Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Oxidative degradation of nitrobenzene by a Fenton-like reaction with Fe-Cu bimetallic catalysts
Sun Y, Yang ZX, Tian PF, Sheng YY, Xu J, Han YF
11 - 24 Construction of heterojunction photoelectrode via atomic layer deposition of Fe2O3 on Bi2WO6 for highly efficient photoelectrochemical sensing and degradation of tetracycline
Adhikari S, Selvaraj S, Kim DH
25 - 35 Two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks as self-template derived nitrogen-doped carbon nanosheets for eco-friendly metal-free catalysis
Hu XW, Long Y, Fan MY, Yuan M, Zhao H, Ma JT, Dong ZP
36 - 44 Construction of donor-acceptor type conjugated microporous polymers: A fascinating strategy for the development of efficient heterogeneous photocatalysts in organic synthesis
Zhi YF, Ma S, Xia H, Zhang YM, Shi Z, Mu Y, Liu XM
45 - 55 Porous core-shell TixSn1-xO2 solid solutions with broad-light response: One-pot synthesis and ultrahigh photooxidation performance
Tian QF, Wei WK, Dai JG, Sun QQ, Zhuang JD, Zheng Y, Liu P, Fan MZ, Chen LH
56 - 62 Self-assembled Cu-Ni bimetal oxide 3D in-plane epitaxial structures for highly efficient oxygen evolution reaction
Li CJ, Zhang BW, Li Y, Hao SJ, Cao X, Yang G, Wu JS, Huang YZ
63 - 75 Dual functional catalytic materials of Ni over Ce-modified CaO sorbents for integrated CO2 capture and conversion
Sun HM, Wang JQ, Zhao JH, Shen BX, Shi J, Huang J, Wu CF
76 - 86 Construction of Z-scheme MoSe2/CdSe hollow nanostructure with enhanced full spectrum photocatalytic activity
Wang Y, Zhao JX, Chen Z, Zhang F, Guo W, Lin HM, Qu FY
87 - 95 Optimizing hydrogen evolution activity of nanoporous electrodes by dual-step surface engineering
Liu L, Li D, Zhao HP, Dimitrova A, Li LH, Fang YG, Krischok S, Shi WD, Lei Y
96 - 106 Graphitic carbon nitride co-modified by zinc phthalocyanine and graphene quantum dots for the efficient photocatalytic degradation of refractory contaminants
Xu TF, Wang DN, Dong LL, Shen HB, Lu WY, Chen WX
107 - 119 Simulation and optimization of the post plasma-catalytic system for toluene degradation by a hybrid ANN and NSGA-II method
Chang T, Lu JQ, Shen ZX, Huang Y, Lu D, Wang X, Cao JJ, Morent R
120 - 127 Bimetallic-organic framework-derived hierarchically porous Co-Zn-N-C as efficient catalyst for acidic oxygen reduction reaction
Meng ZH, Cai SC, Wang R, Tang HL, Song SQ, Tsiakaras P
128 - 139 Macroscopic graphite felt containing palladium catalyst for liquid-phase hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde
Xu ZX, Cuong DV, Liu YF, Baaziz W, Li B, Lam ND, Ersen O, Cuong PH
140 - 149 Toward concurrent organics removal and potential hydrogen production in wastewater treatment: Photoelectrochemical decolorization of methylene blue over hematite electrode in the presence of Mn(II)
Wang TH, Lin CA, Xu S, Wang CF, Chen CW, Dong CD, Huang CP
150 - 158 High-performance bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysts for zinc-air batteries over mesoporous Fe/Co-N-C nanofibers with embedding FeCo alloy nanoparticles
Li CL, Wu MC, Liu R
159 - 169 Structural effect of Ni/ZrO2 catalyst on CO2 methanation with enhanced activity
Jia XY, Zhang XS, Rui N, Hu X, Liu CJ
170 - 177 Efficient preparation of 5-hydroxyMethylfurfural from cellulose in a biphasic system over hafnyl phosphates
Cao Z, Fan ZX, Chen Y, Li M, Shen T, Zhu CJ, Ying HJ
178 - 187 Copper phosphide and persulfate salt: A novel catalytic system for the degradation of aqueous phase micro-contaminants
Alexopoulou C, Petala A, Frontistis Z, Drivas C, Kennou S, Kondarides DI, Mantzavinos D
188 - 196 Hybrid 0D/2D edamame shaped ZnIn2S4 photoanode modified by Co-Pi and Pt for charge management towards efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting
Zhou M, Liu ZH, Song QG, Li XF, Chen BW, Liu ZF
197 - 205 Zn-3[Fe(CN)(6)](2) derived Fe/Fe5C2@N-doped carbon as a highly effective oxygen reduction reaction catalyst for zinc-air battery
Song L, Wang T, Li LH, Wu C, He JP
206 - 214 Highly selective oxidation of glycerol over Bi/Bi3.64Mo0.36O6.55 heterostructure: Dual reaction pathways induced by photogenerated O-1(2) and holes
Zhao S, Dai Z, Guo WJ, Chen FX, Liu YL, Chen R
215 - 224 Electrocatalytic dechlorination of 2,4-dichlorobenzoic acid using different carbon-supported palladium moveable catalysts: Adsorption and dechlorination activity
Zhou JS, Lou ZM, Yang KL, Xu J, Li YZ, Liu YL, Baig SA, Xu XH
225 - 232 Oxygen reduction reaction on La0.8Sr0.2CoxFe1-xO3-delta perovskite/carbon black electrocatalysts in alkaline medium
Safakas A, Bampos G, Bebelis S
233 - 239 In situ formed vanadium-oxide cathode coatings for selective hydrogen production
Endrodi B, Smulders V, Simic N, Wildlock M, Mul G, Mei B, Cornell A
240 - 249 Interfacial optimization of g-C3N4-based Z-scheme heterojunction toward synergistic enhancement of solar-driven photocatalytic oxygen evolution
Yang XF, Tian L, Zhao XL, Tang H, Liu QQ, Li GS
250 - 261 Dehydration of fructose over thiol- and sulfonic- modified alumina in a continuous reactor for 5-HMF production: Study of catalyst stability by NMR
Morales-Leal FJ, de la Rosa JR, Lucio-Ortiz CJ, De Haro-Del Rio DA, Maldonado CS, Wi S, Casabianca LB, Garcia CD
262 - 271 Hydroxyl decorated g-C3N4 nanoparticles with narrowed bandgap for high efficient photocatalyst design
Wang LJ, Zhou G, Tian Y, Yan LK, Deng MX, Yang B, Kang ZH, Sun HZ
272 - 283 Electrocatalytic methanol oxidation over Cu, Ni and bimetallic Cu-Ni nanoparticles supported on graphitic carbon nitride
Pieta IS, Rathi A, Pieta P, Nowakowski R, Holdynski M, Pisarek M, Kaminska A, Gawande MB, Zboril R
284 - 294 Effects of four-mode hydrothermal aging on three-way catalysts for passive selective catalytic reduction to control emissions from lean-burn gasoline engine
Thomas CR, Pihl JA, Lance MJ, Toops TJ, Parks JE, Lauterbach J
295 - 302 Iridium substitution in nickel cobaltite renders high mass specific OER activity and durability in acidic media
Zaman WQ, Sun W, Tariq M, Zhou ZH, Farooq U, Abbas Z, Cao LM, Yang J
303 - 312 Achieving efficient H2O2 production by a visible-light absorbing, highly stable photosensitized TiO2
Baran T, Wojtyla S, Minguzzi A, Rondinini S, Vertova A
313 - 319 A true oxygen-linked heptazine based polymer for efficient hydrogen evolution
Battula VR, Kumar S, Chauhan DK, Samanta S, Kailasam K
320 - 326 Seamless tungsten disulfide-tungsten heterojunction with abundant exposed active sites for efficient hydrogen evolution
Li J, Hong WT, Jian CY, Cai Q, Liu W
327 - 339 Single-site Pt/La-Al2O3 stabilized by barium as an active and stable catalyst in purifying CO and C3H6 emissions
Wang H, Dong JS, Allard LF, Lee S, Oh S, Wang J, Li W, Shen MQ, Yang M
340 - 346 Metal-organic framework as nanoreactors to co-incorporate carbon nanodots and CdS quantum dots into the pores for improved H2 evolution without noble-metal cocatalyst
Meng XB, Sheng JL, Tang HL, Sun XJ, Dong H, Zhang FM
347 - 355 Constructing desired interfacial energy band alignment of Z-scheme TiO2-Pd-Cu2O hybrid by controlling the contact facet for improved photocatalytic performance
Ye F, Su Y, Quan X, Chen S, Yu HT, Li HF
356 - 366 Construct 3D Pd@MoS2-conjugated polypyrrole framworks Heterojunction with unprecedented photocatalytic activity for Tsuji-Trost reaction under visible light
Liu J, Mu XJ, Yang YM, Chen FJ, Wang JG, Li YE, Wang BD
367 - 384 Gingerbread ingredient-derived carbons-assembled CNT foam for the efficient peroxymonosulfate-mediated degradation of emerging pharmaceutical contaminants
Minh TD, Ncibi MC, Srivastava V, Thangaraj SK, Janis J, Sillanpaa M
385 - 395 Hexamethonium bromide-assisted synthesis of CoMo/graphene catalysts for selective hydrodesulfurization
Xu JD, Guo YF, Huang TT, Fan Y
396 - 406 In situ photoelectrochemical activation of sulfite by MoS2 photoanode for enhanced removal of ammonium nitrogen from wastewater
Fan X, Zhou YR, Zhang G, Liu TZ, Dong WY
407 - 413 Polyoxometalates/TiO2 Fenton-like photocatalysts with rearranged oxygen vacancies for enhanced synergetic degradation
An XQ, Tang QW, Lan HC, Liu HJ, Qu JH
414 - 426 Effect of Mn on Co/HMS-Mn and Co/SiO2-Mn catalysts for the Fischer-Tropsch reaction
Salazar-Contreras HG, Martinez-Hernandez A, Boix AA, Fuentes GA, Torres-Garcia E
427 - 437 Insight into the effects of the oxygen species over Ni/ZrO2 catalyst surface on methane reforming with carbon dioxide
Zhang M, Zhang JF, Wu YQ, Pan JX, Zhang QD, Tan YS, Han YZ
438 - 447 Structure dependence of Nb2O5-x supported manganese oxide for catalytic oxidation of propane: Enhanced oxidation activity for MnOx on a low surface area Nb2O5-x
Wang YX, Aghamohammadi S, Li DY, Li KZ, Farrauto R
448 - 458 Selective hydrogenation of acetic acid to ethanol on Cu-In catalyst supported by SBA-15
Dong XQ, Lei JW, Chen YF, Jiang HX, Zhang MH
459 - 464 Enhanced electron separation on in-plane benzene-ring doped g-C3N4 nanosheets for visible light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Liu J, Yu Y, Qi RL, Cao CY, Liu XY, Zheng YJ, Song WG
465 - 474 Fe3Se4/FeSe heterojunctions in cornstalk-derived N-doped carbon framework enhance charge transfer and cathodic oxygen reduction reaction to boost bio-electricity generation
Jing BJ, You SJ, Ma YY, Xing ZP, Chen H, Dai Y, Zhang CY, Ren NQ, Zou JL
475 - 485 Impact of doped metals on urea-derived g-C3N4 for photocatalytic degradation of antibiotics: Structure, photoactivity and degradation mechanisms
Yan W, Yan L, Jing CY
486 - 493 Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution by partially replaced corner-site C atom with P in g-C3N4
Wang B, Cai HR, Zhao DM, Song M, Guo PH, Shen SH, Li DS, Yang SC
494 - 501 Highly active and stable ruthenate pyrochlore for enhanced oxygen evolution reaction in acidic medium electrolysis
Feng Q, Wang Q, Zhang Z, Xiong YYH, Li HY, Yao Y, Yuan XZ, Williams MC, Gu M, Chen H, Li H, Wang HJ
502 - 510 Charge compensation doping to improve the photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical activities of Ta3N5: A theoretical study
Wang JJ, Jiang YQ, Ma AB, Jiang JH, Chen JQ, Li MX, Peng JY, Li ZS, Zou ZG
511 - 518 NH2-MIL-125(Ti)/TiO2 nanorod heterojunction photoanodes for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting
Yoon JW, Kim DH, Kim JH, Jang HW, Lee JH
519 - 528 Controllable TiO2 core-shell phase heterojunction for efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting under solar light
Wei N, Liu Y, Feng M, Li ZX, Chen SG, Zheng YB, Wang DA
529 - 535 A facile method for regulating the charge transfer route of WO3/CdS in high-efficiency hydrogen production
Zhang LL, Zhang HW, Wang B, Huang XY, Ye Y, Lei R, Feng WH, Liu P
536 - 545 Metal-defected spinel MnxCo3-xO4 with octahedral Mn-enriched surface for highly efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Li K, Zhang RR, Gao RJ, Shen GQ, Pan L, Yao YD, Yu KH, Zhang XW, Zou JJ
546 - 558 Silver decorated magnetic nanocomposite (Fe3O4@PPy-MAA/Ag) as highly active catalyst towards reduction of 4-nitrophenol and toxic organic dyes
Das R, Sypu VS, Paumo HK, Bhaumik M, Maharaj V, Maity A
559 - 567 A novel NiFe@NC-functionalized N-doped carbon microtubule network derived from biomass as a highly efficient 3D free-standing cathode for Li-CO2 batteries
Liang HG, Zhang YL, Chen F, Jing SY, Yin SB, Tsiakaras P
568 - 575 Component-controllable cobalt telluride nanoparticles encapsulated in nitrogen-doped carbon frameworks for efficient hydrogen evolution in alkaline conditions
Wang HX, Wang YW, Tan LX, Fang L, Yang XH, Huang ZY, Li J, Zhang HJ, Wang Y
576 - 582 Eco-friendly prepared iron-ore-based catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Bae JS, Hong SY, Park JC, Rhim GB, Youn MH, Jeong H, Kang SW, Yang JI, Jung H, Chun DH
583 - 593 Controlled synthesis of 3D porous structured cobalt-iron based nanosheets by electrodeposition as asymmetric electrodes for ultra-efficient water splitting
Pei Y, Ge YC, Chu H, Smith W, Dong P, Ajayan PM, Ye MX, Shen JF
594 - 603 Solid acids accelerate the photocatalytic hydrogen peroxide synthesis over a hybrid catalyst of titania nanotube with carbon dot
Ma RY, Wang L, Wang H, Liu ZY, Xing MY, Zhu LF, Meng XJ, Xiao FS
604 - 611 Oriented ZnmIn2Sm+3@In2S3 heterojunction with hierarchical structure for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Li YX, Han P, Hou YL, Peng SQ, Kuang XJ
612 - 619 Assessment of thin-film photocatalysis inactivation of different bacterial indicators and effect on their antibiotic resistance profile
Ozkal CB, Venieri D, Gounaki I, Meric S
620 - 627 Bimetallic Ni2-xCoxP/N-doped carbon nanofibers: Solid-solution-alloy engineering toward efficient hydrogen evolution
Mo QJ, Zhang WB, He LQ, Yu X, Gao QS
628 - 640 High-efficient catalysts of core-shell structured Pt@transition metal oxides (TMOs) supported on 3DOM-Al2O3 for soot oxidation: The effect of strong Pt-TMO interaction
Wu QQ, Jing MZ, Wei YC, Zhao Z, Zhang XD, Xiong J, Liu J, Song WY, Li JM
641 - 649 Synthesis of SPR Au/BiVO4 quantum dot/rutile-TiO2 nanorod array composites as efficient visible-light photocatalysts to convert CO2 and mechanism insight
Shi QJ, Li ZJ, Chen L, Zhang XL, Han WH, Xie MZ, Yang JL, Jing LQ
650 - 659 Three-dimensionally ordered mesoporous iron oxide-supported single-atom platinum: Highly active catalysts for benzene combustion
Yang K, Liu YX, Deng JG, Zhao XT, Yang J, Han Z, Hou ZQ, Dai HX
660 - 670 Effect of NO2 and NO3-/HNO3 adsorption on NO photocatalytic conversion
Arana J, Sousa DG, Diaz OG, Melian EP, Rodriguez JMD
671 - 683 Improved activity and significant SO2 tolerance of samarium modified CeO2-TiO2 catalyst for NO selective catalytic reduction with NH3
Liu H, Fan ZX, Sun CZ, Yu SH, Feng S, Chen W, Chen DZ, Tang CJ, Gao F, Dong L
684 - 693 Understanding the effect of Pd size on formic acid dehydrogenation via size-controlled Pd/C catalysts prepared by NaBH4 treatment
Kim Y, Kim DH
694 - 703 Self-constructed facet junctions on hexagonal CdS single crystals with high photoactivity and photostability for water splitting
Hao XQ, Hu Y, Cui ZW, Zhou J, Wang Y, Zou ZG
704 - 708 Study of the effects of regeneration of USY zeolite on the catalytic cracking of polyethylene
Kassargy C, Awad S, Burnens G, Upreti G, Kahine K, Tazerout M
709 - 718 Mechanistic implications of lanthanum-modification on gold-catalyzed formic acid decomposition under SCR-relevant conditions
Sridhar M, Brose S, Siewert D, Ferri D, van Bokhoven JA, Krocher O
719 - 731 Zn-free MOFs like MIL-53(Al) and MIL-125(Ti) for the preparation of defect-rich, ultrafine ZnO nanosheets with high photocatalytic performance
Xiao H, Zhang WY, Yao QS, Huang LL, Chen LH, Boury B, Chen ZW
732 - 739 Metal-organic framework derived Ni/NiO micro-particles with subtle lattice distortions for high-performance electrocatalyst and supercapacitor
Jiao Y, Hong WZ, Li PY, Wang LX, Chen G
740 - 747 Microfluidic-enhanced 3-D photoanodes with free interfacial energy barrier for photoelectrochemical applications
Gu ZA, An XQ, Lan HC, Tian Y, Zhang JX, Liu RP, Liu HJ, Qu JH
748 - 757 Au decorated hollow ZnO@ZnS heterostructure for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution: The insight into the roles of hollow channel and Au nanoparticles
Ma DD, Shi JW, Sun DK, Zou YJ, Cheng LH, He C, Wang HK, Niu CM, Wang LZ
758 - 766 Salicylic acid complexed with TiO2 for visible light-driven selective oxidation of amines into imines with air
Li X, Xu H, Shi JL, Hao HM, Yuan H, Lang XJ
767 - 772 Enhanced electron transport in rutile TiO2 nanowires via H2S-assisted incorporation of dissolved silicon for solar-driven water splitting
Lu Y, Wei Z, Salke NP, Yu L, Yan H
773 - 785 Degradation study of malachite green on chitosan films containing heterojunctions of melon/TiO2 absorbing visible-light in solid-gas interfaces
Perez-Obando J, Marin-Silva DA, Pinotti AN, Pizzio LR, Osorio-Vargas P, Rengifo-Herrera JA
786 - 794 KOH-modified Ni/LaTiO2N Schottky junction efficiently reducing CO2 to CH4 under visible light irradiation
Lu L, Xin ZY, Wang XH, Wang SM, Zhu H, Li TZ, Gu YL, Yan SC, Zou ZG
795 - 801 Synergistic Cu@CoOx core-cage structure on carbon layers as highly active and durable electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation
Sun Y, Zhou YJ, Zhu C, Tu WJ, Wang HB, Huang H, Liu Y, Shao MW, Zhong J, Lee ST, Kang ZH
802 - 813 Facile synthesis of petal-like NiCo/NiO-CoO/nanoporous carbon composite based on mixed-metallic MOFs and their application for electrocatalytic oxidation of methanol
Rezaee S, Shahrokhian S
814 - 822 Tunable Type I and II heterojunction of CoOx nanoparticles confined in g-C3N4 nanotubes for photocatalytic hydrogen production
Zhu YX, Wan T, Wen XM, Chu DW, Jiang YJ
823 - 835 Diphenamid degradation via sulfite activation under visible LED using Fe (III) impregnated N-doped TiO2 photocatalyst
Abdelhaleem A, Chu W, Liang XL
836 - 843 Photo-thermal synergistically catalytic conversion of glycerol and carbon dioxide to glycerol carbonate over Au/ZnWO4-ZnO catalysts
Liu JX, Li YJ, Liu HM, He DH
844 - 852 A practical-oriented NiFe-based water-oxidation catalyst enabled by ambient redox and hydrolysis co-precipitation strategy
Zhu WX, Zhang TS, Zhang Y, Yue ZH, Li YG, Wang R, Ji YW, Sun XP, Wang JL
853 - 862 Phosphate-type supports for the design of WGS catalysts
Navarro-Jaen S, Romero-Sarria F, Centeno MA, Laguna OH, Odriozola JA
863 - 870 Fabrication of robust nanostructured (Zr)BiVO4/nickel hexacyanoferrate core/shell photoanodes for solar water splitting
Shaddad MN, Arunachalam P, Labis J, Hezam M, Al-Mayouf AM
871 - 880 Solar photo-Fenton oxidation followed by adsorption on activated carbon for the minimisation of antibiotic resistance determinants and toxicity present in urban wastewater
Michael SG, Michael-Kordatou I, Beretsou VG, Jager T, Michael C, Schwartz T, Fatta-Kassinos D
881 - 888 Covalent ligation of Co molecular catalyst to carbon cloth for efficient electroreduction of CO2 in water
Marianov AN, Jiang YJ
889 - 898 Understanding the promoter effect of Cu and Cs over highly effective beta-Mo2C catalysts for the reverse water-gas shift reaction
Zhang Q, Pastor-Perez L, Jin W, Gu S, Reina TR
899 - 908 Simultaneously high-rate furfural hydrogenation and oxidation upgrading on nanostructured transition metal phosphides through electrocatalytic conversion at ambient conditions
Zhang X, Han MM, Liu GQ, Wang GZ, Zhang YX, Zhang HM, Zhao HJ
909 - 918 Insight into the origin of sulfur tolerance of Ag/Al2O3 in the H-2-C3H6-SCR of NOx
Xu GY, Ma JZ, Wang L, Xie W, Liu JJ, Yu YB, He H
919 - 930 Synergetic promotional effect of oxygen vacancy-rich ultrathin TiO2 and photochemical induced highly dispersed Pt for photoreduction of CO2 with H2O
Liu YN, Miao CL, Yang PF, He YF, Feng JT, Li DQ
931 - 945 Nickel aluminate spinel-derived catalysts for the aqueous phase reforming of glycerol: Effect of reduction temperature
Morales-Marin A, Ayastuy JL, Iriarte-Velasco U, Gutierrez-Ortiz MA
946 - 956 Heterogeneous activation of peroxymonosulfate by a novel magnetic 3D gamma-MnO2@ZnFe2O4/rGO nanohybrid as a robust catalyst for phenol degradation
Mady AH, Baynosa ML, Tuma D, Shim JJ
957 - 964 Ultrafine Pd nanoparticles supported on zeolite-templated mesocellular graphene network via framework aluminum mediation: An advanced oxygen reduction electrocatalyst
Cui XX, Xu YS, Chen LL, Zhao MY, Yang SG, Wang Y
965 - 973 Aerobic oxidation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid over Co/Mn-lignin coordination complexes-derived catalysts
Zhou H, Xu HH, Liu Y
974 - 982 Construction of heterostructured CuFe2O4/g-C3N4 nanocomposite as an efficient visible light photocatalyst with peroxydisulfate for the organic oxidation
Li RB, Cai MX, Xie ZJ, Zhang QX, Zeng YQ, Liu HJ, Liu GG, Lv WY
983 - 995 A systematic investigation on the bactericidal transient species generated by photo-sensitization of natural organic matter (NOM) during solar and photo Fenton disinfection of surface waters
Kohantorabi M, Giannakis S, Gholami MR, Feng L, Pulgarin C
996 - 1003 MOFs-derived ultrathin holey Co3O4 nanosheets for enhanced visible light CO2 reduction
Chen WY, Han B, Tian C, Liu XM, Liang SJ, Deng H, Lin Z
1004 - 1012 When MoS2 meets FeOOH: A "one-stone-two-birds" heterostructure as a bifunctional electrocatalyst for efficient alkaline water splitting
Zheng MY, Guo KL, Jiang WJ, Tang T, Wang XY, Zhou PP, Du J, Zhao YQ, Xu CL, Hu JS
1013 - 1020 Probing the role of nickel dopant in aqueous colloidal ZnS nanocrystals for efficient solar-driven CO2 reduction
Pang H, Meng XG, Song H, Zhou W, Yang GL, Zhang HW, Izumi Y, Takei T, Jewasuwan W, Fukata N, Ye JH
1021 - 1064 Photocatalytic hydrogen production using metal doped TiO2: A review of recent advances
Kurnaravel V, Mathew S, Bartlett J, Pillai SC
1065 - 1095 Iron-based photocatalytic and photoelectrocatalytic nano-structures: Facts, perspectives, and expectations
AlSalka Y, Granone LI, Ramadan W, Hakki A, Dillert R, Bahnemann DW
1096 - 1102 Oxygen vacancies confined in ultrathin nickel oxide nanosheets for enhanced electrocatalytic methanol oxidation
Yang WL, Yang XP, Jia J, Hou CM, Gao HT, Mao YN, Wang C, Lin JH, Luo XL