Applied Energy

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ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Effect of naphthalene addition to ethanol in distributed combustion
Feser JS, Bassioni G, Gupta AK
8 - 20 Scavenging energy from ultra-low frequency mechanical excitations through a bi-directional hybrid energy harvester
Fan KQ, Liu SH, Liu HY, Zhu YM, Wang WD, Zhang DX
21 - 30 Real time adaptive efficient cold start strategy for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Amamou A, Kandidayeni M, Boulon L, Kelouwani S
31 - 44 Crank angle-resolved exergy analysis of exhaust flows in a diesel engine from the perspective of exhaust waste energy recovery
Mahabadipour H, Srinivasan KK, Krishnan SR, Subramanian SN
45 - 59 Analysis of component operation in power-to-gas-to-power installations
Kotowicz J, Wecel D, Jurczyk M
60 - 72 Analysis of a fuel cell combined heat and power plant under realistic smart management scenarios
Facci AL, Ubertini S
73 - 90 Environmental and economic assessment of borehole thermal energy storage in district heating systems
Welsch B, Gollner-Volker L, Schulte DO, Bar K, Sass I, Schebek L
91 - 104 Impact of intake valve strategies on fuel consumption and knock tendency of a spark ignition engine
Teodosio L, Pirrello D, Berni F, De Bellis V, Lanzafame R, D'Adamo A
105 - 115 Optimal sizing of a nonutility-scale solar power system and its battery storage
Cervantes J, Choobineh F
116 - 131 Integrated framework for designing spatially explicit biofuel supply chains
Ng RTL, Kurniawan D, Wang H, Mariska B, Wu WZ, Maravelias CT
132 - 141 Usefulness of economic and energy data at different frequencies for carbon price forecasting in the EU ETS
Zhao X, Han M, Ding LL, Kang WL
142 - 156 Numerical study on the effects of fins and nanoparticles in a shell and tube phase change thermal energy storage unit
Parsazadeh M, Duan XL
157 - 171 Incorporating performance-based global sensitivity and uncertainty analysis into LCOE calculations for emerging renewable energy technologies
Tran TTD, Smith AD
172 - 182 Quantitative synergy assessment of regional wind-solar energy resources based on MERRA reanalysis data
Zhang HX, Cao YJ, Zhang Y, Terzija V
183 - 194 A method for determining the optimal delivered hydrogen pressure for fuel cell electric vehicles
Lin ZH, Ou SQ, Elgowainy A, Reddi K, Veenstra M, Verduzco L
195 - 211 Analysis of the performance of an alkali metal thermoelectric converter (AMTEC) based on a lumped thermal-electrochemical model
Wang QG, Yao W, Zhang H, Lu XC
212 - 223 Peak shaving operational optimization of supercritical coal-fired power plants by revising control strategy for water-fuel ratio
Wang CY, Zhao YL, Liu M, Qiao YQ, Chong DT, Yan JJ
224 - 233 Economic viability of pumped-storage power plants participating in the secondary regulation service
Chazarra M, Perez-Diaz JI, Garcia-Gonzalez J, Praus R
234 - 242 Use of partial load operating conditions for latent thermal energy storage management
Gasia J, de Gracia A, Peiro G, Arena S, Cau G, Cabeza LF
243 - 261 Optimizing the porosity configuration of porous copper fiber sintered felt for methanol steam reforming micro-reactor based on flow distribution
Wang QH, Yang S, Zhou W, Li JR, Xu ZJ, Ke YZ, Yu W, Hu GH
262 - 285 A review of solidified natural gas (SNG) technology for gas storage via clathrate hydrates
Veluswamy HP, Kumar A, Seo Y, Lee JD, Linga P
286 - 295 Performance enhancement of a trapped-vortex combustor for gas turbine engines using a novel hybrid-atomizer
Li MY, He XM, Zhao YL, Jin Y, Yao KH, Ge ZH
296 - 310 Probabilistic characterization of electricity consumer responsiveness to economic incentives
Valles M, Bello A, Reneses J, Frias P
311 - 322 Process integration and design for maximizing energy efficiency of a coal-fired power plant integrated with amine-based CO2 capture process
Oh SY, Yun S, Kim JK
323 - 337 Solution for the future smart energy system: A polygeneration plant based on reversible solid oxide cells and biomass gasification producing either electrofuel or power
Sigurjonsson HAE, Clausen LR
338 - 347 Operating reserve capacity evaluation of aggregated heterogeneous TCLs with price signals
Xie DJ, Hui HX, Ding Y, Lin ZZ
348 - 357 Techno-economic feasibility of integrating energy storage systems in refrigerated warehouses
Zhu K, Li XQ, Campana PE, Li HL, Yan JY
358 - 366 The effect of different particle residence time distributions on the chemical looping combustion process
Schnellmann MA, Donat F, Scott SA, Williams G, Dennis JS
367 - 381 Multi-objective short-term scheduling of a renewable-based microgrid in the presence of tidal resources and storage devices
Javidsharifi M, Niknam T, Aghaei J, Mokryani G
382 - 388 Stimulated electron transfer inside electroactive biofilm by magnetite for increased performance microbial fuel cell
Liu PP, Liang P, Jiang Y, Hao W, Miao B, Wang DL, Huang X
389 - 401 A scalable method for estimating rooftop solar irradiation potential over large regions
Buffat R, Grassi S, Raubal M
402 - 413 Characterization of desert sand to be used as a high-temperature thermal energy storage medium in particle solar receiver technology
Diago M, Iniesta AC, Soum-Glaude A, Calvet N
414 - 427 Transformation of nitrogen functional forms and the accompanying chemical-structural properties emanating from pyrolysis of bituminous coals
Phiri Z, Everson RC, Neomagus HWJP, Wood BJ
428 - 441 A two-stage multi-objective scheduling method for integrated community energy system
Lin W, Jin XL, Mu YF, Jia HJ, Xu XD, Yu XD, Zhao B
442 - 451 A novel method for lithium-ion battery state of energy and state of power estimation based on multi-time-scale filter
Zhang X, Wang YJ, Wu J, Chen ZH
452 - 465 Exploiting waste heat potential by long distance heat transmission: Design considerations and techno-economic assessment
Kavvadias KC, Quoilin S
466 - 481 Feasibility study of the use of by-product iron oxide and industrial off-gas for application to chemical looping hydrogen production
Cho WC, Lee D, Kim CH, Cho HS, Kim SD
482 - 493 Estimating environmental co-benefits of US low-carbon pathways using an integrated assessment model with state-level resolution
Ou Y, Shi WJ, Smith SJ, Ledna CM, West JJ, Nolte CG, Loughlin DH
494 - 503 Higher power generation from torsion-dominant mode in a zigzag shaped two-dimensional energy harvester
Lee H, Sharpes N, Abdelmoula H, Abdelkefi A, Priya S
504 - 520 Simulation of demand growth scenarios in the Colombian electricity market: An integration of system dynamics and dynamic systems
Morcillo JD, Franco CJ, Angulo F
521 - 533 Non-tracking East-West XCPC solar thermal collector for 200 celsius applications
Widyolar B, Jiang L, Ferry J, Winston R
534 - 557 Methods for planning of ATES systems
Bloemendal M, Jaxa-Rozen M, Olsthoorn T
558 - 575 The development of an integrated model for the assessment of water and GHG footprints for the power generation sector
Agrawal N, Ahiduzzaman M, Kumar A
576 - 587 Experimental investigation on the air excess and air displacement influence on early stage and complete combustion gaseous emissions of a small scale fixed bed biomass boiler
Caposciutti G, Barontini F, Antonelli M, Tognotti L, Desideri U
588 - 601 Performance and operational effectiveness of evacuated flat plate solar collectors compared with conventional thermal, PVT and PV panels
Moss RW, Henshall P, Arya F, Shire GSF, Hyde T, Eames PC
602 - 612 Thermal performance of an active-passive ventilation wall with phase change material in solar greenhouses
Chen C, Ling HS, Zhai ZQ, Li Y, Yang FG, Han FT, Wei S
613 - 619 Highly thermal integrated heat pipe-solid oxide fuel cell
Zeng HY, Wang YQ, Shi YX, Cai NS, Yuan DZ
620 - 633 Experimental and numerical analysis of a SOFC-CHP system with adsorption and hybrid chillers for telecommunication applications
Palomba V, Ferraro M, Frazzica A, Vasta S, Sergi F, Antonucci V
634 - 648 Optimal design of microtube recuperators for an indirect supercritical carbon dioxide recompression closed Brayton cycle
Jiang Y, Liese E, Zitney SE, Bhattacharyya D
649 - 661 The role of electricity storage and hydrogen technologies in enabling global low-carbon energy transitions
McPherson M, Johnson N, Strubegger M
662 - 677 Development of a decision support tool for optimizing the short-term logistics of forest-based biomass
Malladi KT, Quirion-Blais O, Sowlati T
678 - 693 The long haul towards decarbonising road freight - A global assessment to 2050
Mulholland E, Teter J, Cazzola P, McDonald Z, Gallachoir BPO
694 - 708 Constrained multi-objective optimization of thermocline packed-bed thermal-energy storage
Marti J, Geissbuhler L, Becattini V, Haselbacher A, Steinfeld A
709 - 723 GIS-based approach for assessing the energy potential and the financial feasibility of run-off-river hydro-power in Alpine valleys
Garegnani G, Sacchelli S, Balest J, Zambelli P
724 - 740 Analysis and comparison of dynamic behavior of heat exchangers for direct evaporation in ORC waste heat recovery applications from fluctuating sources
Jimenez-Arreola M, Pili R, Wieland C, Romagnoli A
741 - 750 Piezoelectric polymer-based roadway energy harvesting via displacement amplification module
Shin YH, Jung I, Noh MS, Kim JH, Choi JY, Kim S, Kang CY
751 - 760 Kinetics, multivariate statistical modelling, and physiology of CO2-based biological methane production
Rittmann SKMR, Seifert AH, Bernacchi S
761 - 776 Modeling and design guidelines for direct steam generation solar receivers
Lin M, Reinhold J, Monnerie N, Haussener S