Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Enhanced photodegradation of toxic organic pollutants using dual-oxygen-doped porous g-C3N4: Mechanism exploration from both experimental and DFT studies
Zhang S, Liu Y, Gu PC, Ma R, Wen T, Zhao GX, Li L, Ai YJ, Hu C, Wang XK
11 - 21 Visible-light-driven photocatalytic disinfection of human adenovirus by a novel heterostructure of oxygen-doped graphitic carbon nitride and hydrothermal carbonation carbon
Zhang C, Zhang MY, Li Y, Shuai DM
22 - 30 Nanospherical mesoporous carbon-supported gold as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst in the elimination of mass transport limitations
Chen SJ, Fu HB, Zhang L, Wan Y
31 - 43 Zirconium-lignosulfonate polyphenolic polymer for highly efficient hydrogen transfer of biomass-derived oxygenates under mild conditions
Zhou SH, Dai FL, Xiang ZY, Song T, Liu DT, Lu FC, Qi HS
44 - 53 Bio-template synthesis of Mo-doped polymer carbon nitride for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Wang YY, Zhang YW, Zhao S, Huang ZW, Chen WX, Zhou YM, Lv XS, Yuan SH
54 - 61 Assessment of different iron species as activators of S2O82- and HSO5- for inactivation of wild bacteria strains
Rodriguez-Chueca J, Guerra-Rodriguez S, Raez JM, Lopez-Munoz MJ, Rodriguez E
62 - 72 Solar-assisted bacterial disinfection and removal of contaminants of emerging concern by Fe2+-activated HSO5- vs. S2O82- in drinking water
Rodriguez-Chueca J, Giannakis S, Marjanovic M, Kohantorabi M, Gholami MR, Grandjean D, de Alencastro LF, Pulgarin C
73 - 83 Tuning interaction between cobalt catalysts and nitrogen dopants in carbon nanospheres to promote Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Cheng QP, Zhao N, Lyu SS, Tian Y, Gao F, Dong L, Jiang Z, Zhang J, Tsubaki N, Li XG
84 - 94 Unveiling the origin of boosted photocatalytic hydrogen evolution in simultaneously (S, P, O)-Codoped and exfoliated ultrathin g-C3N4 nanosheets
Liu QQ, Shen JY, Yu XH, Yang XF, Liu W, Yang J, Tang H, Xu H, Li HM, Li YY, Xu JS
95 - 107 Electrosynthesis of hydrogen peroxide using modified gas diffusion electrodes (MGDE) for environmental applications: Quinones and azo compounds employed as redox modifiers
Moreira J, Lima VB, Goulart LA, Lanza MRV
108 - 114 Effects of ultrasound irradiation on the electrochemical treatment of wastes containing micelles
Dionisio D, Motheo AJ, Saez C, Canizares P, Rodrigo MA
115 - 119 Photocatalytic behaviors of epitaxial BiVO4 (010) thin films
Li GQ, Shen QY, Yang ZZ, Kou SW, Zhang F, Zhang WF, Guo HZ, Du YG
120 - 128 Ti-substituted LaFeO3 perovskite as photoassisted CWPO catalyst for water treatment
Garcia-Munoz P, Lefevre C, Robert D, Keller N
129 - 146 Highly active ZnO-based biomimetic fern-like microleaves for photocatalytic water decontamination using sunlight
Serra A, Zhang Y, Sepulveda B, Gomez E, Nogues J, Michler J, Philippe L
147 - 156 In situ exsolved Co nanoparticles on Ruddlesden-Popper material as highly active catalyst for CO2 electrolysis to CO
Park S, Kim Y, Han H, Chung YS, Yoon W, Choi J, Kim WB
157 - 166 Size-dependent photocatalytic activity of carbon dots with surface-state determined photoluminescence
Zhou YQ, Zahran EM, Quiroga BA, Perez J, Mintz KJ, Peng ZL, Liyanage PY, Pandey RR, Chusuei CC, Leblanc RM
167 - 183 Ag-La loaded protonated carbon nitrides nanotubes (pCNNT) with improved charge separation in a monolithic honeycomb photoreactor for enhanced bireforming of methane (BRM) to fuels
Tahir B, Tahir M, Amin NAS
184 - 192 Metal-free g-C3N4 photocatalysis of organic micropollutants in urban wastewater under visible light
Moreira NFF, Sampaio MJ, Ribeiro AR, Silva CG, Faria JL, Silva AMT
193 - 201 Half-unit-cell ZnIn2S4 monolayer with sulfur vacancies for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Du C, Zhang Q, Lin ZY, Yan B, Xia CX, Yang GW
202 - 210 Metal-organic framework derived Co3O4/MoS2 heterostructure for efficient bifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reaction and hydrogen evolution reaction
Muthurasu A, Maruthapandian V, Kim HY
211 - 217 Halogenation of aromatic hydrocarbons by halide anion oxidation with poly (heptazine imide) photocatalyst
Markushyna Y, Teutloff C, Kurpil B, Cruz D, Lauermann I, Zhao YB, Antonietti M, Savateev A
218 - 225 Porous Fe2O3 nanotubes with alpha-gamma phase junction for enhanced charge separation and photocatalytic property produced by molecular layer deposition
Chen CQ, Duan FF, Zhao SC, Wang WK, Yang F, Nuansing W, Zhang BY, Qin Y, Knez M
226 - 238 Effect of W on the acidity and redox performance of the Cu0.02Fe0.2WaTiOx (a=0.01, 0.02, 0.03) catalysts for NH3-SCR of NO
Ma SB, Zhao XY, Li YS, Zhang TR, Yuan FL, Niu XY, Zhu YJ
239 - 248 N-, O- and P-doped hollow carbons: Metal-free bifunctional electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction reactions
Huang SC, Meng YY, Cao YF, He SM, Li XH, Tong SF, Wu MM
249 - 254 Improvement of photocatalytic activity under visible-light irradiation by heterojunction of Cu ion loaded WO3 and Cu ion loaded N-TiO2
Iihoshi T, Ohwaki T, Vequizo JJM, Yamakata A
255 - 263 Z-scheme carbon-bridged Bi2O3/TiO2 nanotube arrays to boost photoelectrochemical detection performance
Pang YJ, Li YW, Xu GQ, Hu YT, Kou ZK, Feng Q, Lv J, Zhang Y, Wang J, Wu YC
264 - 276 Catalytic combustion of chlorinated aromatics over WOx/CeO2 catalysts at low temperature
Gu YF, Cai T, Gao XH, Xia HQ, Sun W, Zhao J, Dai QG, Wang XY
277 - 285 In-situ evolution of active layers on commercial stainless steel for stable water splitting
Lyu YH, Wang RL, Tao L, Zou YQ, Zhou HJ, Liu TT, Zhou YY, Huo J, Jiang SP, Zheng JY, Wang SY
286 - 297 A study of Ni/La-Al2O3 catalysts: A competitive system for CO2 methanation
Garbarino G, Wang CY, Cavattoni T, Finocchio E, Riani P, Flytzani-Stephanopoulos M, Busca G
298 - 308 Controllable synthesis of mesoporous manganese oxide microsphere efficient for photo-Fenton-like removal of fluoroquinolone antibiotics
Wang AQ, Wang H, Deng H, Wang S, Shi W, Yi ZX, Qiu RL, Yan K
309 - 319 A review of the concepts, recent advances and niche applications of the (photo) Fenton process, beyond water/wastewater treatment: Surface functionalization, biomass treatment, combatting cancer and other medical uses
Giannakis S
320 - 331 Facile one-pot ultrasound-assisted solvothermal fabrication of ball-flowerlike nanostructured (BiOBr)(x)(Bi7O9I3)(1-x) solid-solution for high active photodegradation of antibiotic levofloxacin under sun-light
Fard SG, Haghighi M, Shabani M
332 - 340 A mechanistic study of the interactions between methane and nickel supported on doped ceria
Ouyang MZ, Boldrin P, Maher RC, Chen XL, Liu XH, Cohen LF, Brandon NP
341 - 348 Approaching zero discharge concept in refineries by solar-assisted photo-Fenton and photo-catalysis processes
Demir-Duz H, Ayyildiz O, Akturk AS, Alvarez MG, Contreras S
349 - 356 Graphitic carbon nitride based photocatalysis for redox conversion of arsenic(III) and chromium(VI) in acid aqueous solution
Wang Z, Murugananthan M, Zhang YR
357 - 365 Few-layered MoS2 vertically aligned on 3D interconnected porous carbon nanosheets for hydrogen evolution
Ko DJ, Jin XZ, Seong KD, Yan BY, Chai H, Kim JM, Hwang M, Choi J, Zhang W, Piao YZ
366 - 379 Titanium dioxide encapsulated carbon-nitride nanosheets derived from MXene and melamine-cyanuric acid composite as a multifunctional electrocatalyst for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reaction and oxygen reduction reaction
He LH, Liu JM, Liu YK, Cui BB, Hu B, Wang MH, Tian K, Song YP, Wu SD, Zhang ZH, Peng ZK, Du M
380 - 387 Copper-mediated metal-organic framework as efficient photocatalyst for the partial oxidation of aromatic alcohols under visible-light irradiation: Synergism of plasmonic effect and schottky junction
Xiao L, Zhang Q, Chen P, Chen L, Ding F, Tang J, Li YJ, Au CT, Yin SF
388 - 393 Efficient photo-electrochemical water splitting based on hematite nanorods doped with phosphorus
Wang XN, Gao WQ, Zhao ZH, Zhao LL, Claverie JP, Zhang XF, Wang JJ, Liu H, Sang YH
394 - 404 Low-temperature hydrogenation of dimethyl oxalate to ethylene glycol via ternary synergistic catalysis of Cu and acid - base sites
Cui GQ, Meng XY, Zhang X, Wang WL, Xu SL, Ye YC, Tang KJ, Wang WM, Zhu JH, Wei M, Evans DG, Duan X
405 - 422 Design and engineering heterojunctions for the photoelectrochemical monitoring of environmental pollutants: A review
Shi L, Yin Y, Zhang LC, Wang SB, Sillanpaa M, Sun HQ
423 - 429 Combination of polyoxotantalate and metal sulfide: A new-type noblemetal-free binary photocatalyst Na8Ta6O19/Cd-0.7 Zn0.3S for highly efficient visible-light-driven H-2 evolution
Zhou XJ, Yu H, Zhao D, Wang XC, Zheng ST
430 - 440 The influence of crystallite size on the structural stability of Cu/SAPO-34 catalysts
Huang SY, Wang J, Wang JQ, Wang C, Shen MQ, Li W
441 - 449 Significantly accelerated PEC degradation of organic pollutant with addition of sulfite and mechanism study
Bacha AUR, Cheng HY, Han J, Nabi I, Li KJ, Wang T, Yang Y, Ajmal S, Liu YY, Zhang LW
450 - 458 Quantification of the local magnetized nanotube domains accelerating the photocatalytic removal of the emerging pollutant tetracycline
Yu JJ, Kiwi J, Zivkovic I, Ronnow HM, Wang TH, Rtimi S
459 - 465 In-situ fabrication of atomic charge transferring path for constructing heterojunction photocatalysts with hierarchical structure
Liu DX, Zhang J, Li C, Zhang X, Chen XB, Wang FF, Shi M, Li RG, Li C
466 - 476 Ultrathin MnO2 nanosheets for optimized hydrogen evolution via formaldehyde reforming in water at room temperature
Miao L, Nie Q, Wang JL, Zhang GK, Zhang PY
477 - 486 Insights into photocatalytic inactivation mechanism of the hypertoxic site in aflatoxin B1 over clew-like WO3 decorated with CdS nanoparticles
Mao J, Li PW, Wang JM, Wang HT, Zhang Q, Zhang LX, Li H, Zhang W, Peng TY
487 - 503 Production of syngas with controllable H-2/CO ratio by high temperature co-electrolysis of CO2 and H2O over Ni and Co- doped lanthanum strontium ferrite perovskite cathodes
Deka DJ, Gunduz S, Fitzgerald T, Miller JT, Co AC, Ozkan US
504 - 514 Effect of TiO2 nanoshape on the photoproduction of hydrogen from water-ethanol mixtures over Au3Cu/TiO2 prepared with preformed Au-Cu alloy nanoparticles
Martinez L, Soler L, Angurell I, Llorca J
515 - 525 Influence of group VIB metals on activity of the Ni/MgO catalysts for methane decomposition
Rastegarpanah A, Rezaei M, Meshkani F, Zhang KF, Zhao XT, Pei WB, Liu YX, Deng JG, Arandiyan H, Dai HX
526 - 537 Catalytic performance and an insight into the mechanism of CeO2 nanocrystals with different exposed facets in catalytic ozonation of p-nitrophenol
Afzal S, Quan X, Lu S
538 - 551 Strategy for improving the visible photocatalytic H-2 evolution activity of 2D graphitic carbon nitride nanosheets through the modification with metal and metal oxide nanocomponents
Chava RK, Do J, Kang M
552 - 566 Enhanced catalytic performance of graphene-TiO2 nanocomposites for synergetic degradation of fluoroquinolone antibiotic in pulsed discharge plasma system
Guo H, Jiang N, Wang HJ, Shang KF, Lu N, Li J, Wu Y
567 - 572 Three-dimensionally ordered macroporous PrOx: An improved alternative to ceria catalysts for soot combustion
Alcalde-Santiago V, Bailon-Garcia E, Davo-Quinonero A, Lozano-Castello D, Bueno-Lopez A
573 - 586 Electron-hole interactions in choline-phosphotungstic acid boosting molecular oxygen activation for fuel desulfurization
Zeng XY, Xiao XY, Chen JY, Wang HL