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1 - 17 Transition of a South African sugar mill towards a biorefinery. A feasibility assessment
Pachon ER, Vaskan P, Raman JK, Gnansounou E
18 - 30 Optimization design and experimental investigation of piezoelectric energy harvesting devices for pavement
Wang CH, Zhao JX, Li Q, Li YW
31 - 41 Knock characteristics and combustion regime diagrams of multiple combustion modes based on experimental investigations
Zhou L, Hua JX, Wei HQ, Dong K, Feng DQ, Shu GQ
42 - 62 Experimental study of homogeneous charge compression ignition engine operation fuelled by emulated solid oxide fuel cell anode off-gas
Choi W, Kim J, Kim Y, Kim S, Oh S, Song HH
63 - 68 Numerical study on the mechanical stress and mechanical failure of planar solid oxide fuel cell
Fang XR, Lin ZJ
69 - 79 Data centers as a source of dynamic flexibility in smart girds
Alapera I, Honkapuro S, Paananen J
80 - 87 A thermoelectric generator in exhaust systems of spark-ignition and compression-ignition engines. A comparison with an electric turbo-generator
Fernandez-Yanez P, Armas O, Kiwan R, Stefanopoulou AG, Boehman AL
88 - 95 Hydrothermal carbonization of anaerobic granular sludge: Effect of process temperature on nutrients availability and energy gain from produced hydrochar
Yu Y, Lei ZF, Yang X, Yang XJ, Huang WW, Shimizu K, Zhang ZY
96 - 110 A multi-agent based integrated volt-var optimization engine for fast vehicle-to-grid reactive power dispatch and electric vehicle coordination
Zhang WJ, Gandhi O, Quan H, Rodriguez-Gallegos CD, Srinivasan D
111 - 127 A novel indirect-drive regenerative shock absorber for energy harvesting and comparison with a conventional direct-drive regenerative shock absorber
Zhang R, Wang X, Al Shami E, John S, Zuo L, Wang CH
128 - 141 Optimization and applicability of compound power cycles for enhanced geothermal systems
Lu XL, Zhao YY, Zhu JL, Zhang W
142 - 150 Scale-up and economic analysis of biodiesel production from recycled grease trap waste
Tran NN, Tisma M, Budzaki S, McMurchie EJ, Gonzalez OMM, Hessel V, Ngothai Y
151 - 162 Energy modeling framework for optimizing heat recovery in a seasonal food processing facility
Legorburu G, Smith AD
163 - 175 Three-Tier carbon accounting model for cities
Wang SG, Chen B
176 - 185 The impact of social and weather drivers on the historical electricity demand in Europe
Cassarino TG, Sharp E, Barrett M
186 - 200 Hybrid probabilistic-possibilistic approach for capacity credit evaluation of demand response considering both exogenous and endogenous uncertainties
Zeng B, Wei X, Zhao DB, Singh CN, Zhang JH
201 - 208 A stochastic optimal power flow for scheduling flexible resources in microgrids operation
Grover-Silva E, Heleno M, Mashayekh S, Cardoso G, Girard R, Kariniotakis G
209 - 223 Assessing the potential of steel as a substrate for building integrated photovoltaic applications
Hughes L, Bristow N, Korochkina T, Sanchez P, Gomez D, Kettle J, Gethin D
224 - 235 Effect of passing clouds on the dynamic performance of a CSP tower receiver with molten salt heat storage
Crespi F, Toscani A, Zani P, Sanchez D, Manzolini G
236 - 252 Heterogeneous impacts of households on carbon dioxide emissions in Chinese provinces
Zhang JJ, Yu BY, Wei YM
253 - 263 Flexible energy harvesting from natural gas distribution networks through line-bagging
Lo Cascio E, De Schutter B, Schenone C
264 - 280 Numerical analysis of the effects of electrical and thermal configurations of thermoelectric modules in large-scale thermoelectric generators
Cozar IR, Pujol T, Lehocky M
281 - 288 A critical review of power quality standards and definitions applied to DC microgrids
Van den Broeck G, Stuyts J, Driesen J
289 - 298 Experimental evaluation of a heat pipe cooled structured reactor as part of a two-stage catalytic methanation process in power-to-gas applications
Neubert M, Hauser A, Pourhossein B, Dillig M, Karl J
299 - 313 Differences and influencing factors for Chinese urban resident willingness to pay for green housings: Evidence from five first-tier cities in China
Li QW, Long RY, Chen H
314 - 325 Stepwise pyrolysis of mixed plastics and paper for separation of oxygenated and hydrocarbon condensates
Sophonrat N, Sandstrom L, Zaini IN, Yang WH
326 - 334 Carbon capture and storage (CCS) retrofit potential of coal-fired power plants in China: The technology lock-in and cost optimization perspective
Fan JL, Xu M, Li FY, Yang L, Zhang X
335 - 351 Optical aspects and energy performance of switchable ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) foil cushions
Flor JF, Liu DM, Sun YY, Beccarelli P, Chilton J, Wu YP
352 - 363 Multi-criteria integrated evaluation of distributed energy system for community energy planning based on improved grey incidence approach: A case study in Tianjin
Yang K, Ding Y, Zhu N, Yang F, Wang QC
364 - 374 Application of thermoelectric as an instant running-water cooler; experimental study under different operating conditions
Pourhedayat S
375 - 388 Effect of swirl ratio on NG/diesel dual-fuel combustion at low to high engine load conditions
Yousefi A, Guo HS, Birouk M
389 - 403 Planning energy-water nexus system under multiple uncertainties - A case study of Hebei province
Lv J, Li YP, Shan BG, Jin SW, Suo C
404 - 412 Identifying iron-based oxygen carrier reduction during biomass chemical looping gasification on a thermogravimetric fixed-bed reactor
Zeng JM, Xiao R, Zhang S, Zhang HY, Zeng DW, Qiu Y, Ma Z
413 - 432 Modeling, thermodynamic and techno-economic analysis of coal-to-liquids process with different entrained flow coal gasifiers
Qin SY, Chang SY, Yao Q
433 - 445 Robust optimization for day-ahead market participation of smart-home aggregators
Correa-Florez CA, Michiorri A, Kariniotakis G
446 - 458 Data-driven multi-objective optimisation of coal-fired boiler combustion systems
Rahat AAM, Wang CL, Everson RM, Fieldsend JE
459 - 473 Effective mitigation of the load pulses by controlling the battery/SMES hybrid energy storage system
Bizon N
474 - 481 Stochastic risk-sensitive market integration for renewable energy: Application to ocean wave power plants
Sedzro KSA, Kishore S, Lamadrid AJ, Zuluaga LF
482 - 492 Effects of N-2 and H2S binary impurities on CO2 geological storage in stratified formation - A sensitivity study
Li DD, Zhang HC, Li Y, Xu WB, Jiang X
493 - 504 Integrated inexact energy systems planning under climate change: A case study of Yukon Territory, Canada
Chen JP, Huang G, Baetz BW, Lin QG, Dong C, Cai YP
505 - 521 Blended morphologies of plasmonic nanofluids for direct absorption applications
Mallah AR, Kazi SN, Zubir MNM, Badarudin A
522 - 536 What is the optimal power generation mix of China? An empirical analysis using portfolio theory
Zhang S, Zhao T, Xie BC
537 - 550 Heterogeneous resource management in energy hubs with self-consumption: Contributions and application example
Ramos-Teodoro J, Rodriguez F, Berenguel M, Torres JL
551 - 561 Passivity-based coordinated control for islanded AC microgrid
Gui YH, Wei BZ, Li MS, Guerrero JM, Vasquez JC
562 - 576 Reducing energy consumption of CO2 desorption in CO2-loaded aqueous amine solution using Al2O3/HZSM-5 bifunctional catalysts
Zhang XW, Liu HL, Liang ZW, Idem R, Tontiwachwuthikul P, Al-Marri MJ, Benamor A
577 - 602 A comparative life cycle energy and carbon emission analysis of the solar carbothermal and hydrometallurgy routes for zinc production
Yadav D, Banerjee R
603 - 613 A novel solar-powered liquid piston Stirling refrigerator
Langdon-Arms S, Gschwendtner M, Neumaier M
614 - 624 Active power management in low voltage networks with high photovoltaics penetration based on prosumers' self-consumption
Nousdilis AI, Christoforidis GC, Papagiannis GK
625 - 636 Experimental investigation into gas recovery from CH4-C2H6-C3H8 hydrates by CO2 replacement
Sun YH, Zhang GB, Carroll JJ, Li SL, Jiang SH, Guo W
637 - 647 Effect of vertical wellbore incorporation on energy recovery from aqueous rich hydrate sediments
Chong ZR, Moh JWR, Yin ZY, Zhao JZ, Linga P
648 - 659 A comparative analysis and validation for double-filters-based state of charge estimators using battery-in-the-loop approach
Wang J, Xiong R, Li LL, Fang Y
660 - 671 A generic microgrid controller: Concept, testing, and insights
Razeghi G, Gu F, Neal R, Samuelsen S
672 - 699 Vibration energy harvesting in automotive suspension system: A detailed review
Abdelkareem MAA, Xu L, Ali MKA, Elagouz A, Mi J, Guo SJ, Liu YL, Zuo L
700 - 714 Comparison of direct numerical simulation with volume-averaged method on composite phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Yang XH, Bai QS, Guo ZX, Niu ZY, Yang C, Jin LW, Lu TJ, Yan JY
715 - 727 Scalable multi-agent microgrid negotiations for a transactive energy market
Janko SA, Johnson NG
728 - 735 Thermal characteristics and comfort assessment of enclosed large-span membrane stadiums
Hu JH, Chen WJ, Zhang SH, Yin Y, Li YP, Yang DQ
736 - 744 Stable flame limits for optimal radiant performance of porous media reactors for thermophotovoltaic applications using packed beds of alumina
Gentillon P, Southcott J, Chan QN, Taylor RA
745 - 755 Coupling of hydrothermal and ionic liquid pretreatments for sequential biorefinery of Tamarix austromongolica
Xu JK, Hou HJ, Hu JP, Liu BC
756 - 766 Power-traffic coordinated operation for bi-peak shaving and bi-ramp smoothing - A hierarchical data-driven approach
Jiang HG, Zhang YC, Chen YH, Zhao CH, Tan J
767 - 777 Large-eddy simulation of a utility-scale wind farm in complex terrain
Yang XL, Pakula M, Sotiropoulos F
778 - 803 Recent developments in solid desiccant coated heat exchangers - A review
Vivekh P, Kumja M, Bui DT, Chua KJ
804 - 813 Distributed voltage control for active distribution networks based on distribution phasor measurement units
Wang XX, Wang CS, Xu T, Meng H, Li P, Yu L
814 - 827 Impact of carbon allowance allocation on power industry in China's carbon trading market: Computable general equilibrium based analysis
Zhang LR, Li YK, Jia ZJ
828 - 840 Oxy-fuel combustion in a two-pass oxygen transport reactor for fire tube boiler application
Mansir IB, Ben-Mansour R, Habib MA
841 - 857 A collaborative energy sharing optimization model among electric vehicle charging stations, commercial buildings, and power grid
Quddus MA, Shahvari O, Marufuzzaman M, Usher JM, Jaradat R
858 - 871 Influence of intrinsic permeability of reservoir rocks on gas recovery from hydrate deposits via a combined depressurization and thermal stimulation approach
Wang B, Fan Z, Zhao JF, Lv X, Pang WX, Li QP
872 - 883 How does urbanization affect GHG emissions? A cross-country panel threshold data analysis
Du WC, Xia XH
884 - 899 Comparison of different operation strategies for PV battery home storage systems including forecast-based operation strategies
Angenendt G, Zurmuhlen S, Axelsen H, Sauer DU
900 - 909 Integration of heat recovery unit in coal fired power plants to reduce energy cost of carbon dioxide capture
Garlapalli RK, Spencer MW, Alam K, Trembly JP
910 - 921 Enhancing the performance of all-vanadium redox flow batteries by decorating carbon felt electrodes with SnO2 nanoparticles
Mehboob S, Ali G, Shin HJ, Hwang J, Abbas S, Chung KY, Ha HY
922 - 935 Assessment of a combined cooling, heating and power system by synthetic use of biogas and solar energy
Su BS, Han W, Zhang XS, Chen Y, Wang ZF, Jin HG
936 - 944 Frequency prediction method considering demand response aggregate characteristics and control effects
Tang Y, Li F, Chen Q, Li MY, Wang Q, Ni M, Chen G
945 - 962 Short-term hydro-thermal-wind-photovoltaic complementary operation of interconnected power systems
Wang XB, Chang JX, Meng XJ, Wang YM
963 - 976 A dual-functional wave-power plant for wave-energy extraction and shore protection: A wave-flume study
Xu C, Huang Z
977 - 989 Numerical and experimental investigation of pollutant formation and emissions in a full-scale cylindrical heating unit of a condensing gas boiler
Hinrichs J, Felsmann D, Schweitzer-De Bortoli S, Tomczak HJ, Pitscha H
990 - 997 Influence of time resolution in the estimation of self-consumption and self-sufficiency of photovoltaic facilities
Ayala-Gilardon A, Sidrach-De-Cardona M, Mora-Lopez L
998 - 1009 Does magnetic bearing variable-speed centrifugal chiller perform truly energy efficient in buildings: Field-test and simulation results
Deng JW, Wei QP, Qian YY, Zhang H
1010 - 1023 Quantitative estimation of the impact of ash accumulation on diesel particulate filter related fuel penalty for a typical modern on-road heavy-duty diesel engine
Zhang J, Wong VW, Shuai SJ, Chen Y, Sappok A
1024 - 1034 Concept design and techno-economic performance of hydrogen and ammonia co-generation by coke-oven gas-pressure swing adsorption integrated with chemical looping hydrogen process
Xiang D, Zhou YP
1035 - 1047 Novel concept of renewables association with synchronous generation for enhancing the provision of ancillary services
Attya AB, Anaya-Lara O, Leithead WE
1048 - 1060 Numerical investigation of a novel vacuum photovoltaic curtain wall and integrated optimization of photovoltaic envelope systems
Huang JC, Chen X, Yang HX, Zhang WL
1061 - 1071 Two-train elevated-temperature pressure swing adsorption for high-purity hydrogen production
Zhu XC, Shi YX, Li S, Cai NS
1072 - 1094 Performance comparison between optimized design of a centralized and semi-decentralized community size solar district heating system
Rehman HU, Hirvonen J, Siren K
1095 - 1102 Evaluation of energy performance of drinking water treatment plants: Use of energy intensity and energy efficiency metrics
Molinos-Senante M, Sala-Garrido R
1103 - 1110 Optimization of deterministic controls for a cooling radiant wall coupled to a PV array
Romani J, Belusko M, Alemu A, Cabeza LF, de Gracia A, Bruno F
1111 - 1127 Three-stage control architecture for cascaded H-Bridge inverters in large-scale PV systems - Real time simulation validation
Vavilapalli S, Umashankar S, Sanjeevikumar P, Ramachandaramurthy VK, Mihet-Popa L, Fedak V
1128 - 1139 Very short-term maximum Lyapunov exponent forecasting tool for distributed photovoltaic output
Zheng LW, Liu ZK, Shen JN, Wu CX
1140 - 1151 Interdependencies between self-sufficiency preferences, techno-economic drivers for investment decisions and grid integration of residential PV storage systems
von Appen J, Braun M
1152 - 1163 Performance investigation of a new cooling, heating and power system with methanol decomposition based chemical recuperation process
Bai Z, Liu TX, Liu QB, Lei J, Gong L, Jin HG
1164 - 1180 Multi-time scale coordination of complementary resources for the provision of ancillary services
Fabietti L, Qureshi FA, Gorecki TT, Salzmann C, Jones CN
1181 - 1190 Sabatier based power-to-gas system: Heat exchange network design and thermoeconomic analysis
Toro C, Sciubba E
1191 - 1201 Balancing the energy trilemma through the Energy Justice Metric
Heffron RJ, McCauley D, de Rubens GZ
1202 - 1217 New DCC analyses of return transmission, volatility spillovers, and optimal hedging among oil futures and oil equities in oil-producing countries
Tsuji C
1218 - 1232 A diesel replacement strategy for off-grid systems based on progressive introduction of PV and batteries: An Indonesian case study
Rodriguez-Gallegos CD, Gandhi O, Bieri M, Reindl T, Panda SK
1233 - 1243 Local electricity market designs for peer-to-peer trading: The role of battery flexibility
Luth A, Zepter JM, del Granado PC, Egging R
1244 - 1259 Energy Justice and Smart Grid Systems: Evidence from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom
Milchram C, Hillerbrand R, van de Kaa G, Doorn N, Kunneke R
1260 - 1268 Experimentally tested performance and emissions advantages of using natural-gas and hydrogen fuel mixture with diesel and rapeseed methyl ester as pilot fuels
Imran S, Korakianitis T, Shaukat R, Farooq M, Condoor S, Jayaram S
1269 - 1283 Modeling, simulation and evaluation of biogas upgrading using aqueous choline chloride/urea
Ma CY, Xie YJ, Ji XY, Liu C, Lu XH
1284 - 1284 Kinetic studies on organic degradation and its impacts on improving methane production during anaerobic digestion of food waste (vol 213, pg 135, 2018)
Li YY, Jin YY, Li HL, Borrion A, Yu ZX, Li JH
1285 - 1285 Effects of thermal pretreatment on the biomethane yield and hydrolysis rate of kitchen waste (vol 172, pg 45, 2016)
Li YY, Jin YY, Li JH, Li HL, Yu ZX
1286 - 1286 Forecasting spot electricity prices: Deep learning approaches and empirical comparison of traditional algorithms (vol 221, pg 386, 2018)
Lago J, De Ridder F, De Schutter B
1287 - 1288 Effect of burner location on flow-field deflection and asymmetric combustion in a 600 MWe supercritical down-fired boiler (vol 206, pg 1393, 2017)
Kuang M, Yang GH, Zhu QY, Ti SG, Wang ZF