Applied Energy

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ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Channel geometry optimization of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell using genetic algorithm
Yang WJ, Wang HY, Lee DH, Kim YB
11 - 19 Plug-in vs. wireless charging: Life cycle energy and greenhouse gas emissions for an electric bus system
Bi ZC, Song LJ, De Kleine R, Mi CC, Keoleian GA
20 - 28 Effect of diesel fuel blend with n-butanol on the emission of a turbocharged common rail direct injection diesel engine
Choi B, Jiang X, Kim YK, Jung G, Lee C, Choi I, Song CS
29 - 37 Performance characteristics of a dual-evaporator heat pump system for effective dehumidifying and heating of a cabin in electric vehicles
Ahn JH, Kang H, Lee HS, Kim Y
38 - 52 Life cycle assessment (LCA) optimization of solar-assisted hybrid CCHP system
Wang JJ, Yang Y, Mao TZ, Sui J, Jin HG
53 - 64 The implications of CO2 price for China's power sector decarbonization
Li Y, Lukszo Z, Weijnen M
65 - 73 Optimization of mine ventilation fan speeds according to ventilation on demand and time of use tariff
Chatterjee A, Zhang LJ, Xia XH
74 - 83 Computational and experimental investigations of an omni-flow wind turbine
Ying P, Chen YK, Xu YG, Tian Y
84 - 91 Maximum window-to-wall ratio of a thermally autonomous building as a function of envelope U-value and ambient temperature amplitude
Ma PZ, Wang LS, Guo NH
92 - 103 Benchmarking whole-building energy performance with multi-criteria technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution using a selective objective-weighting approach
Wang ED
104 - 110 Experiments and thermodynamic simulations for continuous separation of CO2 from CH4 + CO2 gas mixture utilizing hydrate formation
Tomita S, Akatsu S, Ohmura R
111 - 121 Fluidized-bed and fixed-bed reactor testing of methane chemical looping combustion with MgO-promoted hematite
Miller DD, Siriwardane R, Poston J
122 - 134 Development of a three-phase battery energy storage scheduling and operation system for low voltage distribution networks
Bennett CJ, Stewart RA, Lu JW
135 - 140 Production and characterization of biodiesel derived from Hodgsonia macrocarpa seed oil
Cao LC, Zhang SC
141 - 149 Dynamic load-shifting program based on a cloud computing framework to support the integration of renewable energy sources
Rajeev T, Ashok S
150 - 161 Optimal scheduling for vehicle-to-grid operation with stochastic connection of plug-in electric vehicles to smart grid
Jian LN, Zheng YC, Xiao XP, Chan CC
162 - 173 Study on optical and thermal performance of a linear Fresnel solar reflector using molten salt as HTF with MCRT and FVM methods
Qiu Y, He YL, Cheng ZD, Wang K
174 - 183 An effort to enhance hydrogen energy share in a compression ignition engine under dual-fuel mode using low temperature combustion strategies
Chintala V, Subramanian KA
184 - 195 Process analysis of a low emissions hydrogen and steam generation technology for oil sands operations
Nduagu EI, Gates ID
196 - 201 Biodiesel production from palm oil over monolithic KF/gamma-Al2O3/honeycomb ceramic catalyst
Gao LJ, Wang SC, Xu W, Xiao GM
202 - 208 Dual uses of microalgal biomass: An integrative approach for biohydrogen and biodiesel production
Dasgupta CN, Suseela MR, Mandotra SK, Kumar P, Pandey MK, Toppo K, Lone JA
209 - 216 Affordable solar-assisted biogas digesters for cold climates: Experiment, model, verification and analysis
Weatherford VC, Zhai Z
217 - 229 A decision support system for evaluating effects of Feed-in Tariff mechanism: Dynamic modeling of Malaysia's electricity generation mix
Shahmohammadi MS, Yusuff RM, Keyhanian S, Shakouri GH
230 - 238 Evaluation on effects of using low biodiesel blends in a EURO 5 passenger vehicle equipped with a common-rail diesel engine
Serrano L, Lopes M, Pires N, Ribeiro I, Cascao P, Tarelho L, Monteiro A, Nielsen O, da Silva MG, Borrego C
239 - 246 Consumption management in the Nord Pool region: A stability analysis
Lindstrom E, Noren V, Madsen H
247 - 262 Towards exporting renewable energy from MENA region to Europe: An investigation into domestic energy use and householders' energy behaviour in Libya
Mohamed AMA, Al-Habaibeh A, Abdo H, Elabar S
263 - 269 Determination method of defrosting start-time based on temperature measurements
Kim MH, Lee KS
270 - 278 Influence of an iron-based fuel-borne catalyst on physicochemical and toxicological characteristics of particulate emissions from a diesel engine
Zhang ZH, Balasubramanian R
279 - 287 Energy consumption and cost analysis of hybrid electric powertrain configurations for two wheelers
Walker PD, Roser HM
288 - 297 Demand response modeling: A comparison between tools
Neves D, Pina A, Silva CA
298 - 312 Coal gasification integration with solid oxide fuel cell and chemical looping combustion for high-efficiency power generation with inherent CO2 capture
Chen SY, Lior N, Xiang WG
313 - 327 A study on planning for interconnected renewable energy facilities in Hokkaido, Japan
Ohara S, Utsugi Y, Ito Y, Morel J, Okada M
328 - 334 Optimizing operation of a solar-aided coal-fired power system based on the solar contribution evaluation method
Zhai RR, Zhao MM, Tan KY, Yang YP
335 - 343 Extending the environmental benefits of ethanol-diesel blends through DGE incorporation
Herreros JM, Schroer K, Sukjit E, Tsolakis A
344 - 352 Potential of demand side integration to maximize use of renewable energy sources in Germany
Stotzer M, Hauer I, Richter M, Styczynski ZA
353 - 370 Shifting Boundary for price-based residential demand response and applications
Xu FY, Zhang T, Lai LL, Zhou H
371 - 382 Operational performance of a novel heat pump assisted solar facade loop-heat-pipe water heating system
He W, Hong XQ, Zhao XD, Zhang XX, Shen JC, Ji J
383 - 396 Heat transfer fluids for concentrating solar power systems - A review
Vignarooban K, Xu XH, Arvay A, Hsu K, Kannan AM
397 - 408 Vanadium redox flow batteries to reach greenhouse gas emissions targets in an off-grid configuration
Arbabzadeh M, Johnson JX, De Kleine R, Keoleian GA
409 - 420 Dynamic total factor carbon emissions performance changes in the Chinese transportation industry
Zhang N, Wei X
421 - 433 Analytical simulation of groundwater flow and land surface effects on thermal plumes of borehole heat exchangers
Rivera JA, Blum P, Bayer P
434 - 441 Energy behaviors at the office: An intervention study on the use of equipment
Nilsson A, Andersson K, Bergstad CJ
442 - 452 Analytical expressions for temperature dependent electrical efficiencies of thin film BIOPVT systems
Gaur A, Tiwari GN
453 - 470 Optimization of a network of compressors in parallel: Operational and maintenance planning - The air separation plant case
Kopanos GM, Xenos DP, Cicciotti M, Pistikopoulos EN, Thornhill NF