Applied Energy

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ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Thermal analysis of Al-Si alloys as high-temperature phase-change material and their corrosion properties with ceramic materials
Fukahori R, Nomura T, Zhu CY, Sheng N, Okinaka N, Akiyama T
9 - 18 Application of weather forecast in conjunction with price-based method for PCM solar passive buildings - An experimental study
Barzin R, Chen JJJ, Young BR, Farid MM
19 - 31 Bulk monolithic Ce-Zr-Fe-O/Al2O3 oxygen carriers for a fixed bed scheme of the chemical looping combustion: Reactivity of oxygen carrier
Gu ZH, Li KZ, Wang H, Qing S, Zhu X, Wei YG, Cheng XM, Yu H, Cao Y
32 - 40 Load forecasting of supermarket refrigeration
Rasmussen LB, Bacher P, Madsen H, Nielsen HA, Heerup C, Green T
41 - 50 Enhancing properties of iron and manganese ores as oxygen carriers for chemical looping processes by dry impregnation
Haider SK, Azimi G, Duan L, Anthony EJ, Patchigolla K, Oakey JE, Leion H, Mattisson T, Lyngfelt A
51 - 59 Enclathration of CO2 as a co-guest of structure H hydrates and its implications for CO2 capture and sequestration
Lee Y, Lee D, Lee JW, Seo Y
60 - 62 Fuel crossover and internal current in proton exchange membrane fuel cell modeling
Chakraborty U
63 - 70 Assessment of renewables for energy security and carbon mitigation in Southeast Asia: The case of Indonesia and Thailand
Kumar S
71 - 80 Investigation of particulate emission characteristics of a diesel engine fueled with higher alcohols/biodiesel blends
Zhang ZH, Balasubramanian R
81 - 92 Optimal behavior of responsive residential demand considering hybrid phase change materials
Shafie-khah M, Kheradmand M, Javadi S, Azenha M, de Aguiar JLB, Castro-Gomes J, Siano P, Catalao JPS
93 - 104 Occupancy-based demand response and thermal comfort optimization in microgrids with renewable energy sources and energy storage
Korkas CD, Baldi S, Michailidis I, Kosmatopoulos EB
105 - 117 Ultra-high speed imaging study of the diesel spray close to the injector tip at the initial opening stage with split injection
Wang ZM, Ding HC, Ma X, Xu HM, Wyszynski ML
118 - 133 Optimal structural design of residential power and heat supply devices in consideration of operational and capital recovery constraints
Wakui T, Kawayoshi H, Yokoyama R
134 - 141 Forecasting the EV charging load based on customer profile or station measurement?
Majidpour M, Qiu C, Chu P, Pota HR, Gadh R
142 - 153 Optimization-based energy management strategy for a fuel cell/battery hybrid power system
Ettihir K, Boulon L, Agbossou K
154 - 166 Modelling soot formation from wall films in a gasoline direct injection engine using a detailed population balance model
Wang BY, Mosbach S, Schmutzhard S, Shuai SJ, Huang YQ, Kraft M
167 - 179 A dual-scale analysis of a desiccant wheel with a novel organic-inorganic hybrid adsorbent for energy recovery
Fu HX, Zhang LZ, Xu JC, Cai RR
180 - 189 Performance of a pavement solar energy collector: Model development and validation
Guldentops G, Nejad AM, Vuye C, Van den Bergh W, Rahbar N
190 - 200 Comparison of energy management strategies of a battery/supercapacitors system for electric vehicle under real-time constraints
Castaings A, Lhomme W, Trigui R, Bouscayrol A
201 - 210 Identifying main factors of capacity fading in lithium ion cells using orthogonal design of experiments
Su LS, Zhang JB, Wang CJ, Zhang YK, Li Z, Song Y, Jin T, Ma Z
211 - 221 Cutting CO2 intensity targets of interprovincial emissions trading in China
Chang K, Chang H
222 - 243 Wind farm siting using a spatial Analytic Hierarchy Process approach: A case study of the Stadteregion Aachen
Hofer T, Sunak Y, Siddique H, Madlener R
244 - 253 Win-Win strategies to promote air pollutant control policies and non-fossil energy target regulation in China
Wang LN, Patel PL, Yu S, Liu B, McLeod J, Clarke LE, Chen WY
254 - 262 The structure and pyrolysis product distribution of lignite from different sedimentary environment
Liu P, Zhang DX, Wang LL, Zhou Y, Pan TY, Lu XL
263 - 282 On the use of SAFT-VR Mie for assessing large-glide fluorocarbon working-fluid mixtures in organic Rankine cycles
Oyewunmi OA, Taleb AI, Haslam AJ, Markides CN
283 - 294 An optimal time-of-use pricing for urban gas: A study with a multi-agent evolutionary game-theoretic perspective
Gong CZ, Tang K, Zhu KJ, Hailu A
295 - 303 Regional level approach for increasing energy efficiency
Viholainen J, Luoranen M, Vaisanen S, Niskanen A, Horttanainen M, Soukka R
304 - 312 Measuring fuel mixing under industrial fluidized-bed conditions - A camera-probe based fuel tracking system
Sette E, Vilches TB, Pallares D, Johnsson F
313 - 322 New equivalent parameters for thermal characterization of opaque building envelope components under dynamic conditions
Corrado V, Paduos S
323 - 333 Characterization of an ilmenite ore for pressurized chemical looping combustion
Ridha FN, Duchesne MA, Lu X, Lu DY, Filippou D, Hughes RW
334 - 342 Membranes for direct ethanol fuel cells: An overview
Zakaria Z, Kamarudin SK, Timmiati SN
343 - 351 Probabilistic load flow for distribution systems with uncertain PV generation
Kabir MN, Mishra Y, Bansal RC
352 - 360 Energy-positive nitrogen removal using the integrated short-cut nitrification and autotrophic denitrification microbial fuel cells (MFCs)
Li Y, Williams I, Xu ZH, Li BK, Li BT
361 - 386 Dynamic building energy performance analysis: A new adaptive control strategy for stringent thermohygrometric indoor air requirements
Buonomano A, Montanaro U, Palombo A, Santini S
387 - 395 Comparing pelletization and torrefaction depots: Optimization of depot capacity and biomass moisture to determine the minimum production cost
Chai L, Saffron CM
396 - 407 An experimental investigation on a small-sized parabolic trough solar collector for water heating in cold areas
Zou B, Dong JK, Yao Y, Jiang YQ
408 - 422 Interactive energy management of networked microgrids-based active distribution system considering large-scale integration of renewable energy resources
Lv TG, Ai Q
423 - 435 Carbon capture from pulverized coal power plant (PCPP): Solvent performance comparison at an industrial scale
Sharifzadeh M, Bumb P, Shah N
436 - 451 A structural decomposition analysis of global energy footprints
Lan J, Malik A, Lenzen M, McBain D, Kanemoto K
452 - 463 An incentive-oriented early warning system for predicting the co-movements between oil price shocks and macroeconomy
Ju KY, Su B, Zhou DQ, Zhang YQ
464 - 475 Finite Element Method for forecasting the diffusion of photovoltaic systems: Why and how?
Karakaya E
476 - 487 Design tool for offgrid hydrogen refuelling systems for aerospace applications
Troncoso E, Lapena-Rey N, Gonzalez M