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1 - 12 Role of hydrogen tanks in the life cycle assessment of fuel cell-based auxiliary power units
Agostini A, Belmonte N, Masala A, Hu JJ, Rizzi P, Fichtner M, Moretto P, Luetto C, Sgroi M, Baricco M
13 - 20 Fuel sensitivity of biomass cookstove performance
Deng L, Torres-Rojas D, Burford M, Whitlow TH, Lehmann J, Fisher EM
21 - 30 Catalytic aromatization of ethylene in syngas from biomass to enhance economic sustainability of gas production
Kuo YT, Almansa GA, Vreugdenhil BJ
31 - 40 Evaluating approaches for district-wide energy model calibration considering the Urban Heat Island effect
Santos LGR, Afshari A, Norford LK, Mao JC
41 - 53 Improving the prediction performance of the finite element model for estimating the technical performance of the distributed generation of solar power system in a building facade
Koo C, Hong T, Oh J, Choi JK
54 - 62 Decoupling energy use and economic growth: Counter evidence from structural effects and embodied energy in trade
Moreau V, Vuille F
63 - 74 Stability map and shape of premixed CH4/O-2/CO2 flames in a model gas-turbine combustor
Abdelhafez A, Rashwan SS, Nemitallah MA, Habib MA
75 - 86 The membrane-assisted chemical looping reforming concept for efficient H-2 production with inherent CO2 capture: Experimental demonstration and model validation
Medrano JA, Potdar I, Melendez J, Spallina V, Pacheco-Tanaka DA, Annaland MV, Gallucci F
87 - 97 How do oil prices, macroeconomic factors and policies affect the market for renewable energy?
Shah IH, Hiles C, Morley B
98 - 105 An aqueous alkaline battery consisting of inexpensive all-iron redox chemistries for large-scale energy storage
Wei L, Wu MC, Zhao TS, Zeng YK, Ren YX
106 - 115 Effect of minerals and binders on particulate matter emission from biomass pellets combustion
Yang W, Zhu YJ, Cheng W, Sang HY, Xu HS, Yang HP, Chen HP
116 - 130 The influence of CO2 gas concentration on the char temperature and conversion during oxy-fuel combustion in a fluidized bed
Salinero J, Gomez-Barea A, Fuentes-Cano D, Leckner B
131 - 144 A hybrid model based on synchronous optimisation for multi-step short-term wind speed forecasting
Li CS, Xiao ZG, Xia X, Zou W, Zhang C
145 - 158 Integrated energy performance optimization of a passively designed high-rise residential building in different climatic zones of China
Chen X, Yang HX
159 - 173 In-depth investigation of thermochemical performance in a heat battery: Cyclic analysis of K2CO3, MgCl2 and Na2S
Sogutoglu LC, Donkers PAJ, Fischer HR, Huinink HP, Adan OCG
174 - 185 Life-cycle assessment of a low-concentration PV module for building south wall integration in China
Li GQ, Xuan QD, Pei G, Su YH, Lu YS, Ji J
186 - 201 A unified multi-functional on-board EV charger for power-quality control in household networks
Taghizadeh S, Hossain MJ, Lu JW, Water W
202 - 210 Fully printed and integrated electrolyzer cells with additive manufacturing for high-efficiency water splitting
Yang GQ, Mo JK, Kang ZY, Dohrmann Y, List FA, Green JB, Babu SS, Zhang FY
211 - 226 A model to compare convective and radiant heating systems for intermittent space heating
Wang Z, Luo MH, Geng Y, Lin BR, Zhu YX
227 - 236 Effects of different alternative control methods for gas turbine on the off design performance of a trigeneration system
Wang ZF, Han W, Zhang N, Su BS, Gan ZX, Jin HG
237 - 289 Progress in solid oxide fuel cell-gas turbine hybrid power systems: System design and analysis, transient operation, controls and optimization
Azizi MA, Brouwer J
290 - 299 Method to control an air conditioner by directly measuring the relative humidity of indoor air to improve the comfort and energy efficiency
Lim DK, Ahn BH, Jeong JH
300 - 308 Portable thermoelectric power generation based on catalytic combustor for low power electronic equipment
Fanciulli C, Abedi H, Merotto L, Donde R, De Iuliis S, Passaretti F
309 - 320 Techno-economic analysis of a co-electrolysis-based synthesis process for the production of hydrocarbons
Herz G, Reichelt E, Jahn M
321 - 337 A review of piezoelectric fans for low energy cooling of power electronics
Hales A, Jiang X
338 - 347 Improved methods to measure hydrogen crossover current in proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Pei PC, Wu ZY, Li YH, Jia XN, Chen DF, Huang SW
348 - 355 Coupling coal pyrolysis with char gasification in a multi-stage fluidized bed to co-produce high-quality tar and syngas
Chen ZH, Li YJ, Lai DG, Geng SL, Zhou Q, Gao SQ, Xu GW
356 - 370 Projecting battery adoption in the prosumer era
Barbour E, Gonzalez MC
371 - 383 Exergy analysis of an integrated solid oxide electrolysis cell-methanation reactor for renewable energy storage
Luo Y, Wu XY, Shi YX, Ghoniem AF, Cai NS
384 - 395 Validation of a new concept of a solar air heating system with a long-term granite storage bed for a single-family house
Nems M, Kasperski J, Nems A, Bac A
396 - 404 Carbon emission imbalances and the structural paths of Chinese regions
Shao L, Li Y, Feng KS, Meng J, Shan YL, Guan DB
405 - 415 Study on the relations between controlling mechanisms and dissociation front of gas hydrate reservoirs
Zheng RY, Li SX, Li QP, Li XL
416 - 425 Techno-economic assessment of a microbial power-to-gas plant - Case study in Belgium
Van Dael M, Kreps S, Virag A, Kessels K, Remans K, Thomas D, De Wilde F
426 - 436 Technical and Economic approach of bioethanol production from nanofiltration of biomass chemical hydrolysis solutions
Kuo YT, Chen JS, Yang TY, Wan HP
437 - 443 High-solids ethanol fermentation with single-stage methane anaerobic it digestion for maximizing bioenergy conversion from a C-4 grass (Pennisetum purpereum)
Du JL, Chen L, Li JN, Zuo RN, Yang XS, Chen HZ, Zhuang XS, Tian S
444 - 456 Modelling of a power-to-gas system to predict the levelised cost of energy of an advanced renewable gaseous transport fuel
McDonagh S, O'Shea R, Wall DM, Deane JP, Murphy JD
457 - 467 Exploration of ammonia resorption cycle for power generation by using novel composite sorbent
Jiang L, Lu YJ, Roskilly AP, Wang RZ, Wang LW, Tang K
468 - 478 Microencapsulated phase change materials with composite titania-polyurea (TiO2-PUA) shell
Zhao AQ, An JL, Yang JL, Yang EH
479 - 502 The impact of increased decentralised generation on the reliability of an existing electricity network
Veldhuis AJ, Leach M, Yang AD
503 - 511 Anaerobic digestion of waste activated sludge with incineration bottom ash: Enhanced methane production and CO2 sequestration
Yin CK, Shen YW, Zhu NW, Huang QJ, Lou ZY, Yuan HP
512 - 522 Enhancing the volumetric heat storage capacity of Mg(OH)(2) by the addition of a cationic surfactant during its synthesis
Piperopoulos E, Mastronardo E, Fazio M, Lanza M, Galvagno S, Milone C
523 - 531 Characteristics of alkali species release from a burning coal/biomass blend
Liu YZ, He Y, Wang ZH, Xia J, Wan KD, Whiddon R, Cen KF
532 - 542 Process analysis for the carbon dioxide chemical absorption-regeneration system
Madeddu C, Errico M, Baratti R
543 - 555 Experimental study of a small scale organic Rankine cycle waste heat recovery system for a heavy duty diesel engine with focus on the radial inflow turbine expander performance
Alshammari F, Pesyridis A, Karvountzis-Kontakiotis A, Franchetti B, Pesmazoglou Y
556 - 565 Fuel cell powered octocopter for inspection of mobile cranes: Design, cost analysis and environmental impacts
Belmonte N, Staulo S, Fiorot S, Luetto C, Rizzi P, Baricco M
566 - 576 Thermal performance analysis and optimization of a cascaded packed bed cool thermal energy storage unit using multiple phase change materials
Cheng XW, Zhai XQ
577 - 590 Economic viability of UK shale gas and potential impacts on the energy market up to 2030
Cooper J, Stamford L, Azapagic A
591 - 601 An improved model of ion selective adsorption in membrane and its application in vanadium redox flow batteries
Lei Y, Zhang BW, Zhang ZH, Bai BF, Zhao TS
602 - 614 Three-dimensional modelling and analysis of solar radiation absorption in porous volumetric receivers
Barreto G, Canhoto P, Collares-Pereira M
615 - 629 Integrating a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle with vehicle-to-grid technology, photovoltaic power and a residential building
Robledo CB, Oldenbroek V, Abbruzzese F, van Wijk AJM
630 - 642 Financial risk network architecture of energy firms
Restrepo N, Uribe JM, Manotas D
643 - 658 A novel combined model based on advanced optimization algorithm for short-term wind speed forecasting
Song JJ, Wang JZ, Lu HY
659 - 669 High temperature PEM fuel cell integrated with a cellular membrane methanol steam reformer: Experimental and modelling
Ribeirinha P, Abdollahzadeh M, Pereira A, Relvas F, Boaventura M, Mendes A
670 - 678 Development of an automated method for modelling of bio-crudes originating from biofuel production processes based on thermochemical conversion
Brigljevic B, Zuvela P, Liu JJ, Woo HC, Choi JH
679 - 689 The effect of a stepped lip piston design on performance and emissions from a high-speed diesel engine
Leach F, Ismail R, Davy M, Weall A, Cooper B
690 - 698 Wearable thermoelectric generator to harvest body heat for powering a miniaturized accelerometer
Wang Y, Shi YG, Mei DQ, Chen ZC
699 - 716 Performance study on a novel hybrid solar gradient utilization system for combined photocatalytic oxidation technology and photovoltaic/thermal technology
Yu BD, Jiang QY, He W, Liu SS, Zhou F, Ji J, Xu G, Chen HB
717 - 735 Impacts of building geometry modeling methods on the simulation results of urban building energy models
Chen YX, Hong TZ
736 - 750 Conceptual design of cogeneration plants under a resilient design perspective: Resilience metrics and case study
Matelli JA, Goebel K
751 - 764 Assessment of a novel heat-driven cycle to produce. shaft power and refrigeration
Alelyani SM, Sherbeck JA, Fette NW, Wang YQ, Phelan PE
765 - 777 A model for an economic evaluation of energy systems using TRNSYS
Villa-Arrieta M, Sumper A
778 - 791 Techno-economic analysis of a hybrid CO2 capture system for natural gas combined cycles with selective exhaust gas recirculation
Diego ME, Bellas JM, Pourkashanian M
792 - 807 Interprovincial transfer of embodied primary energy in China: A complex network approach
Gao CX, Su B, Sun M, Zhang XL, Zhang ZH
808 - 808 Climate Change and Energy Policies in Shanghai: A Multilevel Governance Perspective (Retraction of Vol 164, Pg 45, 2016)
Francesch-Huidobro M
809 - 809 Experimental investigation of impacts of engine hardware, operating parameters and combustion performance on particulate emissions in a DISI engine (Retraction of Vol 177, Pg 703, 2016)
Attar MA, Xu HM