Applied Energy

Applied Energy, Vol.175 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 15 Generalizable occupant-driven optimization model for domestic hot water production in NZEB
Kazmi H, D'Oca S, Delmastro C, Lodeweyckx S, Corgnati SP
16 - 30 A thermal battery mimicking a concentrated volumetric solar receiver
Anwar MK, Yilbas BS, Shuja SZ
31 - 39 How to subsidize energy efficiency under duopoly efficiently?
Nie PY, Yang YC, Chen YH, Wang ZH
40 - 53 Critical peak electricity pricing for sustainable manufacturing: Modeling and case studies
Wang Y, Li L
54 - 68 Mineral carbonation of Victorian brown coal fly ash using regenerative ammonium chloride - Process simulation and techno-economic analysis
Hosseini T, Haque N, Selomulya C, Zhang L
69 - 81 Evaluation of imidazolium-based ionic liquids for biogas upgrading
Xie YJ, Ma CY, Lu XH, Ji XY
82 - 90 Tween-80 is effective for enhancing steam-exploded biomass enzymatic saccharification and ethanol production by specifically lessening cellulase absorption with lignin in common reed
Jin WX, Chen L, Hu M, Sun D, Li A, Li Y, Hu Z, Zhou SG, Tu YY, Xia T, Wang YT, Xie GS, Li YB, Bai BW, Peng LC
91 - 99 ANN-based modeling and reducing dual-fuel engine's challenging emissions by multi-objective evolutionary algorithm NSGA-II
Lotfan S, Ghiasi RA, Fallah M, Sadeghi MH
100 - 108 Scenario analysis of CO2 emissions from China's civil aviation industry through 2030
Zhou WJ, Wang T, Yu YD, Chen DJ, Zhu B
109 - 127 Fluctuation behavior analysis of international crude oil and gasoline price based on complex network perspective
Wang MG, Chen Y, Tian LX, Jiang SM, Tian ZH, Du RJ
128 - 140 A comparison and accuracy analysis of impedance-based temperature estimation methods for Li-ion batteries
Beelen HPGJ, Raijmakers LHJ, Donkers MCF, Notten PHL, Bergveld HJ
141 - 157 Review on microwave-metal discharges and their applications in energy and industrial processes
Sun J, Wang WL, Yue QY, Ma CY, Zhang JS, Zhao XQ, Song ZL
158 - 167 Allocation of ESS by interval optimization method considering impact of ship swinging on hybrid PV/diesel ship power system
Wen SL, Lan H, Hong YY, Yu DC, Zhang LJ, Cheng P
168 - 179 Impacts of feed-in tariff policies on design and performance of CCHP system in different climate zones
Zheng CY, Wu JY, Zhai XQ, Wang RZ
180 - 188 Adaptation of rammed earth to modern construction systems: Comparative study of thermal behavior under summer conditions
Serrano S, de Gracia A, Cabeza LF
189 - 198 A planning approach for reducing the impact of natural gas network on electricity markets
Diagoupis TD, Andrianesis PE, Dialynas EN
199 - 211 Circulating inclined fluidized beds with application for desiccant dehumidification systems
Chiang YC, Chen CH, Chiang YC, Chen SL
212 - 217 An experimental study on the hydrogen crossover in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells for various current densities
Jung A, Oh J, Han K, Kim MS
218 - 228 Field synergy analysis for enhancing heat transfer capability of a novel narrow-tube closed oscillating heat pipe
E JQ, Zhao XH, Liu HL, Chen JM, Zuo W, Peng QG
229 - 239 Quantification and location of a renewable gas industry based on digestion of wastes in Ireland
O'Shea R, Kilgallon I, Wall D, Murphy JD
240 - 250 Re-mapping sub-Sahara Africa for equipment selection to photo electrify energy poor homes
Kanyarusoke KE, Gryzagoridis J, Oliver G
251 - 258 Classification of global island regarding the opportunity of using RES
Meschede H, Holzapfel P, Kadelbach F, Hesselbach J
259 - 268 Cold storage condensation heat recovery system with a novel composite phase change material
Xia MZ, Yuan YP, Zhao XD, Cao XL, Tang ZH
269 - 276 Effects of process configurations for combination of rotating-packed bed and packed bed on CO2 capture
Yu CH, Chen MT, Chen H, Tan CS
277 - 284 Experimental study of CaO/Ca(OH)(2) in a fixed-bed reactor for thermochemical heat storage
Yan J, Zhao CY
285 - 292 Enhancement of maximum temperature drop across thermoelectric cooler through two-stage design and transient supercooling effect
Lv H, Wang XD, Meng JH, Wang TH, Yan WM
293 - 304 Performance evaluation of a solar adsorption chiller under different climatic conditions
Alahmer A, Wang XL, Al-Rbaihat R, Alam KCA, Saha BB
305 - 323 Design technologies for eco-industrial parks: From unit operations to processes, plants and industrial networks
Pan M, Sikorski J, Akroyd J, Mosbach S, Lau R, Kraft M
324 - 336 Energy and economic analysis of building integrated with PCM in different cities of China
Mi XM, Liu R, Cui HZ, Memon SA, Xing F, Lo Y
337 - 345 Effects of inlet pressure on wall temperature and exergy efficiency of the micro-cylindrical combustor with a step
E JQ, Zuo W, Liu XL, Peng QG, Deng YW, Zhu H
346 - 355 Experimental investigation on the knocking combustion characteristics of n-butanol gasoline blends in a DISI engine
Wei HQ, Feng DQ, Pan MZ, Pan JY, Rao XK, Gao DZ
356 - 367 Integration of sampling based battery state of health estimation method in electric vehicles
Ozkurt C, Camci F, Atamuradov V, Odorry C
368 - 379 The value of energy storage in decarbonizing the electricity sector
de Sisternes FJ, Jenkins JD, Botterud A
380 - 388 A power-saving control strategy for reducing the total pressure applied by the primary air fan of a coal-fired power plant
Wang YL, Ma ZY, Shen YL, Tang YJ, Ni MJ, Chi Y, Yan JH, Cen KF
389 - 402 A parametric study for enabling reactivity controlled compression ignition (RCCI) operation in diesel engines at various engine loads
Wang YF, Yao MF, Li T, Zhang WJ, Zheng ZQ
403 - 404 Special Issue on "International Conference on Electrochemical Energy Science and Technology (EEST2015), August 16-22, 2015, Vancouver, Canada"
Sun SH, Qiao JL, Hu WB, Wilkinson DP, Zhang JJ
405 - 413 Template-free synthesis of three-dimensional nanoporous N-doped graphene for high performance fuel cell oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline media
Tang S, Zhou XJ, Xu NN, Bai ZY, Qiao JL, Zhang JJ
414 - 420 Degradation analysis and durability improvement for SOFC 1-cell stack
Yan D, Zhang C, Liang LJ, Li K, Jia LC, Pu J, Jian L, Li X, Zhang T
421 - 428 Flower-like Ni and N codoped hierarchical porous carbon microspheres with enhanced performance for fuel cell storage
Chao SJ, Zhang YT, Wang K, Bai ZY, Yang L
429 - 434 Novel Ag@C nanocables supported Pd anodes and its implication in energy conversion using direct liquid fuel cells
Bai ZY, Huang RM, Shi M, Zhang Q, Yang L, Yang ZX, Zhang JJ
435 - 450 3D multi-physics modeling of a gas diffusion electrode for oxygen reduction reaction for electrochemical energy conversion in PEM fuel cells
Vasile NS, Doherty R, Videla AHAM, Specchia S
451 - 458 More sustainable electricity generation in hot and dry fuel cells with a novel hybrid membrane of Nafion/nano-silica/hydroxyl ionic liquid
Li Y, Shi Y, Mehio N, Tan MS, Wang ZY, Hu XH, Chen GZ, Dai S, Jin XB
459 - 467 Hierarchical porous N-doped graphene foams with superior oxygen reduction reactivity for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Zhou XJ, Tang S, Yin Y, Sun SH, Qiao JL
468 - 478 N/S-Me (Fe, Co, Ni) doped hierarchical porous carbons for fuel cell oxygen reduction reaction with high catalytic activity and long-term stability
Wu MJ, Zhang EG, Guo QP, Wang YZ, Qiao JL, Li KX, Pei PC
479 - 487 Energy efficiency of platinum-free alkaline direct formate fuel cells
Wang LQ, Bellini M, Filippi J, Folliero M, Lavacchi A, Innocenti M, Marchionni A, Miller HA, Vizza F
488 - 494 TiO2 hierarchical hollow rnicrospheres with different size for application as anodes in high-performance lithium storage
Wang XB, Meng QX, Wang YY, Liang HJ, Bai ZY, Wang K, Lou XD, Cai BB, Yang L
495 - 504 Morphology controlled La2O3/Co3O4/MnO2-CNTs hybrid nanocomposites with durable bi-functional air electrode in high-performance zinc-air energy storage
Xu NN, Qiao JL, Zhang X, Ma CY, Jian SA, Liu YY, Pei PC
505 - 511 Application of tris(trimethylsilyl)borate to suppress self-discharge of layered nickel cobalt manganese oxide for high energy battery
Liao XL, Sun PY, Xu MQ, Xing LD, Liao YH, Zhang LP, Yu L, Fan WZ, Li WS
512 - 521 Scalable synthesis of functionalized graphene as cathodes in Li-ion electrochemical energy storage devices
Xiong DB, Li XF, Shan H, Yan B, Li DJ, Langford C, Sun XL
522 - 528 Facile large-scale synthesis of core-shell structured sulfur@polypyrrole composite and its application in lithium-sulfur batteries with high energy density
Xie YP, Zhao HB, Cheng HW, Hu CJ, Fang WY, Fang JH, Xu JQ, Chen ZW
529 - 535 Amorphous SnO2/graphene aerogel nanocomposites harvesting superior anode performance for lithium energy storage
Fan LL, Li XF, Yan B, Li XJ, Xiong DB, Li DJ, Xu H, Zhang XF, Sun XL
536 - 544 Novel hierarchical SnO2 microsphere catalyst coated on gas diffusion electrode for enhancing energy efficiency of CO2 reduction to formate fuel
Fu YS, Li YN, Zhang X, Liu YY, Qiao JL, Zhang JJ, Wilkinson DP
545 - 550 Specific electrical conductivity in molten potassium dihydrogen phosphate KH2PO4 - An electrolyte for water electrolysis at similar to 300 degrees C
Nikiforov AV, Berg RW, Petrushina IM, Bjerrum NJ