Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Vol.70, No.1-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 1 4th international conference on environmental Catalysis - ICEC-4 - 5-8 June 2005, Heidelberg, Germany
Glaser R, Lercher JA, Vorlop KD, Weitkamp J
2 - 15 Progress and future challenges in controlling automotive exhaust gas emissions
Twigg MV
16 - 30 Heat-integrated reactor concepts for catalytic reforming and automotive exhaust purification
Kolios G, Gritsch A, Morillo A, Tuttlies U, Bernnat J, Opferkuch F, Eigenberger G
31 - 35 Prospects of N2O emission regulations in the European fertilizer industry
Perez-Ramirez J
36 - 44 An investigation of the thermal stability and sulphur tolerance of Ag/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts for the SCR of NOx with hydrocarbons and hydrogen
Breen JP, Burch R, Hardacre C, Hill CJ, Krutzsch B, Bandl-Konrad B, Jobson E, Cider L, Blakeman PG, Peace LJ, Twigg MV, Preis M, Gottschling M
45 - 52 Deactivation of a Fe-ZSM-5 catalyst during the selective catalytic reduction of NO by n-decane: An operando DRIFT study
Delahay G, Guzman-Vargas A, Coq B
53 - 57 Kinetic experiments and modeling of NO oxidation and SCR of NOx with decane over Cu- and Fe-MFI catalysts
Capek L, Vradman L, Sazama P, Herskowitz M, Wichterlova B, Zukerman R, Brosius R, Martens JA
58 - 64 Effect of rhodium on the properties of bifunctional MxOy/ZrO2 catalysts in the reduction of nitrogen oxides by hydrocarbons
Mironyuk TV, Orlyk SN
65 - 72 Hydrogen as a remedy for the detrimental effect of aromatic and cyclic compounds on the HC-SCR over Ag/alumina
Arve K, Backman H, Klingstedt F, Eranen K, Murzin DY
73 - 79 Performance of solvothermally prepared Ga2O3-Al2O3 catalysts for SCR of NO with methane
Takahashi M, Nakatani T, Iwamoto S, Watanabe T, Inoue M
80 - 90 Reactivity of NO/NO2-NH3 SCR system for diesel exhaust aftertreatment: Identification of the reaction network as a function of temperature and NO2 feed content
Ciardelli C, Nova I, Tronconi E, Chatterjee D, Bandl-Konrad B, Weibel M, Krutzsch B
91 - 99 Surface chemistry and kinetics of the hydrolysis of isocyanic acid on anatase
Hauck P, Jentys A, Lercher JA
100 - 110 Kinetics of the NO+H-2 reaction over supported noble metal based catalysts: Support effect on their adsorption properties
Dhainaut F, Pietrzyk S, Granger P
111 - 118 Mechanistic insights into the formation of N2O and N-2 in NO reduction by NH3 over a polycrystalline platinum catalyst
Kondratenko VA, Baerns M
119 - 127 Modeling and simulation of the injection of urea-water-solution for automotive SCR DeNO(x)-systems
Birkhold F, Meingast U, Wassermann P, Deutschmann O
128 - 137 Design of catalysts for deNO(x) process using synergistic phenomenon
Burdeinaya TN, Matyshak VA, Tret'yakov VF, Glebov LS, Zakirova AG, Garcia MAC, Villanueva MEA
138 - 145 A combination of Ag/alumina and Ag modified ZSM-5 to remove NOx and CO during lean conditions
Konova P, Arve K, Klingstedt F, Nikolov P, Naydenov A, Kumar N, Murzin DY
146 - 150 Direct decomposition of nitric oxide over Ba catalysts supported on CeO2-based mixed oxides
Iwamoto S, Takahashi R, Inoue M
151 - 159 Multifunctional catalysts for de-NOx processes: The case of H3PW12O40 center dot 6H(2)O supported on mixed oxides
Gomez-Garcia MA, Pitchon V, Kiennemann A
160 - 171 Response surface study of the performance of lean NOx storage catalysts as a function of reaction conditions and catalyst composition
Hendershot RJ, Vijay R, Snively CM, Lauterbach J
172 - 178 Performances of SOx traps derived from Cu/Al hydrotalcite for the protection of NOx traps from the deactivation by sulphur
Centi G, Perathoner S
179 - 188 Kinetic modelling of sulfur deactivation of Pt/BaO/Al2O3 and BaO/Al2O3 NOx storage catalysts
Dawody J, Skoglundh M, Olsson L, Fridell E
189 - 197 New insight into the interaction of sulfur with diesel NOx storage catalysts
Rohr F, Gobel U, Kattwinkel P, Kreuzer T, Muller W, Philipp S, Gelin P
198 - 204 The low-temperature performance of NOx storage and reduction catalyst
Takahashi N, Yamazaki K, Sobukawa H, Shinjoh H
205 - 214 A combination of NOx trapping materials and urea-SCR catalysts for use in the removal of NOx from mobile diesel engines
Sullivan JA, Keane O
215 - 225 Development of a dosing strategy for a heavy-duty diesel exhaust cleaning system based on NOx storage and reduction technology by Design of Experiments
Papadakis K, Odenbrand CUI, Sjoblom J, Creaser D
226 - 232 NOx storage/reduction over lean-burn automotive catalysts
Scholz CML, Gangwal VR, Hoebink JHBJ, Schouten JC
233 - 240 Wall-flow filters with wall-integrated oxidation catalyst: A simulation study
Votsmeier M, Gieshoff J, Kogel M, Pfeifer M, Knoth JF, Drochner A, Vogel H
241 - 246 Mapping of diesel soot regeneration behaviour in catalysed silicon carbide filters
Pidria MF, Parussa F, Borla EM
247 - 253 Copper-vanadium-cerium oxide catalysts for carbon black oxidation
Cousin R, Capelle S, Abi-Aad E, Courcot D, Aboukais A
254 - 260 Microwave improvement of catalyst performance in soot oxidation without additives
Palma V, Russo P, Matarazzo G, Ciambelli P
261 - 268 Potassium-copper and potassium-cobalt catalysts supported on alumina for simultaneous NOx and soot removal from simulated diesel engine exhaust
Nejar N, Illan-Gomez MJ
269 - 275 Analysis of a kinetic model describing the dynamic operation of a three-way catalyst
Moller R, Onder CH, Guzzella L, Votsmeier M, Gieshoff J
276 - 283 Three-way-catalyst induced benzene formation: A precursor study
Bruehlmann S, Novak P, Lienemann P, Trottmann M, Gfeller U, Zwicky CN, Bommer B, Huber H, Wolfensberger M, Heeb NV
284 - 293 The oxidizing role of CO2 at mild temperature on ceria-based catalysts
Demoulin O, Navez M, Mugabo JL, Ruiz P
294 - 304 Millisecond step-scan FT-IR transmission spectroscopy under transient reaction conditions: CO oxidation over Pt/Al2O3
Wille A, Fridell E
305 - 313 On the use of mechanistic CO oxidation models with a platinum monolith catalyst
Salomons S, Hayes RE, Votsmeier M, Drochner A, Vogel H, Malmberg S, Gieshoff J
314 - 322 Catalytic performance of Co3O4/CeO2 and Co3O4/CeO2-ZrO2 composite oxides for methane combustion: Influence of catalyst pretreatment temperature and oxygen concentration in the reaction mixture
Liotta LF, Di Carlo G, Pantaleo G, Deganello G
323 - 329 Development of new catalysts for N2O-decomposition from adipic acid plant
Alini S, Basile F, Blasioli S, Rinaldi C, Vaccari A
330 - 334 Nitrous oxide formation in low temperature selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides with V2O5/TiO2 catalysts
Martin JA, Yates M, Avila P, Suarez S, Blanco J
335 - 341 Catalytic reduction of N2O over steam-activated FeZSM-5 zeolite -Comparison of CH4, CO, and their mixtures as reductants with or without excess O-2
Debbagh MN, de Lecea CSM, Perez-Ramirez J
342 - 352 Role of active oxygen transients in selective catalytic reduction of N2O with CH4 over Fe-zeolite catalysts
Nobukawa T, Sugawara K, Okumura K, Tomishige K, Kunimori K
353 - 359 Kinetic analysis of N2O decomposition over calcined hydrotalcites
Obalova L, Fila V
360 - 369 Understanding the activation mechanism induced by NOx on the performances of VOx/TiO2 based catalysts in the total oxidation of chlorinated VOCs
Bertinchamps F, Treinen M, Eloy P, Dos Santos AM, Mestdagh MM, Gaigneaux EM
370 - 376 Catalytic activation of ceramic filter elements for combined particle separation, NOx removal and VOC total oxidation
Nacken M, Heidenreich S, Hackel M, Schaub G
377 - 383 Influence of the exchanged cation in Pd/BEA and Pd/FAU zeolites for catalytic oxidation of VOCs
Tidahy HL, Siffert S, Lamonier JF, Cousin R, Zhilinskaya EA, Aboukais A, Su BL, Canet X, De Weireld G, Frere A, Giraudon JM, Leclercq G
384 - 392 Improvement of toluene catalytic combustion by addition of cesium in copper exchanged zeolites
Ribeiro MF, Silva JM, Brimaud S, Antunes AP, Silva ER, Fernandes A, Magnoux P, Murphy DM
393 - 399 Additional effects of cobalt precursor and zirconia support modifications for the design of efficient VOC oxidation catalysts
Wyrwalski F, Lamonier JF, Siffert S, Aboukais A
400 - 405 Ceria-based oxides as supports for LaCoO3 perovskite; catalysts for total oxidation of VOC
Alifanti M, Florea M, Parvulescu VI
406 - 416 Investigation of the preparation and activity of gold catalysts in the total oxidation of n-hexane
Cellier C, Lambert S, Gaigneaux EM, Poleunis C, Ruaux V, Eloy P, Lahousse C, Bertrand P, Pirard JP, Grange P
417 - 422 Novel mesoporous chromium oxide for VOCs elimination
Sinha AK, Suzuki K
423 - 430 On the modification of photocatalysts for improving visible light an UV degradation of gas-phase toluene over TiO2
Keller N, Barraud E, Bosc F, Edwards D, Keller V
431 - 436 Photocatalytic activities of NH3-treated titanias modified with other elements
Ozaki H, Fujimoto N, Iwamoto S, Inoue M
437 - 446 Copper- and iron-pillared clay catalysts for the WHPCO of model and real wastewater streams from olive oil milling production
Caudo S, Centi G, Genovese C, Perathoner S
447 - 451 Degradation of diclofenac in water by heterogeneous catalytic oxidation with H2O2
Hofmann J, Freier U, Wecks M, Hohmann S
452 - 460 Iron species incorporated over different silica supports for the heterogeneous photo-Fenton oxidation of phenol
Martinez F, Calleja G, Melero JA, Molina R
461 - 469 Influence of activated carbon upon titania on aqueous photocatalytic consecutive runs of phenol photodegradation
Matos J, Laine J, Herrmann JM, Uzcategui D, Brito JL
470 - 478 Photocatalytic degradation of Chromotrope 2R using nanocrystalline TiO2/activated-carbon composite catalysts
Wang WD, Silva CG, Faria JL
479 - 487 Electrochemical removal of antibiotics from wastewaters
Jara CC, Fino D, Specchia V, Saracco G, Spinelli R
488 - 497 On-board diesel fuel processing for an SOFC-APU - Technical challenges for catalysis and reactor design
Lindermeir A, Kah S, Kavurucu S, Muhlner M
498 - 508 Noble metal catalysts supported on gadolinium doped ceria used for natural gas reforming in fuel cell applications
Hennings U, Reimert R
509 - 514 Hydrogen production by autothermal reforming of sulfur-containing hydrocarbons over re-modified Ni/Sr/ZrO2 catalysts
Murata K, Saito M, Inaba M, Takahara I
515 - 524 Conditioning of Rh/alpha-Al2O3 catalysts for H-2 production via CH4 partial oxidation at high space velocity
Beretta A, Bruno T, Groppi G, Tavazzi I, Forzatti P
525 - 531 Fuel processor based on syngas production via short contact time catalytic partial oxidation reactors
Specchia S, Negro G, Saracco G, Specchia V
532 - 541 MnOx/Pt/Al2O3 catalysts for CO oxidation in H-2-rich streams
Ayastuy JL, Gonzalez-Marcos MP, Gonzalez-Velasco JR, Gutierrez-Ortiz MA
542 - 547 Reactivity of olefins in the hydrodesulfurization of FCC gasoline over CoMo sulfide catalyst
Toba M, Miki Y, Matsui T, Harada M, Yoshimura Y
548 - 556 Molybdocobaltate cobalt salts: New starting materials for hydrotreating catalysts
Lamonier C, Martin C, Mazurelle J, Harle V, Guillaume D, Payen E
557 - 566 Oxidation of H2S on activated carbon KAU and influence of the surface state
Brazhnyk DV, Zaitsev YP, Bacherikova IV, Zazhigalov VA, Stoch J, Kowal A
567 - 576 Development of mesoporous Al,B-MCM-41 materials - Effect of reaction temperature on the catalytic performance of Al,B-MCM-41 materials for the cyclohexanone oxime rearrangement
Conesa TD, Campelo JM, Luna D, Marinas JM, Romero AA
577 - 584 Aldol condensation of campholenic aldehyde and MEK over activated hydrotalcites
Abello S, Medina F, Tichit D, Perez-Ramirez J, Sueiras JE, Salagre P, Cesteros Y
585 - 596 FT-IR spectroscopic and catalytic study of de-aluminated H-mordenites as environmental friendly catalysts in the hydroxymethylation of 2-methoxyphenol with formaldehyde in aqueous medium
Armandi M, Bonelli B, Garrone E, Ardizzi M, Cavani F, Dal Pozzo L, Maselli L, Mezzogori R, Calestani G
597 - 605 Environmentally friendly, heterogeneous acid and base catalysis for the methylation of catechol: Chances for the control of chemo-selectivity
Ardizzi M, Ballarini N, Cavani F, Chiappini E, Dal Pozzo L, Maselli L, Monti T
606 - 610 Improved atom efficiency via an appreciation of the surface activity of alumina catalysts: Methyl chloride synthesis
McInroy AR, Lundie DT, Winfield JM, Dudman CC, Jones P, Lennon D
611 - 620 Screening of amorphous metal-phosphate catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene
Bautista FM, Campelo JM, Luna D, Marinas JM, Quiros RA, Romero AA
621 - 629 Aerobic selective oxidation of (hetero) aromatic primary alcohols to aldehydes or carboxylic acids over carbon supported platinum
Donze C, Korovchenko P, Gallezot P, Besson M
630 - 636 Supercritical carbon dioxide as an alternative reaction medium for hydroformylation with integrated catalyst recycling
Patcas F, Maniut C, Ionescu C, Pitter S, Dinjus E
637 - 643 Use of renewables for the production of chemicals: Glycerol oxidation over carbon supported gold catalysts
Demirel S, Lehnert K, Lucas M, Claus P
644 - 652 A new environmental friendly method for the preparation of sugar acids via catalytic oxidation on gold catalysts
Mirescu A, Prusse U
653 - 660 Influence of the preparation conditions on the properties of gold catalysts for the oxidation of glucose
Baatz C, Thielecke N, Prusse U