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ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Predicting methane production in simple and unheated biogas digesters at low temperatures
Pham CH, Triolo JM, Sommer SG
7 - 13 Investigation of pinacone hexahydrate as phase change material for thermal energy storage around 45 degrees C
Rathgeber C, Schmit H, Hennemann P, Hiebler S
14 - 22 Castor plant for biodiesel, biogas, and ethanol production with a biorefinery processing perspective
Bateni H, Karimi K, Zamani A, Benakashani F
23 - 31 Analysis of the potential to recover energy and nutrient resources from cattle slaughterhouses in Australia by employing anaerobic digestion
Jensen PD, Sullivan T, Carney C, Batstone DJ
32 - 42 Climate responsive behaviour of heat pipe technology for enhanced passive airside cooling
Chaudhry HN, Hughes B
43 - 50 Lean burn performance of a hydrogen-blended gasoline engine at the wide open throttle condition
Wang SF, Ji CW, Zhang B, Liu XL
51 - 58 Continuous thermophilic biohydrogen production in packed bed reactor
Roy S, Vishnuvardhan M, Das D
59 - 67 Achieving low return temperatures from district heating substations
Gadd H, Werner S
68 - 76 Enhancing mass transfer and ethanol production in syngas fermentation of Clostridium carboxidivorans P7 through a monolithic biofilm reactor
Shen YW, Brown R, Wen ZY
77 - 88 In-cycle diesel low temperature combustion control based on SOC detection
Yang FY, Wang JL, Gao GJ, Ouyang MG
89 - 97 Performance demonstration and evaluation of the synergetic application of vanadium dioxide glazing and phase change material in passive buildings
Long LS, Ye H, Gao YF, Zou RQ
98 - 109 Coal to SNG: Technical progress, modeling and system optimization through exergy analysis
Li S, Ji XZ, Zhang XS, Gao L, Jin HG
110 - 118 Experimental comparison of two PV direct-coupled solar water heating systems with the traditional system
Ji J, Wang YQ, Yuan WQ, Sun W, He W, Guo C
119 - 131 Analysis of load match and grid interaction indicators in net zero energy buildings with simulated and monitored data
Salom J, Marszal AJ, Widen J, Candanedo J, Lindberg KB
132 - 142 Mass transfer performance of CO2 capture in rotating packed bed: Dimensionless modeling and intelligent prediction
Zhao BT, Su YX, Tao WW
143 - 149 Passive vapor-feed direct methanol fuel cell using sintered porous metals to realize high-concentration operation
Yuan W, Zhang ZC, Hu JY, Zhou B, Tang Y
150 - 167 Carbon and air pollutants constrained energy planning for clean power generation with a robust optimization model-A case study of Jining City, China
Xie YL, Huang GH, Li W, Ji L
168 - 185 Combined cooling, heating and power: A review of performance improvement and optimization
Cho H, Smith AD, Mago P
186 - 196 Modeling and forecasting of cooling and electricity load demand
Vaghefi A, Jafari MA, Bisse E, Lu Y, Brouwer J
197 - 205 Full-scale temperature response function (G-function) for heat transfer by borehole ground heat exchangers (GHEs) from sub-hour to decades
Li M, Li P, Chan V, Lai ACK
206 - 216 Optimization and analysis of CCHP system based on energy loads coupling of residential and office buildings
Li LX, Mu HL, Gao WJ, Li M
217 - 227 Micro/nano encapsulation of some paraffin eutectic mixtures with poly(methyl methacrylate) shell: Preparation, characterization and latent heat thermal energy storage properties
Sari A, Alkan C, Bilgin C
228 - 241 Waste heat recovery technologies for offshore platforms
Pierobon L, Benato A, Scolari E, Haglind F, Stoppato A
242 - 249 Energy exploitation of acid gas with high H2S content by means of a chemical looping combustion system
Garcia-Labiano F, de Diego LF, Gayan P, Abad A, Cabello A, Adanez J, Sprachmann G
250 - 258 Windows thermal resistance: Infrared thermography aided comparative analysis among finite volumes simulations and experimental methods
Baldinelli G, Bianchi F
259 - 268 GARCH-based put option valuation to maximize benefit of wind investors
Contreras J, Rodriguez YE
269 - 279 China's oil security from the supply chain perspective: A review
Zhao CF, Chen B
280 - 288 Effect of support material on the performance of K2CO3-based pellets for cyclic CO2 capture
Qin CL, Yin JJ, Ran JY, Zhang L, Feng B
289 - 302 The influence of gas-solid reaction kinetics in models of thermochemical heat storage under monotonic and cyclic loading
Nagel T, Shao H, Rosskopf C, Linder M, Worner A, Kolditz O
303 - 311 Decision framework of solar thermal power plant site selection based on linguistic Choquet operator
Wu YN, Geng S, Zhang HB, Gao M
312 - 324 No more gas from Egypt? Modeling offshore discoveries and import uncertainty of natural gas in Israel
Siddig K, Grethe H
325 - 335 Energy consumption analysis for CO2 separation using imidazolium-based ionic liquids
Xie YJ, Zhang YY, Lu XH, Ji XY
336 - 346 An assessment of unforeseen losses resulting from inappropriate use of solar home systems in South Africa
Azimoh CL, Wallin F, Klintenberg P, Karlsson B
347 - 356 Role of precalcination and regeneration conditions on postcombustion CO2 capture in the Ca-looping technology
Valverde JM, Sanchez-Jimenez PE, Perez-Maqueda LA
357 - 362 Graphene and carbon black nano-composite polymer absorbers for a pyro-electric solar energy harvesting device based on LiNbO3 crystals
Battista L, Mecozzi L, Coppola S, Vespini V, Grilli S, Ferraro P
363 - 372 Rotationally asymmetrical compound parabolic concentrator for concentrating photovoltaic applications
Abu-Bakar SH, Muhammad-Sukki F, Ramirez-Iniguez R, Mallick TK, Munir A, Yasin SHM, Rahim RA
373 - 381 Large eddy simulation of n-Dodecane spray combustion in a high pressure combustion vessel
Gong C, Jangi M, Bai XS
382 - 392 Panel estimation for income inequality and CO2 emissions: A regional analysis in China
Zhang CG, Zhao W
393 - 404 Stochastic risk-constrained short-term scheduling of industrial cogeneration systems in the presence of demand response programs
Alipour M, Mohammadi-Ivatloo B, Zare K
405 - 416 Performance analysis of open and ducted wind turbines
Bontempo R, Manna M
417 - 430 Analysis and improvement of solar flux distribution inside a cavity receiver based on multi-focal points of heliostat field
Yu Q, Wang ZF, Xu ES
431 - 444 Effect of guide vane height on the performance and emissions of a compression ignition (CI) engine run with biodiesel through simulation and experiment
Bari S, Saad I
445 - 453 Strategic optimization of borehole heat exchanger field for seasonal geothermal heating and cooling
Bayer P, de Paly M, Beck M
454 - 464 Rural households' knowledge and perceptions of renewables with special attention on bioenergy resources development - Results from a field study in Bangladesh
Hassan MK, Pelkonen P, Pappinen A
465 - 479 Enhanced heat release analysis for advanced multi-mode combustion engine experiments
Ortiz-Soto EA, Lavoie GA, Martz JB, Wooldridge MS, Assanis DN
480 - 494 The institutional power shortage in China: Capacity shortage or capacity under-utilisation?
Zhang L, Ruan J, Ding JH
495 - 508 Realistic wave conditions and their influence on quantifying the tidal stream energy resource
Lewis MJ, Neill SP, Hashemi MR, Reza M
509 - 518 Experimental study of two-phase flow in a proton exchange membrane fuel cell in short-term microgravity condition
Guo H, Liu X, Zhao JF, Ye F, Ma CF
519 - 526 Enhanced enzymatic digestibility of bamboo by a combined system of multiple steam explosion and alkaline treatments
Sun SL, Wen JL, Ma MG, Sun RC
527 - 536 Experimental and numerical study on non-concentrating and symmetric unglazed compound parabolic photovoltaic concentration systems
Bahaidarah HM, Tanweer B, Gandhidasan P, Ibrahim N, Rehman S
537 - 547 A semi-empirical modeling study on the defrosting performance for an air source heat pump unit with local drainage of melted frost from its three-circuit outdoor coil
Song MJ, Deng SM, Xia L
548 - 559 Dysprosium, the balance problem, and wind power technology
Elshkaki A, Graedel TE
560 - 575 Correlating variability of modeling parameters with non-isothermal stack performance: Monte Carlo simulation of a portable 3D planar solid oxide fuel cell stack
He ZJ, Li H, Birgersson E
576 - 581 A novel high-energy-density positive electrolyte with multiple redox couples for redox flow batteries
Wu MC, Liu MY, Long GF, Wan K, Liang ZX, Zhao TS
582 - 589 Coordination of PEVs charging across multiple aggregators
Xu ZW, Hu ZC, Song YH, Zhao W, Zhang YW
590 - 598 Feasibility of producing butanol from industrial starchy food wastes
Ujor V, Bharathidasan AK, Cornish K, Ezeji TC
599 - 610 Thermodynamic performance assessment of CCHP system driven by different composition gas
Gao PH, Li WL, Cheng YP, Tong Y, Dai YJ, Wang RZ
611 - 618 A first approach study on the desalination of sea water using heat transformers powered by solar ponds
Salata F, Coppi M
619 - 627 An efficient Bayesian inversion of a geothermal prospect using a multivariate adaptive regression spline method
Chen MJ, Tompson AFB, Mellors RJ, Ramirez AL, Dyer KM, Yang XJ, Wagoner JL
628 - 635 Intermittent experimental study of a vertical ground source heat pump system
Shang Y, Dong M, Li SF
636 - 648 Carbon footprinting of electronic products
Vasan A, Sood B, Pecht M
649 - 661 On the cost of electrodialysis for the desalination of high salinity feeds
McGovern RK, Weiner AM, Sun LG, Chambers CG, Zubair SM, Lienhard JH
662 - 670 Power system operation risk analysis considering charging load self-management of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
Liu Z, Wang D, Jia HJ, Djilali N
671 - 681 Experimental quantification of lateral mixing of fuels in fluid-dynamically down-scaled bubbling fluidized beds
Sette E, Pallares D, Johnsson F
682 - 691 Effect of lubricating oil additive package on the characterization of diesel particles
Wang YS, Liang XY, Shu GQ, Wang X, Bao JK, Liu CW
692 - 703 Household fuel use for cooking and heating in China: Results from the first Chinese Environmental Exposure-Related Human Activity Patterns Survey (CEERHAPS)
Duan XL, Jiang Y, Wang BB, Zhao XG, Shen GF, Cao SZ, Huang N, Qian Y, Chen YT, Wang LM
704 - 711 Dynamics of an oscillating Stirling heat pump
Barreno I, Costa SC, Cordon M, Urrutibeascoa I, Gomez X, Mateos M
712 - 725 Nuclear power can reduce emissions and maintain a strong economy: Rating Australia's optimal future electricity-generation mix by technologies and policies
Hong S, Bradshaw CJA, Brook BW
726 - 737 Investigation of the process energy demand in polymer extrusion: A brief review and an experimental study
Abeykoon C, Kelly AL, Brown EC, Vera-Sorroche J, Coates PD, Harkin-Jones E, Howell KB, Deng J, Li K, Price M
738 - 749 Urbanisation, energy consumption, and carbon dioxide emissions in China: A panel data analysis of China's provinces
Wang SJ, Fang CL, Guan XL, Pang B, Ma HT
750 - 755 The influence of polyethyleneimine type and molecular weight on the CO2 capture performance of PEI-nano silica adsorbents
Li KM, Jiang JG, Yan F, Tian SC, Chen XJ
756 - 758 Innovative and sustainable solutions of clean energy technologies and policies (Part II)
Yan J, Chou SK, Desideri U, Xia X
759 - 766 Non-isothermal pyrolysis of torrefied stump - A comparative kinetic evaluation
Tran KQ, Bach QV, Trinh TT, Seisenbaeva G
767 - 774 Sustainable bio kerosene: Process routes and industrial demonstration activities in aviation biofuels
Chiaramonti D, Prussi M, Buffi M, Tacconi D
775 - 780 Aviation fuel synthesis by catalytic conversion of biomass hydrolysate in aqueous phase
Wang TJ, Li K, Liu QY, Zhang Q, Qiu SB, Long JX, Chen LG, Ma LL, Zhang Q
781 - 796 Methodology for estimating biomass energy potential and its application to Colombia
Gonzalez-Salazar MA, Morini M, Pinelli M, Spina PR, Venturini M, Finkenrath M, Poganietz WR
797 - 804 Energy and emissions benefits of renewable energy derived from municipal solid waste: Analysis of a low carbon scenario in Malaysia
Tan ST, Hashim H, Lim JS, Ho WS, Lee CT, Yan JY
805 - 816 Optimal sizing of grid-independent hybrid photovoltaic-battery power systems for household sector
Bianchi M, Branchini L, Ferrari C, Melino F
817 - 826 Magnetically geared wind generator technologies: Opportunities and challenges
Wang RJ, Gerber S
827 - 837 Assessment of the wake effect on the energy production of onshore wind farms using GIS
Grassi S, Junghans S, Raubal M
838 - 848 The state of nuclear power two years after Fukushima - The ASEAN perspective
Nian V, Chou SK
849 - 859 Future prospects for nuclear power in France
Maizi N, Assoumou E
860 - 865 Waste heat recovery through plate heat exchanger based thermoelectric generator system
Wang TC, Luan WL, Wang W, Tu ST
866 - 872 Development of a 3 kW double-acting thermoacoustic Stirling electric generator
Wu ZH, Yu GY, Zhang LM, Dai W, Luo EC
873 - 880 A telescopic divergent chimney for power generation based on forced air movement: Principle and theoretical formulation
Chan CY, Hu SY, Raynal M, Leung DYC, Chang APS, Yao JB
881 - 893 Minimum-cost district heat production systems of different sizes under different environmental and social cost scenarios
Truong NL, Gustavsson L
894 - 908 FDI oriented modeling of an experimental SOFC system, model validation and simulation of faulty states
Sorce A, Greco A, Magistri L, Costamagna P
909 - 920 Sustainability index approach as a selection criteria for energy storage system of an intermittent renewable energy source
Raza SS, Janajreh I, Ghenai C
921 - 930 Experimental analysis on the performance of lithium based batteries for road full electric and hybrid vehicles
Capasso C, Veneri O
931 - 946 Hydrogen storage for wind parks: A real options evaluation for an optimal investment in more flexibility
Kroniger D, Madlener R
947 - 955 PCM-based energy recovery from electric arc furnaces
Nardin G, Meneghetti A, Dal Magro F, Benedetti N
956 - 967 Experimental and numerical studies on the performance evaluation of a bed-based task/ambient air conditioning (TAC) system
Ning M, Dongmei P, Mingyin C, Shiming D
968 - 978 In-tube performance evaluation of an air-cooled condenser with liquid-vapor separator
Zhong TM, Chen Y, Hua N, Zheng WX, Luo XL, Mo SP
979 - 988 Numerical simulation of a novel energy-efficient dew-point evaporative air cooler
Cui X, Chua KJ, Yang WM
989 - 1003 Heat transfer and thermodynamic performance of a parabolic trough receiver with centrally placed perforated plate inserts
Mwesigye A, Bello-Ochende T, Meyer JP
1004 - 1009 Cycle performance study of ethyl fluoride in the refrigeration system of HFC-134a
Wu M, Yuan XR, Xu YJ, Qiao XG, Han XH, Chen GM
1010 - 1017 Experimental investigation on adsorption and electro-osmosis regeneration of macroporous silica gel desiccant
Zhang GY, Tian CQ, Shao SQ
1018 - 1025 Dynamic and microscopic simulation of the counter-current flow in a liquid desiccant dehumidifier
Luo YM, Yang HX, Lu L
1026 - 1034 Laminar flame speed and markstein length characterisation of steelworks gas blends
Pugh D, Crayford AP, Bowen PJ, O'Doherty T, Marsh R, Steer J
1035 - 1042 Sankey diagram framework for energy and exergy flows
Soundararajan K, Ho HK, Su B
1043 - 1052 How will the emissions trading scheme save cost for achieving China's 2020 carbon intensity reduction target?
Cui LB, Fan Y, Zhu L, Bi QH
1053 - 1066 Macroeconomic effects of oil price shocks in China: An empirical study based on Hilbert-Huang transform and event study
Ju KY, Zhou DQ, Zhou P, Wu JM
1067 - 1075 Research on patterns in the fluctuation of the co-movement between crude oil futures and spot prices: A complex network approach
An HZ, Gao XY, Fang W, Ding YH, Zhong WQ
1076 - 1084 BizWatts: A modular socio-technical energy management system for empowering commercial building occupants to conserve energy
Gulbinas R, Jain RK, Taylor JE
1085 - 1097 Comparison of multi-objective optimization techniques applied to off-gas management within an integrated steelwork
Porzio GF, Nastasi G, Colla V, Vannucci M, Branca TA
1098 - 1109 Simultaneous optimization of integrated heat, mass and pressure exchange network using exergoeconomic method
Dong RF, Yu YS, Zhang ZX
1110 - 1131 Multi-objective optimization for the design and synthesis of utility systems with emission abatement technology concerns
Luo XL, Hu JH, Zhao J, Zhang BJ, Chen Y, Mo SP
1132 - 1137 Model of evapotranspiration and groundwater level based on photovoltaic water pumping system
Zhang J, Liu JH, Campana PE, Zhang RQ, Yan JY, Gao XR
1138 - 1144 Performance analysis of hybrid ground source heat pump systems based on ANN predictive control
Gang WJ, Wang JB, Wang SW
1145 - 1154 Potential for carbon sequestration and mitigation of climate change by irrigation of grasslands
Olsson A, Campana PE, Lind M, Yan JY
1155 - 1165 Renewable energy-driven innovative energy-efficient desalination technologies
Ghaffour N, Lattemann S, Missimer T, Ng KC, Sinha S, Amy G
1166 - 1173 Effect of adding 1,4-Dioxane with kapok biodiesel on the characteristics of a diesel engine
Vedharaj S, Vallinayagam R, Yang WM, Chou SK, Lee PS
1174 - 1183 A bottom-up analysis of China's iron and steel industrial energy consumption and CO2 emissions
Chen WY, Yin X, Ma D
1184 - 1192 Optimal sampling plan for clean development mechanism lighting projects with lamp population decay
Ye XM, Xia XH, Zhang JF