Applied Energy

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ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Failure probability estimation of gas supply using the central moment method in an integrated energy system
Fu XQ, Zhang XR
11 - 19 Determination of optimum tilt angle and orientation for solar collectors based on effective solar heat collection
Lv YX, Si PF, Rong XY, Yan JY, Feng Y, Zhu XH
20 - 33 Insights into the evolution of fuel-N to NO & IT;(x)& IT; precursors during pyrolysis of N-rich nonlignocellulosic biomass
Zhan H, Zhuang XZ, Song YP, Yin XL, Wu CZ
34 - 41 Effects of low-strength ultrasonication on dark fermentative hydrogen production: Start-up performance and microbial community analysis
Cho SK, Jeong MW, Choi YK, Shin J, Shin SG
42 - 52 Experimental evaluation of water-containing isopropanol-n-butanol-ethanol and gasoline blend as a fuel candidate in spark-ignition engine
Li YQ, Chen Y, Wu G, Liu JW
53 - 67 Fuzzy Q-Learning for multi-agent decentralized energy management in microgrids
Kofinas P, Dounis AI, Vouros GA
68 - 92 Optimal heat pump integration in industrial processes
Wallerand AS, Kermani M, Kantor I, Marechal F
105 - 113 Modeling of all porous solid oxide fuel cells
Xu HR, Chen B, Tan P, Cai WZ, He W, Farrusseng D, Ni M
114 - 122 Thermodynamic performance analysis and comparison of a combined cooling heating and power system integrated with two types of thermal energy storage
Wang JJ, Xie XQ, Lu YC, Liu BX, Li XJ
123 - 137 Occupancy-based buildings-to-grid integration framework for smart and connected communities
Dong B, Li ZX, Taha A, Gatsis N
138 - 150 Reliable oxygen transfer in MgAl2O4 spinel through the reversible formation of oxygen vacancies by Cu2+/Fe3+ anchoring
Do JY, Son N, Park NK, Kwak BS, Baek JI, Ryu HJ, Kang M
151 - 164 Price-responsive model-based optimal demand response control of inverter air conditioners using genetic algorithm
Hu MM, Xiao F
165 - 178 Technology-free microgrid modeling with application to demand side management
de Durana JG, Barambones O
179 - 186 Advancement of distributed energy methods by a novel high efficiency solar-assisted combined cooling, heating and power system
Zhang N, Wang ZF, Lior N, Han W
187 - 198 Prioritizing mitigation efforts considering co-benefits, equity and energy justice: Fossil fuel to renewable energy transition pathways
Chapman AJ, McLellan BC, Tezuka T
199 - 206 Regeneration of activated carbon air-cathodes by half-wave rectified alternating fields in microbial fuel cells
Zhou LA, Liao CM, Li T, An JK, Du Q, Wan LL, Li N, Pan XQ, Wang X
207 - 225 Multi-objective active distribution networks expansion planning by scenario-based stochastic programming considering uncertain and random weight of network
Xie SW, Hu ZJ, Zhou DM, Li Y, Kong SF, Lin WW, Zheng YF
226 - 239 Development and assessment of a new hybrid vehicle with ammonia and hydrogen
Ezzat MF, Dincer I
240 - 255 Mechanical compressor-driven thermochemical storage for cooling applications in tropical insular regions. Concept and efficiency analysis
Ferrucci F, Stitou D, Ortega P, Lucas F
256 - 263 A novel echelon internal heating strategy of cold batteries for all-climate electric vehicles application
Guo SS, Xiong R, Wang K, Sun FC
264 - 275 An electrochemical model based degradation state identification method of Lithium-ion battery for all-climate electric vehicles application
Xiong R, Li LL, Li ZR, Yu QQ, Mu H
276 - 289 An equitable and efficient energy management approach for a cluster of interconnected price responsive demands
Vahabi AR, Latif MA, Rahimiyan M, Yousefi GR
290 - 298 Energy-efficient recovery of black liquor through gasification and syngas chemical looping
Darmawan A, Ajiwibowo MW, Yoshikawa K, Aziz M, Tokimatsu K
299 - 311 Operation performance enhancement of single-double-effect absorption chiller
Lubis A, Jeong J, Giannetti N, Yamaguchi S, Saito K, Yabase H, Alhamid MI, Nasruddin
312 - 324 Further development of a thermal comfort based fuzzy logic controller for a direct expansion air conditioning system
Yan HX, Pan Y, Li Z, Deng SM
325 - 337 Study on performance of a novel energy-efficient heat pump system using liquid desiccant
Shan NN, Yin YG, Zhang XS
338 - 349 Trash to energy: A facile, robust and cheap approach for mitigating environment pollutant using household triboelectric nanogenerator
Khandelwal G, Chandrasekhar A, Alluri NR, Vivekananthan V, Raj NPMJ, Kim SJ
350 - 360 Optimization-based distribution grid hosting capacity calculations
Alturki M, Khodaei A, Paaso A, Bahramirad S
361 - 369 Planning of solar photovoltaics, battery energy storage system and gas micro turbine for coupled micro energy grids
Qiu J, Zhao JH, Yang HM, Wang DX, Dong ZY
370 - 384 Designing high-order power-source synchronous current converters for islanded and grid-connected microgrids
Ashabani M, Gooi HB, Guerrero JM
385 - 393 Optimal sizing and placement of distribution grid connected battery systems through an SOCP optimal power flow algorithm
Grover-Silva E, Girard R, Kariniotakis G
394 - 407 Coordinating microgrid procurement decisions with a dispatch strategy featuring a concentration gradient
Husted MA, Suthar B, Goodall GH, Newman AM, Kohl PA
408 - 424 Optimal design of multi-energy systems with seasonal storage
Gabrielli P, Gazzani M, Martelli E, Mazzotti M
425 - 425 Cost-competitiveness of organic photovoltaics for electricity self-consumption at residential buildings: A comparative study of Denmark and Greece under real market conditions (vol 208, pg 471, 2017)
Chatzisideris MD, Laurent A, Christoforidis GC, Krebs FC
426 - 426 Fuel flexibility, stability and emissions in premixed hydrogen-rich gas turbine combustion: Technology, fundamentals, and numerical simulations (vol 154, pg 1020, 2015)
Taamallah S, Vogiatzaki K, Alzahrani FM, Mokheimer EMA, Habib MA, Ghoniem AF
427 - 427 Distributed energy storage system scheduling considering tariff structure, energy arbitrage and solar PV penetration (vol 205, pg 1384, 2017)
Babacan O, Ratnam EL, Disfani VR, Kleissl J