Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 7 One-pot synthesis of BaMg1/3Ta2/3O3-xNy/Ta3N5 heterostructures as H-2-evolving photocatalysts for construction of visible-light-driven Z-scheme overall water splitting
Cui JY, Qi Y, Dong BB, Mu LC, Ding Q, Liu G, Jia MJ, Zhang FX, Li C
8 - 17 Simple method for the assessment of intrinsic kinetic constants in photocatalytic microreactors
Satuf ML, Macagno J, Manassero A, Bernal G, Kler PA, Berli CLA
18 - 27 Photocatalytic activation of sulfite by nitrogen vacancy modified graphitic carbon nitride for efficient degradation of carbamazepine
Cao J, Nie WS, Huang L, Ding YB, Lv KL, Tang HQ
28 - 40 3-D CdS@NiCo layered double hydroxide core-shell photoelectrocatalyst used for efficient overall water splitting
Pirkarami A, Rasouli S, Ghasemi E
41 - 51 Renewable N-doped active carbons as efficient catalysts for direct synthesis of cyclic carbonates from epoxides and CO2
Samikannu A, Konwar LJ, Maki-Arvela P, Mikkola JP
52 - 65 In-situ hydrothermal fabrication of Sr2FeTaO6/NaTaO3 heterojunction photocatalyst aimed at the effective promotion of electron-hole separation and visible-light absorption
Cui ET, Hou GH, Chen XH, Zhang F, Deng YX, Yu GY, Li BB, Wu YQ
66 - 80 A kinetic model for SCR coated particulate filters-Effect of ammonia-soot interactions
Trandafilovic LV, Mihai O, Woo J, Leistner K, Stenfeldt M, Olsson L
81 - 88 Influence of synthesis method on molybdenum carbide crystal structure and catalytic performance in stearic acid hydrodeoxygenation
Macedo LS, Oliveira RR, van Haasterecht T, da Silva VT, Bitter H
89 - 94 Hierarchical "nanoroll" like MoS2/Ti3C2Tx hybrid with high electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity
Liu JP, Liu YZ, Xu DY, Zhu YZ, Peng WC, Li Y, Zhang FB, Fan XB
95 - 103 Novel and multifunctional inorganic mixing salt-templated 2D ultrathin Fe/Co-N/S-carbon nanosheets as effectively bifunctional electrocatalysts for Zn-air batteries
Li CH, Liu HX, Yu ZY
104 - 112 In-situ growth of Co3O4 nanowire-assembled clusters on nickel foam for aqueous rechargeable Zn-Co3O4 and Zn-air batteries
Tan P, Chen B, Xu HR, Cai WZ, He W, Ni M
113 - 119 Facile synthesis of single-nickel-atomic dispersed N-doped carbon framework for efficient electrochemical CO2 reduction
Lu PL, Yang YJ, Yao JN, Wang M, Dipazir S, Yuan ML, Zhang JX, Wang X, Xie ZJ, Zhang GJ
120 - 129 Dechlorination of triclosan by enhanced atomic hydrogen-mediated electrochemical reduction: Kinetics, mechanism, and toxicity assessment
Mao R, Huang C, Zhao X, Ma M, Qu JH
130 - 140 One-pot solvothermal synthesis of MoS2-modified Mn0.2Cd0.8S/MnS heterojunction photocatalysts for highly efficient visible-light-driven H-2 production
Wang JM, Luo J, Liu D, Chen ST, Peng TY
141 - 148 Unprecedented effect of CO2 calcination atmosphere on photocatalytic H-2 production activity from water using g-C3N4 synthesized from triazole polymerization
Xu J, Fujitsuka M, Kim S, Wang ZP, Majima T
149 - 158 Self-template synthesis of double-shell TiO2@ZIF-8 hollow nanospheres via sonocrystallization with enhanced photocatalytic activities in hydrogen generation
Zhang M, Shang QG, Wan YQ, Cheng QR, Liao GY, Pan ZQ
159 - 166 In-situ construction of coral-like porous P-doped g-C3N4 tubes with hybrid 1D/2D architecture and high efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Wu M, Zhang J, He BB, Wang HW, Wang R, Gong YS
167 - 177 Insights into rapid photodynamic inactivation mechanism of Staphylococcus aureus via rational design of multifunctional nitrogen-rich carbon-coated bismuth/cobalt nanoparticles
Wang R, Zhang BW, Liang ZC, He YX, Wang ZH, Ma XF, Yao XL, Sun J, Wang JL
178 - 186 NH2-MIL-101(Fe)/Ni(OH)(2)-derived C,N-codoped Fe2P/Ni2P cocatalyst modified g-C3N4 for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution from water splitting
Xu JX, Qi YH, Wang C, Wang L
187 - 195 Transformation pathway and toxic intermediates inhibition of photocatalytic NO removal on designed Bi metal@defective Bi2O2SiO3
Li XW, Zhang WD, Li JY, Jiang GM, Zhou Y, Lee S, Dong F
196 - 204 Protecting a Pd/CB catalyst by a mesoporous silica layer
Haynes T, Ersen O, Dubois V, Desmecht D, Nakagawa K, Hermans S
205 - 216 Insights into hydrothermal aging of phosphorus-poisoned Cu-SSZ-13 for NH3-SCR
Xie KP, Woo J, Bernin D, Kumar A, Kamasamudram K, Olsson L
217 - 226 Improving low-temperature CS2 conversion for the Claus process by using La (III)-doped nanofibrous TiO2 xerogel
Sui RH, Lavery CB, Li D, Deering CE, Chou N, Dowling NI, Marriott RA
227 - 235 Synergism between non-thermal plasma and photocatalysis: Implicationsin the post discharge of ozone at a pilot scale in a catalytic fixed-bed reactor
Abou Saoud W, Assadi AA, Guiza M, Loganathan S, Bouzaza A, Aboussaoud W, Ouederni A, Rtimi S, Wolbert D
236 - 245 2H-and 1T-mixed phase few-layer MoS2 as a superior to Pt co-catalyst coated on TiO2 nanorod arrays for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Liu YP, Li YH, Peng F, Lin Y, Yang SY, Zhang SS, Wang HJ, Cao YH, Yu H
246 - 255 Template-free synthesis of carbon-doped boron nitride nanosheets for enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Chen LY, Zhou M, Luo ZS, Wakeel M, Asiri AM, Wang XC
256 - 269 Piezoelectric materials for catalytic/photocatalytic removal of pollutants: Recent advances and outlook
Liang Z, Yan CF, Rtimi S, Bandara J
270 - 283 Selective hydrodeoxygenation of biomass derived 5-hydroxymethylfurfural over silica supported iridium catalysts
Chimentao RJ, Oliva H, Belmar J, Morales K, Maki-Arvela P, Warna J, Murzin DY, Fierro JLG, Llorca J, Ruiz D
284 - 291 Bandgap engineering of NiWO4/CdS solid Z-scheme system via an ion-exchange reaction
Li MJ, Yokoyama S, Takahashi H, Tohji K
292 - 298 In situ grown Ni phosphide nanowire array on Ni foam as a high-performance catalyst for hydrazine electrooxidation
Wen H, Gan LY, Dai HB, Wen XP, Wu LS, Wu H, Wang P
299 - 304 Formation of silica nanolayer on titania surface by photocatalytic reaction
Nishikiori H, Matsunaga S, Iwasaki M, Zettsu N, Yamakawa M, Kikuchi A, Yamakami T, Teshima K
305 - 318 Non-oxidative dehydroaromatization of methane over Mo/H-ZSM-5 catalysts: A detailed analysis of the reaction-regeneration cycle
Han SJ, Kim SK, Hwang A, Kim S, Hong DY, Kwak G, Jun KW, Kim YT
319 - 328 Insight into the effect of co-doped to the photocatalytic performance and electronic structure of g-C3N4 by first principle
Zhu Z, Tang X, Wang TS, Fan WQ, Liu Z, Li CX, Huo PW, Yan YS
329 - 337 The selective deposition of MoS2 nanosheets onto (101) facets of TiO2 nanosheets with exposed (001) facets and their enhanced photocatalytic H-2 production
Hu XL, Lu SC, Tian J, Wei N, Song XJ, Wang XZ, Cui HZ
338 - 350 Volatilisation and subsequent deposition of platinum oxides from diesel oxidation catalysts
Leistner K, Braga CG, Kumar A, Kamasamudram K, Olsson L
351 - 358 Insight into a hexanuclear cobalt complex: Strategy to construct efficient catalysts for visible light-driven water oxidation
Lin JQ, Meng XY, Zheng M, Ma BC, Ding Y
359 - 366 High performance visible-light responsive Chl-Cu/ZnO catalysts for photodegradation of rhodamine B
Worathitanon C, Jangyubol K, Ruengrung P, Donphai W, Klysubun W, Chanlek N, Prasitchoke P, Chareonpanich M
367 - 374 Photo-Fenton degradation of phenol by CdS/rGO/Fe2+ at natural pH with in situ-generated H2O2
Jiang ZY, Wang LZ, Lei JY, Liu YD, Zhang JL
375 - 384 Nature and photoreactivity of TiO2-rGO nanocomposites in aqueous suspensions under UV-A irradiation
Tolosana-Moranchel A, Casas JA, Bahamonde A, Pascual L, Granone LI, Schneider J, Dillert R, Bahnemann DW
385 - 392 Synthesis of TixOy nanocrystals in mild synthesis conditions for the degradation of pollutants under solar light
Hamad H, Bailon-Garcia E, Maldonado-Hodar FJ, Perez-Cadenas AF, Carrasco-Marin F, Morales-Torres S
393 - 406 Bimodal mesoporous NiO/CeO2-delta-YSZ with enhanced carbon tolerance in catalytic partial oxidation of methane-Potential IT-SOFCs anode
Somacescu S, Cioatera N, Osiceanu P, Calderon-Moreno JM, Ghica C, Neatu F, Florea M
407 - 414 A metal-organic framework-derived bifunctional catalyst for hybrid sodium-air batteries
Wu YQ, Qiu XC, Liang F, Zhang QK, Koo A, Dai YN, Lei Y, Sun XL
415 - 423 A novel hydrogel containing thioether group as selective support material for preparation of gold nanoparticles: Synthesis and catalytic applications
Ilgin P, Ozay O, Ozay H
424 - 429 Surface reconstruction engineering of twinned Pd2CoAg nanocrystals by atomic vacancy inducement for hydrogen evolution and oxygen reduction reactions
Liu SL, Zhang H, Mu XQ, Chen CY
430 - 441 Effect of metal oxide redox state in red mud catalysts on ketonization of fast pyrolysis oil derived oxygenates
Weber J, Thompson A, Wilmoth J, Batra VS, Janulaitis N, Kastner JR
442 - 451 N-, P-, and S-doped graphene-like carbon catalysts derived from onium salts with enhanced oxygen chemisorption for Zn-air battery cathodes
Zheng XJ, Wu J, Cao XC, Abbott J, Jin C, Wang HB, Strasser P, Yang RZ, Chen X, Wu G
452 - 460 Construction of MnO2/Monolayer g-C3N4 with Mn vacancies for Z-scheme overall water splitting
Mo Z, Xu H, Chen ZG, She XJ, Song YH, Lian JB, Zhu XW, Yan PC, Lei YC, Yuan SQ, Li HM
461 - 470 Novel conjugated organic polymers as candidates for visible-light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen production
Chen J, Tao XP, Tao L, Li H, Li CZ, Wang XL, Li C, Li RG, Yang QH
471 - 482 Modifying catalytically the soot morphology and nanostructure in diesel exhaust: Influence of silver De-NOx catalyst (Ag/Al2O3)
Serhan N, Tsolakis A, Wahbi A, Martos FJ, Golunski S
483 - 490 In-situ hydrogenation engineering of ZnIn2S4 for promoted visible-light water splitting
Zhu YW, Wang LL, Liu YT, Shao LH, Xia XN
491 - 498 Few layered black phosphorus/MoS2 nanohybrid: A promising co-catalyst for solar driven hydrogen evolution
Reddy DA, Kim EH, Gopannagari M, Kim Y, Kumar DP, Kim TK
499 - 505 Photoinduced electron transfer in semiconductor-clay binary nanosheet colloids controlled by clay particles as a turnout switch
Nakato T, Terada S, Ishiku T, Abe S, Kamimura S, Mouri E, Ohno T
506 - 513 Turning the unwanted surface bismuth enrichment to favourable BiVO4/ BiOCl heterojunction for enhanced photoelectrochemical performance
Liu C, Zhou JL, Su JZ, Guo LJ
514 - 520 Opposite photocatalytic oxidation behaviors of BiOCl and TiO2 : Direct hole transfer vs. indirect (OH)-O-center dot oxidation
Zhong JB, Zhao YK, Ding LY, Ji HW, Ma WH, Chen CC, Zhao JC
521 - 527 Promoting electrocatalytic overall water splitting with nanohybrid of transition metal nitride-oxynitride
Dutta S, Indra A, Feng Y, Han H, Song T
528 - 538 All-solid-state artificial Z-scheme porous g-C3N4/Sn2S3-DETA heterostructure photocatalyst with enhanced performance in photocatalytic CO2 reduction
Huo Y, Zhang JF, Dai K, Li Q, Lv JL, Zhu GP, Liang CH
539 - 547 Supported gold cluster catalysts prepared by solid grinding using a non-volatile organogold complex for low-temperature CO oxidation and the effect of potassium on gold particle size
Dien LX, Ishida T, Taketoshi A, Truong DQ, Chinh HD, Honma T, Murayama T, Haruta M
548 - 560 Efficient synergy of photocatalysis and adsorption of hexavalent chromium and rhodamine B over Al4SiC4/rGO hybrid photocatalyst under visible-light irradiation
Fang Z, Li Q, Su L, Chen JH, Chou KC, Hou XM
561 - 569 Surface-loaded metal nanoparticles for peroxymonosulfate activation: Efficiency and mechanism reconnaissance
Ahn YY, Bae H, Kim HI, Kim SH, Kim JH, Lee SG, Lee J
570 - 577 Sonocatalytic oxidation of EDTA in aqueous solutions over noble metal-free Co3O4/TiO2 catalyst
Parizot L, Chave T, Galvez ME, Dutilleul H, Da Costa P, Nikitenko SI
578 - 587 Highly active and humidity resistive perovskite LaFeO3 based catalysts for efficient ozone decomposition
Gong SY, Xie Z, Li WM, Wu XF, Han N, Chen YF
588 - 597 Heteropolyacid supported on Zr-Beta zeolite as an active catalyst for one-pot transformation of furfural to gamma-valerolactone
Winoto HP, Fikri ZA, Ha JM, Park YK, Lee H, Suh DJ, Jae J
598 - 611 Hydrothermal synthesis of photoactive nitrogen- and boron- codoped TiO(2 )nanoparticles for the treatment of bisphenol A in wastewater: Synthesis, photocatalytic activity, degradation byproducts and reaction pathways
Abdelraheem WHM, Patil MK, Nadagouda MN, Dionysiou DD