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1 - 14 Applying an artificial neural network to assess thermal transmittance in walls by means of the thermometric method
Bienvenido-Huertas D, Moyano J, Rodriguez-Jimenez CE, Marin D
15 - 28 Strategies for optimizing the power output of microbial fuel cells: Transitioning from fundamental studies to practical implementation
Chen SL, Patil SA, Brown RK, Schroder U
29 - 36 Electrochemical analysis of high-performance protonic ceramic fuel cells based on a columnar-structured thin electrolyte
Choi SM, An H, Yoon KJ, Kim BK, Lee HW, Son JW, Kim H, Shin D, Ji HI, Lee JH
37 - 43 Electricity generation in dry methane by a durable ceramic fuel cell with high-performing and coking-resistant layered perovskite anode
Ding HP, Zhou DS, Liu S, Wu W, Yang YT, Yang YC, Tao ZT
44 - 61 A game theoretic approach for assessing residential energy-efficiency program considering rebound, consumer behavior, and government policies
Safarzadeh S, Rasti-Barzoki M
62 - 70 Optimization of window-to-wall ratio with sunshades in China low latitude region considering daylighting and energy saving requirements
Xue P, Li Q, Xie JC, Zhao MJ, Liu JP
71 - 85 Optimal active and reactive power allocation in distribution networks using a novel heuristic approach
Bayat A, Bagheri A
86 - 98 Flame kernel evolution and shock wave propagation with laser ignition in ethanol-air mixtures
Bao XC, Sahu A, Jiang YZ, Badawy T, Xu HM
99 - 104 The United States Federal Energy Management Program lighting energy efficiency 2017 update and impacts
Siap D, Payne C, Lekov A
105 - 113 A bi-porous graphite felt electrode with enhanced surface area and catalytic activity for vanadium redox flow batteries
Jiang HR, Shyy W, Wu MC, Zhang RH, Zhao TS
114 - 125 Modelling development and analysis on the Balanced Energy Networks (BEN) in London
Song WH, Wang Y, Gillich A, Ford A, Hewitt M
126 - 145 Modelling a molten salt thermal energy system - A validation study
Lappalainen J, Hakkarainen E, Sihvonen T, Rodriguez-Garcia MM, Alopaeus V
146 - 155 Double-layered intelligent energy management for optimal integration of plug-in electric vehicles into distribution systems
Mehta R, Verma P, Srinivasan D, Yang J
156 - 169 Critical assessment of oxy-fuel integrated coal gasification combined cycles
Ishii H, Hayashi T, Tada H, Yokohama K, Takashima R, Hayashi J
170 - 181 Spatiotemporal variations of CO2 emissions and their impact factors in China: A comparative analysis between the provincial and prefectural levels
Shi KF, Yu BL, Zhou YY, Chen Y, Yang CS, Chen ZQ, Wu JP
182 - 195 Effects of injector spray angle on combustion and emissions characteristics of a natural gas (NG)-diesel dual fuel engine based on CFD coupled with reduced chemical kinetic model
Shu J, Fu JQ, Liu JP, Ma YJ, Wang SQ, Deng BL, Zeng DJ
196 - 207 Achieving the carbon intensity target of China: A least squares support vector machine with mixture kernel function approach
Zhu BZ, Ye SX, Jiang MX, Wang P, Wu ZC, Xie R, Chevallier J, Wei YM
208 - 219 Thermal conductivity enhancement of phase change materials with 3D porous diamond foam for thermal energy storage
Zhang L, Zhou KC, Wei QP, Ma L, Ye WT, Li HC, Zhou B, Yu ZM, Lin CT, Luo JT, Gan XP
220 - 231 Primary frequency control provided by hybrid battery storage and power-to-heat system
Melo SP, Brand U, Vogt T, Telle JS, Schuldt F, von Maydell K
232 - 243 Industrial carbon abatement allocations and regional collaboration: Re-evaluating China through a modified data envelopment analysis
Yu AY, You JX, Rudkin S, Zhang H
244 - 253 Grading buildings on energy performance using city benchmarking data
Papadopoulos S, Kontokosta CE
254 - 270 The feasibility and importance of considering climate change impacts in building retrofit analysis
Shen PY, Braham W, Yi Y
271 - 282 Exergetic assessment of CO2 methanation processes for the chemical storage of renewable energies
Uebbing J, Rihko-Struckmann LK, Sundmacher K
283 - 299 Potential energy saving via overall efficiency relying on quality of life
Nadimi R, Tokimatsu K
300 - 311 Water droplet dynamics in a dead-end anode proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Soopee A, Sasmito AP, Shamim T
312 - 320 Hybrid thermomagnetic oscillator for cooling and direct waste heat conversion to electricity
Deepak K, Varma VB, Prasanna G, Ramanujan RV
321 - 337 Hydrogen value chain and fuel cells within hybrid renewable energy systems: Advanced operation and control strategies
Chen S, Kumar A, Wong WC, Chiu MS, Wang XN
338 - 351 Homogenized adjacent points method: A novel Pareto optimizer for linearized multi-objective optimal energy flow of integrated electricity and gas system
Qu KP, Yu T, Zhang XS, Li HF
352 - 366 Integrated supply-and demand-side energy management for expeditionary environmental control
Craparo EM, Sprague JG
367 - 385 Recent advances in sustainable drying of agricultural produce: A review
Lamidi RO, Jiang L, Pathare PB, Wang YD, Roskilly AP
386 - 394 High performance solid-state iron-air rechargeable ceramic battery operating at intermediate temperatures (500-650 degrees C)
Trocino S, Lo Faro M, Zignani SC, Antonucci V, Arico AS
395 - 402 Rapid conversion from food waste to electricity by combining anaerobic fermentation and liquid catalytic fuel cell
Liu YL, Feng K, Li H
403 - 411 Parked electric car's cabin heat management using photovoltaic powered ventilation system
Kolhe M, Adhikari SK, Muneer T
412 - 423 General roles of sludge ash, CaO and Al2O3 on the sludge pyrolysis toward clean utilizations
Sun YQ, Chen JJ, Zhang ZT
424 - 442 Modeling and analyses of energy performances of photovoltaic greenhouses with sun-tracking functionality
Gao Y, Dong JF, Isabella O, Santbergen R, Tan HR, Zeman M, Zhang GQ
443 - 452 Experimental evaluation of highly efficient primary and secondary amines with lower energy by a novel method for post-combustion CO2 capture
Liu S, Gao HX, He C, Liang ZW
453 - 467 Numerical investigation of direct injection stratified charge combustion in a natural gas-diesel rotary engine
Chen W, Pan JF, Liu YX, Fan BW, Liu HJ, Otchere P
468 - 477 Carbon dioxide absorption in aqueous alkanolamine blends for biphasic solvents screening and evaluation
Liu F, Fang MX, Dong WF, Wang T, Xia ZX, Wang QH, Luo ZY
478 - 494 Offshore power generation with carbon capture and storage to decarbonise mainland electricity and offshore oil and gas installations: A techno-economic analysis
Roussanaly S, Aasen A, Anantharaman R, Danielsen B, Jakobsen J, Heme-De-Lacotte L, Neji G, Sodal A, Wahl PE, Vrana TK, Dreux R
495 - 515 A higher-order Markov chain-modulated model for electricity spot-price dynamics
Xiong H, Mamon R
516 - 523 High efficient internal combustion engine using partially premixed combustion with multiple injections
Yin LH, Lundgren M, Wang ZK, Stamatoglou P, Richter M, Andersson O, Tunestal P
524 - 543 Integral approach to energy planning and electric grid assessment in a renewable energy technology integration for a 50/50 target applied to a small island
Mendoza-Vizcaino J, Raza M, Sumper A, Diaz-Gonzalez F, Galceran-Arellano S
544 - 553 A room-temperature activated graphite felt as the cost-effective, highly active and stable electrode for vanadium redox flow batteries
Jiang HR, Shyy W, Ren YX, Zhang RH, Zhao TS
554 - 564 Quantities versus prices for best social welfare in carbon reduction: A literature review
Tang BJ, Wang XY, Wei YM
565 - 575 Electricity consumption probability density forecasting method based on LASSO-Quantile Regression Neural Network
He YY, Qin Y, Wang S, Wang X, Wang C
576 - 583 Analysis of CO2 transfer processes involved in global trade based on ecological network analysis
Zhang Y, Li YG, Hubacek K, Tian X, Lu ZM
584 - 598 Climate change impacts and adaptation strategies for a hydro-dominated power system via stochastic optimization
Guerra OJ, Tejada DA, Reklaitis GV
599 - 611 Recent progress in the application in compression ignition engines and the synthesis technologies of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers
Liu HY, Wang Z, Li YF, Zheng YY, He TJ, Wang JX
612 - 621 Oil price volatility and economic growth: Evidence from advanced economies using more than a century's data
van Eyden R, Difeto M, Gupta R, Wohar ME
622 - 643 Anion exchange membranes for aqueous acid-based redox flow batteries: Current status and challenges
Zeng L, Zhao TS, Wei L, Jiang HR, Wu MC
644 - 658 Electric vehicles' impacts on residential electric local profiles - A stochastic modelling approach considering socio-economic, behavioural and spatial factors
Fischer D, Harbrecht A, Surmann A, McKenna R
659 - 673 A benchmark city-level carbon dioxide emission inventory for China in 2005
Cai BF, Lu J, Wang JN, Dong HJ, Liu XM, Chen Y, Chen ZM, Cong JH, Cui ZP, Dai CY, Fang K, Feng T, Guo J, Li F, Meng FX, Tang W, Wang GZ, Xie YS, Zhang JJ
674 - 690 Hourly-resolution analysis of electricity decarbonization in Spain (2017-2030)
Victoria M, Gallego-Castillo C
691 - 708 A D-vine copula quantile regression approach for the prediction of residential heating energy consumption based on historical data
Niemierko R, Toppel J, Trankler T
709 - 723 Building-to-grid flexibility: Modelling and assessment metrics for residential demand response from heat pump aggregations
Zhang LX, Good N, Mancarella P
724 - 734 Power control strategy and performance evaluation of a novel electro-hydraulic energy-saving system
Gong J, Zhang DQ, Guo Y, Liu CS, Zhao YM, Hu P, Quan WC
735 - 746 Economic viability of multiple algal biorefining pathways and the impact of public policies
Cruce JR, Quinn JC
747 - 763 Efficient extraction of hydrogen transported as co-stream in the natural gas grid - The importance of process design
Liemberger W, Halmschlager D, Miltner M, Harasek M
764 - 775 Energy flexibility of a nearly zero-energy building with weather predictive control on a convective building energy system and evaluated with different metrics
Liu MZ, Heiselberg P
776 - 788 On the water transport behavior and phase transition mechanisms in cold start operation of PEM fuel cell
Huo S, Jiao K, Park JW
789 - 801 Heat transfer and storage performance of steam methane reforming in tubular reactor with focused solar simulator
Gu R, Ding J, Wang YR, Yuan QQ, Wang WL, Lu JF
802 - 815 Trading power instead of energy in day-ahead electricity markets
Philipsen R, Morales-Espana G, de Weerdt M, de Vries L
816 - 826 Modelling energy demand from higher education institutions: A case study of the UK
Wadud Z, Royston S, Selby J
827 - 839 Energy water nexus under energy mix scenarios using input output and ecological network analyses
Wang SG, Fath B, Chen B
840 - 853 Renewable diesel via hydrothermal liquefaction of oleaginous yeast and residual lignin from bioconversion of corn stover
Collett JR, Billing JM, Meyer PA, Schmidt AJ, Remington AB, Hawley ER, Hofstad BA, Panisko EA, Dai ZY, Hart TR, Santosa DM, Magnuson JK, Hallen RT, Jones SB
854 - 893 The role of renewable hydrogen and inter-seasonal storage in decarbonising heat - Comprehensive optimisation of future renewable energy value chains
Samsatli S, Samsatli NJ
894 - 905 Numerical investigation of the thermal performance enhancement of latent heat thermal energy storage using longitudinal rectangular fins and flat micro-heat pipe arrays
Diao YH, Liang L, Zhao YH, Wang ZY, Bai FW
906 - 915 Advanced models for the prediction of product yield in hydrothermal liquefaction via a mixture design of biomass model components coupled with process variables
Yang J, He Q, Corscadden K, Niu HB, Lin JN, Astatkie T
916 - 921 Energy justice in the transition to low carbon energy systems: Exploring key themes in interdisciplinary research
McCauley D, Ramasar V, Heffron RJ, Sovacool BK, Mebratu D, Mundaca L
922 - 929 Enhancement of power generation by microbial fuel cells in treating toluene-contaminated groundwater: Developments of composite anodes with various compositions
Liu SH, Lai YC, Lin CW
930 - 942 Intelligent simultaneous fault diagnosis for solid oxide fuel cell system based on deep learning
Zhang ZH, Li SH, Xiao YW, Yang YP
943 - 958 Heuristic optimization of clusters of heat pumps: A simulation and case study of residential frequency reserve
Rodriguez LR, Brennenstuhl M, Yadack M, Boch P, Eicker U
959 - 974 Ceramic panels versus aluminium in buildings: Energy consumption and environmental impact assessment with a new methodology
Echarri-Iribarren V, Echarri-Iribarren F, Rizo-Maestre C
975 - 984 A two-dimensional model based on the expansion of physical wake boundary for wind-turbine wakes
Ge MW, Wu Y, Liu YQ, Li Q
985 - 1002 Multi-objective optimization and comparative performance analysis of hybrid biomass-based solid oxide fuel cell/solid oxide electrolyzer cell/gas turbine using different gasification agents
Habibollahzade A, Gholamian E, Behzadi A
1003 - 1014 Life cycle cost-benefit analysis of offshore wind energy under the climatic conditions in Southeast Asia - Setting the bottom-line for deployment
Nian V, Liu Y, Zhong S
1015 - 1026 Evaluation and transient control of an advanced multi-cylinder engine based on partially premixed combustion
Yin LH, Turesson G, Tunestal P, Johansson R
1027 - 1050 Is a 100% renewable European power system feasible by 2050?
Zappa W, Junginger M, van den Broek M
1051 - 1064 Wave-body interactions among energy absorbers in a wave farm
Zhong Q, Yeung RW
1065 - 1077 Stochastic planning of electricity and gas networks: An asynchronous column generation approach
Saldarriaga-Cortes C, Salazar H, Moreno R, Jimenez-Estevez G
1078 - 1093 Economic comparison of different electric fuels for energy scenarios in 2035
Runge P, Solch C, Albert J, Wasserscheied P, Zottl G, Grimm V
1094 - 1103 Modeling polymer electrolyte fuel cells: A high precision analysis
Zhang S, Reimer U, Beale SB, Lehnert W, Stolten D
1104 - 1121 A design and dispatch optimization algorithm based on mixed integer linear programming for rural electrification
Moretti L, Astolfi M, Vergara C, Macchi E, Perez-Arriaga JI, Manzolini G