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1 - 13 Purge strategy optimization of proton exchange membrane fuel cell with anode recirculation
Wang BW, Deng H, Jiao K
14 - 26 A compact nanogrid for home applications with a behaviour-tree-based central controller
Burgio A, Menniti D, Sorrentino N, Pinnarelli A, Motta M
27 - 41 Estimating ramping requirements with solar-friendly flexible ramping product in multi-timescale power system operations
Cui MJ, Zhang J
42 - 51 Transient current similarity based protection for wind farm transmission lines
Jia K, Li YB, Fang Y, Zheng LM, Bi TS, Yang QX
52 - 59 Driving force of the better performance of metal-doped carbonaceous anodes in microbial fuel cells
Mateo S, Canizares P, Rodrigo MA, Fernandez-Morales FJ
60 - 77 Design and analysis of a parallel hydraulic - pneumatic regenerative braking system for heavy-duty hybrid vehicles
Bravo RRS, De Negri VJ, Oliveira AAM
78 - 84 Continuous seperation of CO2 from a H-2 + CO2 gas mixture using clathrate hydrate
Horii S, Ohmura R
85 - 97 A modelling study for the integration of a PEMFC micro-CHP in domestic building services design
Adam A, Fraga ES, Brett DJL
98 - 109 Impacts of urbanization and air pollution on building energy demands - Beijing case study
Xu XY, Gonzalez JE, Shen SH, Miao SG, Dou JX
110 - 123 Just transition management: Balancing just outcomes with just processes in Australian renewable energy transitions
Goddard G, Farrelly MA
124 - 134 Effect of corn ethanol production on Conservation Reserve Program acres in the US
Chen XG, Khanna M
135 - 174 Modeling, simulation and performance analysis of parabolic trough solar collectors: A comprehensive review
Yilmaz IH, Mwesigye A
175 - 182 Characterizing the energy flexibility of buildings and districts
Junker RG, Azar AG, Lopes RA, Lindberg KB, Reynders G, Relan R, Madsen H
183 - 194 Energy and carbon intensity: A study on the cross-country industrial shift from China to India and SE Asia
Pappas D, Chalvatzis KJ, Guan D, Ioannidis A
195 - 208 System design and policy suggestion for reducing electricity curtailment in renewable power systems for remote islands
Song J, Oh SD, Yoo Y, Seo SH, Paek I, Song Y, Song SJ
209 - 220 Comparison of long-term wind and photovoltaic power capacity factor datasets with open-license
Moraes L, Bussar C, Stoecker P, Jacque K, Chang M, Sauer DU
221 - 232 Solar energy justice: A case-study analysis of Saskatchewan, Canada
Dolter BD, Boucher M
233 - 243 Comparative study of on-off control and novel high-low control of regenerative indirect evaporative cooler (RIEC)
Chen Y, Yan HX, Yang HX
244 - 257 An economic feasibility assessment of decoupled energy storage in the UK: With liquid air energy storage as a case study
Xie CP, Hong Y, Ding YL, Li YL, Radcliffe J
258 - 272 Life cycle energy-economic-CO2 emissions evaluation of biomass/coal, with and without CO2 capture and storage, in a pulverized fuel combustion power plant in the United Kingdom
Yi Q, Zhao YJ, Huang Y, Wei GQ, Hao YH, Feng J, Mohamed U, Pourkashanian M, Nimmo W, Li WY
273 - 289 Optimal design and financial feasibility of a university campus microgrid considering renewable energy incentives
Husein M, Chung IY
290 - 331 Progress and prospects in reverse electrodialysis for salinity gradient energy conversion and storage
Tufa RA, Pawlowski S, Veerman J, Bouzek K, Fontananova E, di Profio G, Velizarov S, Crespo JG, Nijmeijer K, Curcio E
332 - 345 Geologic CO2 sequestration monitoring design: A machine learning and uncertainty quantification based approach
Chen BL, Harp DR, Lin YZ, Keating EH, Pawar RJ
346 - 355 Assessment of energy flows and energy efficiencies in integrated catalytic adsorption steam gasification for hydrogen production
Khan Z, Yusup S, Karnble P, Naqvi M, Watson I
356 - 366 Integrated absorption-mineralisation for low-energy CO2 capture and sequestration
Ji L, Yu H, Li KK, Yu B, Grigore M, Yang Q, Wang XL, Chen ZL, Zeng M, Zhao SF
367 - 379 Experimental and numerical study on CO2 absorption mass transfer enhancement for a diameter-varying spray tower
Wu XM, Qin Z, Yu YS, Zhang ZX
380 - 391 Solar-clean fuel distributed energy system with solar thermochemistry and chemical recuperation
Liu TX, Liu QB, Lei J, Sui J, Jin HG
392 - 401 Pilot testing of enhanced sorbents for calcium looping with cement production
Erans M, Jeremias M, Zheng LY, Yao JG, Blamey J, Manovic V, Fennell PS, Anthony EJ
402 - 412 CO2 capture performance of calcium-based synthetic sorbent with hallow core-shell structure under calcium looping conditions
Ma XT, Li YJ, Duan LB, Anthony E, Liu HT
413 - 423 Wind barriers optimization for minimizing collector mirror soiling in a parabolic trough collector plant
Moghimi MA, Ahmadi G
424 - 436 Managing the distributional effects of energy taxes and subsidy removal in Latin America and the Caribbean
Feng KS, Hubacek K, Liu Y, Marchan E, Vogt-Schilb A
437 - 447 Techno-economic analysis and performance comparison of aqueous deep eutectic solvent and other physical absorbents for biogas upgrading
Ma CY, Liu C, Lu XH, Ji XY
448 - 459 A method for assessing support schemes promoting flexibility at district energy plants
Andersen AN, Ostergaard PA
460 - 470 Mild degradation of Powder River Basin sub-bituminous coal in environmentally benign supercritical CO2-ethanol system to produce valuable high-yield liquid tar
Liu FJ, Gasem KAM, Tang MC, Goroncy A, He X, Huang ZX, Sun KD, Fan MH
471 - 485 Modeling and performance optimization of a solid oxide electrolysis system for hydrogen production
AlZahrani AA, Dincer I
486 - 500 Reservoir volume of gas hydrate stability zones in permafrost regions of China
Wang X, Pan L, Lau HC, Zhang M, Li LL, Zhou Q
501 - 512 Performance assessment of hybrid chiller systems for combined cooling, heating and power production
Ahn H, Rim D, Freihaut JD
513 - 521 Nitrogen-doped graphene derived from ionic liquid as metal-free catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction and its mechanisms
She YY, Chen JF, Zhang CX, Lu ZG, Ni M, Sit PHL, Leung MKH
522 - 534 Translating climate change and heating system electrification impacts on building energy use to future greenhouse gas emissions and electric grid capacity requirements in California
Tarroja B, Chiang F, AghaKouchak A, Samuelsen S, Raghavan SV, Wei M, Sun KY, Hong TZ
535 - 541 Solar photocatalytic asphalt for removal of vehicular NOx: A feasibility study
Fan WG, Chan KY, Zhang CX, Zhang K, Ning Z, Leung MKH
542 - 558 Integrating process optimization with energy-efficiency scheduling to save energy for paper mills
Zeng ZQ, Hong MN, Li JG, Man Y, Liu HB, Li Z, Zhang HH
559 - 569 Fractal characteristics and reactivity evolution of lignite during the upgrading process by supercritical CO2 extraction
Li HJ, Chang QH, Gao R, Dai ZH, Chen XL, Yu GS, Wang FC
570 - 584 Methanol production via black liquor co-gasification with expanded raw material base - Techno-economic assessment
Carvalho L, Lundgren J, Wetterlund E, Wolf J, Furusjo E
585 - 599 Thermal and economic analysis of charging and discharging characteristics of composite phase change materials for cold storage
Yang XH, Bai QS, Zhang QL, Hu WJ, Jin LW, Yan JY
600 - 610 Micro-thermoelectric generators based on through glass pillars with high output voltage enabled by large temperature difference
Liu S, Hu BK, Li DW, Li F, Li JF, Li B, Li LL, Lin YH, Nan CW
611 - 621 Optimal sizing of energy storage systems under uncertain demand and generation
Bucciarelli M, Paoletti S, Vicino A
622 - 636 Demand-side management via optimal production scheduling in power-intensive industries: The case of metal casting process
Ramin D, Spinelli S, Brusaferri A
637 - 655 Finite-rate chemistry modelling of non-conventional combustion regimes using a Partially-Stirred Reactor closure: Combustion model formulation and implementation details
Li ZY, Ferrarotti M, Cuoci A, Parente A
656 - 667 Synergistic capture of fine particles in wet flue gas through cooling and condensation
Cui L, Song XD, Li YZ, Wang Y, Feng YP, Yan LF, Dong Y
668 - 681 Limiting gaming opportunities on incentive-based demand response programs
Vuelvas J, Ruiz F, Gruosso G
682 - 695 Linkage analysis for water-carbon nexus in China
Fang DL, Chen B
696 - 709 Investigation on designed fins-enhanced phase change materials system for thermal management of a novel building integrated concentrating PV
Lu W, Liu ZS, Flor JF, Wu YP, Yang M
710 - 731 Disclosing water-energy-economics nexus in shale gas development
Calderon AJ, Guerra OJ, Papageorgiou LG, Reklaitis GV
732 - 745 Deep learning-based fault diagnosis of variable refrigerant flow air-conditioning system for building energy saving
Guo YB, Tan ZH, Chen HX, Li GN, Wang JY, Huang RG, Liu JY, Ahmad T
746 - 754 Screen-printed radial structure micro radioisotope thermoelectric generator
Yuan ZC, Tang XB, Xu ZH, Li JQ, Chen W, Liu K, Liu YP, Zhang ZR
755 - 768 Energy recovery from simulated clayey gas hydrate reservoir using depressurization by constant rate gas release, thermal stimulation and their combinations
Nair VC, Prasad SK, Kumar R, Sangwai JS
769 - 781 An optimized Monte Carlo ray tracing optical simulation model and its applications to line-focus concentrating solar collectors
Fan M, You SJ, Xia JB, Zheng WD, Zhang H, Liang HB, Li XL, Li BJ
782 - 796 Integrating cogeneration and intermittent waste-heat recovery in food processing: Microturbines vs. ORC systems in the coffee roasting industry
Pantaleo AM, Fordham J, Oyewunmi OA, De Palma P, Markides CN
797 - 813 A maximum entropy approach to the estimation of spatially and sectorally disaggregated electricity load curves
Tobben J, Schroer T
814 - 826 On the performance of meta-models in building design optimization
Prada A, Gasparella A, Baggio P
827 - 834 Experimental and modeling study on controlling factor of methane hydrate formation in silica gels
Zhang Y, Li XS, Chen ZY, Xia ZM, Wang Y, Li G
835 - 847 Development of a diesel/biodiesel/alcohol (up to n-pentanol) combined mechanism based on reaction pathways analysis methodology
Ma YJ, Huang RH, Fu JQ, Huang S, Liu JP
848 - 856 Advanced rechargeable zinc-air battery with parameter optimization
Wang KL, Pei PC, Wang YC, Liao C, Wang W, Huang SW
857 - 868 A charging pricing strategy of electric vehicle fast charging stations for the voltage control of electricity distribution networks
Dong XH, Mu YF, Xu XD, Jia HJ, Wu JZ, Yu XD, Qi Y
869 - 875 Quantification and scenario analysis of CO2 emissions from the central heating supply system in China from 2006 to 2025
Du MX, Wang XG, Peng CH, Shan YL, Chen H, Wang M, Zhu QA
876 - 883 Heterogeneity-assisted carbon dioxide storage in marine sediments
Dai ZX, Zhang Y, Bielicki J, Amooie MA, Zhang MK, Yang CB, Zou YQ, Ampomah W, Xiao T, Jia W, Middleton R, Zhang W, Sun YH, Moortgat J, Soltanian MR, Stauffer P
884 - 901 Pathways toward zero-carbon electricity required for climate stabilization
Audoly R, Vogt-Schilb A, Guivarch C, Pfeiffer A
902 - 911 An intelligent framework for short-term multi-step wind speed forecasting based on Functional Networks
Ahmed A, Khalid M
912 - 921 Effects of supports on reduction activity and carbon deposition of iron oxide for methane chemical looping hydrogen generation
Zhu M, Chen SY, Soomro A, Hu J, Sun Z, Ma SW, Xiang WG
922 - 933 An experimental study on the operational characteristics of a direct expansion based enhanced dehumidification air conditioning system
Chen WJ, Chan MY, Weng WB, Yan HX, Deng SM
934 - 939 Auto-feeding microbial fuel cell inspired by transpiration of plants
Wu SQ, Patil SA, Chen SL
940 - 954 Combustion and stability characteristics of ultra-compact combustor using cavity for gas turbines
Zhang RC, Hao F, Fan WJ
955 - 964 A near-isothermal expander for isothermal compressed air energy storage system
Zhang XJ, Xu YJ, Zhou XZ, Zhang Y, Li W, Zuo ZT, Guo H, Huang Y, Chen HS
965 - 974 Is it really the end of internal combustion engines and petroleum in transport?
Kalghatgi G
975 - 985 Energy savings due to building integration of innovative solid-state electrochromic devices
Cannavale A, Martellotta F, Cossari P, Gigli G, Ayr U
986 - 997 Water energy nexus in city and hinterlands: Multi-regional physical input-output analysis for Hong Kong and South China
Chen PC, Alvarado V, Hsu SC
998 - 1012 Missing value imputation for short to mid-term horizontal solar irradiance data
Demirhan H, Renwick Z
1013 - 1021 Power performance analysis of a transparent DSSC BIPV window based on 2 year measurement data in a full-scale mock-up
Lee HM, Yoon JH
1022 - 1032 Impact of manufacturing processes on proton exchange membrane fuel cell performance
Shahgaldi S, Alaefour I, Li XG
1033 - 1053 Heat pump systems for multifamily buildings: Potential and constraints of several heat sources for diverse building demands
Fraga C, Hollmuller P, Schneider S, Lachal B
1054 - 1067 The ENTSO-E Transparency Platform - A review of Europe's most ambitious electricity data platform
Hirth L, Muhlenpfordt J, Bulkeley M
1068 - 1077 Intake air strategy for low HC and CO emissions in dual-fuel (CNG-diesel) premixed charge compression ignition engine
Shim E, Park H, Bae C
1078 - 1089 Passive thermal behaviour of buildings: Performance of external multi-layered walls and influence of internal walls
Leccese F, Salvadori G, Asdrubali F, Gori P
1090 - 1101 Wireless charger deployment for an electric bus network: A multi-objective life cycle optimization
Bi ZC, Keoleian GA, Ersal T
1102 - 1122 Comparative study of reduced order equivalent circuit models for on-board state-of-available-power prediction of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles
Farmann A, Sauer DU
1123 - 1131 Hector, a new methodology for continuous and pattern-free heliostat field optimization
Cruz NC, Salhi S, Redondo JL, Alvarez JD, Berenguel M, Ortigosa PM
1132 - 1142 Broadband dual phase energy harvester: Vibration and magnetic field
Song HC, Kumar P, Sriramdas R, Lee H, Sharpes N, Kang MG, Maurya D, Sanghadasa M, Kang HW, Ryu J, Reynolds WT, Priya S
1143 - 1157 A comparative life cycle assessment on four waste-to-energy scenarios for food waste generated in eateries
Tong HH, Shen Y, Zhang JX, Wang CH, Ge TS, Tong YW
1158 - 1175 Energy modeling approach to the global energy-mineral nexus: Exploring metal requirements and the well-below 2 degrees C target with 100 percent renewable energy
Tokimatsu K, Hook M, McLellan B, Wachtmeister H, Murakamie S, Yasuoka R, Nishio M
1176 - 1189 Data-driven Urban Energy Simulation (DUE-S): A framework for integrating engineering simulation and machine learning methods in a multi-scale urban energy modeling workflow
Nutkiewicz A, Yang Z, Jain RK
1190 - 1204 Investigation of wake characteristic of a 30 kW rated power Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine with wake model and field measurement
Li Q, Maeda T, Kamada Y, Hiromori Y
1205 - 1218 Stochastic operation of home energy management systems including battery cycling
Correa-Florez CA, Gerossier A, Michiorri A, Kariniotakis G
1219 - 1233 Energy justice, unequal access to affordable warmth, and capability deprivation: A quantitative analysis for Belgium
Bardaux F, Vandeschrick C, Moezzi M, Frogneux N
1234 - 1234 Economic justification of concentrating solar power in high renewable energy penetrated power systems (vol 222, pg 649, 2018)
Du ES, Zhang N, Hodge BM, Kang CQ, Kroposki B, Xia Q