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1 - 14 Chemical looping reforming of methane using magnetite as oxygen carrier: Structure evolution and reduction kinetics
Lu CQ, Li KZ, Wang H, Zhu X, Wei YG, Zheng M, Zeng CH
15 - 27 Day-ahead spatio-temporal forecasting of solar irradiation along a navigation route
Lan H, Yin H, Hong YY, Wen SL, Yu DC, Cheng P
28 - 40 An evaluation of anaerobic co-digestion implementation on New York State dairy farms using an environmental and economic life-cycle framework
Usack JG, Van Doren LG, Posmanik R, Labatut RA, Tester JW, Angenent LT
41 - 49 Towards unsupervised learning of thermal comfort using infrared thermography
Ghahramani A, Castro G, Karvigh SA, Becerik-Gerber B
50 - 63 A robust design of maximum power point tracking using Taguchi method for stand-alone PV system
Hong YY, Beltran AA, Paglinawan AC
64 - 75 How the transitions in iron and steel and construction material industries impact China's CO2 emissions: Comprehensive analysis from an inter-sector linked perspective
Liu SW, Tian X, Cai WJ, Chen WQ, Wang YF
76 - 88 Contribution of the transport sector to climate change mitigation: Insights from a global passenger transport model coupled with a computable general equilibrium model
Zhang RS, Fujimori S, Dai HC, Hanaoka T
89 - 103 A comparison of six metamodeling techniques applied to building performance simulations
Ostergard T, Jensen RL, Maagaard SE
104 - 112 A minimal simulation of the electricity demand of a domestic hot water cylinder for smart control
Jack MW, Suomalainen K, Dew JJW, Eyers D
113 - 125 Energy-efficient HVAC management using cooperative, self-trained, control agents: A real-life German building case study
Michailidis IT, Schild T, Sangi R, Michailidis P, Korkas C, Futterer J, Muller D, Kosmatopoulos EB
126 - 135 A study on performance of a liquid air energy storage system with packed bed units
Peng H, Shan XK, Yang Y, Ling X
136 - 145 Adsorption cycle "heat from cold" for upgrading the ambient heat: The testing a lab-scale prototype with the composite sorbent CaClBr/silica
Tokarev MM, Gordeeva LG, Grekova AD, Aristov YI
146 - 160 Real-time activity recognition for energy efficiency in buildings
Ahmadi-Karvigh S, Ghahramani A, Becerik-Gerber B, Soibelman L
161 - 173 A systematic procedure for process energy evaluation for post combustion CO2 capture: Case study of two novel strong bicarbonate-forming solvents
Tobiesen FA, Haugen G, Hartono A
174 - 186 Syngas production on a Ni-enhanced Fe2O3/Al2O3 oxygen carrier via chemical looping partial oxidation with dry reforming of methane
Kang D, Lim HS, Lee M, Lee JW
187 - 193 Numerical study of soot particles from low temperature combustion of engine fueled with diesel fuel and unsaturation biodiesel fuels
Zhao FY, Yang WM, Yu WB, Li H, Sim YY, Liu T, Tay KL
194 - 199 Energy recovery from commercial-scale composting as a novel waste management strategy
Smith MM, Aber JD
200 - 217 Vanadium dioxide for energy conservation and energy storage applications: Synthesis and performance improvement
Wang SC, Owusu KA, Mai LQ, Ke YJ, Zhou Y, Hu P, Magdassi S, Long Y
218 - 229 Spatiotemporal variations of urban CO2 emissions in China: A multiscale perspective
Shi KF, Chen Y, Li LY, Huang C
230 - 236 Synergistic effects in steam gasification of combined biomass and plastic waste mixtures
Burra KG, Gupta AK
237 - 248 Coordinated operation of gas-electricity integrated distribution system with multi-CCHP and distributed renewable energy sources
Jiang YB, Xu J, Sun YZ, Wei CY, Wang J, Liao SY, Ke DP, Li X, Yang J, Peng XT
249 - 258 Performance investigation on a novel liquid desiccant regeneration system operating in vacuum condition
Yon HR, Cai WJ, Wang YY, Shen SP
259 - 268 Development of a chemical-looping combustion reactor having porous honeycomb chamber and experimental validation by using NiO/NiAl2O4
Zhang H, Hong H, Jiang QQ, Deng YN, Jin HG, Kang QL
269 - 281 Implementation of expansion planning in existing district energy system: A case study in China
Hou J, Xu P, Lu X, Pang ZH, Chu YY, Huang GS
282 - 295 Electric bus fleet size and mix problem with optimization of charging infrastructure
Rogge M, van der Hurk E, Larsen A, Sauer DU
296 - 305 Algal biofuel production coupled bioremediation of biomass power plant wastes based on Chlorella sp C2 cultivation
Chen H, Wang J, Zheng YL, Zhan J, He CL, Wang Q
306 - 317 Evaluation of gas turbines as alternative energy production systems for a large cruise ship to meet new maritime regulations
Armellini A, Daniotti S, Pinamonti P, Reini M
318 - 333 Numerical simulation of aqueous ammonia-based CO2 absorption in a sprayer tower: An integrated model combining gas-liquid hydrodynamics and chemistry
Xu Y, Jin BS, Zhao YL, Hu EJ, Chen XL, Li XC
334 - 345 Catalytic and non-catalytic synergistic effects and their individual contributions to improved combustion performance of coal/biomass blends
Oladejo J, Adegbite S, Gao X, Liu H, Wu T
346 - 357 Impact of room temperature on energy consumption of household refrigerators: Lessons from analysis of field and laboratory data
Harrington L, Aye L, Fuller B
358 - 367 Analytical approach to assess the loadability of unbalanced distribution grid with rooftop PV units
Yaghoobi J, Islam M, Mithulananthan N
368 - 381 A consequential assessment of changes in greenhouse gas emissions due to the introduction of wheat straw ethanol in the context of European legislation
Buchspies B, Kaltschmitt M
382 - 392 Numerical study on double injection techniques in a gasoline and biodiesel fueled RCCI (reactivity controlled compression ignition) engine
Li J, Ling X, Liu D, Yang WM, Zhou DZ
393 - 402 Performance analysis of using mine water from an abandoned coal mine for heating of buildings using an open loop based single shaft GSHP system
Al-Habaibeh A, Athresh AP, Parker K
403 - 412 Unfolding the interplay between carbon flows and socioeconomic development in a city: What can network analysis offer?
Chen SQ, Xu B, Chen B
413 - 430 Model for optimal management of the cooling system of a fuel cell-based combined heat and power system for developing optimization control strategies
Asensio FJ, Martin JIS, Zamora I, Onederra O
431 - 442 Ca2Fe2O5: A promising oxygen carrier for CO/CH4 conversion and almost-pure H-2 production with inherent CO2 capture over a two-step chemical looping hydrogen generation process
Sun Z, Chen SY, Hu J, Chen AM, Rony AH, Russell CK, Xiang WG, Fan MH, Dyar MD, Dklute EC
443 - 460 A linear two-stage method for resiliency analysis in distribution systems considering renewable energy and demand response resources
Mousavizadeh S, Haghifam MR, Shariatkhah MH
461 - 478 Fuel economy in gasoline engines using Al2O3/TiO2 nanomaterials as nanolubricant additives
Ali MKA, Peng FM, Younus HA, Abdelkareem MAA, Essa FA, Elagouz A, Hou XJ
479 - 491 Analysis of the influence of heat transfer on the stationary operation and performance of a solid oxide fuel cell/gas turbine hybrid power plant
Steilen M, Saletti C, Heddrich MP, Friedrich KA
492 - 512 An analysis-forecast system for uncertainty modeling of wind speed: A case study of large-scale wind farms
Wang JZ, Niu T, Lu HY, Guo ZH, Yang WD, Du P
513 - 522 Fostering distributed combustion in a swirl burner using prevaporized liquid fuels
Khalil AEE, Gupta AK
523 - 537 Prediction of the radiative heat transfer in small and large scale oxy-coal furnaces
Yang X, Clements A, Szuhanszki J, Huang XH, Moguel OF, Li J, Gibbins J, Liu ZH, Zheng CG, Ingham D, Ma L, Nimmo B, Pourkashanian M
538 - 548 Reinforcement learning-based real-time power management for hybrid energy storage system in the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
Xiong R, Cao JY, Yu QQ
549 - 567 From production-based to consumption-based regional carbon inventories: Insight from spatial production fragmentation
Zhang ZK, Lin JT
568 - 581 Sparse voltage amplitude measurement based fault location in large-scale photovoltaic power plants
Jia K, Gu CJ, Li L, Xuan ZW, Bi TS, Thomas D
582 - 589 On the influence of different experimental systems on measured heterogeneous gasification kinetics
Stoesser P, Schneider C, Kreitzberg T, Kneer R, Kolb T
590 - 603 Understanding the energy metabolism of World economies through the joint use of Production- and Consumption-based energy accountings
Rocco MV, Ferrer RJF, Colombo E
604 - 616 Optimized demand side management (DSM) of peak electricity demand by coupling low temperature thermal energy storage (TES) and solar PV
Saffari M, de Gracia A, Fernandez C, Belusko M, Boer D, Cabeza LF
617 - 630 Risk-based energy management of renewable-based microgrid using information gap decision theory in the presence of peak load management
Mehdizadeh A, Taghizadegan N, Salehi J
631 - 638 Combustion behaviors and pollutant emission characteristics of low calorific oil shale and its semi-coke in a lab-scale fluidized bed combustor
Yang Y, Wang QH, Lu XF, Li JB, Liu Z
639 - 661 The techno-economic analysis of a hybrid zero-emission building system integrated with a commercial-scale zero-emission hydrogen vehicle
Cao SL, Alanne K
662 - 676 Bunching of residential building energy performance certificates at threshold values
Collins M, Curtis J
677 - 688 Investigation of enhanced thermal properties in NiO-based nanofluids for concentrating solar power applications: A molecular dynamics and experimental analysis
Aguilar T, Navas J, Sanchez-Coronilla A, Martin EI, Gallardo JJ, Martinez-Merino P, Gomez-Villarejo R, Pinero JC, Alcantara R, Fernandez-Lorenzo C
689 - 704 Techno-economic assessment of biogas-fed solid oxide fuel cell combined heat and power system at industrial scale
Giarola S, Forte O, Lanzini A, Gandiglio M, Santarelli M, Hawkes A
705 - 714 Automatic and linearized modeling of energy hub and its flexibility analysis
Wang Y, Cheng JN, Zhang N, Rang CQ
715 - 734 Energy efficiency of membrane distillation up to high salinity: Evaluating critical system size and optimal membrane thickness
Swaminathan J, Chung HW, Warsinger DM, Lienhard VJH
735 - 742 Complementary enhanced solar thermal conversion performance of core shell nanoparticles
Chen MJ, He YR, Wang XZ, Hu YW
743 - 754 Analysing the drivers of the intensity of electricity consumption of nonresidential sectors in Europe
Gutierrez-Pedrero MJ, Tarancon MA, del Rio P, Alcantara V
755 - 763 Optimization of methane bio-hydroxylation using waste activated sludge mixed culture of type I methanotrophs as biocatalyst
AlSayed A, Fergala A, Khattab S, ElSharkawy A, Eldyasti A
764 - 773 On maximizing profit of wind-battery supported power station based on wind power and energy price forecasting
Khalid M, Aguilera RP, Savkin AV, Agelidis VG
774 - 791 A new high performance method for determining the parameters of PV cells and modules based on guaranteed convergence particle swarm optimization
Nunes HGG, Pombo JAN, Mariano SJPS, Calado MRA, de Souza JAMF
792 - 808 Renewable energy research and technologies through responsible research and innovation looking glass: Reflexions, theoretical approaches and contemporary discourses
Carbajo R, Cabeza LF
809 - 819 HCCI combustion with an actively controlled glow plug: The effects on heat release, thermal stratification, efficiency, and emissions
Lawler B, Lacey J, Guralp O, Najt P, Filipi Z
820 - 842 Future energy use and CO2 emissions of urban passenger transport in China: A travel behavior and urban form based approach
Li PL, Zhao PJ, Brand C
843 - 853 Performance assessment of catalytic combustion-driven thermophotovoltaic platinum tubular reactor
Li YH, Hong JR
854 - 864 A model for the improvement of thermal bridges quantitative assessment by infrared thermography
Baldinelli G, Bianchi F, Rotili A, Costarelli D, Seracini M, Vinti G, Asdrubali F, Evangelisti L
865 - 874 Integrated heat and power dispatch truly utilizing thermal inertia of district heating network for wind power integration
Zheng JF, Zhou ZG, Zhao JN, Wang JD
875 - 889 Distribution dynamics of energy intensity in Chinese cities
Wu JX, Wu YR, Cheong TS, Yu YN
890 - 903 Forecasting day-ahead electricity prices in Europe: The importance of considering market integration
Lago J, De Ridder F, Vrancx P, De Schutter B
904 - 920 On the use of risk-based Shapley values for cost sharing in interplant heat integration programs
Jin YH, Chang CT, Li SJ, Jiang D
921 - 928 Study on adaptive behavior and mechanism of compression ratio (or piston motion profile) for combustion parameters in hydraulic free piston engine
Geng HM, Wang Y, Zhen XD, Liu Y, Li ZY
929 - 953 Optimisation analysis of PCM-enhanced opaque building envelope components for the energy retrofitting of office buildings in Mediterranean climates
Cascone Y, Capozzoli A, Perino M
954 - 974 Numerical and experimental analysis of a novel heat pump driven sorption storage heater
Aydin D, Casey SP, Chen XJ, Riffat S
975 - 986 Solidification enhancement of PCM in a triplex-tube thermal energy storage system with nanoparticles and fins
Mahdi JM, Nsofor EC
987 - 996 Modeling and analysis of the effect of thermal losses on thermoelectric generator performance using effective properties
Lee H, Sharp J, Stokes D, Pearson M, Priya S
997 - 1008 Evaluation of a solar-powered spray-assisted low-temperature desalination technology
Chen Q, Ja MK, Li Y, Chua KJ
1009 - 1020 Numerical simulation of condensation of sulfuric acid and water in a large two-stroke marine diesel engine
Karvounis N, Pang KM, Mayer S, Walther JH
1021 - 1029 Optimal policies for climate change: A joint consideration of CO2 and methane
Zhang XB, Xu J
1030 - 1038 Amine-based post-combustion CO2 capture mediated by metal ions: Advancement of CO2 desorption using copper ions
Cheng CH, Li KK, Yu H, Jiang KQ, Chen J, Feron P
1039 - 1049 How to optimize the development of carbon trading in China-Enlightenment from evolution rules of the EU carbon price
Fang GC, Tian LX, Liu MH, Fu M, Sun M
1050 - 1059 Investigation of the use of electrolyte viscosity for online state-of-charge monitoring design in vanadium redox flow battery
Li XR, Xiong J, Tang A, Qin Y, Liu JG, Yan CW
1060 - 1079 Optimal design of solid-oxide electrolyzer based power-to-methane systems: A comprehensive comparison between steam electrolysis and co-electrolysis
Wang LG, Perez-Fortes M, Madi H, Diethelm S, Van Herle J, Marechal F
1080 - 1088 Carbon dioxide adsorption properties and adsorption/desorption kinetics of amine-functionalized KIT-6
Liu YM, Yu XJ
1089 - 1094 A high-performance rotating graphite fiber brush air-cathode for microbial fuel cells
Chen SL, Patil SA, Schroder U
1095 - 1105 A greenhouse gas abatement framework for investment in district heating
Bjornebo L, Spatari S, Gurian PL
1106 - 1122 Multivariate exploration of non-intrusive load monitoring via spatiotemporal pattern network
Liu C, Akintayo A, Jiang ZH, Henze GP, Sarkar S
1123 - 1135 Analytical investigation of autoencoder-based methods for unsupervised anomaly detection in building energy data
Fan C, Xiao F, Zhao Y, Wang JY
1136 - 1149 A probabilistic multi-objective approach for power flow optimization in hybrid wind-PV-PEV systems
Morshed MJ, Ben Hmida J, Fekih A
1150 - 1170 Review on improvement for air source heat pump units during frosting and defrosting
Song MJ, Deng SM, Dang CB, Mao N, Wang ZH
1171 - 1178 Dissociation characteristics of water-saturated methane hydrate induced by huff and puff method
Feng JC, Wang Y, Li XS
1179 - 1189 Influence of primary air cone length on combustion characteristics and NOx emissions of a swirl burner from a 0.5 MW pulverized coal-fired furnace with air staging
Ti SG, Chen ZC, Li ZQ, Kuang M, Xu GY, Lai JP, Wang ZF
1190 - 1202 Thermo-mechanical analysis of microcapsules containing phase change materials for cold storage
Yu QH, Tchuenbou-Magaia F, Al-Duri B, Zhang ZB, Ding YL, Li YL
1203 - 1215 Introduction of organic-organic eutectic PCM in mesoporous N-doped carbons for enhanced thermal conductivity and energy storage capacity
Atinafu DG, Dong WJ, Huang XB, Gao HY, Wang G
1216 - 1228 Energy efficiency and lighting design in courtyards and atriums: A predictive method for daylight factors
Acosta I, Varela C, Molina JF, Navarro J, Sendra JJ
1229 - 1244 The role of renewable energy consumption and commercial services trade in carbon dioxide reduction: Evidence from 25 developing countries
Hu H, Xie N, Fang DB, Zhang XL
1245 - 1260 A comprehensive technique for optimal allocation of distributed energy resources in radial distribution systems
Quadri IA, Bhowmick S, Joshi D
1261 - 1281 Recently developed heat pump assisted distillation configurations: A comparative study
Kazemi A, Mehrabani-Zeinabad A, Beheshti M
1282 - 1296 Evolution of CO2 capture technology between 2007 and 2017 through the study of patent activity
Miguez JL, Porteiro J, Perez-Orozco R, Patino D, Rodriguez S
1297 - 1307 Demonstration project of a cooling system for existing PV power plants in Portugal
Castanheira AFA, Fernandes JFP, Branco PJC
1308 - 1323 Assessment of existing buildings performance using system dynamics technique
Marzouk M, Seleem N
1324 - 1342 Diesel engines equipped with piezoelectric and solenoid injectors: hydraulic performance of the injectors and comparison of the emissions, noise and fuel consumption
d'Ambrosio S, Ferrari A
1343 - 1358 Using machine learning techniques for occupancy-prediction-based cooling control in office buildings
Peng YZ, Rysanek A, Nagy Z, Schluter A