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1 - 8 Fermentative biohydrogen and biomethane co-production from mixture of food waste and sewage sludge: Effects of physiochemical properties and mix ratios on fermentation performance
Cheng J, Ding LK, Lin RC, Yue LC, Liu JZ, Zhou JH, Cen KF
9 - 18 The direct solid-solid reaction between coal char and iron-based oxygen carrier and its contribution to solid-fueled chemical looping combustion
Chen LY, Bao JH, Kong L, Combs M, Nikolic HS, Fan Z, Liu KL
19 - 25 Comparative analysis of thermodynamic performance of a cascade refrigeration system for refrigerant couples R41/R404A and R23/R404A
Sun ZL, Liang YC, Liu SC, Ji WC, Zang RQ, Liang RZ, Guo ZK
26 - 39 Impacts on water consumption of power sector in major emitting economies under INDC and longer term mitigation scenarios: An input-output based hybrid approach
Wan LY, Wang C, Cai WJ
40 - 54 A city scale degree-day method to assess building space heating energy demands in Strasbourg Eurometropolis (France)
Kohler M, Blond N, Clappier A
55 - 67 Comparison between two different operation strategies for a heat-driven residential natural gas-fired CHP system: Heat dumping vs. load partialization
Mongibello L, Bianco N, Caliano M, Graditi G
68 - 76 An experimental and kinetic modeling study of glycerol pyrolysis
Fantozzi F, Frassoldati A, Bartocci P, Cinti G, Quagliarini F, Bidini G, Ranzi EM
77 - 87 Numerical investigations on an improved micro-cylindrical combustor with rectangular rib for enhancing heat transfer
Zuo W, E JQ, Liu HL, Peng QG, Zhao XH, Zhang ZQ
88 - 102 A novel methodology for the design of waste heat recovery network in eco-industrial park using techno-economic analysis and multi-objective optimization
Zhang C, Zhou L, Chhabra P, Garud SS, Aditya K, Romagnoli A, Comodi G, Dal Magro F, Meneghetti A, Kraft M
103 - 118 Economic evaluation of grid-connected micro-grid system with photovoltaic and energy storage under different investment and financing models
Han XJ, Zhang H, Yu XL, Wang LN
119 - 131 Adaptive model parameter identification for large capacity Li-ion batteries on separated time scales
Dai HF, Xu TJ, Zhu LT, Wei XZ, Sun ZC
132 - 139 Pressurized chemical looping combustion with CO: Reduction reactivity and oxygen-transport capacity of ilmenite ore
Lu X, Rahman RA, Lu DY, Ridha FN, Duchesne MA, Tan Y, Hughes RW
140 - 154 Energy management of a plug-in fuel cell/battery hybrid vehicle with on-board fuel processing
Tribioli L, Cozzolino R, Chiappini D, Iora P
155 - 170 Uncertainty and sensitivity analyses of energy and visual performances of office building with external venetian blind shading in hot-dry climate
Singh R, Lazarus IJ, Kishore VVN
171 - 183 Cost and potential of energy conservation and collaborative pollutant reduction in the iron and steel industry in China
Wu XC, Zhao L, Zhang YX, Zhao LJ, Zheng CH, Gao X, Cen KF
184 - 196 Natural convection in high temperature flat plate latent heat thermal energy storage systems
Vogel J, Felbinger J, Johnson M
197 - 206 Experimental investigation of a concentrating PV/T collector with Cu9S5 nanofluid spectral splitting filter
An W, Wu JR, Zhu T, Zhu QZ
207 - 218 State estimation of medium voltage distribution networks using smart meter measurements
Al-Wakeel A, Wu JZ, Jenkins N
219 - 229 A study of structure-activity relationships of commercial tertiary amines for post-combustion CO2 capture
Xiao M, Liu HL, Idem R, Tontiwachwuthikul P, Liang ZW
230 - 240 Estimating the the regional total factor efficiency and pollutants' marginal abatement costs in China: A parametric approach
Tang K, Yang L, Zhang JW
241 - 246 Form-stable phase change materials with high phase change enthalpy from the composite of paraffin and cross-linking phase change structure
Zhang Y, Wang LJ, Tang BT, Lu RW, Zhang SF
247 - 265 Methodology for the design and comparison of optimal production configurations of first and first and second generation ethanol with power
Bechara R, Gomez A, Saint-Antonin V, Schweitzer JM, Marechal F
266 - 275 Dynamic data-driven and model-based recursive analysis for estimation of battery state-of-charge
Li Y, Chattopadhyay P, Xiong SH, Ray A, Rahn CD
276 - 297 Wave energy resource assessment along the Southeast coast of Australia on the basis of a 31-year hindcast
Morim J, Cartwright N, Etemad-Shahidi A, Strauss D, Hemer M
298 - 312 Improved in situ performance testing of line-concentrating solar collectors: Comprehensive uncertainty analysis for the selection of measurement instrumentation
Zirkel-Hofer A, Perry S, Fahr S, Kramer K, Heimsath A, Scholl S, Platzer W
313 - 328 A profit sharing scheme for distributed energy resources integrated into a virtual power plant
Rahmani-Dabbagh S, Sheikh-El-Eslami MK
329 - 336 A study on the impact of SO2 on CO2 injectivity for CO2 storage in a Canadian saline aquifer
Wang ZY, Wang JS, Lan C, He I, Ko V, Ryan D, Wigston A
337 - 345 Optimal CO2 allocation and scheduling in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations
Tapia JFD, Lee JY, Ooi REH, Foo DCY, Tan RR
346 - 352 NOx emissions and the component changes of ternary molten nitrate salts in thermal energy storage process
Yang CT, Wei XL, Wang WL, Lin ZH, Ding J, Wang Y, Peng Q, Yang JP
353 - 364 Global warming potential and energy analysis of second generation ethanol production from rice straw in India
Soam S, Kapoor M, Kumar R, Borjesson P, Gupta RP, Tuli DK
365 - 374 Model-based fault diagnosis approach on external short circuit of lithium-ion battery used in electric vehicles
Chen ZY, Xiong R, Tian JP, Shang X, Lu JH
375 - 395 Modeling a novel CCHP system including solar and wind renewable energy resources and sizing by a CC-MOPSO algorithm
Soheyli S, Mayam MHS, Mehrjoo M
396 - 403 Emissions of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) during hydrothermally treated municipal solid waste combustion for energy generation
Peng NN, Liu ZG, Liu TT, Gai C
404 - 412 Evaluation of ejector performance for an organic Rankine cycle combined power and cooling system
Zhang K, Chen X, Markides CN, Yang Y, Shen SQ
413 - 426 Evaluation of uncertainty in the well-to-tank and combustion greenhouse gas emissions of various transportation fuels
Di Lullo G, Zhang H, Kumar A
427 - 437 Optimal operation of soft open points in medium voltage electrical distribution networks with distributed generation
Long C, Wu JZ, Thomas L, Jenkins N
438 - 449 A hybrid electric vehicle market penetration model to identify the best policy mix: A consumer ownership cycle approach
Lee Y, Kim C, Shin J
450 - 463 Detecting spatiotemporal dynamics of global electric power consumption using DMSP-OLS nighttime stable light data
Shi KF, Chen Y, Yu BL, Xu TB, Yang CS, Li LY, Huang C, Chen ZQ, Liu R, Wu JP
464 - 481 The market value of renewable electricity - Which factors really matter?
Winkler J, Pudlik M, Ragwitz M, Pfluger B
482 - 490 Formation of cyclopentane - methane hydrates in brine systems and characteristics of dissolved ions
Lv QN, Li XS, Chen ZY
491 - 505 Membrane distillation model based on heat exchanger theory and configuration comparison
Swaminathan J, Chung HW, Warsinger DM, Lienhard JH
506 - 522 Integration of heat pumps into thermal plants for creation of large-scale electricity storage capacities
Vinnemeier P, Wirsum M, Malpiece D, Bove R
523 - 530 One size does not fit all: Establishing the need for targeted eco-feedback
Khosrowpour A, Xie YM, Taylor JE, Hong YL
531 - 547 Numerical investigation of the temporal evolution of particulate fouling in metal foams for air-cooled heat exchangers
Kuruneru STW, Sauret E, Saha SC, Gu YT
548 - 559 Single-stage and two-stage anaerobic digestion of extruded lignocellulosic biomass
Akobi C, Yeo H, Hafez H, Nakhla G
560 - 573 Integration of thermo-vapor compressor with multiple-effect evaporator
Sharan P, Bandyopadhyay S
574 - 593 Modeling energy efficiency to improve air quality and health effects of China's cement industry
Zhang SH, Worrell E, Crijns-Graus W, Krol M, de Bruine M, Geng GP, Wagner F, Cofala J
594 - 604 Effect of oxygen content on n-heptane auto-ignition characteristics in a HCCI engine
Wu ZJ, Kang Z, Deng J, Hu ZJ, Li LG
605 - 618 Optimal energy-efficient predictive controllers in automotive air-conditioning/refrigeration systems
Huang YJ, Khajepour A, Bagheri F, Bahrami M
619 - 629 Integrating climate change and energy mix scenarios in LCA of buildings and districts
Roux C, Schalbart P, Assoumpu E, Peuportier B
630 - 640 Air conditioning and power generation for residential applications using liquid nitrogen
Ahmad A, Al-Dadah R, Mahmoud S
641 - 658 Inter-regional power grid planning up to 2030 in China considering renewable energy development and regional pollutant control: A multi-region bottom-up optimization model
Yi BW, Xu JH, Fan Y
659 - 669 A circular stacking strategy for microfluidic fuel cells with volatile methanol fuel
Wang YF, Leung DYC
670 - 680 The role of limestone during fluidized bed oxy-combustion of coal and biomass
Lupianez C, Mayoral MC, Diez LI, Pueyo E, Espatolero S, Andres JM
681 - 695 Conduction and convection heat transfer characteristics of ethylene glycol based nanofluids - A review
Murshed SMS, de Castro CAN
696 - 713 The value of improved wind power forecasting: Grid flexibility quantification, ramp capability analysis, and impacts of electricity market operation timescales
Wang Q, Wu HY, Florita AR, Martinez-Anido CB, Hodge BM
714 - 726 Impacts of energy consumption, energy structure, and treatment technology on SO2 emissions: A multi-scale LMDI decomposition analysis in China
Yang X, Wang SJ, Zhang WZ, Li JM, Zou YF
727 - 736 Bioethanol production from forestry residues: A comparative techno-economic analysis
Franko B, Galbe M, Wallberg O
737 - 741 Understanding the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and the implication for achieving climate change mitigation targets
Liu Z, Feng KS, Davis SJ, Guan DB, Chen B, Hubacek K, Yan JY
742 - 750 New provincial CO2 emission inventories in China based on apparent energy consumption data and updated emission factors
Shan YL, Liu JH, Liu Z, Xu XWH, Shao S, Wang P, Guan DB
751 - 758 Greenhouse gas emission factors of purchased electricity from interconnected grids
Ji L, Liang S, Qu S, Zhang YX, Xu M, Jia XP, Jia YT, Niu DX, Yuan JH, Hou Y, Wang HK, Chiu ASF, Hu XJ
759 - 768 Greenhouse gas emission accounting for EU member states from 1991 to 2012
Su MR, Pauleit S, Yin XM, Zheng Y, Chen SQ, Xu C
769 - 778 Climate change mitigation in Chinese megacities: A measures-based analysis of opportunities in the residential sector
He Q, Jiang XJ, Gouldson A, Sudmant A, Guan DB, Colenbrander S, Xue T, Zheng B, Zhang Q
779 - 789 Estimating carbon emissions from the pulp and paper industry: A case study
Wang YT, Yang XC, Sun MX, Ma L, Li X, Shi L
790 - 799 Exploring the characteristics of production-based and consumption-based carbon emissions of major economies: A multiple-dimension comparison
Fan JL, Hou YB, Wang Q, Wang C, Wei YM
800 - 809 Transition of household cookfuels in China from 2010 to 2012
Chen YL, Shen HZ, Zhong QR, Chen H, Huang TB, Liu JF, Cheng HF, Zeng EY, Smith KR, Tao S
810 - 819 Environmental co-benefits of energy efficiency improvement in coal-fired power sector: A case study of Henan Province, China
Wang K, Wang SS, Liu L, Yue H, Zhang RQ, Tang XY
820 - 829 Modeling temporal variations in global residential energy consumption and pollutant emissions
Chen H, Huang Y, Shen HZ, Chen YL, Ru MY, Chen YC, Lin N, Su S, Zhuo SJ, Zhong QR, Wang XL, Liu JF, Li BG, Tao S
830 - 839 A sequential input-output framework to analyze the economic and environmental implications of energy policies: Gas taxes and fuel subsidies
Choi JK, Bakshi BR, Hubacek K, Nader J
840 - 852 Reasonable potential for GHG savings by anaerobic biomethane in Germany and UK derived from economic and ecological analyses
Horschig T, Adams PWR, Roder M, Thornley P, Thran D
853 - 862 The impact of domestic and foreign trade on energy-related PM emissions in Beijing
Meng J, Liu JF, Guo S, Huang Y, Tao S
863 - 872 Passenger vehicles that minimize the costs of ownership and environmental damages in the Indian market
Gilmore EA, Patwardhan A
873 - 881 Comparative analysis of energy intensity and carbon emissions in wastewater treatment in USA, Germany, China and South Africa
Wang HT, Yang Y, Keller AA, Li X, Feng SJ, Dong YN, Li FT
882 - 888 Ecological network analysis of embodied particulate matter 2.5-A case study of Beijing
Yang SY, Fath B, Chen B
889 - 904 Energy-climate-manufacturing nexus: New insights from the regional and global supply chains of manufacturing industries
Kucukvar M, Cansev B, Egilmez G, Onat NC, Samadi H
905 - 914 Urban energy-water nexus: A network perspective
Chen SQ, Chen B
915 - 925 Firm-level environmentally sensitive productivity and innovation in China
Fujii H, Cao J, Managi S
926 - 935 Environment-economy tradeoff for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei's exports
Zhao HY, Zhang Q, Huo H, Lin JT, Liu Z, Wang HK, Guan DB, He KB
936 - 950 Embodied energy analysis for coal-based power generation system-highlighting the role of indirect energy cost
Wu XD, Xia XH, Chen GQ, Wu XF, Chen B
951 - 959 Heat wave, electricity rationing, and trade-offs between environmental gains and economic losses: The example of Shanghai
Liang ZR, Tian Z, Sun LX, Feng KS, Zhong HL, Gu TT, Liu XC
960 - 970 Assessment on the research trend of low-carbon energy technology investment: A bibliometric analysis
Yu H, Wei YM, Tang BJ, Mi ZF, Pan SY
971 - 986 The value of arbitrage for energy storage: Evidence from European electricity markets
Zafirakis D, Chalvatzis KJ, Baiocchi G, Daskalakis G
987 - 994 Reducing curtailment of wind electricity in China by employing electric boilers for heat and pumped hydro for energy storage
Zhang N, Lu X, McElroy MB, Nielsen CP, Chen XY, Deng Y, Kang CQ
995 - 1003 Assessment of electrical vehicles as a successful driver for reducing CO2 emissions in China
Hofmann J, Guan D, Chalvatzis K, Huo H
1004 - 1015 Exploring the driving forces and mitigation pathways of CO2 emissions in China's petroleum refining and coking industry: 1995-2031
Xie X, Shao S, Lin BQ
1016 - 1025 Greenhouse gas emissions of motor vehicles in Chinese cities and the implication for China's mitigation targets
Zeng Y, Tan XC, Gu BH, Wang Y, Xu BG
1026 - 1032 The life cycle rebound effect of air-conditioner consumption in China
Liu JR, Sun X, Lu B, Zhang YK, Sun R
1033 - 1037 The impacts of wind technology advancement on future global energy
Zhang XC, Ma C, Song X, Zhou YY, Chen WP
1038 - 1050 The spatial dimension of the power system: Investigating hot spots of Smart Renewable Power Provision
Rauner S, Eichhorn M, Thran D
1051 - 1062 Minimizing carbon footprint using pinch analysis: The case of regional renewable electricity planning in China
Li ZW, Jia XP, Foo DCY, Tan RR
1063 - 1072 Carbon emissions embodied in international trade: The post-China era
Arce G, Lopez LA, Guan D
1073 - 1081 Consumption-based emission accounting for Chinese cities
Mi ZF, Zhang YK, Guan DB, Shan YL, Liu Z, Cong RG, Yuan XC, Wei YM
1082 - 1092 Transnational city carbon footprint networks - Exploring carbon links between Australian and Chinese cities
Chen GW, Wiedmann T, Wang YF, Hadjikakou M
1093 - 1105 Growth in embodied energy transfers via China's domestic trade: Evidence from multi-regional input-output analysis
Zhang B, Qiao H, Chen ZM, Chen B
1106 - 1113 'Made in China': A reevaluation of embodied CO2 emissions in Chinese exports using firm heterogeneity information
Liu Y, Meng B, Hubacek K, Xue JJ, Feng KS, Gao YN
1114 - 1122 Achieving China's INDC through carbon cap-and-trade: Insights from Shanghai
Wu R, Dai HC, Geng Y, Xie Y, Mosui T, Tian X
1123 - 1131 Distributional effects of carbon taxation
Wang Q, Hubacek K, Feng KS, Wei YM, Liang QM
1132 - 1141 Determinants of global CO2 emissions growth
Jiang XM, Guan DB
1142 - 1153 Total-factor CO2 emission performance of China's provincial industrial sector: A meta-frontier non-radial Malmquist index approach
Yao X, Guo CW, Shao S, Jiang ZJ
1154 - 1164 A carbon emissions reduction index: Integrating the volume and allocation of regional emissions
Chen JD, Cheng SL, Song ML, Wu YY
1165 - 1175 The energy rebound effects across China's industrial sectors: An output distance function approach
Li K, Zhang N, Liu YC
1176 - 1183 Impacts of government subsidies on pricing and performance level choice in Energy Performance Contracting: A two-step optimal decision model
Lu ZJ, Shao S
1184 - 1195 China's regional CH4 emissions: Characteristics, interregional transfer and mitigation policies
Zhang B, Yang TR, Chen B, Sun XD
1196 - 1206 Understanding drivers of energy efficiency changes in China
Du HB, Matisoff DC, Wang YY, Liu X
1207 - 1216 Modeling the carbon consequences of pro-environmental consumer behavior
Duarte R, Feng KS, Hubacek K, Sanchez-Choliz J, Sarasa C, Sun LX
1217 - 1229 Environmental knowledge, pro-environmental behaviour and energy savings in households: An empirical study
Pothitou M, Hanna RF, Chalvatzis KJ
1230 - 1240 Future trends of residential building cooling energy and passive adaptation measures to counteract climate change: The case of Taiwan
Huang KT, Hwang RL
1241 - 1245 Improving sustainability development in energy planning and optimisation
Nemet A, Klemes JJ, Duic N, Yan JY
1246 - 1263 Ethylic or methylic route to soybean biodiesel? Tracking environmental answers through life cycle assessment
Altamirano CAA, Yokoyama L, de Medeiros JL, Araujo ODF
1264 - 1272 Diesel oil with bioethanol as a fuel for compression-ignition engines
Odziemkowska M, Matuszewska A, Czarnocka J
1273 - 1283 Multi-level computational exploration of advanced combustion engine operating strategies
Vuilleumier D, Taritas I, Wolk B, Kozarac D, Saxena S, Dibble RW
1284 - 1291 Acid Gas to Syngas (AG2S (TM)) technology applied to solid fuel gasification: Cutting H2S and CO2 emissions by improving syngas production
Bassani A, Pirola C, Maggio E, Pettinau A, Frau C, Bozzano G, Pierucci S, Ranzi E, Manenti F
1292 - 1305 Numerical evaluation of different pulverized coal and solid recovered fuel co-firing modes inside a large-scale cement calciner
Mikulcic H, von Berg E, Vujanovic M, Wang XB, Tan HZ, Duic N
1306 - 1315 Application of response surface methodology to investigate the effect of different variables on conversion of palm kernel shell in steam gasification using coal bottom ash
Shahbaz M, Yusup S, Inayat A, Patrick DO, Pratama A
1316 - 1331 Modelling of thermal processes during extrusion based densification of agricultural biomass residues
Mikulandric R, Vermeulen B, Nicolai B, Saeys W
1332 - 1342 A bi-level optimisation framework for electric vehicle fleet charging management
Skugor B, Deur J
1343 - 1349 Appropriate integration of geothermal energy sources by Pinch approach: Case study of Croatia
Barkaoui AE, Boldyryev S, Duic N, Krajacic G, Guzovic Z
1350 - 1363 Integrating district cooling systems in Locally Integrated Energy Sectors through Total Site Heat Integration
Liew PY, Walmsley TG, Alwi SRW, Manan ZA, Klemes JJ, Varbanov PS
1364 - 1373 Sizing of Hybrid Power System with varying current type using numerical probabilistic approach
Liu WH, Alwi SRW, Hashim H, Lim JS, Rozali NEM, Ho WS
1374 - 1388 Booster heat pumps and central heat pumps in district heating
Ostergaard PA, Andersen AN
1389 - 1399 A study on building performance analysis for energy retrofit of existing industrial facilities
Gourlis G, Kovacic I
1400 - 1410 A Pareto-based multi-objective optimization algorithm to design energy-efficient shading devices
Khoroshiltseva M, Slanzi D, Poli I
1411 - 1431 BIPVT systems for residential applications: An energy and economic analysis for European climates
Buonomano A, Calise F, Palombo A, Vicidomini M
1432 - 1446 Total Chain Integration of sustainable biorefinery systems
Budzianowski WM, Postawa K
1447 - 1459 Energy and exergy analyses of the Danish industry sector
Buhler F, Nguyen TV, Elmegaard B
1460 - 1469 The concept of an ecosystem model to support the transformation to sustainable energy systems
Kostevsek A, Klemes JJ, Varbanov PS, Papa G, Petek J
1470 - 1482 Impact of high penetration of wind and solar PV generation on the country power system load: The case study of Croatia
Komusanac I, Cosic B, Duic N
1483 - 1492 Steady-state analysis of the integrated natural gas and electric power system with bi-directional energy conversion
Zeng Q, Fang JK, Li JH, Chen Z
1493 - 1507 Long-term energy planning of Croatian power system using multi-objective optimization with focus on renewable energy and integration of electric vehicles
Prebeg P, Gasparovic G, Krajacic G, Duic N
1508 - 1516 Multi-objective optimization and simulation model for the design of distributed energy systems
Falke T, Krengel S, Meinerzhagen AK, Schnettler A
1517 - 1528 Zero carbon energy system of South East Europe in 2050
Dominkovic DF, Bacekovic I, Cosic B, Krajacic G, Puksec T, Duic N, Markovska N
1529 - 1550 Reprint of Feasible path toward 40-100% renewable energy shares for power supply in France by 2050: A prospective analysis
Krakowski V, Assoumou E, Mazauric V, Maizi N