Applied Energy

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ISSN: 0306-2619 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Optimization of thermoelectric topping combined steam turbine cycles for energy economy
Yazawa K, Koh YR, Shakouri A
10 - 23 Is the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) informationally efficient? Evidence from momentum-based trading strategies
Crossland J, Li B, Roca E
24 - 35 Environmental impact of decentralized power generation in Santa Clara City, Cuba: An integrated assessment based on technological and human health risk indicators
Herrera I, De Ruyck J, Ocana VS, Rubio M, Martinez RM, Nunez V
36 - 43 H-2 rich gas production via pressurized fluidized bed gasification of sawdust with in situ CO2 capture
Han L, Wang QH, Luo ZY, Rong NI, Deng GY
44 - 50 Performance of coal fly-ash based oxygen carrier for the chemical looping combustion of synthesis gas
Aisyah L, Ashman PJ, Kwong CW
51 - 59 Efficient, low-cost solar thermoelectric cogenerators comprising evacuated tubular solar collectors and thermoelectric modules
Zhang M, Miao L, Kang YP, Tanemura S, Fisher CAJ, Xu G, Li CX, Fan GZ
60 - 66 A portable system powered with hydrogen and one single air-breathing PEM fuel cell
Fernandez-Moreno J, Guelbenzu G, Martin AJ, Folgado MA, Ferreira-Aparicio P, Chaparro AM
67 - 71 Agar chemical hydrogel electrode binder for fuel-electrolyte-fed fuel cells
An L, Zhao TS, Zeng L
72 - 78 Biorefineries for the production of first and second generation ethanol and electricity from sugarcane
Dias MOS, Junqueira TL, Cavalett O, Pavanello LG, Cunha MP, Jesus CDF, Maciel R, Bonomi A
79 - 93 Progress in catalytic naphtha reforming process: A review
Rahimpour MR, Jafari M, Iranshahi D
94 - 103 Thermal modelling of large scale exploitation of ground source energy in urban aquifers as a resource management tool
Herbert A, Arthur S, Chillingworth G
104 - 111 Enhanced methane productivity from manure fibers by aqueous ammonia soaking pretreatment
Jurado E, Skiadas IV, Gavala HN
112 - 118 Development of amino acid and amino acid-complex based solid sorbents for CO2 capture
Jiang BB, Wang XF, Gray ML, Duan YH, Luebke D, Li BY
119 - 124 Effect of oxygen enrichment on acid gas combustion in hydrogen/air flames under claus conditions
Selim H, Ibrahim S, Al Shoaibi A, Gupta AK
125 - 134 Numerical prediction of CO2 capture process by a single droplet in alkaline spray
Chen WH, Tsai MH, Hung CI
135 - 144 Biodiesel from waste cooking oils via direct sonication
Gude VG, Grant GE
145 - 153 A lead for transvaluation of global nuclear energy research and funded projects in Japan
Kiriyama E, Kajikawa Y, Fujita K, Iwata S
154 - 162 Monitoring the performance of single and triple junction amorphous silicon modules in two building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) installations
Eke R, Senturk A
163 - 170 Enhanced high energy efficient steam drying of algae
Aziz M, Oda T, Kashiwagi T
171 - 181 Localization of multiple acoustic sources in a room environment
Singh AV, Yu M, Gupta AK, Bryden KM
182 - 191 Green energy: Water-containing acetone-butanol-ethanol diesel blends fueled in diesel engines
Chang YC, Lee WJ, Lin SL, Wang LC
192 - 201 Comparison of high-temperature and low-temperature polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell systems with glycerol reforming process for stationary applications
Authayanun S, Mamlouk M, Scott K, Arpornwichanop A
202 - 212 Experimental investigation of the effects of diesel injection strategy on gasoline/diesel dual-fuel combustion
Ma SY, Zheng ZQ, Liu HF, Zhang QC, Yao MF
213 - 219 Hydrogen supersaturation in extreme-thermophilic (70 degrees C) mixed culture fermentation
Zhang Y, Zhang F, Chen M, Chu PN, Ding J, Zeng RJ
220 - 228 Investigation of the intrinsic CO2 gasification kinetics of biomass char at medium to high temperatures
Lin LT, Strand M
229 - 238 The logistics of supplying single vs. multi-crop cellulosic feedstocks to a biorefinery in southeast North Dakota
Maung TA, Gustafson CR, Saxowsky DM, Nowatzki J, Miljkovic T, Ripplinger D
239 - 253 Intelligent optimized wind resource assessment and wind turbines selection in Huitengxile of Inner Mongolia, China
Dong Y, Wang JZ, Jiang H, Shi XM
254 - 266 Techno-economic assessment of biomass-to-ethanol by indirect fluidized bed gasification: Impact of reforming technologies and comparison with entrained flow gasification
Valle CR, Perales ALV, Vidal-Barrero F, Gomez-Barea A
267 - 274 Fuel flexible distributed combustion for efficient and clean gas turbine engines
Khalil AEE, Gupta AK
275 - 282 Prediction of the theoretical capacity of non-aqueous lithium-air batteries
Tan P, Wei ZH, Shyy W, Zhao TS
283 - 290 From waste to energy: Microalgae production in wastewater and glycerol
Cabanelas ITD, Arbib Z, Chinalia FA, Souza CO, Perales JA, Almeida PF, Druzian JI, Nascimento IA
291 - 292 Advances in energy storage research and development: The 12th International Conference on Energy Storage Innostock 2012
Cabeza LF, Martin V, Yan JY
293 - 301 Simulation of thermal response tests in a layered subsurface
Raymond J, Lamarche L
302 - 311 Error analysis of thermal response tests
Witte HJL
312 - 320 Distributed thermal response tests on pipe-in-pipe borehole heat exchangers
Acuna J, Palm B
321 - 327 Efficient cooling energy supply with aquifer thermal energy storages
Kranz S, Frick S
328 - 336 Experimental and modeling analysis of a ground source heat pump system
Montagud C, Corberan JM, Ruiz-Calvo F
337 - 343 Thermal energy storage strategies for effective closed greenhouse design
Vadiee A, Martin V
344 - 351 Strategies for enhancing electrochemical activity of carbon-based electrodes for all-vanadium redox flow batteries
Flox C, Skoumal M, Rubio-Garcia J, Andreu T, Morante JR
352 - 359 New highly efficient regeneration process for thermochemical energy storage
Mette B, Kerskes H, Druck H, Muller-Steinhagen H
360 - 365 Prototype thermochemical heat storage with open reactor system
Zondag H, Kikkert B, Smeding S, de Boer R, Bakker M
366 - 373 Charge and discharge strategies for a multi-tank thermal energy storage
Dickinson RM, Cruickshank CA, Harrison SJ
374 - 386 Impact of control schemes of a monovalent inverter-driven water-to-water heat pump with a desuperheater in continental and subtropical climates through simulation
Blanco DL, Nagano K, Morimoto M
387 - 393 Compatibility of a post-industrial ceramic with nitrate molten salts for use as filler material in a thermocline storage system
Calvet N, Gomez JC, Faik A, Roddatis VV, Meffre A, Glatzmaier GC, Doppiu S, Py X
394 - 401 Pebble bed regenerator and storage system for high temperature use
Daschner R, Binder S, Mocker M
402 - 414 Modular object-oriented methodology for the resolution of molten salt storage tanks for CSP plants
Rodriguez I, Perez-Segarra CD, Lehmkuhl O, Oliva A
415 - 420 Intercomparative tests on phase change materials characterisation with differential scanning calorimeter
Lazaro A, Penalosa C, Sole A, Diarce G, Haussmann T, Fois M, Zalba B, Gshwander S, Cabeza LF
421 - 427 Comparison of three different devices available in Spain to test thermal properties of building materials including phase change materials
Barreneche C, de Gracia A, Serrano S, Navarro ME, Borreguero AM, Fernandez AI, Carmona M, Rodriguez JF, Cabeza LF
428 - 432 Improvement of the thermal inertia of building materials incorporating PCM. Evaluation in the macroscale
Barreneche C, Navarro ME, Fernandez AI, Cabeza LF
433 - 440 Improved measurement technique for the characterization of organic and inorganic phase change materials using the T-history method
Stankovic SB, Kyriacou PA
441 - 448 Physico-chemical and mechanical properties of microencapsulated phase change material
Giro-Paloma J, Oncins G, Barreneche C, Martinez M, Fernandez AI, Cabeza LF
449 - 453 Corrosion of metal and polymer containers for use in PCM cold storage
Oro E, Miro L, Barreneche C, Martorell I, Farid MM, Cabeza LF
454 - 461 Melting with convection and radiation in a participating phase change material
Fuentes JM, Johannes K, Kuznik F, Cosnier M, Virgone J
462 - 469 High temperature latent heat storage with a screw heat exchanger: Design of prototype
Zipf V, Neuhauser A, Willert D, Nitz P, Gschwander S, Platzer W
470 - 475 Optimization of solar DHW system including PCM media
Haillot D, Franquet E, Gibout S, Bedecarrats JP
476 - 487 Stratification analysis in packed bed thermal energy storage systems
Oro E, Castell A, Chiu J, Martin V, Cabeza LF
488 - 496 The use of phase change materials in fish farms: A general analysis
Zsembinszki G, Sole C, Castell A, Perez G, Cabeza LF
497 - 504 Development of high temperature phase-change-material storages
Laing D, Bauer T, Breidenbach N, Hachmann B, Johnson M
505 - 513 Circulating fluidized bed heat recovery/storage and its potential to use coated phase-change-material (PCM) particles
Pitie F, Zhao CY, Baeyens J, Degreve J, Zhang HL
514 - 522 Building integration of PCM for natural cooling of buildings
Alvarez S, Cabeza LF, Ruiz-Pardo A, Castell A, Tenorio JA
523 - 529 Active free cooling optimization with thermal energy storage in Stockholm
Chiu JNW, Gravoille P, Martin V
530 - 537 Ventilated active facades with PCM
Diarce G, Urresti A, Garcia-Romero A, Delgado A, Erkoreka A, Escudero C, Campos-Celador A
538 - 543 Pilot application of phase change slurry in a 5 m(3) storage
Vorbeck L, Gschwander S, Thiel P, Ludemann B, Schossig P
544 - 552 Evaluation of the environmental impact of experimental buildings with different constructive systems using Material Flow Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment
Rincon L, Castell A, Perez G, Sole C, Boer D, Cabeza LF