Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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Internal electric field construction on dual oxygen group-doped carbon nitride for enhanced photodegradation of pollutants under visible light irradiation
Li F, Han ME, Jin Y, Zhang LL, Li T, Gao YW, Hu C
Surface Fe(III)/Fe(II) cycle promoted the degradation of atrazine by peroxymonosulfate activation in the presence of hydroxylamine
Li J, Wan YJ, Li YJ, Yao G, Lai B
Promoting the activity of Ce-incorporated MOR in dimethyl ether carbonylation through tailoring the distribution of Bronsted acids
Li Y, Huang SY, Cheng ZZ, Cai K, Li LD, Milan E, Lv J, Wang Y, Sun Q, Ma XB
Chromium phosphide CrP as highly active and stable electrocatalysts for oxygen electroreduction in alkaline media
Liu JF, Yu XT, Du RF, Zhang CQ, Zhang T, Llorca J, Arbiol J, Wang Y, Meyns M, Cabot A
Activating peroxydisulfate by morphology-dependent NiO catalysts: Structural origin of different catalytic properties
Liu LD, Wang Y, Liu Q, Wang WJ, Duan L, Yang X, Yi SX, Xue XT, Zhang JW
Highly active iridium-rhenium catalyst condensed on silica support for hydrogenolysis of glycerol to 1,3-propanediol
Liu LJ, Kawakami S, Nakagawa Y, Tamura M, Tomishige K
Rational design and preparation of nanoheterostructures based on zinc titanate for solar-driven photocatalytic conversion of CO2 to valuable fuels
Lu JX, Li DL, Chai Y, Li L, Li M, Zhang YY, Liang J
Towards the prominent cocatalytic effect of ultra-small CoP particles anchored on g-C3N4 nanosheets for visible light driven photocatalytic H-2 Check tor production
Luo B, Song R, Geng JF, Liu XH, Jing DW, Wang ML, Cheng C
A difunctional photocatalytic H-2 evolution composite co-catalyst tailored by integration with earth-abundant material and ultralow amount of noble metal
Ma BJ, Li X, Li DK, Lin KY
High-efficiency Fe-Mediated Bi2MoO6 nitrogen-fixing photocatalyst: Reduced surface work function and ameliorated surface reaction
Meng QQ, Lv CD, Sun JX, Hong WZ, Xing WN, Qiang LS, Chen G, Jin XL
Porous nitrogen-rich g-C3N4 nanotubes for efficient photocatalytic CO2 reduction
Mo Z, Zhu XW, Jiang ZF, Song YH, Liu DB, Li HP, Yang XF, She YB, Lei YC, Yuan SQ, Li HM, Song L, Yan QY, Xu H
Long-lasting activity of Fe-0-C internal microelectrolysis-Fenton system assisted by Fe@C-montmorillonites nanocomposites
Niu HY, He DW, Yang YL, Lv HZ, Cai YQ, Liang Y
Screening hydrotreating catalysts for the valorization of a light cycle oil/scrap tires oil blend based on a detailed product analysis
Palos R, Kekalainen T, Duodu F, Gutierrez A, Arandes JM, Janis J, Castano P
Partially embedding Pt nanoparticles in the skeleton of 3DOM Mn2O3: An effective strategy for enhancing catalytic stability in toluene combustion
Pei WB, Liu YX, Deng JG, Zhang KF, Hou ZQ, Zhao XT, Dai HX
Active and stable Pt-Ceria nanowires@silica shell catalyst: Design, formation mechanism and total oxidation of CO and toluene
Peng HG, Dong T, Zhang L, Wang CL, Liu WM, Bao JF, Wang X, Zhang N, Wang Z, Wu P, Zhang PF, Dai S
Encapsulated MWCNT@MOF-derived In2S3 tubular heterostructures for boosted visible-light-driven degradation of tetracycline
Pi YH, Jin S, Li XY, Tu S, Li Z, Xiao J
Lignin catalytic hydroconversion in a semi-continuous reactor: An experimental study
Pu JJ, Nguyen TS, Leclerc E, Lorentz C, Laurenti D, Pitault I, Tayakout-Fayolle M, Geantet C
Ternary photocatalyst of atomic-scale Pt coupled with MoS2 co-loaded on TiO2 surface for highly efficient degradation of gaseous toluene
Qu JF, Chen DY, Li NJ, Xu QF, Li H, He JH, Lu JM
Novel ZnFe2O4/WO3, a highly efficient visible-light photocatalytic system operated by a Z-scheme mechanism
Rawal SB, Kang HJ, Won DI, Lee WI
Catalytic conversion of cellulose to sorbitol over Ru supported on biomass-derived carbon-based materials
Rey-Raap N, Ribeiro LS, Orfao JJD, Figueiredo JL, Pereira MFR
MnOx-support interactions in catalytic bodies for selective reduction of NO with NH3
Serrano-Lotina A, Monte M, Iglesias-Juez A, Pavon-Cadierno P, Portela R, Avila P
On the design and operation of solar photo-Fenton open reactors for the removal of contaminants of emerging concern from WWTP effluents at neutral pH
Soriano-Molina P, Sanchez JLG, Malato S, Plaza-Bolanos P, Aguera A, Perez JAS
New vesicular carbon-based rhenium phosphides with all-pH range electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity
Sun F, Wang YW, Fang L, Yang XH, Fu WW, Tian DN, Huang ZY, Li J, Zhang HJ, Wang Y
Alkali-metal poisoning effect of total CO and propane oxidation over Co3O4 nanocatalysts
Tang WX, Weng JF, Lu XX, Wen LY, Suburamanian A, Nam CY, Gao PX
Bi2WO6-x nanosheets with tunable Bi quantum dots and oxygen vacancies for photocatalytic selective oxidation of alcohols
Wang JG, Liang H, Zhang C, Jin B, Men Y
Modeling the effect of Cu doped TiO2 with carbon dots on CO2 methanation by H2O in a photo-thermal system
Wang K, Jiang RM, Peng T, Chen X, Dai WX, Fu XZ
Enhancing catalytic activity of tungsten disulfide through topology
Wang LL, Zhou G, Luo H, Zhang QF, Wang J, Zhao CW, Rao AM, Xu B, Lu BA
Non-oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene over ZSM-5 zeolite supported iron catalysts
Wang LC, Zhang YY, Xu JY, Diao WJ, Karakalos S, Liu B, Song XY, Wu W, He T, Ding D
Development of CuO coated ceramic hollow fiber membrane for peroxymonosulfate activation: a highly efficient singlet oxygen-dominated oxidation process for bisphenol a degradation
Wang SX, Tian JY, Wang Q, Xia F, Gao SS, Shi WX, Cui FY
Origin of electronic structure dependent activity of spinel ZnNixCo2-xO4 oxides for complete methane oxidation
Wang T, Wang JY, Sun YM, Duan Y, Sun SN, Hu X, Xi SB, Du YH, Wang C, Xu ZCJ
Effects of composition faults in ternary metal chalcogenides (ZnxIn2S3+x, x=1-5) layered crystals for visible-light-driven catalytic hydrogen generation and carbon dioxide reduction
Wu Y, Wang H, Tu WG, Wu SY, Chew JW
Immobilization of facet-engineered Ag3PO4 on mesoporous Al2O3 for efficient industrial waste gas purification with indoor LED illumination
Xia DH, Hu LL, Wang YC, Xu BH, Liao YH, He C, Ye LQ, Liang XL, Ye YH, Shu D
Deactivation of Cu-SSZ-13 SCR catalysts by vapor-phase phosphorus exposure
Xie KP, Wang AY, Woo J, Kumar A, Kamasamudram K, Olsson L
Engineering highly active oxygen sites in perovskite oxides for stable and efficient oxygen evolution
Xiong J, Zhong H, Li J, Zhang XL, Shi JW, Cai WW, Qu KG, Zhu CZ, Yang ZH, Beckman SP, Cheng HS
Ultrathin structured photocatalysts: A versatile platform for CO2 reduction
Xiong J, Song P, Di J, Li HM
Amino-functionalized synthesis of MnO2-NH2-GO for catalytic ozonation of cephalexin
Xu J, Li Y, Qian MQ, Pan J, Ding J, Guan BH
In-situ enriching active sites on co-doped Fe-Co4N@N-C nanosheet array as air cathode for flexible rechargeable Zn-air batteries
Xu QC, Jiang H, Li YH, Liang D, Hu YJ, Li CZ
Through hydrogen spillover to fabricate novel 3DOM-HxWO(3)/Pt/CdS Z-scheme heterojunctions for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Yan XQ, Xu BR, Yang XN, Wei JJ, Yang BL, Zhao L, Yang GD
Fully catalytic upgrading synthesis of 5-Ethoxymethylfurfural from biomass-derived 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural over recyclable layered-niobium-molybdate solid acid
Yang F, Tang JJ, Ou R, Guo ZJ, Gao SY, Wang YZ, Wang XY, Chen L, Yuan AH
Constructing electrostatic self-assembled 2D/2D ultra-thin ZnIn2S4/protonated g-C3N4 heterojunctions for excellent photocatalytic performance under visible light
Yang HC, Cao RY, Sun PX, Yin JM, Zhang SW, Xu XJ
Quasi-full-visible-light absorption by D35-TiO2/g-C3N4 for synergistic persulfate activation towards efficient photodegradation of micropollutants
Yang L, Bai X, Shi J, Du XY, Xu L, Jin PK
Photocarving nitrogen vacancies in a polymeric carbon nitride for metal-free oxygen synthesis
Yang PJ, Wang L, Zhuzhang HY, Wang RR, Titirici MM, Wang XC
Ultrafine Si nanowires/Sn3O4 nanosheets 3D hierarchical heterostructured array as a photoanode with high-efficient photoelectrocatalytic performance
Yang RQ, Ji YC, Li Q, Zhao ZH, Zhang RT, Liang LL, Liu F, Chen YK, Han SW, Yu X, Liu H
Multi-interface superstructure strategy to improve the catalytic activity and cyclic stability in enhancing the photo conversion in solar cells
Yao JX, Wang W, Zuo XQ, Yang Q, Khan MW, Wu MZ, Tang HB, Jin SW, Li G
Efficient degradation of chloramphenicol by zero-valent iron microspheres and new insights in mechanisms
Yu J, Hou XL, Hu XT, Yuan H, Wang JY, Chen CC
In situ exsolution of silver nanoparticles on AgTaO3-SrTiO3 solid solutions as efficient plasmonic photocatalysts for water splitting
Yu JX, Zhang L, Qian J, Zhu ZR, Ni S, Liu G, Xu XX
Electro-assisted catalytic wet air oxidation of organic pollutants on a MnO@C/GF anode under room condition
Zhai LF, Duan MF, Qiao MX, Sun M, Wang SB
Synergistic effect of Zr-MOF on phosphomolybdic acid promotes efficient oxidative desulfurization
Zhang XM, Zhang ZH, Zhang BH, Yang XF, Chang X, Zhou Z, Wang DH, Zhang MH, Bu XH
Probing supramolecular assembly and charge carrier dynamics toward enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution in 2D graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets
Zhao CX, Chen ZP, Xu JS, Liu QQ, Xu H, Tang H, Li GS, Jiang Y, Qu FQ, Lin ZX, Yang XF
A special synthesis of BiOCl photocatalyst for efficient pollutants removal: New insight into the band structure regulation and molecular oxygen activation
Zhao H, Liu X, Dong YM, Xia YM, Wang HJ
Urea-bridging synthesis of nitrogen-doped carbon tube supported single metallic atoms as bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst for zinc-air battery
Zhao J, Qin RX, Liu R
Plasmonic control of solar-driven CO2 conversion at the metal/ZnO interfaces
Zhao JW, Liu BQ, Meng LS, He S, Yuan RS, Hou YD, Ding ZX, Lin HX, Zhang ZZ, Wang XX, Long JL
Highly efficient stepwise electrochemical degradation of antibiotics in water by in situ formed Cu(OH)(2) nanowires
Zheng WR, Tsang CS, So LY, Liu MJ, Leung YC, Lee LYS
Toward biomass-based single-atom catalysts and plastics: Highly active single-atom Co on N-doped carbon for oxidative esterification of primary alcohols
Zhou H, Hong S, Zhang H, Chen YT, Xu HH, Wang XK, Jiang Z, Chen SL, Liu Y
The deep oxidation of NO was realized by Sr multi-site doped g-C3N4 via photocatalytic method
Zhou M, Dong GH, Yu FK, Huang Y
Preparing copper doped carbon nitride from melamine templated crystalline copper chloride for Fenton-like catalysis
Zhu JN, Zhu XQ, Cheng FF, Li P, Wang F, Xiao YW, Xiong WW
Dual function of graphene oxide for assisted exfoliation of black phosphorus and electron shuttle in promoting visible and near-infrared photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Zhu MS, Fujitsuka M, Zeng LX, Liu MH, Majima T
Rock salt type NiCo2O3 supported on ordered mesoporous carbon as a highly efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Zhang Y, Wang XX, Luo FQ, Tan Y, Zeng LX, Fang BZ, Liu AH
MnOx-decorated 3D porous C3N4 with internal donor-acceptor motifs for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen production
Ai MH, Zhang JW, Gao RJ, Pan L, Zhang XW, Zou JJ
Exceptionally active and stable catalysts for CO2 reforming of glycerol to syngas
Bac S, Say Z, Kocak Y, Ercan KE, Harfouche M, Ozensoy E, Avci AK
Mechanism of the CO2 storage and in situ hydrogenation to CH4. Temperature and adsorbent loading effects over Ru-CaO/Al2O3 and Ru-Na2CO3/Al2O3 catalysts
Bermejo-Lopez A, Pereda-Ayo B, Gonzalez-Marcos JA, Gonzalez-Velasco JR
Selective catalytic decarboxylation of biomass-derived carboxylic acids to bio-based methacrylic acid over hexaaluminate catalysts
Bohre A, Hocevar B, Grilc M, Likozar B
Electrolysis of pyrolysis oil distillates and permeates in a multi-anode proton exchange membrane cell
Brueckner TM, Hawboldt KA, Pickup PG
Orienting the charge transfer path of type-II heterojunction for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Cai HR, Wang B, Xiong LF, Bi JL, Yuan LY, Yang GD, Yang SC
Hydrogen thermo-photo production using Ru/TiO2: Heat and light synergistic effects
Caudillo-Flores U, Agostini G, Marini C, Kubacka A, Fernandez-Garcia M
In situ photochemical fabrication of CdS/g-C3N4 nanocomposites with high performance for hydrogen evolution under visible light
Chen L, Xu YM, Chen B
Insights into the role of active site density in the fuel cell performance of Co-N-C catalysts
Chen LY, Liu XF, Zheng LR, Li YC, Guo X, Wan X, Liu QT, Shang JX, Shui JL
Copper and cobalt nanoparticles doped nitrogen-containing carbon frameworks derived from CuO-encapsulated ZIF-67 as high-efficiency catalyst for hydrogenation of 4-nitrophenol
Chu CS, Rao S, Ma ZF, Han HL
Rich active-edge-site MoS2 anchored on reduction sites in metal sulfide heterostructure: Toward robust visible light photocatalytic hydrogen sulphide splitting
Dan M, Xiang JL, Wu F, Yu S, Cai Q, Ye LQ, Ye YH, Zhou Y
A biochar modified nickel-foam cathode with iron-foam catalyst in electro-Fenton for sulfamerazine degradation
Deng FX, Li SX, Zhou MH, Zhu YS, Qiu S, Li KH, Ma F, Jiang JZ
Interfacial-engineered cobalt@carbon hybrids for synergistically boosted evolution of sulfate radicals toward green oxidation
Duan XG, Kang J, Tian WJ, Zhang HY, Ho SH, Zhu YA, Ao ZM, Sun HQ, Wang SB
The effect of CO on CO2 methanation over Ru/Al2O3 catalysts: a combined steady-state reactivity and transient DRIFT spectroscopy study
Falbo L, Visconti CG, Lietti L, Szanyi J
Inactivation of harmful cyanobacteria by Ag/AgCl@ZIF-8 coating under visible light: Efficiency and its mechanisms
Fan GD, You YF, Wang B, Wu SM, Zhang Z, Zheng XM, Bao MC, Zhan JJ
Enhancing optical absorption and charge transfer: Synthesis of S-doped h-BN with tunable band structures for metal-free visible-light-driven photocatalysis
Feng CY, Tang L, Deng YC, Zeng GM, Wang JJ, Liu YN, Chen ZM, Yu JF, Wang JJ
Additive-free photo-assisted selective partial oxidation at ambient conditions of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural by manganese (IV) oxide nanorods
Giannakoudakis DA, Nair V, Khan A, Deliyanni EA, Colmenares JC, Triantafyllidis KS
Atomically dispersed Pt (II) on WO3 for highly selective sensing and catalytic oxidation of triethylamine
Gu FB, Cui YZ, Han DM, Hong S, Flytzani-Stephanopoulos M, Wang ZH
Rational design of positive-hexagon-shaped two-dimensional ZIF-derived materials as improved bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for use as long-lasting rechargeable Zn-Air batteries
Guan Y, Li YL, Luo S, Ren XZ, Deng LB, Sun LN, Mi HW, Zhang PX, Liu JH
In-situ electrode fabrication from polyaniline derived N-doped carbon nanofibers for metal-free electro-Fenton degradation of organic contaminants
Haider MR, Jiang WL, Han JL, Sharif HMA, Ding YC, Cheng HY, Wang AJ
Novel g-C3N4/BiOClxI1-x nanosheets with rich oxygen vacancies for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of organic contaminants under visible and simulated solar light
Hu XN, Zhang Y, Wang BJ, Li HJ, Dong WB
Dramatic promotion of visible-light photoreactivity of TiO2 hollow microspheres towards NO oxidation by introduction of oxygen vacancy
Hu Z, Li KN, Wu XF, Wang N, Li XF, Li Q, Li L, Lv KL
Atomic and electronic structures of graphene-decorated graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) as a metal-free photocatalyst under visible-light
Jeong T, Piao H, Park S, Yang JH, Choi G, Wu Q, Kang H, Woo HJ, Jung SJ, Kim H, Shin BG, Kim Y, Hwang EH, Choy JH, Song YJ
Modifying lewis base on TiO2 nanosheets for enhancing CO2 adsorption and the separation of photogenerated charge carriers
Jiang ZY, Miao WK, Zhu XL, Yang GH, Yuan ZM, Chen JC, Ji XX, Kong FG, Huang BB
A facile method to conduct 3D self-supporting Co-FeCo/N-doped graphene-like carbon bifunctional electrocatalysts for flexible solid-state zinc air battery
Jin QY, Ren BW, Chen JP, Cui H, Wang CX
Synthesis of caged iodine-modified ZnO nanomaterials and study on their visible light photocatalytic antibacterial properties
Jin YB, Long JT, Ma X, Zhou TH, Zhang ZZ, Lin HX, Long JL, Wang XX
Hierarchical nickel cobalt oxide spinel microspheres catalyze mineralization of humic substances during wet air oxidation at atmospheric pressure
Jing Q, Li H
Composition dependent selectivity of bimetallic Au-Pd NPs immobilised on titanate nanotubes in catalytic oxidation of glucose
Khawaji M, Zhang YM, Loh M, Graca I, Ware E, Chadwick D
Catalytic current mapping of oxygen reduction on isolated Pt particles by atomic force microscopy-scanning electrochemical microscopy
Kolagatla S, Subramanian P, Schechter A
An efficient ultrathin PtFeNi Nanowire/Ionic liquid conjugate electrocatalyst
Li CJ, Huang BL, Luo MC, Qin YN, Sun YJ, Li YJ, Yang Y, Wu D, Li MG, Guo SJ