Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Vol.250 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Visible-light photocatalysis accelerates As(III) release and oxidation from arsenic-containing sludge
Lu HB, Liu XM, Liu F, Hao ZP, Zhang J, Lin Z, Barnett Y, Pan G
10 - 16 Photo-assisted methanol synthesis via CO2 reduction under ambient pressure over plasmonic Cu/ZnO catalysts
Wang ZJ, Song H, Pang H, Ning YX, Dao TD, Wang Z, Chen HL, Weng YX, Fu Q, Nagao T, Fang YM, Ye JH
17 - 30 One-step low-temperature synthesis of OD CeO2 quantum dots/2D BiOX (X = Cl, Br) nanoplates heterojunctions for highly boosting photo-oxidation and reduction ability
Yang J, Liang YJ, Li K, Yang G, Yin S
31 - 41 Highly efficient Z-scheme structured visible-light photocatalyst constructed by selective doping of Ag@AgBr and Co3O4 separately on {010} and {110} facets of BiVO4: Pre-separation channel and hole-sink effects
Chen FF, Wu CY, Wang JN, Francois-Xavier CP, Wintgens T
42 - 51 Engineering of reduced graphene oxide on nanosheet g-C3N4/perylene imide heterojunction for enhanced photocatalytic redox performance
Yang LP, Wang PY, Yin J, Wang CY, Dong GH, Wang YH, Ho WK
52 - 62 Synergistic effect of artificial enzyme and 2D nano-structured Bi2WO6 for eco-friendly and efficient biomimetic photocatalysis
Yi H, Yan M, Huang DL, Zeng GM, Lai C, Li MF, Huo XQ, Qin L, Liu SY, Liu XG, Li BS, Wang H, Shen MC, Fu YK, Guo XY
63 - 70 Effective hydrogenation of g-C3N4 for enhanced photocatalytic performance revealed by molecular structure dynamics
Gong Y, Li HK, Jiao C, Xu QC, Xu XY, Zhang XM, Liu YF, Dai ZY, Liu XY, Chen W, Liu L, Zhan D
71 - 77 Bifunctional porous Co-doped NiO nanoflowers electrocatalysts for rechargeable zinc-air batteries
Qian JM, Guo XS, Wang TT, Liu PT, Zhang H, Gao DQ
78 - 88 Facile assembled biochar-based nanocomposite with improved graphitization for efficient photocatalytic activity driven by visible light
Ye SJ, Yan M, Tan XF, Liang J, Zeng GM, Wu HP, Song B, Zhou CY, Yang Y, Wang H
89 - 98 Correlation between the H-2 response and its oxidation over TiO2 and N doped TiO2 under UV irradiation induced by Fermi level
Wang K, Peng T, Wang ZM, Wang H, Chen X, Dai WX, Fu XZ
99 - 111 Co-aromatization of methane with propane over Zn/HZSM-5: The methane reaction pathway and the effect of Zn distribution
He P, Jarvis JS, Meng SJ, Li QY, Bernard GM, Liu LJ, Mao XH, Jiang Z, Zeng HB, Michaelis VK, Song H
112 - 116 Preparation of visible-light-responsive photocatalyst by dehydronitrization of gallium oxide hydroxide for hydrogen evolution from water
Kato Y, Yamamoto M, Ozawa A, Tanabe T, Yoshida T
117 - 131 The effect of Si/Al ratio of zeolite supported Pd for complete CH4 oxidation in the presence of water vapor and SO2
Friberg I, Sadokhina N, Olsson L
132 - 142 A robust core-shell silver soot oxidation catalyst driven by Co3O4: Effect of tandem oxygen delivery and Co3O4-CeO2 synergy
Wang X, Jin BF, Feng RX, Liu W, Weng D, Wu XD, Liu S
143 - 149 MOF-derived 3D Fe-N-S co-doped carbon matrix/nanotube nanocomposites with advanced oxygen reduction activity and stability in both acidic and alkaline media
Jin HH, Zhou H, He DP, Wang ZH, Wu QL, Liang QR, Liu SL, Mu SC
150 - 162 Construction of g-C3N4/PDI@MOF heterojunctions for the highly efficient visible light-driven degradation of pharmaceutical and phenolic micropollutants
Li YY, Fang Y, Cao ZL, Li NJ, Chen DY, Xu QF, Lu JM
163 - 170 Efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution using NiS/ZnIn2S4 heterostructures with enhanced charge separation and interfacial charge transfer
Yan AH, Shi XW, Huang F, Fujitsuka M, Majima T
171 - 180 Engineering organic/inorganic hierarchical photocathode for efficient and stable quasi-solid-state photoelectrochemical fuel cells
Wang YH, Shi HH, Cui K, Yu JH
181 - 188 Promotional effect of Ga for Ni2P catalyst on hydrodesulfurization of 4,6-DMDBT
Jang JG, Lee YK
189 - 199 Developing superior catalysts engineered by multichannel healing strategy for advanced oxidation
Xia H, Zhang Z, Liu J, Ning XM, Zhang ST, Lu XQ
200 - 212 A nanoscale p-n junction photoelectrode consisting of an NiOx layer on a TiO2/CdS nanorod core-shell structure for highly efficient solar water splitting
Yoo IH, Kalanur SS, Seo H
213 - 223 Two-dimensional dual carbon-coupled defective nickel quantum dots towards highly efficient overall water splitting
Chen ZL, Xu HB, Ha Y, Li XY, Liu M, Wu RB
224 - 233 2D Co-incorporated hydroxyapatite nanoarchitecture as a potential efficient oxygen evolution cocatalyst for boosting photoelectrochemical water splitting on Fe2O3 photoanode
Chong RF, Du YQ, Chang ZX, Jia YS, Qiao Y, Liu SH, Liu Y, Zhou YM, Li DL
234 - 241 Ultra-small colloidal heavy-metal-free nanoplatelets for efficient hydrogen generation
Zhao HG, Zhang H, Liu GJ, Tong X, Liu JB, Selopal GS, Wang YQ, Wang ZMM, Sun SH, Rosei F
242 - 249 Shape engineering of palladium aerogels assembled by nanosheets to achieve a high performance electrocatalyst
Yazdan-Abad MZ, Noroozifar M, Douk AS, Modarresi-Alam AR, Saravani H
250 - 272 Reforming of tar from biomass gasification in a hybrid catalysis-plasma system: A review
Liu LN, Zhang ZK, Das S, Kawi S
273 - 279 Atomically dispersed Mo atoms on amorphous g-C3N4 promotes visible-light absorption and charge carriers transfer
Zhang RY, Li PH, Wang F, Ye LQ, Gaur A, Huang ZA, Zhao ZY, Bai Y, Zhou Y
280 - 291 Enhanced direct deoxygenation of anisole to benzene on SiO2-supported NiGa alloy and intermetallic compound
Zheng Y, Zhao N, Chen JX
292 - 300 Engineering a cobalt clathrochelate/glassy carbon interface for the hydrogen evolution reaction
Al Cheikh J, Villagra A, Ranjbari A, Pradon A, Antuch M, Dragoe D, Millet P, Assaud L
301 - 312 Dual-template synthesis of mesoporous TiO2 nanotubes with structure enhanced functional photocatalytic performance
He GY, Zhang JH, Hu Y, Bai ZG, Wei CH
313 - 324 Fabrication of Bi2MoO6/ZnO hierarchical heterostructures with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity
Zhang GP, Chen DY, Li NJ, Xu QF, Li H, He JH, Lu JM
325 - 336 Selective oxidation of alkylarenes to aromatic acids/ketone in water by using reusable binaphthyl stabilized Pt nanoparticles (Pt-BNP) as catalyst
Saha R, Sekar G
337 - 346 Highly efficient visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation of VOCs by CO2-assisted synthesized mesoporous carbon confined mixed-phase TiO2 nanocomposites derived from MOFs
Liu HL, Ma YP, Chen JY, Wen MC, Li GY, An TC
347 - 354 Carbon nanotubes with rich pyridinic nitrogen for gas phase CO2 electroreduction
Ma C, Hou PF, Wang XP, Wang Z, Li WT, Kang P
355 - 368 Influence of Na, P and (Na plus P) poisoning on a model copper-ferrierite NH3-SCR catalyst
Tarot ML, Iojoiu EE, Lauga V, Duprez D, Courtois X, Can F
369 - 381 MOF-derived hollow TiO2@C/FeTiO3 nanoparticles as photoanodes with enhanced full spectrum light PEC activities
Wang J, Xue C, Yao WQ, Liu J, Gao XX, Zong RL, Yang Z, Jin WJ, Tao DP
382 - 395 In-situ pyrolysis of Enteromorpha as carbocatalyst for catalytic removal of organic contaminants: Considering the intrinsic N/Fe in Enteromorpha and non-radical reaction
Chen C, Ma TF, Shang YN, Gao BY, Jin B, Dan HB, Li Q, Yue QY, Li YW, Wang Y, Xu X
396 - 407 A facile strategy of enhancing interaction between cerium and manganese oxides for catalytic removal of gaseous organic contaminants
Chen J, Chen X, Yan DX, Jiang MZ, Xu WJ, Yu H, Jia HP
408 - 418 Insights into the role of singlet oxygen in the photocatalytic hydrogen peroxide production over polyoxometalates-derived metal oxides incorporated into graphitic carbon nitride framework
Zhao S, Zhao X
419 - 428 Selective catalytic reduction of NOx over Cu- and Fe-exchanged zeolites and their mechanical mixture
Hamoud HI, Valtchev V, Daturi M
429 - 439 Photocatalytic, photolytic and radiolytic elimination of imidacloprid from aqueous solution: Reaction mechanism, efficiency and economic considerations
Rozsa G, Nafradi M, Alapi T, Schrantz K, Szabo L, Wojnarovits L, Takacs E, Tungler A