Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Synthesis of SrFexTi1-xO3-delta nanocubes with tunable oxygen vacancies for selective and efficient photocatalytic NO oxidation
Zhang Q, Huang Y, Peng SQ, Huang TT, Cao JJ, Ho WK, Lee S
10 - 15 Simultaneous removal of NOx and soot particulate from diesel exhaust by in situ catalytic generation and utilisation of N2O
Davies C, Thompson K, Cooper A, Golunski S, Taylor SH, Macias MB, Doustdar O, Tsolakis A
16 - 26 Chemical vs thermal exfoliation of g-C3N4 for NOx removal under visible light irradiation
Papailias I, Todorova N, Giannakopoulou T, Ioannidis N, Boukos N, Athanasekou CP, Dimotikali D, Trapalis C
27 - 35 Metal-oxide interaction enhanced CO2 activation in methanation over ceria supported nickel nanocrystallites
Li MS, Amari H, van Veen AC
36 - 45 Molecular interaction of heterogeneous catalyst in catalytic cracking process of vegetable oils: chromatographic and biofuel performance investigation
Negm NA, Rabie AM, Mohammed EA
46 - 51 Azine-based covalent organic frameworks as metal-free visible light photocatalysts for CO2 reduction with H2O
Fu YH, Zhu XL, Huang L, Zhang XC, Zhang FM, Zhu WD
52 - 60 Oligomerization of light olefins in the presence of a supported Bronsted acidic ionic liquid catalyst
Feher C, Tomasek S, Hancsok J, Skoda-Foldes R
61 - 67 Visible-light photocatalysis of PDI nanowires enhanced by plasmonic effect of the gold nanoparticles
Miao H, Yang J, Wei YX, Li WL, Zhu YF
68 - 76 On the selectivity of CO2 photoreduction towards CH4 using Pt/TiO2 catalysts supported on mesoporous silica
Tasbihi M, Fresno F, Simon U, Villar-Garcia IJ, Perez-Dieste V, Escudero C, O'Shea VAD
77 - 85 Graphene-assisted photothermal effect on promoting catalytic activity of layered MnO2 for gaseous formaldehyde oxidation
Wang JL, Zhang GK, Zhang PY
86 - 101 Cobalt aluminate spinel-derived catalysts for glycerol aqueous phase reforming
Reynoso AJ, Ayastuy JL, Iriarte-Velasco U, Gutierrez-Ortiz MA
102 - 113 Supported ionic liquid-like phases based on CMS/DVB with different NR3 cations as catalysts for the chlorosilanes disproportionation
Vorotyntsev AV, Petukhov AN, Makarov DA, Sazanova TS, Razov EN, Nyuchev AV, Mochalov LA, Markov AN, Kulikov AD, Vorotyntsev VM
114 - 124 Synthesis of Nb2O5 based solid superacid materials for catalytic combustion of chlorinated VOCs
Yang P, Fan SK, Chen ZY, Bao GF, Zuo SF, Qi CZ
125 - 132 A hydrothermal approach to access active and durable sulfonated silica-ceramic carbon electrodes for PEM fuel cell applications
Esfahani RAM, Moghaddam RB, Ebralidze II, Easton EB
133 - 146 Nano-size IrOx catalyst of high activity and stability in PEM water electrolyzer with ultra-low iridium loading
Yu HR, Danilovic N, Wang Y, Willis W, Poozhikunnath A, Bonville L, Capuano C, Ayers K, Maric R
147 - 153 Targeted synthesis of visible-light-driven covalent organic framework photocatalyst via molecular design and precise construction
He SJ, Yin B, Niu HY, Cai YQ
154 - 167 Mono- and bimetallic nano-Re systems doped Os, Mo, Ru, Ir as nanocatalytic platforms for the acetalization of polyalcohols into cyclic acetals and their applications as fuel additives
Kapkowski M, Popiel J, Siudyga T, Dzida M, Zorebski E, Musial M, Sitko R, Szade J, Balin K, Klimontko J, Zubko M, Polanski J
168 - 177 Temperature-programmed plasma surface reaction: An approach to determine plasma-catalytic performance
Parastaev A, Hoeben WFLM, van Heesch BEJM, Kosinov N, Hensen EJM
178 - 186 Spatial charge separation on strongly coupled 2D-hybrid of rGO/La2Ti2O7/NiFe-LDH heterostructures for highly efficient noble metal free photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Boppella R, Choi CH, Moon J, Kim DH
187 - 195 Tailoring the rate-determining step in photocatalysis via localized excess electrons for efficient and safe air cleaning
Li JY, Dong XA, Sun YJ, Jiang GM, Chu YH, Lee SC, Dong F
196 - 203 Carbothermal activation synthesis of 3D porous g-C3N4/carbon nanosheets composite with superior performance for CO2 photoreduction
Wang YG, Xia QN, Bai X, Ge ZG, Yang Q, Yin CC, Kang SF, Dong MD, Li X
204 - 213 Synergy removal of Cr (VI) and organic pollutants over RP-MoS2/rGO photocatalyst
Bai X, Du YY, Hu XY, He YD, He CL, Liu EZ, Fan J
214 - 222 Silver incorporated into cryptomelane-type Manganese oxide boosts the catalytic oxidation of benzene
Deng H, Kang SY, Ma JZ, Zhang CB, He H
223 - 232 Highly efficient photocatalytic bismuth oxide coatings and their antimicrobial properties under visible light irradiation
Ratova M, Redfern J, Verran J, Kelly PJ
233 - 244 Cobalt doped ceria for abundant storage of surface active oxygen and efficient elemental mercury oxidation in coal combustion flue gas
Yang WC, Li CF, Wang HY, Li XY, Zhang WL, Li HL
245 - 253 Extracellular bacterial inactivation proceeding without Cu-ion release: Drastic effects of the applied plasma energy on the performance of the Cu-polyester (PES) samples
Rtimi S, Konstantinidis S, Britun N, Bensimon M, Khmel I, Nadtochenko V
254 - 259 Carbon doped hexagonal BN as a highly efficient metal-free base catalyst for Knoevenagel condensation reaction
Li XY, Lin BN, Li HB, Yu Q, Ge Y, Jin X, Liu XH, Zhou YH, Xiao JP
260 - 267 A new approach to enhance photocatalytic nitrogen fixation performance via phosphate-bridge: a case study of SiW12/K-C3N4
Xiao CL, Zhang L, Wang KF, Wang HP, Zhou YY, Wang WZ
268 - 279 A dual-function photocatalytic system for simultaneous separating hydrogen from water splitting and photocatalytic degradation of phenol in a twin-reactor
Li DX, Yu JCC, Nguyen VH, Wu JCS, Wang XX
280 - 289 Visible-light Ag/AgBr/ferrihydrite catalyst with enhanced heterogeneous photo-Fenton reactivity via electron transfer from Ag/AgBr to ferrihydrite
Zhu YP, Zhu RL, Yan LX, Fu HY, Xi YF, Zhou HJ, Zhu GQ, Zhu JX, He HP
290 - 299 High-energy solid-state asymmetric supercapacitor based on nickel vanadium oxide/NG and iron vanadium oxide/NG electrodes
Guo M, Balamurugan J, Kim NH, Lee JH
300 - 308 Selective conversion of concentrated glucose to 1,2-propylene glycol and ethylene glycol by using RuSn/AC catalysts
Pang JF, Zheng MY, Li XS, Jiang Y, Zhao Y, Wang AQ, Wang JH, Wang XD, Zhang T
309 - 316 Scalable fabrication of Zn(x)Cdi(1-x)S double-shell hollow nanospheres for highly efficient hydrogen production
Zhang CY, Liu HH, Wang WN, Qian HS, Cheng S, Wang Y, Zha ZB, Zhong YJ, Hu Y
317 - 323 Assembly of TiO2 ultrathin nanosheets with surface lattice distortion for solar-light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Hu S, Qiao PZ, Zhang LP, Jiang BJ, Gao YT, Hou F, Wu BG, Li Q, Jiang Y, Tian CG, Zhou W, Tian GH, Fu HG
324 - 333 Effect of alloy composition on catalytic performance and coke-resistance property of Ni-Cu/Mg(Al)O catalysts for dry reforming of methane
Song K, Lu MM, Xu SP, Chen CQ, Zhan YY, Li DL, Au C, Jiang LL, Tomishige K
334 - 344 Flower-like MoS2 on graphitic carbon nitride for enhanced photocatalytic and electrochemical hydrogen evolutions
Liu YZ, Xu XY, Zhang JQ, Zhang HY, Tian WJ, Li XJ, Tade MO, Sun HQ, Wang SB
345 - 351 An advanced oxidation process by photoexcited heterogeneous sodium decatungstate for the degradation of drugs present in aqueous environment
Pasti L, Sarti E, Martucci A, Marchetti N, Stevanin C, Molinari A
352 - 361 Self-assembly synthesis of boron-doped graphitic carbon nitride hollow tubes for enhanced photocatalytic NOx removal under visible light
Wang ZY, Chen MJ, Huang Y, Shi XJ, Zhang YF, Huang TT, Cao JJ, Ho WK, Lee SC
362 - 372 Visible-light-induced reduction of Cr(VI) by PDPB-ZnO nanohybrids and its photo-electrochemical response
Ghosh S, Remita H, Basu RN
373 - 382 Surface tuning of noble metal doped perovskite oxide by synergistic effect of thermal treatment and acid etching: A new path to high-performance catalysts for methane combustion
Yang XW, Gao Q, Zhao ZY, Guo YL, Guo Y, Wang L, Wang YS, Zhan WC
383 - 397 Influence of promoted bimetallic Ni-based catalysts and Micro/Mesopores carbonaceous supports for biomass hydrothermal conversion to H-2-rich gas
Salimi M, Tavasoli A, Balou S, Hashemi H, Kohansal K
398 - 407 Rational construction of oxygen vacancies onto tungsten trioxide to improve visible light photocatalytic water oxidation reaction
Wang YT, Cai JM, Wu MQ, Chen JH, Zhao WY, Tian Y, Ding T, Zhang J, Jiang Z, Li XG
408 - 424 Selective prepared carbon nanomaterials for advanced photocatalytic application in environmental pollutant treatment and hydrogen production
Yi H, Huang DL, Qin L, Zeng GM, Lai C, Cheng M, Ye SJ, Song B, Ren XY, Guo XY
425 - 432 Identifying the forefront of electrocatalytic oxygen evolution reaction: Electronic double layer
Li GF, Chuang PYA
433 - 440 One-step synthesis of ultrafine MoNiS and MoCoS monolayers as high-performance catalysts for hydrodesulfurization and hydrodenitrogenation
Guo K, Ding Y, Yu ZX
441 - 449 The ensemble effect of nitrogen doping and ultrasmall SnO2 nanocrystals on graphene sheets for efficient electroreduction of carbon dioxide
Zhang BH, Guo ZH, Zuo Z, Pan W, Zhang JT
450 - 462 Sol-gel entrapped Au-0- and Ag-0 -nanoparticles catalyze reductive de-halogenation of halo-organic compounds by BH4-
Adhikary J, Meyerstein D, Marks V, Meistelman M, Gershinsky G, Burg A, Shamir D, Kornweitz H, Albo Y
463 - 474 Carbon nanofiber supported Mo2C catalysts for hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol: The importance of the carburization process
Ochoa E, Torres D, Moreira R, Pinilla JL, Suelves I
475 - 484 Highly selective photocatalytic production of H2O2 on sulfur and nitrogen for co-doped graphene quantum dots tuned TiO2
Zheng LH, Su HR, Zhang JZ, Walekar LS, Molamahmood HV, Zhou BX, Long MC, Hu YH
485 - 501 NO reduction by CO over copper catalyst supported on mixed CeO2 and Fe2O3: Catalyst design and activity test
Cheng XX, Zhang XY, Su DX, Wang ZQ, Chang JC, Ma CY
502 - 512 Mechanism of carbon deposits removal from supported Ni catalysts
Theofanidis SA, Galvita VV, Poelman H, Batchu R, Buelens LC, Detavernier C, Marin GB
513 - 524 Revealing the pathways of catalyst deactivation by coke during the hydrodeoxygenation of raw bio-oil
Cordero-Lanzac T, Palos R, Hita I, Arandes JM, Rodriguez-Mirasol J, Cordero T, Bilbao J, Castano P
525 - 536 Core-shell Ag2CrO4/N-GQDs@g-C3N4 composites with anti-photocorrosion performance for enhanced full-spectrum-light photocatalytic activities
Feng CY, Deng YC, Tang L, Zeng GM, Wang JJ, Yu JF, Liu YN, Peng B, Feng HP, Wang JJ
537 - 544 Engineering MoS2 nanomesh with holes and lattice defects for highly active hydrogen evolution reaction
Li Y, Yin K, Wang LL, Lu XL, Zhang YQ, Liu YT, Yan DF, Song YZ, Luo SL
545 - 554 Ag3PO4/Ti3C2 MXene interface materials as a Schottky catalyst with enhanced photocatalytic activities and anti-photocorrosion performance
Cai T, Wang LL, Liu YT, Zhang SQ, Dong WY, Chen H, Yi XY, Yuan JL, Xia XN, Liu CB, Luo SL
555 - 564 Novel photoactivation promoted light-driven CO2 reduction by CH4 on Ni/CeO2 nanocomposite with high light-to-fuel efficiency and enhanced stability
Zhang Q, Mao MY, Li YZ, Yang Y, Huang H, Jiang ZK, Hu QQ, Wu SW, Zhao XJ
565 - 577 Co-precipitation, impregnation and so-gel preparation of Ni catalysts for pyrolysis-catalytic steam reforming of waste plastics
Yao DD, Yang HP, Chen HP, Williams PT
578 - 585 Robust photocatalytic hydrogen evolution over amorphous ruthenium phosphide quantum dots modified g-C3N4 nanosheet
Wang JF, Chen J, Wang PF, Hou J, Wang C, Ao YH
586 - 598 Construction of Bi2WO6/RGO/g-C3N4 2D/2D/2D hybrid Z-scheme heterojunctions with large interfacial contact area for efficient charge separation and high-performance photoreduction of CO2 and H2O into solar fuels
Jo WK, Kumar S, Eslava S, Tonda S
599 - 608 Anchored Cu(II) tetra(4-carboxylphenyl)porphyrin to P25 (TiO2) for efficient photocatalytic ability in CO2 reduction
Wang L, Duan SH, Jin PX, She HD, Huang JW, Lei ZG, Zhang TR, Wang QZ
609 - 618 Antimicrobial activity of printed composite TiO2/SiO2 and TiO2/SiO2/Au thin films under UVA-LED and natural solar radiation
Levchuk I, Kralova M, Rueda-Marquez JJ, Moreno-Andres J, Gutierrez-Alfaro S, Dzik P, Parola S, Sillanpaa M, Vahala R, Manzano MA
619 - 627 Defective Bi4MoO9/Bi metal core/shell heterostructure: Enhanced visible light photocatalysis and reaction mechanism
He WJ, Sun YJ, Jiang GM, Li YH, Zhang XM, Zhang YX, Zhou Y, Dong F
628 - 635 Catalytic HCl oxidation reaction: Stabilizing effect of Zr-doping on CeO2 nano-rods
Li CW, Sun Y, Hess F, Djerdj I, Sann J, Voepel P, Cop P, Guo YL, Smarsly BM, Over H
636 - 643 An opinion on catalyst degradation mechanisms during catalyst support focused accelerated stress test (AST) for proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs)
Sharma R, Andersen SM
644 - 653 Facile production of biofuel via solvent-free deoxygenation of oleic acid using a CoMo catalyst
Shim JO, Jeon KW, Jang WJ, Na HS, Cho JW, Kim HM, Lee YL, Jeong DW, Roh HS, Ko CH
654 - 664 Aqueous-phase hydrodechlorination of trichloroethylene over Pd-based swellable organically-modified silica (SOMS): Catalyst deactivation due to chloride anions
Celik G, Ailawar SA, Gunduz S, Miller JT, Edmiston PL, Ozkan US
665 - 676 Structural origin of high catalytic activity for preferential CO oxidation over CuO/CeO2 nanocatalysts with different shapes
Xie Y, Wu JF, Jing GJ, Zhang H, Zeng SH, Tan XP, Zou XY, Wen J, Su HQ, Zhong CJ, Cui PX
677 - 687 Bifunctionally active and durable hierarchically porous transition metal-based hybrid electrocatalyst for rechargeable metal-air batteries
Seo MH, Park MG, Lee DU, Wang XL, Ahn W, Noh SH, Choi SM, Cano ZP, Han B, Chen ZW