Harmonized algal biofuel life cycle assessment studies enable direct process train comparison (vol 224, pg 494, 2018)
Tu QS, Eckelman M, Zimmerman JB
1668 - 1668 Numerical analysis of operating range and SOFC-off-gas combustor requirements of a biogas powered SOFC-MGT hybrid power plant (vol 232, pg 598, 2018)
Krummrein T, Henke M, Kutne P, Aigner M
1669 - 1670 Techno-economic analysis and performance comparison of aqueous deep eutectic solvent and other physical absorbents for biogas upgrading (vol 225, pg 437, 2018)
Ma CY, Liu C, Lu XH, Ji XY