Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Synergistically creating sulfur vacancies in semimetal-supported amorphous MoS2 for efficient hydrogen evolution
Li GW, Fu CG, Wu JQ, Rao JC, Liou SC, Xu XJ, Shao BQ, Liu K, Liu EK, Kumar N, Liu XJ, Fahlman M, Gooth J, Auffermann G, Sun Y, Felser C, Zhang BM
7 - 14 Photocatalytic water splitting over Pt-loaded TiO2 (Pt/TiO2) catalysts prepared by the polygonal barrel-sputtering method
Matsubara K, Inoue M, Hagiwara H, Abe T
15 - 25 0D/3D MoS2-NiS2/N-doped graphene foam composite for efficient overall water splitting
Kuang PY, He M, Zou HY, Yu JG, Fan K
26 - 36 FeCo/FeCoNi/N-doped carbon nanotubes grafted polyhedron-derived hybrid fibers as bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for durable rechargeable zinc-air battery
Wang Z, Ang JM, Zhang BW, Zhang YF, Ma XYD, Yan T, Liu J, Che BY, Huang YZ, Lu XH
37 - 46 Pore-functionalized ceramic membrane with isotropically impregnated cobalt oxide for sulfamethoxazole degradation and membrane fouling elimination: Synergistic effect between catalytic oxidation and membrane separation
Bao YP, Lee WJ, Lim TT, Wang R, Hu X
47 - 54 Powerful uranium extraction strategy with combined ligand complexation and photocatalytic reduction by postsynthetically modified photoactive metal-organic frameworks
Hui L, Zhai FW, Gui DX, Wang XX, Wu CF, Duo Z, Xing D, Hong D, Su XT, Juan D, Zhang L, Chai ZF, Shuao W
55 - 65 Surface confinement assisted synthesis of nitrogen-rich hollow carbon cages with Co nanoparticles as breathable electrodes for Zn-air batteries
Wu JH, Hu LJ, Wang N, Li YM, Zhao DK, Li LG, Peng XW, Cui ZM, Ma LJ, Tian Y, Wang XF
66 - 75 Magnetically separable TiO2/FeOx/POM accelerating the photocatalytic removal of the emerging endocrine disruptor: 2,4-dichlorophenol
Yu JJ, Wang TH, Rtimi S
76 - 85 Effects of H2O on HCHO and CO oxidation at room-temperature catalyzed by MCo2O4 (M = Mn, Ce and Cu) materials
Ma CY, Yang CG, Wang B, Chen C, Wang FB, Yao XL, Song MY
86 - 97 Octahedral-shaped perovskite CaCu3Ti4O12 with dual defects and coexposed {(001), (111)} facets for visible-light photocatalysis
Hailili R, Wang ZQ, Gong XQ, Wang CY
98 - 112 Defect-mediated Z-scheme BiO2-x/Bi2O2.75 photocatalyst for full spectrum solar-driven organic dyes degradation
Wang M, Tan GQ, Zhang D, Li B, Lv L, Wang Y, Ren HJ, Zhang XL, Xia A, Liu Y
113 - 127 Highly active Pt3Rh/C nanoparticles towards ethanol electrooxidation. Influence of the catalyst structure
Almeida CVS, Ferreira DS, Huang HL, Gaiotti AC, Camara GA, Russell AE, Eguiluz KIB, Salazar-Banda GR
128 - 134 Controlling carbon self-doping site of g-C3N4 for highly enhanced visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution
Huang YY, Li D, Fang ZY, Chen RJ, Luo BF, Shi WD
135 - 144 Effect of nano-scale, reduced graphene oxide on the degradation of bisphenol A in real tertiary treated wastewater with the persulfate/UV-C process
Ozyildiz G, Olmez-Hanci T, Arslan-Alaton I
145 - 155 Novel photocatalyst incorporating Ni-Co layered double hydroxides with P-doped CdS for enhancing photocatalytic activity towards hydrogen evolution
Li SS, Wang L, Li YD, Zhang LH, Wang AX, Xiao N, Gao YQ, Li N, Song WY, Ge L, Liu J
156 - 165 Electrochemical oxidation of organics in sulfate solutions on boron-doped diamond electrode: Multiple pathways for sulfate radical generation
Shin YU, Yoo HY, Ahn YY, Kim MS, Lee K, Yu S, Lee C, Cho K, Kim HI, Lee J
166 - 173 Nonradical activation of peroxydisulfate promoted by oxygen vacancy-laden NiO for catalytic phenol oxidative polymerization
Liu LD, Liu Q, Wang Y, Huang J, Wang WJ, Duan L, Yang X, Yu XY, Han X, Liu N
174 - 185 Photocatalytic recovery of H-2 from H2S containing wastewater: Surface and interface control of photo-excitons in Cu2S@TiO2 core-shell nanostructures
Rao VN, Reddy NL, Kumari MM, Ravi P, Sathish M, Kuruvilla KM, Preethi V, Reddy KR, Shetti NP, Aminabhavi TM, Shankar MV
186 - 193 In situ embedding Co9S8 into nitrogen and sulfur codoped hollow porous carbon as a bifunctional electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and hydrogen evolution reactions
Zhang SL, Zhai D, Sun TT, Han AJ, Zhai YL, Cheong WC, Liu Y, Su CL, Wang DS, Li YD
194 - 205 Efficient photocatalytic water-splitting performance by ternary CdS/Pt-N-TiO2 and CdS/Pt-N,F-TiO2: Interplay between CdS photo corrosion and TiO2-dopping
Solakidou M, Giannakas A, Georgiou Y, Boukos N, Louloudi M, Deligiannakis Y
206 - 213 Carbonate-intercalated defective bismuth tungstate for efficiently photocatalytic NO removal and promotion mechanism study
Huo WC, Xu WN, Cao T, Liu XY, Zhang YX, Dong F
214 - 222 Achieving high-performance for catalytic epoxidation of styrene with uniform magnetically separable CoFe2O4 nanoparticles
Liu JY, Meng R, Li JX, Jian PM, Wang LX, Jian RQ
223 - 236 Global kinetic modeling of rapidly pulsed reductants for lean NOx traps: Frequency domain analysis and impact of mass transfer
Reihani A, Patterson B, Hoard JW, Fisher GB
237 - 245 Application of solar photocatalytic ozonation in water treatment using supported TiO2
Rodriguez EM, Rey A, Mena E, Beltran FJ
246 - 259 Enhanced activity and sulfur resistance for soot combustion on three-dimensionally ordered macroporous-mesoporous MnxCe1-xO delta/SiO2 catalysts
Yu XH, Wang LY, Chen MZ, Fan XQ, Zhao Z, Cheng K, Chen YS, Sojka Z, Wei YC, Liu J
260 - 269 Promoted oxygen activation of layered micro-mesoporous structured titanium phosphate nanoplates by coupling nano-sized delta-MnO2 with surface pits for efficient photocatalytic oxidation of CO
Liu YD, Zhang XJ, Bian J, Sun JW, Li ZJ, Khan I, Qu Y, Li ZB, Jiang ZS, Jing LQ
270 - 282 Insights into photocatalytic CO2 reduction on C3N4: Strategy of simultaneous B, K co-doping and enhancement by N vacancies
Wang K, Fu JL, Zheng Y
283 - 291 Occurrence of both hydroxyl radical and surface oxidation pathways in N-doped layered nanocarbons for aqueous catalytic ozonation
Wang YX, Chen LL, Chen CM, Xi JX, Cao HB, Duan XG, Xie YB, Song WY, Wang SB
292 - 299 In-situ synthesis of bimetallic phosphide with carbon tubes as an active electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Wang J, Ciucci F
300 - 311 Effect of Ni incorporation in cobalt oxide lattice on carbon formation during ethanol decomposition reaction
Ashok A, Kumar A, Ponraj J, Mansour SA, Tarlochan F
312 - 320 From rice straw to magnetically recoverable nitrogen doped biochar: Efficient activation of peroxymonosulfate for the degradation of metolachlor
Liu C, Chen LW, Ding DH, Cai TM
321 - 328 Dimensional transformation and morphological control of graphitic carbon nitride from water-based supramolecular assembly for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution: from 3D to 2D and 1D nanostructures
Zhou BX, Ding SS, Zhang BJ, Xu L, Chen RS, Luo L, Huang WQ, Xie Z, Pan AL, Huang GF
329 - 338 Interface-engineered atomically thin Ni3S2/MnO2 heterogeneous nanoarrays for efficient overall water splitting in alkaline media
Xiong Y, Xu LL, Jin CD, Sun QF
339 - 350 A novel hybrid Bi2MoO6-MnO2 catalysts with the superior plasma induced pseudo photocatalytic-catalytic performance for ethyl acetate degradation
Wang HQ, Chen S, Wang Z, Zhou Y, Wu ZB
351 - 359 Efficiently enhanced N-2 photofixation performance of sea-urchin-like W18O49 microspheres with Mn-doping
Ying ZH, Chen ST, Zhang S, Peng TY, Li RJ
360 - 370 Electron-donating-accepting behavior between nitrogen-doped carbon materials and Fe species and its promotion for DBT hydrodesulfurization
Li L, Wang MJ, Huang LX, Liu XD, Zhang XY, Sun H, Yu QQ, Yang F, Guo QX, Shen BJ
371 - 379 Removal of MC-LR using the stable and efficient MIL-100/MIL-53 (Fe) photocatalyst: The effect of coordinate immobilized layers
Tian HL, Araya T, Li RP, Fang YF, Huang YP
380 - 390 Solvent-free synthesis of cyclic carbonates from CO2 and epoxides catalyzed by reusable alumina-supported zinc dichloride
Bondarenko GN, Dvurechenskaya EG, Ganina OG, Alonso F, Beletskaya IP
391 - 402 Non-precious Co3O4-TiO2/Ti cathode based electrocatalytic nitrate reduction: Preparation, performance and mechanism
Gao JN, Jiang B, Ni CC, Qi YF, Zhang YQ, Oturan N, Oturan MA
403 - 413 Highly efficient visible light driven photocatalytic inactivation of E. coli with Ag QDs decorated Z-scheme Bi2S3/SnIn4S8 composite
Shi H, Wang C, Zhao Y, Liu E, Fan J, Ji Z
414 - 423 In situ engineering bi-metallic phospho-nitride bi-functional electrocatalysts for overall water splitting
Zhang R, Huang J, Chen GL, Chen W, Song CS, Li CR, Ostrikov K
424 - 431 Surface modification of NiCo2Te4 nanoclusters: a highly efficient electrocatalyst for overall water-splitting in neutral solution
Tao LM, Huang M, Guo SJ, Wang QL, Li M, Xiao X, Cao GY, Shao Y, Shen Y, Fu YQ, Wang MK
432 - 442 Optimization of active surface area of flower like MoS2 using V-doping towards enhanced hydrogen evolution reaction in acidic and basic medium
Bolar S, Shit S, Kumar JS, Murmu NC, Ganesh RS, Inokawa H, Kuila T
443 - 451 Cobalt@nitrogen-doped bamboo-structured carbon nanotube to boost photocatalytic hydrogen evolution on carbon nitride
Liu QX, Zeng CM, Xie ZH, Ai LH, Liu YY, Zhou Q, Jiang J, Sun HQ, Wang SB
452 - 462 Construction of a bioinspired laccase-mimicking nanozyme for the degradation and detection of phenolic pollutants
Wang JH, Huang RL, Qi W, Su RX, Binks BP, He ZM
463 - 470 Selective photocatalytic conversion of alcohol to aldehydes by singlet oxygen over Bi-based metal-organic frameworks under UV-vis light irradiation
Zhang R, Liu Y, Wang Z, Wang P, Zheng Z, Qin X, Zhang X, Dai Y, Whangbo MH, Huang B
471 - 478 A novel strategy for 2D/2D NiS/graphene heterostructures as efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for overall water splitting
Zhang DL, Mou HY, Lu F, Song CX, Wang DB
479 - 490 Mediator-free direct dual-Z-scheme Bi2S3/BiVO4/MgIn2S4 composite photocatalysts with enhanced visible-light-driven performance towards carbamazepine degradation
Guo Y, Ao YH, Wang PF, Wang C
491 - 499 Stabilization of furanics to cyclic ketone building blocks in the vapor phase
Omotoso T, Herrera LV, Vann T, Briggs NM, Gomez LA, Barrett L, Jones D, Pham T, Wang B, Crossley SP
500 - 509 The development of new pigments: Colorful g-C3N4-based catalysts for nicotine removal
Chen SJ, Lu WY, Shen HB, Xu SS, Chen X, Xu TF, Wang Y, Chen Y, Gu Y, Wang C, Wu XF, Beller M, Chen WX
510 - 522 Transition metal carbide catalysts for biomass conversion: A review
Pang JF, Sun JM, Zheng MY, Li HQ, Wang Y, Zhang T
523 - 530 Multilayer hybrid nanosheet of mesoporous carbon - layered metal oxide as a highly efficient electrocatalyst for Li - O-2 batteries
Jo YK, Tamakloe W, Jin XY, Lim J, Patil SB, Kang YM, Hwang SJ
531 - 540 Organic acid-assisted preparation of highly dispersed Co/ZrO2 catalysts with superior activity for CO2 methanation
Li WH, Liu Y, Mu MC, Ding FS, Liu ZM, Guo XW, Song CS
541 - 550 Fabrication of CdS/titanium-oxo-cluster nanocomposites based on a Ti-32 framework with enhanced photocatalytic activity for tetracycline hydrochloride degradation under visible light
Zhu Q, Sun YK, Na FS, Wei J, Xu S, Li YL, Guo F
551 - 559 Sacrificing ionic liquid-assisted anchoring of carbonized polymer dots on perovskite-like PbBiO2Br for robust CO2 photoreduction
Wang B, Di J, Lu L, Yan SC, Liu GP, Ye YZ, Li HT, Zhu WS, Li HM, Xia JX
560 - 568 Metal-acid interfaces enveloped in zeolite crystals for cascade biomass hydrodeoxygenation
Jin Z, Yi XF, Wang L, Xu SD, Wang CT, Wu QM, Wang LX, Zheng AN, Xiao FS
569 - 579 Catalytic ozonation benefit from the enhancement of electron transfer by the coupling of g-C3N4 and LaCoO3: Discussion on catalyst fabrication and electron transfer pathway
Zhang YT, Li QW, Long YJ, Zou JW, Song ZL, Liu C, Liu LY, Qi F, Xu BB, Chen ZL
580 - 586 Synergistic effects of Cu2O-decorated CeO2 on photocatalytic CO2 reduction: Surface Lewis acid/base and oxygen defect
Pu Y, Luo YD, Wei XQ, Sun JF, Li LL, Zou WX, Dong L
587 - 593 Improved durability and activity of Pt/C catalysts through atomic layer deposition of tungsten nitride and subsequent thermal treatment
McNeary WW, Zaccarine SF, Lai A, Linico AE, Pylypenko S, Weimer AW
594 - 600 In situ observation of NiS nanoparticles depositing on single TiO2 mesocrystal for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity
Shi XW, Kim S, Fujitsuka M, Majima T
601 - 611 Iron-nitrogen-carbon species for oxygen electro-reduction and Zn-air battery: Surface engineering and experimental probe into active sites
Zhu AQ, Qiao LL, Tan PF, Ma YJ, Zeng WX, Dong R, Ma C, Pan J
612 - 623 Sandwiched SiO2@Ni@ZrO2 as a coke resistant nanocatalyst for dry reforming of methane
Dou J, Zhang RG, Hao XB, Bao ZH, Wu TP, Wang BJ, Yu F
624 - 633 Installing earth-abundant metal active centers to covalent organic frameworks for efficient heterogeneous photocatalytic CO2 reduction
Lu M, Li Q, Liu J, Zhang FM, Zhang L, Wang JL, Kang ZH, Lan YQ
634 - 646 CoNi based alloy/oxides@N-doped carbon core-shell dendrites as complementary water splitting electrocatalysts with significantly enhanced catalytic efficiency
Zhang Q, Li XL, Tao BX, Wang XH, Deng YH, Gu XY, Li LJ, Xiao W, Li NB, Luo HQ
647 - 658 In situ fabrication of bismuth oxyiodide (Bi7O9I3/Bi5O7I) n-n heterojunction for enhanced degradation of triclosan (TCS) under simulated solar light irradiation
Chang C, Yang HC, Mu WN, Cai YR, Wang LX, Yang LP, Qin HW
659 - 666 Catalytic methane pyrolysis in molten MnCl2 -KCl
Kang D, Rahimi N, Gordon MJ, Metiu H, McFarland EW
667 - 676 Perylene-3,4,9,10-tetracarboxylic acid accelerated light-driven water oxidation on ultrathin indium oxide porous sheets
Zheng RJ, Zhang M, Sun X, Chen RP, Sun X
677 - 684 Influence of co-catalysts on the photocatalytic activity of MIL-125(Ti)-NH2 in the overall water splitting
Remiro-Buenamanana S, Cabrero-Antonino M, Martinez-Guanter M, Alvaro M, Navalon S, Garcia H
685 - 692 Improving the electrochemical oxidation of formic acid by tuning the electronic properties of Pd-based bimetallic nanoparticles
Hu SZ, Che FL, Khorasani B, Jeon M, Yoon CW, McEwen JS, Scudiero L, Ha S