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ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 12 An analysis on the energy consumption of circulating pumps of residential swimming pools for peak load management
Song CH, Jing W, Zeng P, Rosenberg C
13 - 22 A new modified-serpentine flow field for application in high temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Singdeo D, Dey T, Gaikwad S, Andreasen SJ, Ghosh PC
23 - 35 Residential electricity cost minimization model through open well-pico turbine pumped storage system
Anilkumar TT, Simon SP, Padhy NP
36 - 51 Interactions between the design of short-term electricity markets in the CWE region and power system flexibility
Brijs T, De Jonghe C, Hobbs BF, Belmans R
52 - 66 Characteristics and effect factors of pressure oscillation in multi-injection DI diesel engine at high-load conditions
Zhang QH, Hao ZY, Zheng X, Yang WY
67 - 79 Co-generation of hydrogen and carbon aerosol from coalbed methane surrogate using rotating gliding arc plasma
Wu AJ, Li XD, Yan JH, Yang J, Du CM, Zhu FS, Qian JY
80 - 92 Optimum design of CO2 storage and oil recovery under geological uncertainty
Ampomah W, Balch RS, Cather M, Will R, Gonda D, Dai Z, Soltanian MR
93 - 99 Experimental study of the operation characteristics of an air-driven free-piston linear expander
Wang YD, Chen L, Jia B, Roskilly AP
100 - 113 Optimal scheduling of a byproduct gas system in a steel plant considering time-of-use electricity pricing
Zhao XC, Bai H, Shi Q, Lu X, Zhang ZH
114 - 124 Exploring multi-objective trade-offs in the design space of a waste heat recovery system
Mokhtar M, Burns S, Ross D, Hunt I
125 - 136 Energy and water nexus in power generation: The surprisingly high amount of industrial water use induced by solar power infrastructure in China
Wu XD, Chen GQ
137 - 151 Thermodynamic and economic investigation of a screw expander-based direct steam generation solar cascade Rankine cycle system using water as thermal storage fluid
Li J, Li PC, Gao GT, Pei G, Su YH, Ji J
152 - 183 Supercritical carbon dioxide cycles for power generation: A review
Crespi F, Gavagnin G, Sanchez D, Martinez GS
184 - 195 Reduction of heat pump induced peak electricity use and required generation capacity through thermal energy storage and demand response
Baeten B, Rogiers F, Helsen L
196 - 203 Integrating starchy substrate into cellulosic ethanol production to boost ethanol titers and yields
Xu YJ, Wang DH
204 - 221 Novel methodology for microgrids in isolated communities: Electricity cost-coverage trade-off with 3-stage technology mix, dispatch & configuration optimizations
Bustos C, Watts D
222 - 233 A short-term building cooling load prediction method using deep learning algorithms
Fan C, Xiao F, Zhao Y
234 - 246 Blockchain technology in the chemical industry: Machine-to-machine electricity market
Sikorski JJ, Haughton J, Kraft M
247 - 256 Thermodynamic analysis of a gas turbine engine with a rotating detonation combustor
Sousa J, Paniagua G, Morata EC
257 - 267 Mathematical model to optimize design of integrated utility supply network and future global hydrogen supply network under demand uncertainty
Hwangbo S, Lee IB, Han J
268 - 277 Cooling performance measurement of two cross-flow indirect evaporative coolers in general and regenerative operation modes
Kim HJ, Ham SW, Yoon DS, Jeong JW
278 - 288 Experimental and numerical analysis of a three-dimensional flow field for PEMFCs
Li WK, Zhang QL, Wang C, Yan XH, Shen SY, Xia GF, Zhu FJ, Zhang JL
289 - 302 Bio-Energy with CCS (BECCS) performance evaluation: Efficiency enhancement and emissions reduction
Bui M, Fajardy M, Mac Dowell N
303 - 315 Enhanced performance of ilmenite modified by CeO2, ZrO2, NiO, and Mn2O3 as oxygen carriers in chemical looping combustion
Sun ZK, Lu DY, Ridha FN, Hughes RW, Filippou D
316 - 323 Development of MEA-based CO2 phase change absorbent
Zhang WD, Jin XH, Tu WW, Ma Q, Mao ML, Cui CH
324 - 333 Improved PEM fuel cell system operation with cascaded stack and ejector-based recirculation
Jenssen D, Berger O, Krewer U
334 - 343 A portable renewable solar energy-powered cooling system based on wireless power transfer for a vehicle cabin
Pan HY, Qi LF, Zhang XT, Zhang ZT, Salman W, Yuan YP, Wang CB
344 - 355 Spatial variability of tight oil well productivity and the impact of technology
Montgomery JB, O'Sullivan FM
356 - 369 Modelling to generate alternatives: A technique to explore uncertainty in energy-environment-economy models
Price J, Keppo I
370 - 381 Exploring path dependence, policy interactions, and actor behavior in the German biodiesel supply chain
Moncada JA, Junginger M, Lukszo Z, Faaij A, Weijnen M
382 - 401 Beneficiaries of transmission expansion projects of an expansion plan: An Aumann-Shapley approach
Banez-Chicharro F, Olmos L, Ramos A, Latorre JM
402 - 413 Study of solvent-based carbon capture for cargo ships through process modelling and simulation
Luo XB, Wang MH
414 - 425 Solar steam generation through bio-inspired interface heating of broadband-absorbing plasmonic membranes
Wang XZ, He YR, Liu X, Cheng G, Zhu JQ
426 - 438 Numerical analysis of a vertical double-pipe single-flow heat exchanger applied in an active cooling system for high-power LED street lights
Schmid G, Huang ZL, Yang TH, Chen SL
439 - 452 Energy-efficient predictive control of indoor thermal comfort and air quality in a direct expansion air conditioning system
Mei J, Xia XH
453 - 477 A novel study of using oil refinery plants waste gases for thermal desalination and electric power generation: Energy, exergy & cost evaluations
Eldean MAS, Soliman AM
478 - 486 Investigation on a small-scale pumpless Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) system driven by the low temperature heat source
Jiang L, Lu HT, Wang LW, Gao P, Zhu FQ, Wang RZ, Roskilly AP
487 - 502 Active management in state-owned energy companies: Integrating a real options approach into multicriteria analysis to make companies sustainable
Hernandez-Perdomo EA, Mun J, Rocco CM
503 - 522 High efficiency dual-fuel combustion through thermochemical recovery and diesel reforming
Chuahy FDF, Kokjohn SL
523 - 537 An improved perturbation and observation maximum power point tracking algorithm based on a PV module four-parameter model for higher efficiency
Li QY, Zhao SD, Wang MQ, Zou ZY, Wang B, Chen QX
538 - 555 Forecasting high proportions of wind energy supplying the Brazilian Northeast electricity grid
de Jong P, Dargaville R, Silver J, Utembe S, Kiperstok A, Torres EA
556 - 571 Climate change and agriculture under CO2 fertilization effects and farm level adaptation: Where do the models meet?
Wesseh PK, Lin BQ
572 - 585 Scaling of wind energy variability over space and time
Shahriari M, Blumsack S
586 - 599 Recent progresses on nickel-rich layered oxide positive electrode materials used in lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles
Ding Y, Mu DB, Wu BR, Wang R, Zhao ZK, Wu F
600 - 615 Hierarchical coordination of TSO-DSO economic dispatch considering large-scale integration of distributed energy resources
Yuan Z, Hesamzadeh MR
616 - 633 Operational planning and optimal sizing of microgrid considering multi-scale wind uncertainty
Shin J, Lee JH, Realff MJ
634 - 645 Dynamic time warping based non-intrusive load transient identification
Liu B, Luan WP, Yu YX
646 - 658 Performance analysis of a supercritical water-cooled nuclear reactor integrated with a combined cycle, a Cu-Cl thermochemical cycle and a hydrogen compression system
Al-Zareer M, Dincer I, Rosen MA
659 - 670 Short-term electrical load forecasting using the Support Vector Regression (SVR) model to calculate the demand response baseline for office buildings
Chen YB, Xu P, Chu YY, Li WL, Wu YT, Ni LZ, Bao Y, Wang K
671 - 680 Laminar flame characteristics of cyclopentanone at elevated temperatures
Bao XC, Jiang YZ, Xu HM, Wang CM, Lattimore T, Tang L
681 - 692 Spacial and dynamic energy demand of the E39 highway - Implications on electrification options
Taljegard M, Goransson L, Odenberger M, Johnsson F
693 - 701 Experimental study of the gaseous and particulate matter emissions from a gas turbine combustor burning butyl butyrate and ethanol blends
Chen LF, Zhang ZC, Lu YJ, Zhang C, Zhang X, Zhang CQ, Roskilly AP
702 - 712 Potential use of liquid metal oxides for chemical looping gasification: A thermodynamic assessment
Sarafraz MM, Jafarian M, Arjomandi M, Nathan GJ
713 - 724 Characterisation of the morphological changes and interactions in char, slag and ash during CO2 gasification of rice straw and lignite
Ding L, Gong Y, Wang YF, Wang FC, Yu GS
725 - 737 Optimization of effective parameters on solar updraft tower to achieve potential maximum power output: A sensitivity analysis and numerical simulation
Shirvan KM, Mirzakhanlari S, Mamourian M, Kalogirou SA
738 - 753 Prediction of electric vehicle charging-power demand in realistic urban traffic networks
Arias MB, Kim M, Bae S
754 - 760 Flexible pyroelectric device for scavenging thermal energy from chemical process and as self-powered temperature monitor
Zhao TT, Jiang WT, Niu D, Liu HZ, Chen BD, Shi YS, Yin L, Lu BH
761 - 773 Cyclic thermal characterization of a molten-salt packed-bed thermal energy storage for concentrating solar power
Zhao BC, Cheng MS, Liu C, Dai ZM
774 - 785 Exploring deep decarbonization pathways to 2050 for Canada using an optimization energy model framework
Vaillancourt K, Bahn O, Frenette E, Sigvaldason O
786 - 799 Photovoltaic self-sufficiency of Belgian households using lithium-ion batteries, and its impact on the grid
Silva GDE, Hendrick P
800 - 809 East Asia's gas-market failure and distinctive economics-A case study of low oil prices
Shi XP, Variam HMP
810 - 818 Urban energy flux: Spatiotemporal fluctuations of building energy consumption and human mobility-driven prediction
Mohammadi N, Taylor JE
819 - 836 Integration between supercritical CO2 Brayton cycles and molten salt solar power towers: A review and a comprehensive comparison of different cycle layouts
Wang K, He YL, Zhu HH
837 - 849 Impacts of the coming emission trading scheme on China's coal-to-materials industry in 2020
Li GY, Yang J, Chen DJ, Hu SY
850 - 860 Potassium catalyst recovery process and performance evaluation of the recovered catalyst in the K2CO3-catalyzed steam gasification system
Yuan XZ, Fan SM, Choi SW, Kim HT, Lee KB
861 - 876 Thermodynamic and environmental evaluation of biomass and coal co-fuelled gasification chemical looping combustion with CO2 capture for combined cooling, heating and power production
Fan JM, Hong H, Zhu L, Jiang QQ, Jin HG
877 - 889 Dynamic modeling of a sensible thermal energy storage tank with an immersed coil heat exchanger under three operation modes
Nash AL, Badithela A, Jain N
890 - 904 Comparison of typical year and multiyear building simulations using a 55-year actual weather data set from China
Cui Y, Yan D, Hong TZ, Xiao C, Luo X, Zhang Q
905 - 921 Wind farm hub height optimization
Vasel-Be-Hagh A, Archer CL
922 - 941 Energy supply modelling of a low-CO2 emitting energy system: Case study of a Danish municipality
Sveinbjornsson D, Ben Amer-Allam S, Hansen AB, Algren L, Pedersen AS
942 - 949 Simulation of the current generation of a microbial fuel cell in a laboratory wastewater treatment plant
Krieg T, Enzmann F, Sell D, Schrader J, Holtmann D
950 - 973 Modelling and simulation of a novel Electrical Energy Storage (EES) Receiver for Solar Parabolic Trough Collector (PTC) power plants
Nation DD, Heggs PJ, Dixon-Hardy DW
974 - 990 Network-aware approach for energy storage planning and control in the network with high penetration of renewables
Mahani K, Farzan F, Jafari MA
991 - 999 Enhancement of electricity generation in CO2 mineralization cell by using sodium sulfate as the reaction medium
Xie HP, Liu T, Wang YF, Wu YF, Wang FH, Tang L, Jiang W, Liang B
1000 - 1011 Competition, risk and learning in electricity markets: An agent-based simulation study
Aliabadi DE, Kaya M, Sahin G
1012 - 1022 Experimental evaluations of solid-fueled pressurized chemical looping combustion - The effects of pressure, solid fuel and iron-based oxygen carriers
Chen LY, Kong L, Bao JH, Combs M, Nikolic HS, Fan Z, Liu KL
1023 - 1037 Real-time electricity pricing for industrial customers: Survey and case studies in the United States
Nezamoddini N, Wang Y
1038 - 1046 Fabrication and evaluation of a novel wavy Single Chamber Solid Oxide Fuel Cell via in-situ monitoring of curvature evolution
Choi I, Kim JS, Venkatesan V, Ranaweera M
1047 - 1054 Quantifying demand flexibility based on structural thermal storage and comfort management of non-residential buildings: A comparison between hot and cold climate zones
Hurtado LA, Rhodes JD, Nguyen PH, Kamphuis IG, Webber ME
1055 - 1070 Cost optimization of biofuel production - The impact of scale, integration, transport and supply chain configurations
de Jong S, Hoefnagels R, Wetterlund E, Pettersson K, Faaij A, Junginger M
1071 - 1078 Simple solution-based synthesis of pyridinic-rich nitrogen-doped graphene nanoplatelets for supercapacitors
Lee MS, Choi HJ, Baek JB, Chang DW
1079 - 1085 Ultrathin LiFePO4 nanosheets self-assembled with reduced graphene oxide applied in high rate lithium ion batteries for energy storage
Yang WW, Liu JG, Zhang X, Chen L, Zhou Y, Zou ZG
1086 - 1099 Dynamic modeling of solid oxide fuel cell and engine hybrid system for distributed power generation
Kang S, Ahn KY
1100 - 1111 Effects of CO2. sequestration on lipid and biomass productivity in microalgal biomass production
Eloka-Eboka AC, Inambao FL