Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Epitaxial growth of oriented prussian blue analogue derived well-aligned CoFe2O4 thin film for efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Lei S, Li QH, Kang Y, Gu ZG, Zhang J
10 - 19 Switching on efficient photocatalytic water oxidation reactions over CaNbO2N by Mg modifications under visible light illumination
Wang YW, Jin S, Sun XQ, Wei SH, Chen L, Xu XX
20 - 28 Oxygen vacancy mediated La1-xCexFeO3-delta perovskite oxides as efficient catalysts for CWAO of acrylic acid by A-site Ce doping
Sun WJ, Wei HZ, An LY, Jin CY, Wu HL, Xiong ZA, Pu CY, Sun CL
29 - 39 Dihydrogen phosphate ion functionalized nanocrystalline thallium ruthenium oxide pyrochlore as a bifunctional electrocatalyst for aqueous Na-air batteries
Kim M, Ju H, Kim J
40 - 48 From alumina modified Rh/Ce0.75Zr0.25O2-delta catalyst towards composite Rh/Ce0.75Zr0.25O2-delta-eta-Al2O3/FeCrAl catalytic system for diesel conversion to syngas
Shoynkhorova TB, Snytnikov PV, Simonov PA, Potemkin DI, Rogozhnikov VN, Gerasimov EY, Salanov AN, Belyaev VD, Sobyanin VA
49 - 61 Toluene and styrene photo-oxidation quantum efficiency: Comparison between doped and composite tungsten-containing anatase-based catalysts
Caudillo-Flores U, Munoz-Batista MJ, Hungria AB, Haro ML, Fernandez-Garcia M, Kubacka A
62 - 70 Gas-phase dehydration of tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol to dihydropyran over gamma-Al2O3
Li L, Barnett KJ, McClelland DJ, Zhao DT, Liu GZ, Huber GW
71 - 86 Preparation of size-controlled silver phosphate catalysts and their enhanced photocatalysis performance via synergetic effect with MWCNTs and PANI
Lin Y, Wu SH, Yang CP, Chen M, Li X
87 - 99 Boron nitride quantum dots decorated ultrathin porous g-C3N4: Intensified exciton dissociation and charge transfer for promoting visible-light-driven molecular oxygen activation
Yang Y, Zhang C, Huang DL, Zeng GM, Huang JH, Lai C, Zhou CY, Wang WJ, Guo H, Xue WJ, Deng R, Cheng M, Xiong WP
100 - 113 Hydrodeoxygenation of phenol over Ni/Ce1-xNbxO2 catalysts
Resende KA, Braga AH, Noronha FB, Hori CE
114 - 121 Stable, carrier separation tailorable conjugated microporous polymers as a platform for highly efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Zhang GQ, Ou W, Wang J, Xu YS, Xu D, Sun T, Xiao SN, Wang MR, Li HX, Chen W, Su CL
122 - 129 Chimney effect of the interface in metal oxide/metal composite catalysts on the hydrogen evolution reaction
Peng LS, Zheng XQ, Li L, Zhang L, Yang N, Xiong K, Chen HM, Li J, Wei ZD
130 - 142 In-situ Fe-doped g-C3N4 heterogeneous catalyst via photocatalysis-Fenton reaction with enriched photocatalytic performance for removal of complex wastewater
Hu JS, Zhang PF, An WJ, Liu L, Liang YH, Cui WQ
143 - 158 Reduced graphene oxide-CdS heterostructure: An efficient fluorescent probe for the sensing of Ag(I) and sunset yellow and a visible-light responsive photocatalyst for the degradation of levofloxacin drug in aqueous phase
Kaur M, Umar A, Mehta SK, Kansal SK
159 - 166 Photocatalytic performances of rare earth element-doped zinc oxide toward pollutant abatement in water and wastewater
Sordello F, Berruti I, Gionco C, Paganini MC, Calza P, Minero C
167 - 176 Graphene oxide/cobalt-based nanohybrid electrodes for robust hydrogen generation
Navarro-Pardo F, Tong X, Selopal GS, Cloutier SG, Sun SH, Tavares AC, Zhao HG, Wang ZMM, Rosei F
177 - 189 Single Ag atom engineered 3D-MnO2 porous hollow microspheres for rapid photothermocatalytic inactivation of E. coli under solar light
Xia DH, Liu HD, Xu BH, Wang YC, Liao YH, Huang YJ, Ye LQ, He C, Wong PK, Qiu RL
190 - 196 [Mo3S13](2-) modified TiO2 coating on non-woven fabric for efficient photocatalytic mineralization of acetone
Han Y, Yue DT, Kan M, Wu YW, Zeng J, Bian ZF, Zhao YX, Qian XF
197 - 206 Fabrication of high photoreactive carbon nitride nanosheets by polymerization of amidinourea for hydrogen production
Cheng JS, Hu Z, Li Q, Li XF, Fang S, Wu XF, Li M, Ding YB, Liu B, Yang CJ, Wen LL, Liu Y, Lv KL
207 - 219 Efficient transformation and elimination of roxarsone and its metabolites by a new alpha-FeOOH@GCA activating persulfate system under UV irradiation with subsequent As(V) recovery
Su SS, Cao CJ, Zhao YP, Dionysiou DD
220 - 226 Visible light driven TaON/V2O5 heterojunction photocatalyst for deep elimination of volatile-aromatic compounds
Wang SM, Li ZY, Guan Y, Lu L, Shi Z, Weng P, Yan SC, Zou ZG
227 - 239 Facet effect on the photoelectrochemical performance of a WO3/BiVO4 heterojunction photoanode
Liu Y, Wygant BR, Kawashima K, Mabayoje O, Hong TE, Lee SG, Lin J, Kim JH, Yubuta K, Li WZ, Li J, Mullins CB
240 - 250 On the real catalytically active species for CO2 fixation into cyclic carbonates under near ambient conditions: Dissociation equilibrium of [BMIm] [Fe(NO)(2)Cl-2] dependant on reaction temperature
Leu MK, Vicente I, Fernandes JA, De Pedro I, Dupont J, Sans V, Licence P, Gual A, Cano I
251 - 261 Highly chemoselective hydrogenation of lactone to diol over efficient copper-based bifunctional nanocatalysts
Wu J, Gao G, Li Y, Sun P, Wang J, Li FW
262 - 270 Selective reduction of CO2 to CO under visible light by controlling coordination structures of CeOx-S/ZnIn2S4 hybrid catalysts
Hou TT, Luo NC, Cui YT, Lu JM, Li L, MacArthur KE, Heggen M, Chen RT, Fan FT, Tian WM, Jin SY, Wang F
271 - 278 Hydroxyl and sulfate radicals activated by Fe(III)-EDDS/UV: Comparison of their degradation efficiencies and influence of critical parameters
Wang XN, Dong WB, Brigante M, Mailhot G
279 - 289 Sn-doped and porogen-modified TiO2 photocatalyst for solar light elimination of sulfure diethyle as a model for chemical warfare agent
Sengele A, Robert D, Keller N, Colbeau-Justin C, Keller V
290 - 301 Electrical promotion of spatially photoinduced charge separation via interfacial-built-in quasi-alloying effect in hierarchical Zn2In2S5/Ti3C2(O, OH)x hybrids toward efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution and environmental remediation
Wang H, Sun YM, Wu Y, Tu WG, Wu SY, Yuan XZ, Zeng GM, Xu ZCJ, Li SZ, Chew JW
302 - 313 Dry reforming of methane over bimetallic Ni-Co catalyst prepared from La (CoxNi1-x)(0.5)Fe0.5O3 perovskite precursor: Catalytic activity and coking resistance
Wang HQ, Dong XL, Zhao TT, Yu HR, Li M
314 - 324 CO oxidation over supported Pt/CrxFe2-xO3 catalysts and their good tolerance to CO2 and H2O
Wang T, Xing JY, Zhu L, Jia AP, Wang YJ, Lu JQ, Luo MF
325 - 333 Partially etched Bi2O2CO3 by metal chloride for enhanced reactive oxygen species generation: A tale of two strategies
Ding PH, Di J, Chen XL, Zhao JZ, Gu KZ, Zhang Y, Yin S, Liu GP, Xia JX, Li HM
334 - 342 Covalent organic framework as an efficient, metal-free, heterogeneous photocatalyst for organic transformations under visible light
Li ZP, Zhi YF, Shao PP, Xia H, Li GS, Feng X, Chen X, Shi Z, Liu XM
343 - 350 3D graphene/AgBr/Ag cascade aerogel for efficient photocatalytic disinfection
Xin X, Li SH, Zhang N, Tang ZR, Xu YJ
351 - 359 CO2 methanation catalyzed by oriented MoS2 nanoplatelets supported on few layers graphene
Primo A, He JB, Jurca B, Cojocaru B, Bucur C, Parvulescu VI, Garcia H
360 - 366 Elucidating the roles of metallic Ni and oxygen vacancies in CO2 hydrogenation over Ni/CeO2 using isotope exchange and in situ measurements
Winter LR, Chen R, Chen X, Chang K, Liu ZY, Senanayake SD, Ebrahim AM, Chen JGG
367 - 375 Production of hydrogen from brewery wastewater by aqueous phase reforming with Pt/C catalysts
Oliveira AS, Baeza JA, Calvo L, Alonso-Morales N, Heras F, Rodriguez JJ, Gilarranz MA
376 - 388 Effects of oxide supports on the CO2 reforming of ethane over Pt-Ni bimetallic catalysts
Xie ZH, Yan BH, Lee JH, Wu QY, Li X, Zhao BH, Su D, Zhang L, Chen JGG
389 - 398 Pt nanoparticles embedded metal-organic framework nanosheets: A synergistic strategy towards bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysis
Xia ZX, Fang J, Zhang XM, Fan LP, Barlow AJ, Lin T, Wang SL, Wallace GG, Sun GQ, Wang XA
399 - 409 Construction of dual defect mediated Z-scheme photocatalysts for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Gao HH, Cao RY, Xu XT, Zhang SW, Huang YS, Yang HC, Deng XL, Li JX
410 - 419 Heterogeneous degradation of organic contaminants in the photo-Fenton reaction employing pure cubic beta-Fe2O3
Zhang YM, Zhang NS, Wang TT, Huang HT, Chen Y, Li ZS, Zou ZG
420 - 427 3D macroporous boron-doped diamond electrode with interconnected liquid flow channels: A high-efficiency electrochemical degradation of RB-19 dye wastewater under low current
Mei RQ, Wei QP, Zhu CW, Ye WT, Zhou B, Ma L, Yu ZM, Zhou KC
428 - 438 Efficient photo-Fenton activity in mesoporous MIL-100(Fe) decorated with ZnO nanosphere for pollutants degradation
Ahmad M, Chen S, Ye F, Quan X, Afzal S, Yu HT, Zhao XY
439 - 447 Synthesis of non-noble metal nickel doped sulfide solid solution for improved photocatalytic performance
She HD, Sun YD, Li SP, Huang JW, Wang L, Zhu GQ, Wang QZ
448 - 458 A novel Z-scheme Ag3VO4/BiVO4 heterojunction photocatalyst: Study on the excellent photocatalytic performance and photocatalytic mechanism
Zhao W, Feng Y, Huang HB, Zhou PC, Li J, Zhang LL, Dai BL, Xu JM, Zhu FX, Sheng N, Leung DYC
459 - 468 Photocatalysis removing of NO based on modified carbon nitride: The effect of celestite mineral particles
Dong GH, Zhao LL, Wu XX, Zhu MS, Wang F
469 - 476 ZnxCd1-xSe nanoparticles decorated ordered mesoporous ZnO inverse opal with binder-free heterojunction interfaces for highly efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting
Zeng YS, Yang TT, Li CH, Xie AJ, Li SK, Zhang MM, Shen YH
477 - 485 Steering charge transfer for boosting photocatalytic H-2 evolution: Integration of two-dimensional semiconductor superiorities and noble metal-free Schottky junction effect
She XJ, Xu H, Li L, Mo Z, Zhu XW, Yu YH, Song YH, Wu JJ, Qian JC, Yuan SQ, Li HM
486 - 495 3D-printed ZSM-5 monoliths with metal dopants for methanol conversion in the presence and absence of carbon dioxide
Magzoub F, Li X, Al-Darwish J, Rezaei F, Rownaghi AA
496 - 501 Photosensitizing single-site metal organic framework enabling visible light-driven CO2 reduction for syngas production
Liu M, Mu YF, Yao S, Guo S, Guo XW, Zhang ZM, Lu TB
502 - 512 Synthesis of CeaMnOx hollow microsphere with hierarchical structure and its excellent catalytic performance for toluene combustion
Zhao LL, Zhang ZP, Li YS, Leng XS, Zhang TR, Yuan FL, Niu XY, Zhu YJ
513 - 521 Nature of active sites in Cu-LTA NH3-SCR catalysts: A comparative study with Cu-SSZ-13
Ryu T, Kim H, Hong SB
522 - 527 Perovskite photocatalyst CsPbBr3-xIx with a bandgap funnel structure for H-2 evolution under visible light
Guan ZH, Wu YQ, Wang P, Zhang QQ, Wang ZY, Zheng ZK, Liu YY, Dai Y, Whangbo MH, Huang BB
528 - 535 Solid-phase hot-pressing of POMs-ZIFs precursor and derived phosphide for overall water splitting
Tang YJ, Zhu HJ, Dong LZ, Zhang AM, Li SL, Liu J, Lan YQ
536 - 545 Template-free mesoporous La0.3Sr0.7Ti1-xFexO3 +/-delta for CH4 and CO oxidation catalysis
Kayaalp B, Lee S, Klauke K, Seo J, Nodari L, Kornowski A, Jung W, Mascotto S
546 - 554 Role of oxygen vacancies and Mn sites in hierarchical Mn2O3/LaMnO3-delta perovskite composites for aqueous organic pollutants decontamination
Wang YX, Chen LL, Cao HB, Chi ZX, Chen CM, Duan XG, Xie YB, Qi F, Song WY, Liu J, Wang SB
555 - 568 Boosting the electrocatalytic glycerol oxidation performance with highly-dispersed Pt nanoclusters loaded on 3D graphene-like microporous carbon
Lee D, Kim Y, Kwon Y, Lee J, Kim TW, Noh Y, Kim WB, Seo MH, Kim K, Kim HJ
569 - 582 Facile and green synthetic strategy of birnessite-type MnO2 with high efficiency for airborne benzene removal at low temperatures
Liu Y, Zhou H, Cao RR, Liu XY, Zhang PY, Zhan JJ, Liu LF
583 - 595 Electrochemical catalytic mechanism of N-doped graphene for enhanced H2O2 yield and in-situ degradation of organic pollutant
Su P, Zhou MH, Lu XY, Yang WL, Ren GB, Cai JJ
596 - 603 Conjugated donor-acceptor polymer photocatalysts with electron-output "tentacles" for efficient hydrogen evolution
Lan ZA, Ren W, Chen X, Zhang YF, Wang XC
604 - 612 Seed-mediated synthesis of PtxAuy@Ag electrocatalysts for the selective oxidation of glycerol
Zhou YF, Shen Y, Xi JY
613 - 622 A highly active and stable bimetallic Ni-Mo2C catalyst for a partial oxidation of jet fuel
Bkour Q, Marin-Flores OG, Norton MG, Ha S
623 - 634 Ceria-based nanoflake arrays integrated on 3D cordierite honeycombs for efficient low-temperature diesel oxidation catalyst
Tang WX, Lu XX, Liu FY, Du SC, Weng JF, Hoang S, Wang SB, Nam CY, Gao PX
635 - 647 Facile control of defect site density and particle size of UiO-66 for enhanced hydrolysis rates: insights into feasibility of Zr(IV)-based metal-organic framework (MOF) catalysts
Cho KY, Seo JY, Kim HJ, Pai SJ, Do XH, Yoon HG, Hwang SS, Han SS, Baek KY
648 - 655 Two-dimensional amorphous heterostructures of Ag/a-WO3-x for high-efficiency photocatalytic performance
Ren YM, Li C, Xu Q, Yan J, Li YZ, Yuan PF, Xia HC, Niu CY, Yang XA, Jia Y
656 - 661 Ultra-dispersed molybdenum phosphide and phosphosulfide nanoparticles on hierarchical carbonaceous scaffolds for hydrogen evolution electrocatalysis
Huang Y, Song XN, Deng J, Zha CY, Huang WJ, Wu YL, Li YG
662 - 671 New and stable g-C3N4/HAp composites as highly efficient photocatalysts for tetracycline fast degradation
Xu TH, Zou RJ, Lei XF, Qi XM, Wu Q, Yao WF, Xu QJ
672 - 680 Sequential anaerobic and electro-Fenton processes mediated by W and Mo oxides for degradation/mineralization of azo dye methyl orange in photo assisted microbial fuel cells
Wang Q, Huang LP, Quan X, Puma GL
681 - 690 Development of visible-light-responsive morphology-controlled brookite TiO2 nanorods by site-selective loading of AuAg bimetallic nanoparticles
Ma Y, Kobayashi K, Cao Y, Ohno T
691 - 697 Chiral semiconductor nanorod heterostructures with high photocatalysis activity
Ma W, Mao JT, Hao CL, Xu LG, Xu CL, Kuang H
698 - 705 Sub-lethal photocatalysis bactericidal technology cause longer persistence of antibiotic-resistance mutant and plasmid through the mechanism of reduced fitness cost
Yin HL, Chen XF, Li GY, Chen YD, Wang WJ, An TC, Wong PK, Zhao HJ
706 - 720 Lattice oxygen activity in ceria-praseodymia mixed oxides for soot oxidation in catalysed Gasoline Particle Filters
Martinez-Munuera JC, Zoccoli M, Gimenez-Manogil J, Garcia-Garcia A
721 - 732 Novel and highly efficient cathodes for Li-O-2 batteries: 3D self-standing NiFe@NC-functionalized N-doped carbon nanonet derived from Prussian blue analogues/biomass composites
Jing SY, Zhang YL, Chen F, Liang HG, Yin SB, Tsiakaras P
733 - 742 Ultrathin 2D type-II p-n heterojunctions La2Ti2O7/In2S3 with efficient charge separations and photocatalytic hydrogen evolution under visible light illumination
Hua EB, Jin S, Wang XR, Ni S, Liu G, Xu XX
743 - 752 Promotion effect and mechanism of the addition of Mo on the enhanced low temperature SCR of NOx by NH3 over MnOx/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts
Yang G, Zhao HT, Luo X, Shi KQ, Zhao HB, Wang WK, Chen QH, Fan H, Wu T
753 - 759 Solvent-free method to encapsulate polyoxometalate into metal-organic frameworks as efficient and recyclable photocatalyst for harmful sulfamethazine degrading in water
Li GP, Zhang K, Li CB, Gao RC, Cheng YL, Hou L, Wang YY
760 - 769 Interfacial charge transfer in OD/2D defect-rich heterostructures for efficient solar-driven CO2 reduction
Shi HN, Long SR, Hu S, Hou JG, Ni WJ, Song CS, Li KY, Gurzadyan GG, Guo XW
770 - 776 A brief survey of the practicality of using photocatalysis to purify the ambient air (indoors or outdoors) or air effluents
Pichat P