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1 - 15 Optimal design of energy conversion units and envelopes for residential building retrofits using a comprehensive MILP model
Schutz T, Schiffer L, Harb H, Fuchs M, Muller D
16 - 28 Dynamic simulation of Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) plant with integrated thermal storage - Link between components performance and plant performance
Sciacovelli A, Li YL, Chen HS, Wu YT, Wang JH, Garvey S, Ding YL
29 - 43 Effects of intelligent strategy planning models on residential HVAC system energy demand and cost during the heating and cooling seasons
Alibabaei N, Fung AS, Raahemifar K, Moghimi A
44 - 55 Impacts of optimal energy storage deployment and network reconfiguration on renewable integration level in distribution systems
Santos SF, Fitiwi DZ, Cruz MRM, Cabrita CMP, Catalao JPS
56 - 67 Electricity markets evolution with the changing generation mix: An empirical analysis based on China 2050 High Renewable Energy Penetration Roadmap
Zou P, Chen QX, Yu Y, Xia Q, Kang CQ
68 - 81 Life cycle assessment of grid-connected power generation from metallurgical route multi-crystalline silicon photovoltaic system in China
Yu ZQ, Ma WH, Xie KQ, Lv GQ, Chen ZJ, Wu JJ, Yu J
82 - 94 Analysis of uncertainty indices used for building envelope calibration
Ruiz GR, Bandera CF
95 - 106 PCM thermal storage design in buildings: Experimental studies and applications to solaria in cold climates
Guarino F, Athienitis A, Cellura M, Bastien D
107 - 118 Development of structural-functional integrated energy storage concrete with innovative macro-encapsulated PCM by hollow steel ball
Cui HZ, Tang WC, Qin QH, Xing F, Liao WY, Wen HB
119 - 125 A regenerative concept for thermoelectric power generation
Huang SY, Xu XF
126 - 135 Process performance and comparative metagenomic analysis during co-digestion of manure and lignocellulosic biomass for biogas production
Tsapekos P, Kougias PG, Treu L, Campanaro S, Angelidaki I
136 - 145 Experimental investigation of the effect of dynamic melting in a cylindrical shell-and-tube heat exchanger using water as PCM
Gasia J, Tay NHS, Belusko M, Cabeza LF, Bruno F
146 - 157 Effect of steam and oil sludge ash additive on the products of oil sludge pyrolysis
Cheng S, Wang YH, Fumitake T, Kouji T, Li AM, Kunio Y
158 - 171 Reliability assessment of distribution system with the integration of renewable distributed generation
Adefarati T, Bansal RC
172 - 182 Optimisation and financial analysis of an organic Rankine cycle cooling system driven by facade integrated solar collectors
Wu D, Aye L, Ngo T, Mendis P
183 - 188 The nitrogen economy: Economic feasibility analysis of nitrogen-based fuels as energy carriers
Elishav O, Lewin DR, Shter GE, Grader GS
189 - 200 Examining the impacts of socioeconomic factors, urban form, and transportation networks on CO2 emissions in China's megacities
Wang SJ, Liu XP, Zhou CS, Hu JC, Ou JP
201 - 213 Testing and modelling of a novel oil-free co-rotating scroll machine with water injection
Mendoza LC, Lemofouet S, Schiffmann J
214 - 222 Pyrolysis process of agricultural waste using CO2 for waste management, energy recovery, and biochar fabrication
Lee J, Yang X, Cho SH, Kim JK, Lee SS, Tsang DCW, Ok YS, Kwon EE
223 - 232 Power output analysis and optimization of two straight-bladed vertical-axis wind turbines
Chen WH, Chen CY, Huang CY, Hwang CJ
233 - 243 Design and experimental test of refractive secondary optics on the electrical performance of a 3-junction cell used in CPV systems
Renzi M, Cioccolanti L, Barazza G, Egidi L, Comodi G
244 - 253 Hamiltonian analysis of a hydro-energy generation system in the transient of sudden load increasing
Li HH, Chen DY, Zhang H, Wu CZ, Wang XY
254 - 266 Short-term power load probability density forecasting method using kernel-based support vector quantile regression and Copula theory
He YY, Liu R, Li HY, Wang S, Lu XF
267 - 279 A modeling and simulation framework for the reliability/availability assessment of a power transmission grid subject to cascading failures under extreme weather conditions
Cadini F, Agliardi GL, Zio E
280 - 293 Examination of the optimal operation of building scale combined heat and power systems under disparate climate and GHG emissions rates
Howard B, Modi V
294 - 299 A study on heat absorbing and vapor generating characteristics of H2O/LiBr mixture in an evacuated tube
Chen GS, Liu CC, Li NS, Li F
300 - 319 Research and application of over-expansion cycle (Atkinson and Miller) engines - A review
Zhao JX
320 - 330 Model-based techno-economic evaluation of an electricity storage system based on Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers
Eypasch M, Schimpe M, Kanwar A, Hartmann T, Herzog S, Frank T, Hamacher T
331 - 344 A Hybrid Signature-based Iterative Disaggregation algorithm for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring
Cominola A, Giuliani M, Piga D, Castelletti A, Rizzoli AE
345 - 361 Multi-objective design and operation of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Triple Combined-cycle Power Generation systems: Integrating energy efficiency and operational safety
Sharifzadeh M, Meghdari M, Rashtchian D
362 - 375 Enhancing the energetic efficiency of MDEA/PZ-based CO2 capture technology for a 650 MW power plant: Process improvement
Zhao B, Liu FZ, Cui Z, Liu CJ, Yue HR, Tang SY, Liu YY, Lu HF, Liang B
376 - 409 Recent insights into continuous-flow biodiesel production via catalytic and non-catalytic transesterification processes
Tran DT, Chang JS, Lee DJ
410 - 420 Microbial electrolysis cells for hydrogen production and urban wastewater treatment: A case study of Saudi Arabia
Khan MZ, Nizami AS, Rehan M, Ouda OKM, Sultana S, Ismail IM, Shahzad K
421 - 439 Should China focus on the distributed development of wind and solar photovoltaic power generation? A comparative study
Sun B, Yu YX, Qin C
440 - 451 Disturbance analysis of a free-piston engine generator using a validated fast-response numerical model
Jia BR, Smallbone A, Mikalsen R, Feng HH, Zuo ZX, Roskilly AP
452 - 462 Rapid detection of the positive side reactions in vanadium flow batteries
Liu L, Li ZH, Xi JY, Zhou HP, Wu ZH, Qiu XP
463 - 471 Investigation on energy storage and quick load change control of subcritical circulating fluidized bed boiler units
Gao MM, Hong F, Liu JZ
472 - 481 An experimental investigation of the effects of cyclic transient loads on a turbocharged diesel engine
Yum KK, Lefebvre N, Pedersen E
482 - 496 Development of a three-step hybrid simulation approach (THSA) for engine combustion investigation coupled with a multistep phenomenon soot model and energy balance analysis
Yu WB, Yang WM, Zhao FY, Zhou DZ, Tay KL, Mohan B
497 - 505 Analysis of factors affecting productivity and costs for a high-performance chip supply system
Eliasson L, Eriksson A, Mohtashami S
506 - 518 Numerical study on steam injection in a turbocompound diesel engine for waste heat recovery
Zhao RC, Li WH, Zhuge WL, Zhang YJ, Yin Y
519 - 530 Ignition and combustion characteristics of n-pentanol-diesel blends in a constant volume chamber
Ma YJ, Huang S, Huang RH, Zhang Y, Xu SJ
531 - 546 An analytical optimization of thermal energy storage for electricity cost reduction in solar thermal electric plants
Gonzalez-Portillo LF, Munoz-Anton J, Martinez-Val JM
547 - 555 Waste cooking oil-to-energy under incomplete information: Identifying policy options through an evolutionary game
Zhang HM, Xu ZD, Zhou DQ, Cao J
556 - 572 A multi-region load dispatch model for the long-term optimum planning of China's electricity sector
Guo Z, Cheng R, Xu ZF, Liu P, Wang Z, Li Z, Jones I, Sun Y
573 - 581 Experimental study on ceiling gas temperature and flame performances of two buoyancy-controlled propane burners located in a tunnel
Wan HX, Gao ZH, Ji J, Li KY, Sun JH, Zhang YM
582 - 588 Performance enhancement of microbial fuel cell by applying transient-state regulation
Liang P, Zhang CY, Jiang Y, Bian YH, Zhang HL, Sun XL, Yang XF, Zhang XY, Huang X
589 - 603 A comprehensive model for analysis of real-time optical performance of a solar power tower with a multi-tube cavity receiver
Qiu Y, He YL, Li PW, Du BC
604 - 614 Air emissions perspective on energy efficiency: An empirical analysis of China's coastal areas
Qin QD, Li X, Li L, Zhen W, Wei YM
615 - 626 New evidence of environmental efficiency on the export performance
Sakamoto T, Managi S
627 - 641 On the utility death spiral and the impact of utility rate structures on the adoption of residential solar photovoltaics and energy storage
Laws ND, Epps BP, Peterson SO, Laser MS, Wanjiru GK
642 - 649 Electricity from wetlands: Tubular plant microbial fuels with silicone gas-diffusion biocathodes
Wetser K, Dieleman K, Buisman C, Strik D
650 - 663 Multi-microgrids approach for design and operation of future distribution networks based on novel technical indices
Haddadian H, Noroozian R
664 - 670 Vibration and acoustic characteristics of a city-car engine fueled with biodiesel blends
Chiatti G, Chiavola O, Palmieri F
671 - 686 An estimation of the effect of carbon pricing for CO2 mitigation in China's cement industry
Liu XB, Fan YB, Wang C
687 - 697 Energy-efficient biogas reforming process to produce syngas: The enhanced methane conversion by O-2
Chen XJ, Jiang JG, Li KM, Tian SC, Yan F
698 - 707 Is microbial fuel cell technology ready? An economic answer towards industrial commercialization
Trapero JR, Horcajada L, Linares JJ, Lobato J
708 - 719 Optical study of spray-wall impingement impact on early-injection gasoline partially premixed combustion at low engine load
Tang QL, Liu HF, Li MK, Yao MF
720 - 731 Worldwide trends on encapsulation of phase change materials: A bibliometric analysis (1990-2015)
Yataganbaba A, Ozkahraman B, Kurtbas I
732 - 744 Approaches for the optimized control of solar thermally driven cooling systems
Nienborg B, Dalibard A, Schnabel L, Eicker U
745 - 761 Considering economic and geological uncertainty in the simulation of realistic investment decisions for CO2-EOR projects in the North Sea
Welkenhuysen K, Rupert J, Compernolle T, Ramirez A, Swennen R, Piessens K
762 - 767 Effects of sodium chloride on the thermal behavior of oxalic acid dihydrate for thermal energy storage
Han LP, Xie SL, Liu S, Sun JH, Jia YZ, Jing Y
768 - 778 Energy quality factor of materials conversion and energy quality reference system
Zheng DX, Wu ZH, Huang WJ, Chen YH
779 - 790 Exploring utility organization electricity generation, residential electricity consumption, and energy efficiency: A climatic approach
Craig CA, Feng S
791 - 804 An experimental and theoretical study on an injection-assisted air-conditioner using R32 in the refrigeration cycle
Qv DH, Dong BB, Cao L, Ni L, Wang JJ, Shang RX, Yao Y
805 - 813 Streamlined life cycle analysis for assessing energy and exergy performance as well as impact on the climate for landfill gas utilization technologies
Friesenhan C, Agirre I, Eltrop L, Arias PL
814 - 824 Modelling of SOEC-FT reactor: Pressure effects on methanation process
Chen B, Xu HR, Ni M
825 - 835 A dynamic programming approach for modeling low-carbon fuel technology adoption considering learning-by-doing effect
Chen YC, Zhang YT, Fan YY, Hu KJ, Zhao JY
836 - 845 Thermochemical energy storage by consecutive reactions for higher efficient concentrated solar power plants (CSP): Proof of concept
Cabeza LF, Sole A, Fontanet X, Barreneche C, Jove A, Gallas M, Prieto C, Fernandez AI
846 - 861 Data partitioning and association mining for identifying VRF energy consumption patterns under various part loads and refrigerant charge conditions
Li GN, Hu YP, Chen HX, Li HR, Hu M, Guo YB, Liu JY, Sun SB, Sun M
862 - 871 Multi-criteria ranking of energy generation scenarios with Monte Carlo simulation
Balezentis T, Streimikiene D
872 - 884 Feasibility study of energy storage by concentrating/desalinating water: Concentrated Water Energy Storage
He W, Wang JH
885 - 894 Demand-driven biogas production in anaerobic filters
Lemmer A, Krumpel J
895 - 915 A conceptual framework for the analysis of the effect of institutions on biofuel supply chains
Moncada JA, Lukszo Z, Junginger M, Faaij A, Weijnen M
916 - 928 Prediction of storage efficiency on CO2 sequestration in deep saline aquifers using artificial neural network
Kim Y, Jang H, Kim J, Lee J
929 - 938 Biological hydrogen promotion via integrated fermentation of complex agro-industrial wastes
Soltan M, Elsamadony M, Tawfik A
939 - 952 Distributed EMPC of multiple microgrids for coordinated stochastic energy management
Kou P, Liang DL, Gao L
953 - 962 Clean, efficient and affordable energy for a sustainable future
Yan J, Shamim T, Chou SK, Desideri U, Li H
963 - 972 Review and experimental study on pyrolysis and hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae for biofuel production
Chiaramonti D, Prussi M, Buffi M, Rizzo AM, Pari L
973 - 984 Two-scale model for quantifying the effects of laminar and turbulent mixing on algal growth in loop photobioreactors
Shariff S, Chakraborty S
985 - 997 Use of reactive distillation in biodiesel production: A simulation-based comparison of energy requirements and profitability indicators
Poddar T, Jagannath A, Almansoori A
998 - 1006 Structural evolution of biomass char and its effect on the gasification rate
Fatehi H, Bai XS
1007 - 1018 Gasification behavior of coal and woody biomass: Validation and parametrical study
Adeyemi I, Janajreh I, Arink T, Ghenai C
1019 - 1030 Fuzzy logic-based predictive model for biomass pyrolysis
Lerkkasemsan N
1031 - 1039 Mid-temperature solar fuel process combining dual thermochemical reactions for effectively utilizing wider solar irradiance
Liu XF, Hong H, Jin HG
1040 - 1050 Organosolv delignification of agricultural residues (date palm fronds, Phoenix dactylifera L.) of the United Arab Emirates
Cybulska I, Brudecki GP, Zembrzuska J, Schmidt JE, Lopez CGB, Thomsen MH
1051 - 1058 Comparative study on the thermal degradation of dry- and wet-torrefied woods
Bach QV, Tran KQ, Skreiberg O
1059 - 1066 Combustion kinetics of wet-torrefied forest residues using the distributed activation energy model (DAEM)
Bach QV, Tran KQ, Skreiberg O
1067 - 1075 Hybrid input-output table method for socioeconomic and environmental assessment of a wind power generation system
Nagashima S, Uchiyama Y, Okajima K
1076 - 1086 Analyzing wind turbine directional behavior: SCADA data mining techniques for efficiency and power assessment
Castellani F, Astolfi D, Sdringola P, Proietti S, Terzi L
1087 - 1099 Site assessment, turbine selection, and local feed-in tariffs through the wind energy index
Ritter M, Deckert L
1100 - 1108 Computational assessment of the DeepWind aerodynamic performance with different blade and airfoil configurations
Bedon G, Paulsen US, Madsen HA, Belloni F, Castelli MR, Benini E
1109 - 1119 Vibration-induced aerodynamic loads on large horizontal axis wind turbine blades
Liu X, Lu C, Liang S, Godbole A, Chen Y
1120 - 1135 Numerical and experimental analysis of a multi-directional wind tower integrated with vertically-arranged heat transfer devices (VHTD)
Calautit JK, Hughes BR, O'Connor D, Shahzad SS
1136 - 1151 A comprehensive optical characterization of linear Fresnel collectors by means of an analytic study
Abbas R, Martinez-Val JM
1152 - 1161 Thermal analysis of solar central receiver tube with porous inserts and non-uniform heat flux
Zheng ZJ, Li MJ, He YL
1162 - 1172 Optimization of the solar field size for the solar-coal hybrid system
Zhao YW, Hong H, Jin HG
1173 - 1184 Optimal control of a wind-PV-hybrid powered heat pump water heater
Sichilalu S, Mathaba T, Xia XH
1185 - 1198 A new maximum power point method based on a sliding mode approach for solar energy harvesting
Farhat M, Barambones O, Sbita L
1199 - 1209 A novel solar concentrator system for combined heat and power application in residential sector
Ancona MA, Bianchi M, Diolaiti E, Giannuzzi A, Marano B, Melino F, Peretto A
1210 - 1216 Evaluation and assessment of gravity load on mirror shape and focusing quality of parabolic trough solar mirrors using finite-element analysis
Meiser S, Schneider S, Lupfert E, Schiricke B, Pitz-Paal R
1217 - 1224 Development of a regenerative reformer for tar-free syngas production in a steam gasification process
Tsuboi Y, Ito S, Takafuji M, Ohara H, Fujimori T
1225 - 1232 Optimization of an open-cathode polymer electrolyte fuel cells stack utilizing Taguchi method
Sasmito AP, Kurnia JC, Shamim T, Mujumdar AS
1233 - 1244 A microreactor with superhydrophobic Pt-Al2O3 catalyst coating concerning oxidation of hydrogen off-gas from fuel cell
Yu W, Tao JB, Yu XH, Zhao SL, Tu ST, Liu HL
1245 - 1255 Bubbly flow mapping in the anode channel of a direct methanol fuel cell via PIV investigation
Calabriso A, Borello D, Romano GP, Cedola L, Del Zotto L, Santori SG
1256 - 1267 Thermal integration of a SOFC power generator and a Na-NiCl2 battery for CHP domestic application
Antonucci V, Branchini L, Brunaccini G, De Pascale A, Ferraro M, Melino F, Orlandini V, Sergi F
1268 - 1280 Optimal integration of solar energy with fossil fuel gas turbine cogeneration plants using three different CSP technologies in Saudi Arabia
Mokheimer EMA, Dabwan YN, Habib MA
1281 - 1291 Analysis of cavitation for the optimized design of hydrokinetic turbines using BEM
Silva PASF, Shinomiya LD, de Oliveira TF, Vaz JRP, Mesquita ALA, Brasil ACP
1292 - 1302 Lcoe evaluation for a tidal kinetic self balancing turbine: Case study and comparison
Lo Zupone G, Amelio M, Barbarelli S, Florio G, Scornaienchi NM, Cutrupi A
1303 - 1308 A mixed-pH dual-electrolyte microfluidic aluminum-air cell with high performance
Chen BB, Leung DYC, Xuan J, Wang HZ
1309 - 1323 Mathematical modelling and optimization of the liquid separation condenser used in organic Rankine cycle
Luo XL, Yi ZT, Zhang BJ, Mo SP, Wang C, Song MJ, Chen Y
1324 - 1335 Quasi-steady state simulation of an organic Rankine cycle for waste heat recovery in a passenger vessel
Mondejar ME, Ahlgren F, Thern M, Genrup M
1336 - 1342 Combined heat and power system for stoves with thermoelectric generators
Montecucco A, Siviter J, Knox AR
1343 - 1354 Numerical study on thermoelectric-hydraulic performance of a thermoelectric power generator with a plate-fin heat exchanger with longitudinal vortex generators
Ma T, Lu X, Pandit J, Ekkad SV, Huxtable ST, Deshpande S, Wang QW
1355 - 1361 Development of a 5 kW traveling-wave thermoacoustic electric generator
Bi TJ, Wu ZH, Zhang LM, Yu GY, Luo EC, Dai W
1362 - 1371 Ammonia-methane combustion in tangential swirl burners for gas turbine power generation
Valera-Medina A, Marsh R, Runyon J, Pugh D, Beasley P, Hughes T, Bowen P
1372 - 1382 Macroscopic spray characteristics of wide distillation fuel (WDF)
Yu WB, Yang WM, Mohan B, Tay KL, Zhao FY
1383 - 1392 Flame structure, spectroscopy and emissions quantification of rapeseed biodiesel under model gas turbine conditions
Chong CT, Hochgreb S
1393 - 1402 Study on combustion and emission characteristics of Polyoxymethylene Dimethyl Ethers/diesel blends in light-duty and heavy-duty diesel engines
Liu HY, Wang Z, Zhang J, Wang JX, Shuai SJ
1403 - 1410 Numerical analysis of spray characteristics of dimethyl ether and diethyl ether fuel
Mohan B, Yang WM, Yu WB, Tay KL
1411 - 1423 Numerical investigation of the partitioning phenomenon of carbon dioxide and multiple impurities in deep saline aquifers
Li DD, Jiang X
1424 - 1432 Development and application of a multi-stage CCUS source-sink matching model
Sun L, Chen WY
1433 - 1449 Aqueous amine solution characterization for post-combustion CO2 capture process
El Hadri N, Quang DV, Goetheer ELV, Abu Zahra MRM
1450 - 1458 A case study of using cosmic ray muons to monitor supercritical CO2 migration in geological formations
Zhong JJ, Jiang X
1459 - 1470 Optimization of a Gas Switching Combustion process through advanced heat management strategies
Cloete S, Zaabout A, Romano MC, Chiesa P, Lozza G, Gallucci F, Annaland MV, Amini S
1471 - 1480 Preliminary experimental study of post-combustion carbon capture integrated with solar thermal collectors
Wang F, Zhao J, Li HL, Deng S, Yan JY
1481 - 1489 Waste Management Pinch Analysis (WAMPA): Application of Pinch Analysis for greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction in municipal solid waste management
Ho WS, Hashim H, Lim JS, Lee CT, Sam KC, Tan ST
1490 - 1496 Study on desalination of zero-emission system based on mechanical vapor compression
Han D, He WF, Yue C, Pu WH
1497 - 1505 Connecting water and energy: Assessing the impacts of carbon and water constraints on China's power sector
Huang WL, Ma D, Chen WY
1506 - 1516 On the trade-off between aviation NOx and energy efficiency
Kyprianidis KG, Dahlquist E
1517 - 1528 Historical buildings: Multidisciplinary approach to structural/energy diagnosis and performance assessment
Ascione F, Ceroni F, De Masi RF, de' Rossi F, Pecce MR
1529 - 1541 Methodology of the cost-optimality for improving the indoor thermal environment during the warm season. Presentation of the method and application to a new multi-storey building in Berlin
Ascione F, Bottcher O, Kaltenbrunner R, Vanoli GP
1542 - 1555 Energy and comfort in contemporary open plan and traditional personal offices
Shahzad S, Brennan J, Theodossopoulos D, Hughes B, Calautit JK
1556 - 1564 Exploring mutual shading and mutual reflection inter-building effects on building energy performance
Han YL, Taylor JE, Pisello AL
1565 - 1573 Effects of wall configuration on building energy performance subject to different climatic zones of China
Zhang LY, Jin LW, Wang ZN, Zhang JY, Liu X, Zhang LH
1574 - 1584 Office building cooling load reduction using thermal analysis method - A case study
Nazi WIWM, Royapoor M, Wang YD, Roskilly AP
1585 - 1594 Experimental performance evaluation of solid concrete and dry insulation materials for passive buildings in hot and humid climatic conditions
Rehman HU
1595 - 1603 Evaluation of the impacts of end-of-life management strategies for deconstruction of a high-rise concrete framed office building
Chau CK, Xu JM, Leung TM, Ng WY
1604 - 1612 Simulation on the performance and free cooling potential of the thermosyphon mode in an integrated system of mechanical refrigeration and thermosyphon
Zhang HN, Shao SQ, Xu HB, Zou HM, Tang MS, Tian CQ
1613 - 1624 Probabilistic approach for uncertainty-based optimal design of chiller plants in buildings
Cheng Q, Wang SW, Yan CC, Xiao F
1625 - 1632 An analytical study of critical factors in residential cogeneration optimization
Gelegenis J, Mavrotas G
1633 - 1643 Rule based energy management strategy for a series-parallel plug-in hybrid electric bus optimized by dynamic programming
Peng JK, He HW, Xiong R
1644 - 1653 Investigating adaptive-ECMS with velocity forecast ability for hybrid electric vehicles
Sun C, Sun FC, He HW
1654 - 1662 Model predictive control for power management in a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle with a hybrid energy storage system
Zhang S, Xiong R, Sun FC
1663 - 1672 An on-line predictive energy management strategy for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to counter the uncertain prediction of the driving cycle
Chen ZY, Xiong R, Wang C, Cao JY
1673 - 1683 Active power regulation for large-scale wind farms through an efficient power plant model of electric vehicles
Wang MS, Mu YF, Jia HJ, Wu JZ, Yu XD, Qi Y
1684 - 1693 Simultaneous allocation of distributed energy resource using improved particle swarm optimization
Kanwar N, Gupta N, Niazi KR, Swarnkar A, Bansal RC
1694 - 1701 On the contribution of renewable energies for feeding a high altitude Smart Mini Grid
Proietti S, Sdringola P, Castellani F, Astolfi D, Vuillermoz E
1702 - 1711 A convex mathematical program for pump scheduling in a class of branched water networks
Bonvin G, Demassey S, Le Pape C, Maizi N, Mazauric V, Samperio A
1712 - 1723 Dynamic modeling of natural gas quality within transport pipelines in presence of hydrogen injections
Guandalini G, Colbertaldo P, Campanari S
1724 - 1731 Novel technique for electric stress reduction across ceramic disc insulators used in UHV AC and DC transmission systems
Reddy BS, Verma AR
1732 - 1743 Productive efficiency in the iron and steel sector under state planning: The case of China and former Czechoslovakia in a comparative perspective
Nielsen H
1744 - 1756 Optimizing industries' power generation assets on the electricity markets
Coatalem M, Mazauric V, Le Pape-Gardeux C, Maizi N
1757 - 1768 Incentivizing energy-efficient behavior at work: An empirical investigation using a natural field experiment on eco-driving
Schall DL, Mohnen A
1769 - 1777 Modeling a hybrid methodology for evaluating and forecasting regional energy efficiency in China
Li MJ, He YL, Tao WQ
1778 - 1787 An integrated approach to optimize moving average rules in the EUA futures market based on particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithms
Liu XJ, An HZ, Wang LJ, Jia XL
1788 - 1798 Evolution of world crude oil market integration and diversification: A wavelet-based complex network perspective
Jia XL, An HZ, Sun XQ, Huang X, Wang LJ
1799 - 1808 Do oil price asymmetric effects on the stock market persist in multiple time horizons?
Huang SP, An HZ, Gao XY, Sun XQ
1809 - 1820 Analyzing the penetration barriers of clean generation technologies in China's power sector using a multi-region optimization model
Hui JX, Cai WJ, Wang C, Ye MH
1821 - 1831 Response pattern of stock returns to international oil price shocks: From the perspective of China's oil industrial chain
Li QM, Cheng K, Yang XG
1832 - 1839 Study on the promotion of natural gas-fired electricity with energy market reform in China using a dynamic game-theoretic model
Tian RJ, Zhang Q, Wang G, Li HL, Chen SY, Li Y, Tian YL
1840 - 1848 Quantifying the impacts of decarbonisation in China's cement sector: A perspective from an integrated assessment approach
Li N, Ma D, Chen WY
1849 - 1859 The allowance mechanism of China's carbon trading pilots: A comparative analysis with schemes in EU and California
Xiong L, Shen B, Qi SZ, Price L, Ye B
1860 - 1868 The role of multi-region integrated emissions trading scheme: A computable general equilibrium analysis
Zhang X, Qi TY, Ou XM, Zhang XL
1869 - 1878 Study on the promotion impact of demand response on distributed PV penetration by using non-cooperative game theoretical analysis
Wang G, Zhang Q, Li HL, McLellan BC, Chen SY, Li Y, Tian YL
1879 - 1889 Suitable and optimal locations for implementing photovoltaic water pumping systems for grassland irrigation in China
Campana PE, Leduc S, Kim M, Olsson A, Zhang J, Liu J, Kraxner F, McCallum I, Li H, Yan J
1890 - 1898 Outline of principles for building scenarios - Transition toward more sustainable energy systems
Wang ZY, Wennersten R, Sun Q
1899 - 1906 Global zero emissions scenarios: The role of biomass energy with carbon capture and storage by forested land use
Tokimatsu K, Yasuoka R, Nishio M
1907 - 1918 Indicative energy technology assessment of UK shale gas extraction
Hammond GP, O'Grady A
1919 - 1930 A holistic low carbon city indicator framework for sustainable development
Tan S, Yang J, Yan JY, Lee C, Hashim H, Chen B
1931 - 1939 A Weighted Goal Programming model for planning sustainable development applied to Gulf Cooperation Council Countries
Jayaraman R, Colapinto C, La Torre D, Malik T
1940 - 1947 Performance evaluation of large scale rock-pit seasonal thermal energy storage for application in underground mine ventilation
Ghoreishi-Madiseh SA, Sasmito AP, Hassani FP, Amiri L
1948 - 1953 Experimental study on crystallization process and prediction for the latent heat of ice slurry generation based sodium chloride solution
Liu SC, Hao L, Rao ZM, Zhang XX
1954 - 1964 Parallel finite element modelling of multi-physical processes in thermochemical energy storage devices
Wang WQ, Kolditz O, Nagel T
1965 - 1970 Assessment of adsorbate density models for numerical simulations of zeolite-based heat storage applications
Lehmann C, Beckert S, Glaser R, Kolditz O, Nagel T
1971 - 1983 Melting heat transfer characteristics of a composite phase change material fabricated by paraffin and metal foam
Zhang P, Meng ZN, Zhu H, Wang YL, Peng SP
1984 - 1993 Thermal energy storage coupled with PV panels for demand side management of industrial building cooling loads
Arteconi A, Ciarrocchi E, Pan QW, Carducci F, Comodi G, Polonara F, Wang RZ
1994 - 2004 Thermochemical storage performances of methane reforming with carbon dioxide in tubular and semi-cavity reactors heated by a solar dish system
Yu T, Yuan QY, Lu JF, Ding J, Lu YL
2005 - 2018 Experimental study on the performance of a ZEBRA battery based propulsion system for urban commercial vehicles
Veneri O, Capasso C, Patalano S
2019 - 2025 Techno-economic analysis of photovoltaic battery systems and the influence of different consumer load profiles
Linssen J, Stenzel P, Fleer J
2026 - 2032 On-line battery state-of-charge estimation based on an integrated estimator
Wang YJ, Zhang CB, Chen ZH
2033 - 2044 Sensor fault detection and isolation for a lithium-ion battery pack in electric vehicles using adaptive extended Kalman filter
Liu ZT, He HW
2045 - 2057 Simulation study of transfer characteristics for spacer-filled membrane distillation desalination modules
Chang H, Hsu JA, Chang CL, Ho CD, Cheng TW
2058 - 2073 Assessment of direct contact membrane distillation under different configurations, velocities and membrane properties
Janajreh I, Suwwan D, Hashaikeh R
2074 - 2084 Theoretical analysis of ejector refrigeration system performance under overall modes
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