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1 - 9 Probing cycle stability and reversibility in thermochemical energy storage - CaC2O4 center dot H2O as perfect match?
Knoll C, Muller D, Artner W, Welch JM, Werner A, Harasek M, Weinberger P
10 - 26 Optimal design of multistage centrifugal pump based on the combined energy loss model and computational fluid dynamics
Wang C, Shi WD, Wang XK, Jiang XP, Yang Y, Li W, Zhou L
27 - 36 The contagion effect of international crude oil price fluctuations on Chinese stock market investor sentiment
Ding ZH, Liu ZH, Zhang YJ, Long RY
37 - 49 System state estimation and optimal energy control framework for multicell lithium-ion battery system
Wei JW, Dong GZ, Chen ZH, Kang Y
50 - 61 Blackout prediction in interconnected electric energy systems considering generation re-dispatch and energy curtailment
Kamali S, Amraee T
62 - 71 Robust optimal design of renewable energy system in nearly/net zero energy buildings under uncertainties
Lu YH, Wang SW, Yan CC, Huang ZJ
72 - 83 Trajectory-based combustion control for renewable fuels in free piston engines
Zhang C, Sun ZX
84 - 95 Optimisation of operating parameters of DI-CI engine fueled with second generation Bio-fuel and development of ANN based prediction model
Channapattana SV, Pawar AA, Kamble PG
96 - 115 Design of a hydraulic servo-actuation fed by a regenerative braking system
Pugi L, Pagliai M, Nocentini A, Lutzemberger G, Pretto A
116 - 127 How low exergy buildings and distributed electricity storage can contribute to flexibility within the demand side
Sandoval D, Goffin P, Leibundgut H
128 - 139 A completive survey study on the feasibility and adaptation of EVs in Beijing, China
Sun LS, Huang YC, Liu SL, Chen YY, Yao LY, Kashyap A
140 - 153 Residential heat pump as flexible load for direct control service with parametrized duration and rebound effect
Georges E, Cornelusse B, Ernst D, Lemort V, Mathieu S
154 - 168 A mixed integer linear programming approach for optimal DER portfolio, sizing, and placement in multi-energy microgrids
Mashayekh S, Stadler M, Cardoso G, Heleno M
169 - 179 Analysis of a new design of the hybrid energy storage system used in the residential m-CHP systems
Li JW, Wang XD, Zhang ZY, Le Blond S, Yang QQ, Zhang M, Yuan WJ
180 - 188 Gas recovery from depressurized methane hydrate deposits with different water saturations
Yang MJ, Fu Z, Jiang LL, Song YC
189 - 202 Optimal charging of valve-regulated lead-acid batteries based on model predictive control
Kujundzic G, Iles S, Matusko J, Vasak M
203 - 215 Review of methodologies and polices for evaluation of energy efficiency in high energy-consuming industry
Li MJ, Tao WQ
216 - 227 A finite element method for a weakly nonlinear dynamic analysis and bifurcation tracking of thermo-acoustic instability in longitudinal and annular combustors
Laera D, Campa G, Camporeale SM
228 - 242 Towards a comprehensive policy for electricity from renewable energy: Designing for social welfare
Iychettira KK, Hakvoort RA, Linares P, de Jeu R
243 - 254 High efficiency H2O/LiBr double effect absorption cycles with multi-heat sources for tri-generation application
Yang MN, Lee SY, Chung JT, Kang YT
255 - 271 Current and near-term GHG emissions factors from electricity production for New York State and New York City
Howard B, Waite M, Modi V
272 - 280 Transformation of heavy metals in lignite during supercritical water gasification
Chen GF, Yang XF, Chen SY, Dong Y, Cui L, Zhang Y, Wang P, Zhao XQ, Ma CY
281 - 290 Application of material assessment methodology in latent heat thermal energy storage for waste heat recovery
Xu HX, Romagnoli A, Sze JY, Py X
291 - 309 A copula-based fuzzy chance-constrained programming model and its application to electric power generation systems planning
Chen F, Huang GH, Fan YR, Chen JP
310 - 325 Identifying key impact factors on carbon emission: Evidences from panel and time-series data of 125 countries from 1990 to 2011
Shuai CY, Shen LY, Jiao LD, Wu Y, Tan YT
326 - 337 PV array power output maximization under partial shading using new shifted PV array arrangements
Belhaouas N, Cheikh MSA, Agathoklis P, Oularbi MR, Amrouche B, Sedraoui K, Djilali N
338 - 351 Building-integrated rooftop greenhouses: An energy and environmental assessment in the mediterranean context
Nadal A, Liorach-Massana P, Cuerva E, Lopez-Capel E, Montero JI, Josa A, Rieradevall J, Royapoor M
352 - 366 User satisfaction-induced demand side load management in residential buildings with user budget constraint
Ogunjuyigbe ASO, Ayodele TR, Akinola OA
367 - 379 Innovative design of a thermoelectric generator with extended and segmented pin configurations
Ali H, Yilbas BS, Al-Sharafi A
380 - 389 Feasibility and parametric evaluation of hybrid concentrated photovoltaic-thermoelectric system
Rezania A, Rosendahl LA
390 - 409 Reverse electrodialysis powered greenhouse concept for water- and energy-self-sufficient agriculture
Farrell E, Hassan MI, Tufa RA, Tuomiranta A, Avci AH, Politano A, Curcio E, Arafat HA
410 - 423 A global optimized operation strategy for energy savings in liquid desiccant air conditioning using self-adaptive differential evolutionary algorithm
Wang XL, Cai WJ, Yin XH
424 - 437 Green facade for energy savings in buildings: The influence of leaf area index and facade orientation on the shadow effect
Perez G, Coma J, Sol S, Cabeza LF
438 - 448 Virtual scarce water embodied in inter-provincial electricity transmission in China
Zhang C, Zhong LJ, Liang S, Sanders KT, Wang J, Xu M
449 - 464 Optimal stochastic energy management of retailer based on selling price determination under smart grid environment in the presence of demand response program
Nojavan S, Zare K, Mohammadi-Ivatloo B
465 - 479 Hybrid model predictive control of a residential HVAC system with on-site thermal energy generation and storage
Fiorentini M, Wall J, Ma ZJ, Braslaysky JH, Cooper P
480 - 488 Process integration of a Calcium-looping process with a natural gas combined cycle power plant for CO2 capture and its improvement by exhaust gas recirculation
Hu Y, Ahn H
489 - 500 Economic growth model, structural transformation, and green productivity in China
Li K, Lin BQ
501 - 513 Characteristics of low-priced solar PV systems in the US
Nemet GF, O'Shaughnessy E, Wiser R, Darghouth N, Barbose G, Gillingham K, Rai V
514 - 522 1-Octadecanol@hierarchical porous polymer composite as a novel shape-stability phase change material for latent heat thermal energy storage
Tang J, Yang M, Yu F, Chen XY, Tan L, Wang G
523 - 533 The influence of flash boiling conditions on spray characteristics with closely coupled split injection strategy
Wang ZM, Jiang CZ, Xu HM, Badawy T, Wang B, Jiang YZ
534 - 563 A review of the concentrated photovoltaic/thermal (CPVT) hybrid solar systems based on the spectral beam splitting technology
Ju X, Xu C, Han X, Du XZ, Wei GS, Yang YP
564 - 574 Life cycle human health and ecotoxicological impacts assessment of electricity production from wood biomass compared to coal fuel
Weldu YW, Assefa G, Jolliet O
575 - 584 Design of a Fuzzy Cognitive Maps variable-load energy management system for autonomous PV-reverse osmosis desalination systems: A simulation survey
Kyriakarakos G, Dounis AI, Arvanitis KG, Papadakis G
585 - 594 Syngas fermentation by Clostridium carboxidivorans P7 in a horizontal rotating packed bed biofilm reactor with enhanced ethanol production
Shen YW, Brown RC, Wen ZY
595 - 600 Electrochemical hythane production for renewable energy storage and biogas upgrading
Huang Z, Lu L, Jiang DQ, Xing DF, Ren ZYJS
601 - 611 Multi-objective optimization of ethanol fuelled HCCI engine performance using hybrid GRNN-PSO
Bendu H, Deepak BBVL, Murugan S
612 - 626 Study on unit commitment problem considering pumped storage and renewable energy via a novel binary artificial sheep algorithm
Wang WX, Li CS, Liao X, Qin H
627 - 639 Effects of in-situ interactions between steam and coal on pyrolysis and gasification characteristics of pulverized coals and coal water slurry
Ding L, Dai ZH, Guo QH, Yu GS
640 - 651 Multiplexed real-time optimization of HVAC systems with enhanced control stability
Asad HS, Yuen RKK, Huang GS
652 - 662 Comparative investigation of NOx emission characteristics from a Euro 6-compliant diesel passenger car over the NEDC and WLTC at various ambient temperatures
Ko J, Jin D, Jang W, Myung CL, Kwon S, Park S
663 - 674 The influence of injection strategy on mixture formation and combustion process in a direct injection natural gas rotary engine
Fan BW, Pan JF, Yang WM, Chen W, Bani S
675 - 688 Performance improvement of an ejector cooling system with thermal pumping effect (ECSTPE) by doubling evacuation chambers in parallel
Zhang S, Cheng Y
689 - 705 Comparison of airflow, coal combustion, NOx emissions, and slagging characteristics among three large-scale MBEL down-fired boilers manufactured at different times
Ling ZQ, Ling B, Kuang M, Li ZQ, Lu Y
706 - 716 Modeling of an aprotic Li-O-2 battery incorporating multiple-step reactions
Ren YX, Zhao TS, Tan P, Wei ZH, Zhou XL
717 - 731 An enthalpy-based energy savings estimation method targeting thermal comfort level in naturally ventilated buildings in hot-humid summer zones
He Y, Liu M, Kvan T, Peng SN
732 - 745 A novel projected two-binary-variable formulation for unit commitment in power systems
Yang LF, Zhang C, Jian JB, Meng K, Xu Y, Dong ZY
746 - 757 Optimizing ocean-wave energy extraction of a dual coaxial-cylinder WEC using nonlinear model predictive control
Son D, Yeung RW
758 - 776 MOD-DR: Microgrid optimal dispatch with demand response
Jin M, Feng W, Liu P, Marnay C, Spanos C
777 - 789 Evaluation of strategies for second generation bioethanol production from fast growing biomass Paulownia within a biorefinery scheme
Dominguez E, Romani A, Domingues L, Garrote G
790 - 806 Accuracy of borehole thermal resistance calculation methods for grouted single U-tube ground heat exchangers
Javed S, Spitler J
807 - 819 A new approach to calculating endurance in electric flight and comparing fuel cells and batteries
Donateo T, Ficarella A, Spedicato L, Arista A, Ferraro M
820 - 832 Multi-agent systems applied for energy systems integration: State-of-the-art applications and trends in microgrids
Coelho VN, Cohen MW, Coelho IM, Liu N, Guimaraes FG
833 - 846 Demand side management in power grid enterprise control: A comparison of industrial & social welfare approaches
Jiang B, Muzhikyan A, Farid AM, Youcef-Toumi K
847 - 861 Performance assessment of different porous matrix geometries for active magnetic regenerators
Trevizoli PV, Nakashima AT, Peixer GF, Barbosa JR
862 - 872 Sizing energy storage systems in DC networks: A general methodology based upon power losses minimization
Fantauzzi M, Lauria D, Mottola F, Scalfati A
873 - 885 Renew, reduce or become more efficient? The climate contribution of biomass co-combustion in a coal-fired power plant
Miedema JH, Benders RMJ, Moll HC, Pierie F
886 - 898 Evaluation of steady-state characteristics for solid oxide carbon fuel cell short-stacks
Mushtaq U, Mehran MT, Kim SK, Lim TH, Naqvi SAA, Lee JW, Lee SB, Park SJ, Song RH
899 - 909 Efficient start-up energy management via nonlinear control for eco-traction systems
Becherif M, Ramadan HS, Ayad MY, Hissel D, Desideri U, Antonelli M
910 - 928 Zero thermal input membrane distillation, a zero-waste and sustainable solution for freshwater shortage
Baghbanzadeh M, Rana D, Lan CQ, Matsuura T
929 - 955 An optimisation framework for the strategic design of synthetic natural gas (BioSNG) supply chains
Calderon AJ, Agnolucci P, Papageorgiou LG