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1 - 11 Combined dynamic programming and region-elimination technique algorithm for optimal sizing and management of lithium-ion batteries for photovoltaic plants
Berrueta A, Heck M, Jantsch M, Ursua A, Sanchis P
12 - 20 Model-based optimization for a heat pump driven and hollow fiber membrane hybrid two-stage liquid desiccant air dehumidification system
Zhang N, Yin SY, Li M
21 - 32 Numerical investigation of flame structure and blowout limit for lean premixed turbulent methane-air flames under high pressure conditions
Akhtar S, Piffaretti S, Shamim T
33 - 41 Hybrid power plant for energy storage and peak shaving by liquefied oxygen and natural gas
Barsali S, Ciambellotti A, Giglioli R, Paganucci F, Pasini G
42 - 56 Development of a new jet fuel surrogate and its associated reaction mechanism coupled with a multistep soot model for diesel engine combustion
Yu WB, Tay KL, Zhao FY, Yang WM, Li H, Xu HP
57 - 67 Opportunities of power-to-gas technology in different energy systems architectures
Lewandowska-Bernat A, Desideri U
68 - 81 Numerical modeling of oxy-methane combustion in a model gas turbine combustor
Shakeel MR, Sanusi YS, Mokheimer EMA
82 - 96 Hydrodynamic performance of single-chamber and dual-chamber offshore-stationary Oscillating Water Column devices using CFD
Elhanafi A, Macfarlane G, Ning DZ
97 - 107 Effects of different block designs on the performance of inline cross-flow turbines in urban water mains
Du J, Shen ZC, Yang HX
108 - 121 Predicting heating demand and sizing a stratified thermal storage tank using deep learning algorithms
Rahman A, Smith AD
122 - 129 Analyzing storage for wind integration in a. transmission-constrained power system
Jorgenson J, Denholm P, Mai T
130 - 140 A robust operation-based scheduling optimization for smart distribution networks with multi-microgrids
Liu YX, Guo L, Wang CS
141 - 148 Hourly electricity demand from an electric road system - A Swedish case study
Jelica D, Taljegard M, Thorson L, Johnsson F
149 - 166 The future of natural gas infrastructure development in the United states
Feijoo F, Iyer GC, Avraam C, Siddiqui SA, Clarke LE, Sankaranarayan S, Binsted MT, Patel PL, Prates NC, Torres-Alfaro E, Wise MA
167 - 175 Anolyte in-situ functionalized carbon nanotubes electrons transport network as novel strategy for enhanced performance microbial fuel cells
Amen MT, Barakat NAM, Jamal MAM, Hong ST, Mohamed IMA, Salama A
176 - 188 Useful energy balance for the UK: An uncertainty analysis
Paoli L, Lupton RC, Cullen JM
189 - 204 Time-delay stability switching boundary determination for DC microgrid clusters with the distributed control framework
Dong CY, Gao QB, Xiao Q, Yu XD, Pekar L, Jia HJ
205 - 214 Multi-interval-uncertainty constrained robust dispatch for AC/DC hybrid microgrids with dynamic energy storage degradation
Qiu HF, Gu W, Pan J, Xu B, Xu YL, Fan M, Wu Z
215 - 228 A two-step optimization model for quantifying the flexibility potential of power-to-heat systems in dwellings
Oluleye G, Allison J, Hawker G, Kelly N, Hawkes AD
229 - 239 Structural transition induced by cage-dependent guest exchange in CH4 + C3H8 hydrates with CO2 injection for energy recovery and CO2 sequestration
Lee Y, Choi W, Seo YJ, Lee JY, Lee J, Seo Y
240 - 253 Cyclic performance of cascaded and multi-layered solid-PCM shell-and-tube thermal energy storage systems: A case study of the 19.9 MWe Gemasolar CSP plant
Tehrani SSM, Shoraka Y, Nithyanandam K, Taylor RA
254 - 264 A novel optimal energy-management strategy for a maritime hybrid energy system based on large-scale global optimization
Tang RL, Li X, Lai JG
265 - 278 Weather forecasts for microgrid energy management: Review, discussion and recommendations
Aguera-Perez A, Palomares-Salas JC, de la Rosa JJG, Florencias-Oliveros O
279 - 288 Networked microgrid stability through distributed formal analysis
Li Y, Zhang P, Yue M
289 - 300 On the accuracy of CORDEX RCMs to project future winds over the Iberian Peninsula and surrounding ocean
Santos F, Gomez-Gesteira M, deCastro M, Anel JA, Carvalho D, Costoya X, Dias JM
301 - 308 Isothermal versus two-temperature solar thermochemical fuel synthesis: A comparative study
Kong H, Hao Y, Jin HG
309 - 316 Experimental investigation of different factors influencing the replacement efficiency of CO2 for methane hydrate
Chen Y, Gao YH, Zhao YP, Chen LT, Dong CY, Sun BJ
317 - 323 Energy justice and policy change: An historical political analysis of the German nuclear phase-out
McCauley D, Brown A, Rehner R, Heffron R, van de Graaff S
324 - 338 On establishing an analytical power capture limit for self-reacting point absorber wave energy converters based on dynamic response
Bubbar K, Buckham B
339 - 350 The role of organized publics in articulating the exnovation of fossil-fuel technologies for intra- and intergenerational energy justice in energy transitions
David M
351 - 389 Global advancement on experimental and thermal analysis of evacuated tube collector with and without heat pipe systems and possible applications
Chopra K, Tyagi VV, Pandey AK, Sari A
390 - 408 Excess heat recovery: An invisible energy resource for the Swiss industry sector
Zuberi MJS, Bless F, Chambers J, Arpagaus C, Bertsch SS, Patel MK
409 - 425 Consequences of selecting technology pathways on cumulative carbon dioxide emissions for the United Kingdom
Roberts SH, Foran BD, Axon CJ, Warr BS, Goddard NH
426 - 436 Economical flexibility options for integrating fluctuating wind energy in power systems: The case of China
Ding Y, Shao CZ, Yan JY, Song YH, Zhang C, Guo CX
437 - 449 Prospects & potential of biobutanol production integrated with organophilic pervaporation - A techno-economic assessment
Van Hecke W, Joossen-Meyvis E, Beckers H, De Wever H
450 - 467 Application of an adaptive bistable power capture mechanism to a point absorber wave energy converter
Zhang XT, Tian XL, Xiao LF, Li X, Chen LF
468 - 486 Estimation of thermal impulse response of a multi-layer building wall through in-situ experimental measurements in a dynamic regime with applications
Petojevic Z, Gospavic R, Todorovic G
487 - 498 Sustainability of integrated energy systems: A performance-based resilience assessment methodology
Moslehi S, Reddy TA
499 - 511 Synergetic effects of firing gases/coal blends and adopting deep air staging on combustion characteristics
Liang ZW, Chen HW, Zhao B, Jia JD, Cheng K
512 - 523 Opportunities for behavioral energy efficiency and flexible demand in data-limited low-carbon resource constrained environments
Barido DPD, Suffian S, Kammen DM, Callaway D
524 - 534 An experimental approach to thermochemical conversion of a fuel particle in a fluidized bed
Salmasi A, Shams M, Chernoray V
535 - 545 Effect of biomass type, heating rate, and sample size on microwave enhanced fast pyrolysis product yields and qualities
Klinger JL, Westover TL, Emerson RM, Williams CL, Hernandez S, Monson GD, Ryan JC
546 - 555 A novel data-driven scenario generation framework for transmission expansion planning with high renewable energy penetration
Sun MY, Cremer J, Strbac G
556 - 567 Electrochemical characteristics and carbon tolerance of solid oxide fuel cells with direct internal dry reforming of methane
Lyu ZW, Shi WY, Han MF
568 - 576 Performance of sulfolane/DETA hybrids for CO2 absorption: Phase splitting behavior, kinetics and thermodynamics
Wang LD, Yu SH, Li QW, Zhang YF, An SL, Zhang SH
577 - 592 Performance comparison of low temperature and chemical absorption carbon capture processes in response to dynamic electricity demand and price profiles
Safdarnejad SM, Hedengren JD, Powell KM
593 - 607 A fixed-bed reactor for energy storage in chemicals (E2C): Proof of concept
Lu YR, Nikrityuk P
608 - 617 Thermal request optimization in district heating networks using a clustering approach
Guelpa E, Deputato S, Verda V
618 - 623 Multi objective unit commitment with voltage stability and PV uncertainty
Furukakoi M, Adewuyi OB, Matayoshi H, Howlader AM, Senjyu T
624 - 632 Bridging socio-technical and justice aspects of sustainable energy transitions
Sareen S, Haarstad H
633 - 644 Model-based thermal runaway prediction of lithium-ion batteries from kinetics analysis of cell components
Ren DS, Liu X, Feng XN, Lu LG, Ouyang MG, Li JQ, He XM
645 - 655 Energy justice and sustainability transitions in Mozambique
Broto VC, Baptista I, Kirshner J, Smith S, Alves SN
656 - 666 Numerical simulation based design for an innovative PEMFC cooling flow field with metallic bipolar plates
Mandavi A, Ranjbar AA, Gorji M, Rahimi-Esbo M
667 - 680 A phase model approach for thermostatically controlled load demand response
Bomela W, Zlotnik A, Li JS
681 - 688 Thermal and energy performance assessment of a thermoelectric heat pump integrated in an adiabatic box
Ibanez-Puy E, Martin-Gomez C, Bermejo-Busto J, Zuazua-Ros A
689 - 699 Dynamic pricing for decentralized energy trading in micro-grids
Liu YB, Zuo KY, Liu XQ, Liu JY, Kennedy JM
700 - 711 Prediction of short-term PV power output and uncertainty analysis
Liu LY, Zhao Y, Chang DL, Xie JY, Ma ZY, Sun Q, Yin HY, Wennersten R
712 - 723 Optimisation of biogas generation from brown seaweed residues: Compositional and geographical parameters affecting the viability of a biorefinery concept
Tedesco S, Daniels S
724 - 735 Techno-economic analysis of a poly-generation solar-assisted chemical looping combustion power plant
Ogidiama OV, Abu-Zahra MRM, Shamim T
736 - 754 Experimental and artificial neural network (ANN) study of hydrogen enriched compressed natural gas (HCNG) engine under various ignition timings and excess air ratios
Mehra RK, Duan H, Luo SJ, Rao A, Ma FH
755 - 765 Optimisation of a high-efficiency solar-driven organic Rankine cycle for applications in the built environment
Ramos A, Chatzopoulou MA, Freeman J, Markides CN
766 - 776 Towards smart thermal grids: Techno-economic feasibility of commercial heat-to-power technologies for district heating
Hennessy J, Li HL, Wallin F, Thorin E
777 - 788 Compact liquid cooling strategy with phase change materials for Li-ion batteries optimized using response surface methodology
Ling ZY, Cao JH, Zhang WB, Zhang ZG, Fang XM, Gao XN
789 - 807 An innovative air saturator for humidification-dehumidification desalination application
Tariq R, Sheikh NA, Xaman J, Bassam A
808 - 820 An optimized gene expression programming model for forecasting the national CO2 emissions in 2030 using the metaheuristic algorithms
Hong T, Jeong K, Koo C
821 - 832 A distributed energy management strategy for resilient shipboard power system
Lai KX, Illindala MS
833 - 842 Real live demonstration of MPC for a power-to-gas plant
Fischer D, Kaufmann F, Hollinger R, Voglstatter C
843 - 851 Enabling strategies of electric vehicles for under frequency load shedding
Liu H, Wang B, Wang N, Wu QW, Yang YD, Wei H, Li CB
852 - 872 Impact of urban microclimate on summertime building cooling demand: A parametric analysis for Antwerp, Belgium
Toparlar Y, Blocken B, Maiheu B, van Heijst GJF
873 - 880 Multi-parameter optimization design of thermoelectric harvester based on phase change material for space generation
Zhu W, Tu YB, Deng Y
881 - 890 A micro-electromechanical systems based vibration energy harvester with aluminum nitride piezoelectric thin film deposited by pulsed direct-current magnetron sputtering
He XM, Wen Q, Lu Z, Shang ZG, Wen ZY
891 - 901 Parametric study and flow rate optimization of all-vanadium redox flow batteries
Kim DK, Yoon SJ, Lee J, Kim S
902 - 915 Electricity self-sufficiency of single-family houses in Germany and the Czech Republic
Camargo LR, Nitsch F, Gruber K, Dorner W
916 - 927 Conditional convergence in per capita carbon emissions since 1900
Churchill SA, Inekwe J, Ivanovski K
928 - 941 Low carbon electricity systems for Great Britain in 2050: An energy-land-water perspective
Price J, Zeyringer M, Konadu D, Mourao ZS, Moore A, Sharp E
942 - 953 Influence of single injection and two-stagnation injection strategy on thermodynamic process and performance of a turbocharged direct-injection spark-ignition engine fuelled with ethanol and gasoline blend
Duan XB, Liu JP, Tan YH, Luo BJ, Guo GM, Wu ZK, Liu WQ, Li YY
954 - 964 Ignition of ultra-lean premixed hydrogen/air by an impinging hot jet
Biswas S, Qiao L
965 - 979 Assessing the benefits of demand-side flexibility in residential and transport sectors from an integrated energy systems perspective
Li PH, Pye S
980 - 998 Wind turbine selection method based on the statistical analysis of nominal specifications for estimating the cost of energy
Arias-Rosales A, Osorio-Gomez G
999 - 1008 The energy-mineral-society nexus - A social LCA model
Schlor H, Venghaus S, Zapp P, Marx J, Schreiber A, Hake JF
1009 - 1019 Energy use, greenhouse gases emission and cost effectiveness of an integrated high- and low-temperature Fisher-Tropsch synthesis plant from a lifecycle viewpoint
Huang Y, Yi Q, Wei GQ, Kang JX, Li WY, Feng J, Xie KC
1020 - 1031 Response-surface-model-based system sizing for Nearly/Net zero energy buildings under uncertainty
Zhang S, Sun YJ, Cheng Y, Huang P, Oladokun MO, Lin Z
1032 - 1045 Decision-making methodology for managing photovoltaic surplus electricity through Power to Gas: Combined heat and power in urban buildings
Bailera M, Pena B, Lisbona P, Romeo LM
1046 - 1056 Can power to methane systems be sustainable and can they improve the carbon intensity of renewable methane when used to upgrade biogas produced from grass and slurry?
Vo TTQ, Rajendran K, Murphy JD
1057 - 1070 Analysis of flow field design on vanadium redox flow battery performance: Development of 3D computational fluid dynamic model and experimental validation
Messaggi M, Canzi P, Mereu R, Baricci A, Inzoli F, Casalegno A, Zago M
1071 - 1090 An integrated model for estimating the techno-economic performance of the distributed solar generation system on building facades: Focused on energy demand and supply
Oh J, Koo C, Hong T, Cha SH