Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Vol.243 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 9 A highly active nano-micro hybrid derived from Cu-bridged TiO2/porphyrin for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production
Guo XY, Li XQ, Qin LX, Kang SZ, Li GD
10 - 18 Hierarchical Bi2MoO6 spheres in situ assembled by monolayer nanosheets toward photocatalytic selective oxidation of benzyl alcohol
Jing KQ, Ma W, Ren YH, Xiong JH, Guo BB, Song YJ, Liang SJ, Wu L
19 - 26 Direct Z-scheme ZnO/CdS hierarchical photocatalyst for enhanced photocatalytic H-2-production activity
Wang S, Zhu BC, Liu MJ, Zhang LY, Yu JG, Zhou MH
27 - 35 A New and stable Mo-Mo2C modified g-C3N4 photocatalyst for efficient visible light photocatalytic H-2 production
Dong J, Shi Y, Huang CP, Wu Q, Zeng T, Yao WF
36 - 46 CO oxidation by Pd supported on CeO2(100) and CeO2(111) facets
Spezzati G, Benavidez AD, DeLaRiva AT, Su YQ, Hofmann JP, Asahina S, Olivier EJ, Neethling JH, Miller JT, Datye AK, Hensen EJM
47 - 56 Silver-loaded sodium titanate photocatalysts for selective reduction of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide with water
Zhu X, Anzai A, Yamamoto A, Yoshida H
57 - 65 Synthesis of g-C3N4-based photocatalysts with recyclable feature for efficient 2,4-dichlorophenol degradation and mechanisms
Chu MN, Hu K, Wang JS, Liu YD, Ali S, Qin CL, Jing LQ
66 - 75 Understanding the origins of N2O decomposition activity in Mn(Fe)CoAlOx hydrotalcite derived mixed metal oxides
Jablonska M, Aran MA, Beale AM, Delahay G, Petitto C, Nocun M, Palkovits R
76 - 85 One-step hydrothermal synthesis of high-percentage 1T-phase MoS2 quantum dots for remarkably enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Li XT, Lv XD, Li N, Wu JJ, Zheng YZ, Tao X
86 - 93 Delicate topotactic conversion of coordination polymers to Pd porous nanosheets for high-efficiency electrocatalysis
Liu ZY, Yang XY, Lu BQ, Shi ZP, Sun DM, Xu L, Tang YW, Sun SH
94 - 105 Spatial positioning effect of dual cocatalysts accelerating charge transfer in three dimensionally ordered macroporous g-C3N4 for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Lin B, Li JL, Xu BR, Yan XQ, Yang BL, Wei JJ, Yang GD
106 - 120 Tuning the electronic and structural properties of Gd-TiO2-GO nanocomposites for enhancing photodegradation of IC dye: The role of Gd3+ ion
Oppong SOB, Opoku F, Govender PP
121 - 135 Broad spectrum photocatalytic system based on BiVO4 and NaYbF4:Tm3+ upconversion particles for environmental remediation under UV-vis-NIR illumination
Ullah S, Ferreira-Neto EP, Hazra C, Parveen R, Rojas-Mantilla HD, Calegaro ML, Serge-Correales YE, Rodrigues UP, Ribeiro SJL
136 - 144 Ni-Mo nanoparticles as co-catalyst for drastically enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production activity over g-C3N4
Han X, Xu DY, An L, Hou CY, Li YG, Zhang QH, Wang HZ
145 - 150 The effect of oxidation and resulfidation on (Ni/Co)MoS2 hydrodesulfurisation catalysts
Bremmer GM, van Haandel L, Hensen EJM, Frenken JWM, Kooyman PJ
151 - 160 In-situ formation of hierarchical 1D-3D hybridized carbon nanostructure supported nonnoble transition metals for efficient electrocatalysis of oxygen reaction
Liu JY, Xu H, Li HP, Song YH, Wu JJ, Gong YJ, Xu L, Yuan SQ, Li HM, Ajayan PM
161 - 174 Iron-coated polymer films with high antibacterial activity under indoor and outdoor light, prepared by different facile pre-treatment and deposition methods
Murillo LVS, Scharer A, Giannakis S, Rtimi S, Pulgarin C
175 - 182 Facile synthesis of PdO-doped Co3O4 nanoparticles as an efficient bifunctional oxygen electrocatalyst
Hu TJ, Wang Y, Zhang LN, Tang T, Xiao H, Chen WW, Zhao M, Jia JF, Zhu HY
183 - 194 Sol gel graphene/TiO2 nanoparticles for the photocatalytic-assisted sensing and abatement of NO2
Giampiccolo A, Tobaldi DM, Leonardi SG, Murdoch BJ, Seabra MP, Ansell MP, Neri G, Ball RJ
195 - 203 Mn- and N- doped carbon as promising catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction: Theoretical prediction and experimental validation
Liu KX, Qiao Z, Hwang S, Liu ZY, Zhang HG, Su D, Xu H, Wu G, Wang GF
204 - 211 Bimetal-phthalocyanine based covalent organic polymers for highly efficient oxygen electrode
Liao ZJ, Wang YL, Wang QL, Cheng YH, Xiang ZH
212 - 219 Economical synthesis of high-silica LTA zeolites: A step forward in developing a new commercial NH3-SCR catalyst
Jo D, Park GT, Ryu T, Hong SB
220 - 228 Efficient nano-regional photocatalytic heterostructure design via the manipulation of reaction site self-quenching effect
Feng H, Liang LL, Liu Y, Huang ZH, Li L
229 - 235 CdS nanorods decorated with inexpensive NiCd bimetallic nanoparticles as efficient photocatalysts for visible-light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Wang B, He S, Zhang LL, Huang XY, Gao F, Feng WH, Liu P
236 - 242 Controllable synthesis of Cu2O decorated WO3 nanosheets with dominant (001) facets for photocatalytic CO2 reduction under visible -light irradiation
Shi WN, Guo XW, Cui CX, Jiang K, Li ZJ, Qu LB, Wang JC
243 - 252 Magnetic LDH-based CoO NiFe2O4 catalyst with enhanced performance and recyclability for efficient decolorization of azo dye via Fenton-like reactions
Oladipo AA, Ifebajo AO, Gazi M
253 - 261 Photoinduced composite of Pt decorated Ni(OH)(2) as strongly synergetic cocatalyst to boost H2O activation for photocatalytic overall water splitting
Sun SC, Zhang YC, Shen GQ, Wang YT, Liu XL, Duan ZW, Pan L, Zhang XW, Zou JJ
262 - 272 Enhanced low-temperature performance of CO2 methanation over mesoporous Ni/Al2O3-ZrO2 catalysts
Lin JH, Ma CP, Wang Q, Xu YF, Ma GY, Wang J, Wang HT, Dong CL, Zhang CH, Ding MY
273 - 282 Catalytic application of ferrierite nanocrystals in vapour-phase dehydration of methanol to dimethyl ether
Catizzone E, Van Daele S, Bianco M, Di Michele A, Aloise A, Migliori M, Valtchev V, Giordano G
283 - 293 Construction of Pt/graphitic C3N4/MoS2 heterostructures on photo enhanced electrocatalytic oxidation of small organic molecules
Zhai CY, Sun MJ, Zeng LX, Xue MQ, Pan JG, Du YK, Zhu MS
294 - 303 Unsaturated edge-anchored Ni single atoms on porous microwave exfoliated graphene oxide for electrochemical CO2
Cheng Y, Zhao SY, Li HB, He S, Veder JP, Johannessen B, Xiao JP, Lu SF, Pan J, Chisholm MF, Yang SZ, Liu C, Chen JG, Jiang SP
304 - 312 Enhanced propylene oxide selectivity for gas phase direct propylene epoxidation by lattice expansion of silver atoms on nickel nanoparticles
Yu B, Ayvali T, Raine E, Li T, Li MMJ, Zheng JW, Wu S, Bagabas AA, Tsang SCE
313 - 321 Synergistic integration of Bi metal and phosphate defects on hexagonal and monoclinic BiPO4: Enhanced photocatalysis and reaction mechanism
Li JR, Zhang WD, Ran MX, Sun YJ, Huang HW, Dong F
322 - 329 Change in photocatalytic NO removal mechanisms of ultrathin BiOBr/BiOI via NO3- adsorption
Shi X, Wang PQ, Wang L, Bai Y, Xie HQ, Zhou Y, Ye LQ
330 - 336 Phase and interlayer effect of transition metal dichalcogenide cocatalyst toward photocatalytic hydrogen evolution: The case of MoSe2
Yi JJ, Li HP, Gong YJ, She XJ, Song YH, Xu YG, Deng JJ, Yuan SQ, Xu H, Li HM
337 - 354 One-pot di- and polysaccharides conversion to highly selective 2,5-dimethylfuran over Cu-Pd/Amino-functionalized Zr-based metal-organic framework (UiO-66(NH2))@SGO tandem catalyst
Insyani R, Verma D, Cahyadi HS, Kim SM, Kim SK, Karanwal N, Kim J
355 - 364 Electrochemical promotion for hydrogen production via ethanol steam reforming reaction
Lopez ER, Dorado F, de Lucas-Consuegra A
365 - 372 Interface charges redistribution enhanced monolithic etched copper foam based Cu2O layer/TiO2 nanodots heterojunction with high hydrogen evolution electrocatalytic activity
Long B, Yang H, Li MY, Balogun MS, Mai WJ, Ouyang GF, Tong YX, Tsiakaras P, Song SQ
373 - 380 Controlled synthesis of graphene via electrochemical route and its use as efficient metal-free catalyst for oxygen reduction
Komba N, Wei QL, Zhang GX, Rosei F, Sun SH
381 - 385 Ag-n(+) quantum dots obtained via in situ photodeposition method as photocatalytic CO2 reduction cocatalyst: Borrowing redox conversion between Ag+ and Ag-0
Zheng HL, Jiang ZY, Zhai HS, Zheng ZK, Wang P, Wang ZY, Liu YY, Qin XY, Zhang XY, Huang BB
386 - 396 Removal of Cr(VI) from water by a biochar-coupled g-C3N4 nanosheets composite and performance of a recycled photocatalyst in single and combined pollution systems
Li KX, Huang Z, Zhu SY, Luo SL, Yan LS, Dai YH, Guo YH, Yang YX
397 - 414 Vehicle emissions trapping materials: Successes, challenges, and the path forward
Lee J, Theis JR, Kyriakidou EA
415 - 427 Synthesis and characterization of AMO LDH-derived mixed oxides with various Mg/Al ratios as acid basic catalysts for esterification of benzoic acid with 2-ethylhexanol
Kuljiraseth J, Wangriya A, Malones JMC, Klysubun W, Jitkarnka S
428 - 437 Effect of oxide defect on photocatalytic properties of MSnO3 (M = Ca, Sr, and Ba) photocatalysts
Li HH, Gao YJ, Gao DQ, Wang YH
438 - 447 Near-infrared to visible photon transition by upconverting NaYF4: Yb3+, Gd3+, Tm3+@Bi2WO6 core@shell composite for bisphenol A degradation in solar light
Anwer H, Park JW
448 - 454 Preparation and photocatalytic activity of Mo-modified Ti-doped HAp
Jiraborvornpongsa N, Isobe T, Matsushita S, Oshikiri M, Wakamura M, Fujii K, Yashima M, Nakajima A
455 - 462 Microwave-assisted catalytic dehydration of glycerol for sustainable production of acrolein over a microwave absorbing catalyst
Xie QL, Li SS, Gong RC, Zheng GJ, Wang YL, Xu P, Duan Y, Yu SZ, Lu MZ, Ji WR, Nie Y, Ji JB
463 - 469 Nanocoral-like composite of nickel selenide nanoparticles anchored on two-dimensional multi-layered graphitic carbon nitride: A highly efficient electrocatalyst for oxygen evolution reaction
Wang S, He P, Jia LP, He MQ, Zhang TH, Dong FQ, Liu MZ, Liu HH, Zhang Y, Li CX, Gao J, Bian L
470 - 480 Hierarchically phosphorus doped bimetallic nitrides arrays with unique interfaces for efficient water splitting
Shen FC, Sun SN, Xin ZF, Li SL, Dong LZ, Huang Q, Wang YR, Liu J, Lan YQ
481 - 489 Amorphous Ta2OxNy-enwrapped TiO2 rutile nanorods for enhanced solar photoelectrochemical water splitting
Zhang HW, Ma L, Ming JT, Liu BQ, Zhao YB, Hou YD, Ding ZX, Xu C, Zhang ZZ, Long JL
490 - 501 Effect of support oxygen storage capacity on the catalytic performance of Rh nanoparticles for CO2 reforming of methane
Yentekakis IV, Goula G, Hatzisymeon M, Betsi-Argyropoulou I, Botzolaki G, Kousi K, Kondarides DI, Taylor MJ, Parlett CMA, Osatiashtiani A, Kyriakou G, Holgado JP, Lambert RM
502 - 512 Experimental and DFT insights of the Zn-doping effects on the visible-light photocatalytic water splitting and dye decomposition over Zn-doped BiOBr photocatalysts
Guo JQ, Liao X, Lee MH, Hyett G, Huang CC, Hewak DW, Mailis S, Zhou W, Jiang Z
513 - 521 Synthesis of Y-doped CeO2/PCN nanocomposited photocatalyst with promoted photoredox performance
Yang H, Xu B, Yuan SS, Zhang QT, Zhang M, Ohno T
522 - 536 High rate CO2 photoreduction using flame annealed TiO2 nanotubes
Kar P, Zeng S, Zhang Y, Vahidzadeh E, Manuel A, Kisslinger R, Alam KM, Thakur UK, Mahdi N, Kumar P, Shankar K
537 - 545 Holey Ni-Cu phosphide nanosheets as a highly efficient and stable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution
Chu SJ, Chen W, Chen GL, Huang J, Zhang R, Song CS, Wang XQ, Li CR, Ostrikov K
546 - 555 Cation deficiency enabled fast oxygen reduction reaction for a novel SOFC cathode with promoted CO2 tolerance
Ding XF, Gao ZP, Ding D, Zhao XY, Hou HY, Zhang SH, Yuan GL
556 - 565 Ultrathin 2D/2D WO3/g-C3N4 step-scheme H-2-production photocatalyst
Fu JW, Xu QL, Low JX, Jiang CJ, Yu JG
566 - 575 Controlled assemble of hollow heterostructured g-C3N4@CeO2 with rich oxygen vacancies for enhanced photocatalytic CO2 reduction
Liang MF, Borjigin T, Zhang YH, Liu BH, Liu H, Guo H
576 - 584 Integration of 3D macroscopic graphene aerogel with OD-2D AgVO3-g-C3N4 heterojunction for highly efficient photocatalytic oxidation of nitric oxide
Liu DN, Chen DY, Li NJ, Xu QF, Li H, He JH, Lu JM
585 - 593 Dispersion effect in formic acid oxidation on PtAu/C nanocatalyst prepared by water-in-oil microemulsion method
Pajic MNK, Stevanovic SI, Radmilovic VV, Gavrilovic-Wohlmuther A, Zabinski P, Elezovic NR, Radmilovic VR, Gojkovic SL, Jovanovic VM
594 - 603 Unexpected selectivity of ferrierite for the conversion of isobutanol to linear butenes and water effects
Buniazet Z, Cabiac A, Maury S, Bianch D, Loridant S
604 - 613 Gram-scale synthesis of UV-vis light active plasmonic photocatalytic nanocomposite based on TiO2/Au nanorods for degradation of pollutants in water
Truppi A, Petronella F, Placido T, Margiotta V, Lasorella G, Giotta L, Giannini C, Sibillano T, Murgolo S, Mascolo G, Agostiano A, Curri ML, Comparelli R
614 - 620 Metallic 1T-MoS2 nanosheets in-situ entrenched on N,P,S-codoped hierarchical carbon microflower as an efficient and robust electro-catalyst for hydrogen evolution
Xiong J, Li J, Shi JW, Zhang XL, Cai WW, Yang ZH, Cheng HS
621 - 628 Design and syntheses of MOF/COF hybrid materials via postsynthetic covalent modification: An efficient strategy to boost the visible-light-driven photocatalytic performance
Li F, Wang DK, Xing QJ, Zhou G, Liu SS, Li Y, Zheng LL, Ye P, Zou JP
629 - 640 Sonophotocatalytic degradation mechanisms of Rhodamine B dye via radicals generation by micro- and nano-particles of ZnO
Lops C, Ancona A, Di Cesare K, Dumontel B, Garino N, Canavese G, Hernandez S, Cauda V
641 - 656 Highly efficient and selective electrooxidation of glucose and xylose in alkaline medium at carbon supported alloyed PdAu nanocatalysts
Rafaideen T, Baranton S, Coutanceau C
657 - 666 Novel hierarchical ferric phosphate/bismuth vanadate nanocactus for highly efficient and stable solar water splitting
Vo TG, Tai Y, Chiang CY
667 - 677 Full spectrum light driven photocatalytic in-situ epitaxy of one-unit-cell Bi2O2CO3 layers on Bi2O4 nanocrystals for highly efficient photocatalysis and mechanism unveiling
Li J, Wu XY, Wan Z, Chen H, Zhang GK
678 - 685 2D carbide nanomeshes and their assembling into 3D microflowers for efficient water splitting
Kou ZK, Zhang L, Ma YY, Liu XM, Zang WJ, Zhang J, Huang SZ, Du YH, Cheetham AK, Wang J
686 - 692 Photocatalytic cofactor regeneration involving triethanolamine revisited: The critical role of glycolaldehyde
Kinastowska K, Liu J, Tobin JM, Rakovich Y, Vilela F, Xu ZT, Bartkowiak W, Grzelczak M
693 - 702 (003)-Facet-exposed Ni3S2 nanoporous thin films on nickel foil for efficient water splitting
Dong J, Zhang FQ, Yang Y, Zhang YB, He HL, Huang XF, Fan XJ, Zhang XM
703 - 710 Cooperative catalysis of metal and acid functions in Re-HZSM-5 catalysts for ethane dehydroaromatization
Ma L, Zou XQ
711 - 720 Full solar spectrum photocatalytic oxygen evolution by carbon-coated TiO2 hierarchical nanotubes
Liang ZQ, Bai XJ, Hao P, Guo YC, Xue YJ, Tian J, Cui HZ
721 - 733 Modulation of b-axis thickness within MFI zeolite: Correlation with variation of product diffusion and coke distribution in the methanol-to hydrocarbons conversion
Wang N, Hou YL, Sun WJ, Cai DL, Chen ZH, Liu LM, Ge BH, Hu L, Qian WZ, Wei F
734 - 740 Persian buttercup-like BiOBrxCl1-x solid solution for photocatalytic overall CO2 reduction to CO and O2
Gao MC, Yang JX, Sun T, Zhang ZZ, Zhang DF, Huang HJ, Lin HX, Fang Y, Wang XX
741 - 749 Niobium-doped TiO2 solid acid catalysts: Strengthened interfacial polarization, amplified microwave heating and enhanced energy efficiency of hydroxymethylfurfural production
Ji T, Li Z, Liu C, Lu XH, Li LC, Zhu JH
750 - 759 Direct N2O decomposition over iron-substituted small-pore zeolites with different pore topologies
Lim JB, Cha SH, Hong SB
760 - 770 TiO22-x/CoOx photocatalyst sparkles in photothermocatalytic reduction of CO2 with H2O steam
Li YY, Wang CH, Song M, Li DS, Zhang XT, Liu YC
771 - 779 Enhanced photocatalytic CO2 reduction to methane over WO(3)(.)0.33H(2)O via Mo doping
Wang HP, Zhang L, Wang KF, Sun X, Wang WZ
780 - 789 Photocatalytic degradation of benzene over different morphology BiPO4: Revealing the significant contribution of high-energy facets and oxygen vacancies
Zheng XZ, Wang JH, Liu JJ, Wang ZQ, Chen SF, Fu XL
790 - 800 Novel MnS/(InxCu1-x)(2)S-3 composite for robust solar hydrogen sulphide splitting via the synergy of solid solution and heterojunction
Dan M, Wei SQ, Doronkin DE, Li Y, Zhao ZY, Yu S, Grunwaldt JD, Lin YH, Zhou Y
801 - 801 One-pot hydrogen production and cascade reaction of furfural to bioproducts over bimetallic Pd-Ni TUD-1 type mesoporous catalysts (vol 237, pg 521, 2018)
Antunes MM, Lima S, Fernandes A, Ribeiro MF, Chadwick D, Hellgardt K, Pillinger M, Valente AA
802 - 803 Novel hydrothermal electrodeposition to fabricate mesoporous film of Ni0.8Fe0.2 nanosheets for high performance oxygen evolution reaction (vol 233, pg 226, 2018)
Yao MQ, Wang N, Hu WC, Komarneni S
804 - 804 Highly selective photocatalytic conversion of CO2 by water over Ag-loaded SrNb2O6 nanorods (vol 218, pg 770, 2017)
Pang R, Teramura K, Asakura H, Hosokawa S, Tanaka T
805 - 805 RETRACTION: Decahedral TiO2 with exposed facets: synthesis, properties, photoactivity and applications. A review (Retraction of Vol 156, Pg 213, 2014)
Grabowska E, Diak M, Marchelek M, Zaleska A
806 - 806 RETRACTION: Heterogeneous photo-enhanced conversion of carbon dioxide to formic acid with copper- and gallium-doped titania nanocomposites (Retraction of Vol 132, Pg 408, 2013)
Richardson PL, Perdigoto MLN, Wang W, Lopes RJG