Applied Energy

Applied Energy, Vol.134 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Experimental investigation of the influence of internal and external EGR on the combustion characteristics of a controlled auto-ignition two-stroke cycle engine
Andwari AM, Aziz AA, Said MFM, Latiff ZA
11 - 19 Water adsorption dynamics on representative pieces of real adsorbers for adsorptive chillers
Santamaria S, Sapienza A, Frazzica A, Freni A, Girnik IS, Aristov YI
20 - 34 Application of a microgrid with renewables for a water treatment plant
Soshinskaya M, Crijns-Graus WHJ, van der Meer J, Guerrero JM
35 - 44 Reducing a semiarid city's peak electrical demand using distributed cold thermal energy storage
Ruddell BL, Salamanca F, Mahalov A
45 - 56 Simulation of a temperature adaptive control strategy for an IWSE economizer in a data center
Durand-Estebe B, Le Bot C, Mancos JN, Arquis E
57 - 64 Offshore wind energy resource simulation forced by different reanalyses: Comparison with observed data in the Iberian Peninsula
Carvalho D, Rocha A, Gomez-Gesteira M, Santos CS
65 - 74 Development and validation of a new TRNSYS type for the simulation of thermoelectric generators
Massaguer E, Massaguer A, Montoro L, Gonzalez JR
75 - 89 The role of large-scale energy storage design and dispatch in the power grid: A study of very high grid penetration of variable renewable resources
Solomon AA, Kammen DM, Callaway D
90 - 101 Performance and engine-out emissions evaluation of the double injection strategy applied to the gasoline partially premixed compression ignition spark assisted combustion concept
Benajes J, Molina S, Garcia A, Monsalve-Serrano J, Durrett R
102 - 113 A short-term load forecasting model of natural gas based on optimized genetic algorithm and improved BP neural network
Yu F, Xu XZ
114 - 124 Optimal sizing and location of SVC devices for improvement of voltage profile in distribution network with dispersed photovoltaic and wind power plants
Savic A, Durisic Z
125 - 132 EHD-based load controllers for R134a convective boiling heat exchangers
Nangle-Smith S, Cotton JS
133 - 142 Densified biocoal from woodchips: Is it better to do torrefaction before or after densification?
Ghiasi B, Kumar L, Furubayashi T, Lim CJ, Bi XT, Kim CS, Sokhansanj S
143 - 149 Implementation of a TPV integrated boiler for micro-CHP in residential buildings
Qiu K, Hayden ACS
150 - 162 Innovative panels with recycled materials: Thermal and acoustic performance and Life Cycle Assessment
Ricciardi P, Belloni E, Cotana F
163 - 175 Method for assessing and improving the efficiency of agricultural biogas plants based on fuzzy logic and expert systems
Djatkov D, Effenberger M, Martinov M
176 - 196 Energy, comfort and environmental assessment of different building envelope techniques in a Mediterranean climate with a hot dry summer
Stazi F, Tomassoni E, Bonfigli C, Di Perna C
197 - 203 Performance prediction of a hybrid microgeneration system using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) technique
Yang L, Entchev E
204 - 214 Extended exergy concept to facilitate designing and optimization of frequency-dependent direct energy conversion systems
Wijewardane S, Goswami Y
215 - 228 Comprehensive analysis on thermal and daylighting performance of glazing and shading designs on office building envelope in cooling-dominant climates
Huang Y, Niu JL, Chung TM
229 - 238 Thermal investigation of lithium-ion battery module with different cell arrangement structures and forced air-cooling strategies
Wang T, Tseng KJ, Zhao JY, Wei ZB
239 - 247 Parameters affecting scalable underwater compressed air energy storage
Cheung BC, Carriveau R, Ting DSK
248 - 256 An investigation of premixed flame propagation in a closed combustion duct with a 90 degrees bend
Xiao HH, He XC, Duan QL, Luo XS, Sun JH
257 - 269 Experimental investigations on flow field and combustion characteristics of a model trapped vortex combustor
Jin Y, Li YF, He XM, Zhang JY, Jiang B, Wu ZJ, Song YY
270 - 282 A data reconciliation based framework for integrated sensor and equipment performance monitoring in power plants
Jiang XL, Liu P, Li Z
283 - 289 Biodiesel production via esterification of oleic acid catalyzed by picolinic acid modified 12-tungstophosphoric acid
Gong SW, Lu J, Wang HH, Liu LJ, Zhang Q
290 - 300 Improving voltage profile of residential distribution systems using rooftop PVs and Battery Energy Storage systems
Kabir MN, Mishra Y, Ledwich G, Xu Z, Bansal RC
301 - 308 Energetic performance of landfill and digester biogas in a domestic cooker
Grima-Olmedo C, Ramirez-Gomez A, Alcalde-Cartagena R
309 - 320 Assessment and evaluation of flexible demand in a Danish future energy scenario
Kwon PS, Ostergaard P
321 - 331 Energy management strategies comparison for electric vehicles with hybrid energy storage system
Song ZY, Hofmann H, Li JQ, Hou J, Han XB, Ouyang MG
332 - 341 Optimal energy management strategy for battery powered electric vehicles
Xi JQ, Li MA, Xu M
342 - 348 Direct methanol utilization in intermediate temperature liquid-tin anode solid oxide fuel cells
Hu B, Keane M, Patil K, Mahapatra MK, Pasaogullari U, Singh P
349 - 355 Kinetics of temperature effects and its significance to the heating strategy for anaerobic digestion of swine wastewater
Deng LW, Yang HN, Liu GJ, Zheng D, Chen ZA, Liu Y, Pu XD, Song L, Wang ZY, Lei YH
356 - 362 An effectiveness-NTU model of a packed bed PCM thermal storage system
Amin NAM, Belusko M, Bruno F
363 - 373 Novel partial-subsidence tower-type boiler design in an ultra-supercritical power plant
Xu G, Xu C, Yang YP, Fang YX, Zhou LY, Zhang K
374 - 381 Analytic thermoelectric couple optimization introducing Device Design Factor and Fin Factor
Mackey J, Sehirlioglu A, Dynys F
382 - 391 Ultra compact direct hydrogen fuel cell prototype using a metal hydride hydrogen storage tank for a mobile phone
Kim SH, Miesse CM, Lee HB, Chang IW, Hwang YS, Jang JH, Cha SW
392 - 400 Responsible technology acceptance: Model development and application to consumer acceptance of Smart Grid technology
Toft MB, Schuitema G, Thogersen J
401 - 412 Hydrothermal liquefaction of pinewood (Pinus ponderosa) for H-2, biocrude and bio-oil generation
Tungal R, Shende RV
413 - 425 Biological methanation of hydrogen within biogas plants: A model-based feasibility study
Bensmann A, Hanke-Rauschenbach R, Heyer R, Kohrs F, Benndorf D, Reichl U, Sundmacher K
426 - 438 Assessing energy savings in cooling demand of buildings using passive cooling systems based on ventilation
Campanico H, Hollmuller P, Soares PMM
439 - 445 Controllable hydrothermal synthesis of Cu-doped delta-MnO2 films with different morphologies for energy storage and conversion using supercapacitors
Su XH, Yu L, Cheng G, Zhang HH, Sun M, Zhang L, Zhang JJ
446 - 455 Economic-emission dispatch problem: A semi-definite programming approach
Jubril AM, Olaniyan OA, Komolafe OA, Ogunbona PO
456 - 468 Design and synthesis of magnetic microcapsules based on n-eicosane core and Fe3O4/SiO2 hybrid shell for dual-functional phase change materials
Jiang FY, Wang XD, Wu DZ
469 - 476 The hourly life cycle carbon footprint of electricity generation in Belgium, bringing a temporal resolution in life cycle assessment
Messagie M, Mertens J, Oliveira L, Rangaraju S, Sanfelix J, Coosemans T, Van Mierlo J, Macharis C
477 - 489 A low-cost hybrid drivetrain concept based on compressed air energy storage
Brown TL, Atluri VP, Schmiedeler JP
490 - 498 The use of ducts to improve the control of supply air temperature rise in UFAD systems: CFD and lab study
Pasut W, Bauman F, De Carli M
499 - 505 Quantitative infrared thermography imaging of the density of heat flow rate through a building element surface
Ohlsson KEA, Olofsson T
506 - 518 Life cycle environmental impacts of UK shale gas
Stamford L, Azapagic A
519 - 530 A simple, scalable and low-cost method to generate thermal diagnostics of a domestic building
Papafragkou A, Ghosh S, James PAB, Rogers A, Bahaj AS
531 - 549 Infrared thermography (IRT) applications for building diagnostics: A review
Kylili A, Fokaides PA, Christou P, Kalogirou SA
550 - 562 Research on energy efficiency evaluation based on indicators for industry sectors in China
Song CX, Li MJ, Wen ZX, He YL, Tao WQ, Li YZ, Wei XY, Yin XL, Huang X
563 - 572 Life-cycle assessment of electricity in Portugal
Garcia R, Marques P, Freire F
573 - 588 Layout design and energetic analysis of a complex diesel parallel hybrid electric vehicle
Finesso R, Spessa E, Venditti M
589 - 599 Targeting and design of chilled water network
Foo DCY, Ng DKS, Leong MKY, Chew IML, Subramaniam M, Aziz R, Lee JY